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Universal Life Church Ordains World Famous Wine Maker Kestutis (Gus) Vizgirda


Carrabelle, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2012 -- The Universal Life Church World Headquarters ordains both men and women from all walks of life, this includes ex-Presidents, Hollywood celebrities, music and radio personalities, physicians, attorneys, ex-judges and etc. This past week the Universal Life Church World Headquarters ordained the head winemaker for the Maurice Car'rie and the Van Roekel wineries, Kestutis (Gus) Vizgirda.

Gus stated as follows:

"I look forward to my future as a Minister, as I was recently ordained by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters. I look forward to officiating wedding ceremonies and other ministerial duties in addition to my love of proding the world's very best wines. 2004 was my first harvest year as winemaker for Maurice Car'rie and Van Roekel wineries.

My family immigrated to Aurora, Illinois, from Lithuania in 1949. As was the family custom, fruit trees, a large garden, and hops for beer making were planted. One year my father decided to plant Concord grapes and try his hand in winemaking. I remember him, in the basement, working with the beer and wine and the smell of sweetness mixed with a hoppiness filling my nose. The beer was always good, but the wine … well it wasn’t very good. While working in Germany from 1980 to 82 for the U.S. Air Force Weather Service (upper air aviation weather, not TV) wine once again intrigued me. Those two years I spent tasting and learning about German wine.

I moved to Temecula in the early '80s and by some luck became involved in wine. I started by “helping out” at Culbertson Winery, then under the direction of winemaker Jon Mc Pherson, and then later became more serious when I was hired at Temecula Crest Winery to manage the tasting room and maintain the wine cellar. Winemaking education was done the hard, old fashioned way, hard work and apprenticing. I trained under Joe Chirpin, a Temecula Valley winemaker pioneer, Steven Hagata, Faulkner Winery, and Mike Tingley, Maurice Car'rie Winery. 2004 marks my first year as the winemaker for both Maurice Car'rie and Van Roekel wineries."

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