Uptown Popcorn

Uptown Popcorn Offers a Unique Munching Experience with Its Uptown Gourmet Popcorn

Uptown Popcorn is dedicated to giving customers a fun, tasty experience, offering more than 70 of the best flavored original popcorn around.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2012 -- Popcorn is undoubtedly the staple snack and popular choice for munchies. Be it when watching a movie in a theatre or enjoying a game at home, popcorn is a must-have treat. Over the years, popcorn lovers have been accustomed to the traditional popcorn flavors of butter, plain and cheese - and the emergence of popcorn flavors has never been so timely.

Uptown Popcorn is the uptown gourmet popcorn haven that creates the lovely and delectable twists to the otherwise regular movie house snack. From starting with a single store in North Texas to expanding to three locations in the State, Uptown Popcorn is now serving a bevy of national customers online through its website UptownPopcorn.com.

UptownPopcorn.com showcases the extensive selection of popcorn recipes and flavors for different seasons, all created to address customers' clamor and suggestions to create exciting new flavors. Setting itself apart from other popcorn products, Uptown Popcorn exudes a dab of creating cleverness to its popcorn - all without compromising interesting look and great taste.

For giving popcorns a unique and clever twist, UptownPopcorn.com has earned the "Best Popcorn" accolade from the Allen American Star Community Newspapers' 2010 Reader's Choice Awards.

Offering gourmet popcorns in their sweet, savory, seasonal and chocolate flavors, UptownPopcorn.com takes the popcorn loving experience to a whole new level with more than 70 original exciting flavors - and more in the works - from the colorfully flavorful confetti to the toothsome cookies and cream to the exotic Jalapeno ranch that amaze the taste buds.

UptownPopcorn.com customers can also opt to have their uptown gourmet popcorn in beautiful gift boxes. Popcorn tins are also available, designed in various themes and styles that make them perfect for presents, as well as parties and events for the upcoming holidays.

To know more about the unique gourmet popcorn flavors from Uptown Popcorn, please visit http://www.uptownpopcorn.com/ for information and orders.