Urbanindo Announces Simple Real Estate Transaction Assistance


Bandung, Indonesia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2014 -- Urbanindo, an online resource that provides a simple solution for home renters and buyers that kemudahan menjual dan menyewakan property by making the search process very easy. Anyone interested in purchasing or renting property in Indonesia can log onto the Urbanindo website and quickly identify homes of interest based on their price, location, and features. “We noticed that there was a massive increase in interest in the Indonesian real estate market but there wasn’t a solid online resource that made it simple to locate available homes. We launched Urbanindo with the goal of becoming the premier online resource for buyers and sells of all property throughout Indonesia. Our website provides a pleasant user experience, which keeps our users happy and coming back,” explained a representative from Urbanindo.

The process to jual sewa rumah dan property is made simple with the help of Urbanindo, causing real estate agents, sellers, and investors turning to the website when they want to attract new buyers and renters for their available properties. The Urbanindo representative added, “It was important for us to create an online tool that provided both rental and purchase information. Having one resource to service all buyers and renters works well and our renters that have a good experience using Urbanindo will return when it comes time to purchase. Our website provides a valuable service for free and we want to build long term relationships with all of our users and be their go to source for all of their real estate needs for years to come.”

The website features properties of all types, including bangunan dan gedung tertinggi di dunia, showcasing how diverse Urbanindo is as a real estate resource. “Urbanindo is a very diverse website, providing information about properties of all types. There are some websites that only focus on a particular property type, but we felt it was necessary to include all property available in Indonesia. This allows our visitors to land on our website knowing that they will find everything that matches their specific criteria in one place. There is no need to search multiple resources, as Urbanindo will provide them with every available property that meets their requirements,” stated the Urbanindo representative.

About Urbanindo
Urbanindo is a website dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information regarding all of the property available for sale or rent throughout Indonesia. The website allows consumers to search property listings based on a large list of specific criteria including price, location, property features, and property type. The website is constantly updated with the newest property listings and also has a special section dedicated to residential rental property. The online resource provided by Urbanindo is useful for both sellers and buyers, as it contains the most accurate recent listings and transactions. For more information visit http://blog.urbanindo.com/.