US Pouch Demand to Reach $9.4 Billion in 2018


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 -- US pouch demand to reach $9.4 billion in 2018

Demand for pouches in the US is forecast to reach $9.4 billion in 2018, fueled by above average gains for stand-up pouches stemming from sustainability, function, and marketing advantages over alternative packaging media. Advances for stand-up pouches will be well above those of most other packaging types, resulting from growing interest among packaged goods companies. This interest is based on savings achieved in shipping costs due to the lighter weight and lower material use of stand-up pouches compared to rigid containers. Also supporting gains will be the ability of stand-up pouches to differentiate products on store shelves due to their use of high quality graphics. In addition, heightened use of reclosing and dispensing components will increase the competitiveness of pouches against rigid containers.

Four-side-seal, spouted pouches to lead gains

In flat pouches, the fastest growth will be seen in four-side-seal pouches, driven by rising demand in medical and pharmaceutical markets and in food applications such as meat, poultry, and seafood, and sauces and condiments. In addition, robust growth is expected in smaller nonfood uses such as soaps and detergents. Flat pouch advances will also be supported by improved barrier structures and the incorporation of such convenience features as resealable closures, spouts, and tear notches.

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Spouted pouches are expected to register double-digit growth through 2018, driven by expanding use of pouches in general, along with the functionality and convenient dispensing afforded by spouts. Baby food, sauces and condiments, and other processed food applications will offer solid opportunities for spouted pouches. Spouted pouches for baby food provide advantages in terms of portability and convenience as they enable self feeding. Rapid advances are also expected in the beverage market as spouted pouches become more common with alcoholic beverages, premixed cocktails, sports drinks, and energy drinks.

Nonfood markets to outpace food & beverage segment

Growth in nonfood markets will outpace the overall average as a result of solid opportunities in consumer product uses due to rapid growth in demand for unit dose laundry products packaged in dis-solvable pouches coupled with sustainability initiatives spurring switches to pouches. Strong growth is anticipated in refill packages for soaps and household cleaning products resulting from such pouch benefits as reclosable zippers, spouts, carrying handles, and reduced shipping costs compared with rigid containers. In medical and pharmaceutical markets, advances will be aided by growing usage of unit-of-use packaging.

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Food and beverage markets accounted for 80 percent of pouch demand in 2013. Stand-up pouch demand will outpace that of flat pouches based on their combination of performance, strong shelf appeal, user friendliness, and green qualities due to their lighter weight and reduced material use. Value gains will also be fueled by heightened demand for largersized pouches, spouted pouches, pouches with carrying features, and pouches that use self-venting films to enable steam cooking of contents in the package. Through 2018, the fastest growing food and beverage applications for pouches will be pet food and meat, poultry, and seafood

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Company Profiles for over 35 participants in the US industry such as Amcor, Ampac Packaging, Bemis, Coveris, Printpack, Sealed Air & Sonoco Products

Additional Information
This study analyzes the pouch packaging industry in the US. Product segments covered include flat (e.g., pillow, four-side-seal, and three-side-seal) and stand-up pouches employed in food, beverage, and nonfood applications. Also discussed are resealable, retort, vacuum, shaped, spouted, aseptic, and stick pouches (most of which can be produced in flat or stand-up varieties). Excluded from the scope of the study are bags and sacks, bag-in-box packaging, reusable pouches, non-packaging pouch applications (e.g., pouches for in-house sterilization of medical and dental instruments), and air cushioning pouch packaging systems.

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Historical data (2003, 2008, and 2013) and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 are provided for pouch demand (including merchant and captive production) in dollars by product type and market. Unit demand is presented for the overall market and for the food and beverage, and nonfood markets. “Demand” (or sales, apparent consumption) is defined as all shipments from US plants plus imports, minus exports. The term “shipment” includes production from all US manufacturing establishments that is shipped to both US and foreign markets. In addition, the key strategic and competitive variables affecting the US pouch industry are discussed, and the industry’s key players are identified and profiled. US market share is also presented. The entire study is framed within the context of overall economic conditions, as well as developments and technologies affecting the pouch industry and its end users.

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