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UZAP 2.0 Social Marketplace Announces Rebate Program on Select Services

To celebrate the launch and the new look and feel of the all new UZAP 2.0 Social Marketplace the UZAP Marketing Team is offering a 50% rebate on select services.


Nashua, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2012 -- The UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace marketing team is pleased to offer a 50% rebate program on its select UZAP™ Featured Listing Service and UZAP™ Linked Listings insert Service.

The UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace drives new and repeat customers and opportunities to any real business by listing business profiles and goods and services. Get NEW and REPEAT business by advertising any real company by using the UZAP™ unlimited FREE listings option or with proactive UZAP™ paid premium services. UZAP™ 2.0 social media managed services transition companies and businesses from traditional printed “hardcopy” page advertising to the new multi-social mobile platform world (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc). Companies including home based businesses, craftspeople and artists may now list their compelling story on the UZAP™ 2.0 Social marketplace which can then be viewed locally or nationally. Each business decides what works best for each target market that business is in. The UZAP™ 2.0 Social marketplace allows businesses to create social marketplace listings that tie compelling business content (Embed Scribd documents, product specs, full color data sheets, product reviews, Brainshark presentations, YouTube videos or infomercials including product and or service how to and training videos) with full social networks engagement and social networks sharing tools to insure consistent messaging supporting social lead management and real time social demand generation for any real business.

UZAP™ engineers have turbo charged the UZAP™ social engines “under the hood” so all that business owners have to worry about is building and running the core business.

The following select UZAP™ services are now eligible for a 50% rebate (to be paid by check or PayPal account credit) for all new select services orders between now and the end of May 2012. To pay by credit card via PayPal just click on the select UZAP™ services links following and then click on the “Buy Now” PayPal buttons.

UZAP™ Featured Listing Service:

$99.00 Featured UZAP™ listings stand out:
UZAP IT! Stand out with featured UZAP™ local full page listings for 1 year coverage in any one region the business may chose by zip code. Unlike static yellow page ads that cost thousands of dollars with only passive limited regional reach… UZAP™ full page listings showcase and link to a businesses’ brands/website and social profiles with full SVMSEO social video mobile search engine optimization designed in. Just supply the Listing content for the UZAP™ team’s approval that comply with the UZAP™ TOU – or – work with UZAP’s designers on a additional time and materials basis to design content for the particular businesses products and or services.

UZAP™ Linked Listings insert Service:

$199.00 UZAP™ Linked Listings insert Service:

UZAP IT! No time to insert compelling business listings? The UZAP™ team will do it for only $199.00 per each listing! List business overviews, team profiles, products and services line cards, and brand information and specifications so they Stand Out with UZAP 2.0 Social marketplace listings that provide for coverage in the businesses particular category/subcategory both regionally and nationwide for 1 year. Unlike Static yellow pages ads that cost thousands of dollars with limited regional reach, UZAP™ social marketplace full page listings with social sharing and links allowed on the top listed UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace platform will help any business showcase and link to the businesses Brands and websites with full “SVMSEO” social video mobile search engine optimization designed in. Simply supply the Listing content and website/social links for UZAP™ marketing team’s approval that comply with the UZAP™ TOU (Terms of Use) – or –work with UZAP team designers on a additional time and materials basis to design content customized for any real business.

Order a UZAP Linked Listing insert service and Featured UZAP™ listing together and get a 50% rebate on both.

For the full range of UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace services see:

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The UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace is a division of TLG Internet, Inc., a New Hampshire USA corporation which is a team of expert internet, web security, business, web design strategy and social media marketing professionals dedicated to making the internet safe to use again for all sized businesses including virtual home based businesses, crafts companies and artists on up to Fortune 500 Corporations. The UZAP™ Team is available for media interviews as experienced subject matter experts on a wide range of topics including secure web design, web and cloud hosting, cyber security, web ecommerce, Social Media Management, “White-hat” SVMSEO social video mobile search engine optimization, creating compelling content favored by the world’s top search engines and social media sites, web marketing services and any topic regarding how to use the internet and world wide web to any size businesses’ advantage from home based, to artisans to Fortune 500 Companies. The UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace is just a click away at!

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