VerdeBrisa Ignites Interest for Greener Electricity with Free Green Energy Program

On a mission to promote practices for a greener Earth, VerdeBrisa invites consumers to take part of the Green Energy Program and opt for "green electricity."


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2014 -- Earth-harming practices have taken a toll on people. As such, it has become increasingly becoming imperative for homes and businesses to take the necessary action to reverse the effects. Going green is a famous advocacy of many individuals, families, organizations and enterprises, as they call for the preservation of nature before it is too late.

VerdeBrisa, a community resource for tools, products, businesses and projects, helps making going green "a breeze" with its Free Green Energy Program, focusing on the use of green electricity. Produced from sources that do not negatively impact the environment, this kind of electricity generation utilizes the natural energies of the Earth, mainly from renewable energy sources.

As a leading advocate of Earth preservation practices, VerdeBrisa seeks to create awareness in the minds of people and their children on how to protect and preserve the surroundings, so that nature can continue showering its bounties for generations to come. The team strongly believes in conserving energy resources that are finite, and work to create a world in which energy supply comes from renewable sources.

Actualizing this goal, VedeBrisa is currently running the Free Green Energy Program in partnership with leading, certified green providers that supply green energy without disrupting the existing utility system. While already creating a buzz among earth-conscious groups and business all over the country, this program is not available in all 50 states.

"You don’t just save energy, you get green energy," said the VerdeBrisa Green team about the program. "We invite you become part of the green energy team, and sign up for greener electricity and cleaner natural gas."

For a small fee, energy use is offset with clean wind energy through the Free Green Energy Program. People can also potentially make some money while going green through the ongoing referral system.

To find out more about VerdeBrisa's Free Green Energy Program for a greener Earth, please visit for information.

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