VerdeBrisa LED Retrofit Program Combines Energy Savings and Zero Up-Front Costs

VerdeBrisa, the leading advocate for a greener Earth partners with businesses to significantly reduce energy costs while increases energy conservation with the benefit of a lifetime warranty.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2014 -- VerdeBrisa, an online community resource for tools, products, businesses and projects to help individuals live a greener life, introduces the LED Retrofit Program as its latest energy conservation effort.

"Our goal is always to make going green 'a breeze'," said Mike Theodore, co-founder of VerdeBrisa. "After having observed and discussed the growing number of individuals in our society who want to live a greener life but aren’t sure where to start, we set out to create a destination that would provide some simple tools and solutions," explained co-founder Steve Branz.

With the goal of creating an eco-conscious community, VerdeBrisa has been bridging nature-loving customers and green businesses. The effort mainly centers on featuring green energy providers, emerging technology, tips and tools in the hope of increasing the world's knowledge and resources to progress toward a greener tomorrow.

VerdeBrisa co-founder Jake Provencher added: "Whether you know you want to help create a greener world but don’t know where to start or are a veteran in reducing your personal footprint and want to do more; we'll keep you informed on simple steps to going green, innovative companies and services and other ways to participate."

Under the latest LED Retrofit Program, VerdeBrisa encourages commercial property owners to switch to LED lighting and replace their inefficient, old lighting in their facility. Notably, LED lighting offers up to 50% savings on energy expense. Moreover, they do not emit carbon, UV rays, lead, and other pollutants, making them the greener, better choice. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy is encouraging LED retrofitting programs in commercial facilities.

Business owners who take part in the VerdeBrisa's LED Retrofit Program need not worry about installation and retrofitting expenses. Partnering with top providers, VerdeBrisa offers zero up-front costs for conversion, coupled with a lifetime guarantee, to fully reap the benefits of switching to LED lighting.

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