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Vidicom Inc. Offering a "Deep Suite" of Options for Digital and Broadcast Distribution

New York-based content distributor offers a “deep suite” of options for digital and broadcast distribution including live video content for nationwide broadcast via satellite.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2014 -- Vidicom Inc., a New York City-based branded content distributor with CEO Christy Ferrer at the helm and offering a “deep suite” of options for digital and broadcast distribution, remains dedicated to pioneering new technologies to help bring brands and consumers closer together. Amongst the myriad of wide-reaching applications the company offers is the creation of live video content to be broadcast via satellite around the country, a package Vidicom calls a Satellite Media Tour (SMT). The firm has also been instrumental in developing new distribution markets in taxis and airplanes, and was the first to adapt video and broadcast technology for the fashion show circuit.

According to Christy Ferrer, the key to brands linking with consumers lies in social media platforms. “In particular, Twitter is one platform that brands can use to interact with consumers,” says Christy Ferrer. “We suggest to our clients that they start using Twitter if they aren’t already, and we’re regularly citing the platform’s power to spread brand awareness, drive traffic, engage existing customers, find new leads, improve brand image, increase customer loyalty and drive sales.”

For clients more interested in reaching a targeted Internet audience than a traditional broadcast variety, Vidicom Inc. also offers Web Media Tours (WMTs), borrowing successful SMT elements such as celebrity and expert involvement and recasting them to create successful online campaigns. A WMT, says Vidicom Inc. executives like Christy Ferrer, typically involves in-studio interviews with web editors and bloggers, Skype interviews and recorded video segments. Vidicom’s team then performs immediate post-production work on the interviews so editors and bloggers can upload them on the same day they are performed. Further, each Vidicom WMT targets specific websites, according to the company, including those of “well-known print publications.”

“The best way for brands to reach consumers, plain and simple, is through modern marketing,” Christy Ferrer says. “Modern marketing consists of a good deal of content as well as being able to join the buyer on his or her journey, analyzing that journey to create a better and more in-tune marketing plan. The way I see it, the three steps towards modern marketing revolve around committing to the client (ensuring quality content), getting ‘out of the rut’ (exploring options of working with an end-to-end provider) and keeping up with analytics (keeping track of the data collected from a client’s website).”

Vidicom’s impressive New York City studio facility boasts a formidable array of amenities, features and technologies including a NewTek TriCaster TCXD850CS with up to eight live inputs, high definition and standard definition applications in widescreen (16X9) or full screen (4X3) formats, two digital disk recorders and playback systems, virtual set with virtual zoom, two Panasonic HPX370 HD/SD cameras with P2 card recording, green screen, inbound and outbound fiber connectivity, LED lighting to control studio temperature, open air terrace availability, makeup room, available monitor for graphics or video on set, two Avid suites and spectacular, breathtaking views of the legendary Empire State Building.

About Vidocom
We were first to videotape fashion shows for broadcast. Shortly after, Vidicom launched Citybuzz, which became the first in-hotel TV network and began broadcasting online, in taxis, and in-flight as an environment for branded content. The lifestyle video news release Vidicom created 30 years ago has morphed into an interactive game changing digital InteracTV, linking major brands with consumers directly through their own digital outlets. Leveraging 30 years of media relationships is key to how we customize distribution for our branded content.

Vidicom Inc. is located at 520 Eighth Avenue Suite 2206 in New York and can be reached by calling (212) 895-8300. For more information visit