VigaPlus Review: The REAL Truth Exposed

Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other penile disorders. Today's announcement brings new hope for treating your condition without the risk of serious side effects. The all-naturally formulated VigaPlus is your answer!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2014 -- Across the globe millions of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and many other similar sexual disorders. Many of them suffer in silence, while still others have turned to pills, supplements and other forms of treatments. Statistics shows that over 90% of adult males will suffer from some form of these conditions, and as a result, it brings them:

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Difficulty in intimate relationships
- Sexual dissatisfaction
- Loss of morale and self-esteem

Through today's Press Release, the management and staff at VitoMeds is pleased to introduce VigaPlus - their breakthrough response to many of the most common ED and ED-related conditions faced by millions of men around the world.

There are already several "brand named" drugs that are available on the market to treat these conditions. Today's announcement reveals a startling fact about them. Independent research conducted on the ingredients of those drugs reveals that many of them have high concentrates of chemical compounds which might actually be harmful for our bodies. Worse still is the revelation that some of those compounds can cause serious long-term damage to sensitive eco-systems governing the male sexual drive.

As a result of these dangers, the research team at VitoMeds spent a great deal of time and effort reviewing various alternatives to providing men much needed relief from their condition. Their answer: VigaPlus, which is based on an all-natural formula that safe, free from side effects and effective.

Today, the VitoMeds team is also proudly announcing that they use only the highest quality ingredients, and no harsh chemicals or harmful additives in the manufacture of VigaPlus. It is developed under the highest of International standards, following strict safety guidelines using extracts from 6 six Ayurvedic herbs, including herbs like Caltrops, Indian-Gensin, Indian-Spider Plant, Velvet Bean, Nutmeg and Black Pepper. All of these herbs have been used since pre-historic times to successfully treat males with loss of libido and erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems.

Through today's Press Release, the VitoMeds team is also extremely pleased to announce that VigaPlus has now become the number one doctor recommendation for sexually active men seeking to address and manage mild to moderate cases of ED and loss of sexual desire. The "wonder drug" has proved that it can:

- Act faster (within 15 to 30 minutes of ingestion)
- Last longer
- Make a man harder
- Dramatically increase a man's libido

And those are the lasting benefits that the VitoMeds team wishes to make men all over aware of through today's Press Release.

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About VitoMeds
Researchers, medical practitioners and Chemists at VitoMeds have a history of developing and introducing safe and effective treatments for male sexual disorders, including Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Having studied the causes and effects of ED and related disorders, and carefully evaluating other existing drugs to address them, the VitoMeds team has developed VigaPlus, a pill based on an all-natural formula.

The team of researchers at VitoMeds was looking for an alternative treatment for male erectile disorders, which was free from harsh chemical compounds contained in many of the other competing drugs. Following a period of intensive research, testing and evaluation, unlike many of those other drugs which create serious after effects, VitoMeds was able to come up with a breakthrough, all-natural alternative - VigaPlus. This "miracle pill" has quickly become the number one doctor recommended option for men suffering from ED and other associated disorders.