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Vimax - Important Information Now Revealed


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2012 -- Recent data compiled by TargetMap data indicates that American men along with Australian and Russian men have some of the shortest penises in the world. This survey of penis lengths around the world indicates that only men from China, India, and South East Asia have shorter penises than the average American man.

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Fortunately, American men no longer have to trail behind their longer counterparts from Sudan, Ethiopia, Bolivia, and other countries. Now American men can effectively increase their penile length naturally, safely, and effectively with Vimax Pills.

Vimax Male Enhancement Pills are a completely natural male supplement that has been statistically proven to work. A survey of 9,000 men who were taking Vimax Pills concluded that these men noticed a significant increase in their sexual desire and stamina between one week and four weeks after they started taking this supplement.

Between the fifth and eighth week of their time on this supplement, eighty percent of these men claimed that they felt more satisfied during sex. They also claimed that their performance had improved and that their penises looked better while flaccid.

After week nine on Vimax Pills, the erection quality is the highest for men, and men who are taking Vimax Pills should feel improvement during intercourse. This improvement is particularly pronounced if the men take their supplements 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.

In addition to the studies that the company has done tracking the success of this supplement, they have also tracked success through countless customer testimonials. Jeremy R. from New York, New York, for example, stated that he felt like he was wielding a “mighty sword” after taking Vimax for several weeks. Doctors like Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D. have also extolled the virtue of this supplement.

Vimax Pills help men who are lacking where it counts, and best of all, these supplements are suitable for anyone regardless of their dietary restrictions. These all natural supplements are gluten free and vegan friendly, and they have no preservatives, flavorings, sugar, sodium, or processed corn. That means that they can fit safely into any diet.

Many companies have come and gone as consumers have realized that their penile improvement supplements were worthless, but the Vimax Group has stayed strong because their supplements really work. Vimax Pills have been helping American men for over eleven years.

The Vimax Group has a team of researchers who are committed to ensuring that all Vimax clients get the support and service that they need for their penises. They ship their supplements in discrete packages from fulfillment centers that are based in Minnesota, Michigan, and the European Union.

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