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Virtual Fleet Supervisor Launches New Features Just in Time for Summer


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2014 -- Virtual Fleet Supervisor is known to continuously release new features to enhance their GPS fleet tracking application. They have done this again while continuing to balance the application being very user friendly-easy to use and easy to navigate.

Virtual Fleet Supervisor discusses three features that can help mitigate the impact that this increased driving has on a company.

GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Reduce Idling Times

1) As it gets hotter, drivers use their vehicle as climate control. Instead of saving money by cutting the vehicle off, they will actually be increasing your costs by idling. The use of these idling reports or the reception of real time idling alerts allows a business owner to take immediate action.

2) GPS Fleet Tracking From Virtual Fleet Supervisor Now Offers “Time Travel” Feature
Time travel is a new reporting feature that Virtual Fleet Supervisor has had in BETA. This has now been released to allow you to see your entire fleet at any given historic time and date. You can currently do this through their route replay tool and various other reports, but this feature lets an authorized user do it from the home screen in mere seconds.

3) Dispatch Efficiently To Save Fuel
Save money on fuel by optimizing your routes. Increase efficiency while decreasing unnecessary communication from your driver. A dispatcher can input a landmark or an address and find out how far any of your vehicle are at from any given location and even reroute drivers to new unexpected jobs if need arose.

According to National Director of Sales, David Walloch, "Automating certain responsibilities, such as reporting elements or maintenance tracking, allows a business owner or manager to focus on other tasks."

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