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Virtual Fleet Supervisor Offers Ways to Combat Potentially Looming Higher Gas Prices


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- According to America’s Chief Oil Analyst there have been talks of potential of an increase in fuel cost (see original article Here)

Drivers, vehicles, and fuel costs are typically the three highest costs that a fleet centric business has. While Virtual Fleet Supervisor can’t completely eliminate the need for fuel, the GPS fleet tracking services Virtual Fleet Supervisor provide can drastically reduce waste and excess fuel usage. This is done in three major ways:

1. Decreasing Vehicle Speed

Every time a driver speeds in a fleet vehicle, he is costing the company more money than he would if he were driving at normal speeds. Vehicles are designed for optimum fuel efficiency around 30- 50 MPH.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to record speeds; be notified in real time via text or email when someone is speeding past a threshold you define, and set dashboards to see who is past the limits you set. A company can now enforce speeding policies since speed can now be accurately and easily tracked and reported.

2. Reducing Idle Time

However, other than being mechanically horrible for the vehicle, a more noticeable component of idling is that it can make fuel cost go through the roof. Each company should describe in detail what is authorized in regards to idling and what is not.

Virtual Fleet Supervisor’s GPS fleet tracking systems offers idling alerts that can be sent to the user via email or text in real time as well as providing reports that show when and where a vehicle idled.

3. Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Virtual Fleet Supervisor’s GPS fleet tracking system can help a mechanic keep on track through automated task notification. Whether by schedule date or accrued mileage when an event is coming due an alert is sent to the user reminding him or her to get it taken care of. The task itself is also displayed in a color coded system on the maintenance feature webpage.

As well as saving fuel through proper maintenance, the real value of this feature is when you are going to sell the vehicle and you can show the maintenance record.

Fuel usage is always going to be something that fleet manager and business owners are cognizant of, however excessive fuel usage can be minimized.

If you would like to learn about how GPS fleet tracking can help reduce your fuel costs contact the GPS fleet tracking experts at Virtual Fleet Supervisor today at 1-800-746-5170 or visit our website at

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