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Vision Publishing Exclusive Interview With Mel Thompson About Credit Card Debt Relief

Mel Thompson reveals his thoughts and experiences of fighting his way out of credit card debt and managing debt colletors.


Worcester, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2012 -- Mel Thompson has been giving credit card debt advice for few years now. However, he is still shocked by the number of debt counselors who advises their clients to opt for credit card debt consolidation.

Mel set up to help people like himself who need sound credit card debt advice. The website has guidelines on how one can manage collectors and eliminate credit card liabilities without having to skip monthly necessities. It gives information on how one is protected as a credit card holder through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FCDPA laws, without running away from credit card providers. It also provides tips on how personal budgeting, and how to build wealth after a credit card debt imprisonment. In short, this site will be your complete guide to credit card debt mastery.

In an exclusive interview, the owner of the blog site, Mel Thompson said that the inspiration behind this came when he himself experienced financial difficulties in the past. He struggled through that low point in his life, sought out and implemented an effective credit card debt reduction scheme and got out of it triumphantly. He now aims to help people who are in a similar situation by showing the numerous options available to them in order to get out of their negative credit card standing. He said, "I was alarmed and shocked by the number of people who are advised that consolidating credit card debt is appropriate, when in fact it made their financial situation worse. Most debt advisers do not give the best advice to their customers. It is a great pity that people don't realize this!"

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Mel Thompson has a degree in English at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an M.S. in Communications at Boston University. He has also written an ebook on credit card debt management, “A Credit Card Debt Survival Guide”.