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Walmart Announced LED Transition in Many of Its Largest Supercenter

Realising the benefits of LED lights, a number of well known Organizations like Walmart, are planing for LED transition in supercenter Globally.


Pune, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2014 -- After the opening of the first store in 1962, Wal-Mart now has about 10000 stores spread across 27 countries under 71 banners. With wide spread stores placed in different locations, there are different expenses that need to be taken care of. These include the infrastructure costs, taxes and the electricity bills. Walmart has now come up with a decision of fixing LED lights in all their stores. Their main goal is to save power and hold on to the expenses due to high power costs. Thus, it recently announced that by 2020, all the stores of Walmart will get the LED lighting systems installed.

LEDs in Walmart

Ever since they are being manufactured, LEDs have been considered to be the best light sources that can be used for reduced energy and power consumption. Thus, reducing the cost required for electricity and power supply. Walmart revealed that the main floor of the store alone consumes about 90% of the total electricity used in the building. Thus, installation Of LED lights will not only help in reducing the overall expenditure but also helps saving power. If a store like Walmart saves on the extra cost that may come its way, it is easier to supply goods at a low rate.

Walmart has been using LED lights in the freezer compartments since about 2005 and also in the parking area since 2009. They have now come up with a solution to decrease the expense of electricity even more y installing these lights inside the store as well.

Roll out Plans

Walmart has thought of beginning the installation process in this month. They would be starting installing these LSD lights in the Walmart handled Asda branded stores within US. The initial plan includes covering 10 stores in UK, 30 in the US, 37 stores in Mexico, 10 stores in Central America, 24 stores and 16 store retrofit projects in China and 30 store retrofit projects in Brazil. The roughly calculated savings that can be done after these installations has summd up to about 40 to 60% of the total expenditure.

This energy saving concept will thus allow Walmart to save expenses and thus deliver goods at a reasonable cost to all its customers. This has been brought about due to the manufacturing and production of these energy efficient LED lights that are slowly making their presence felt due to the most effective and energy efficient results.

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