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Water Ionizers Made Easy! Now Available for Free Wireless Delivery Via Amazon Whispernet

Customers with any type of Amazon Kindle can now instantly download the eBook straight to their device.


Los Anglees, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2012 -- recently worked with to make their eBook, Water Ionizers Made Easy!, easier to access for their Kindle users. Now, customers can download the eBook, which provides valuable alkaline water info, straight to their Kindle by using Amazon Whispernet.

Through, customers looking to try water ionizers actually have a variety of options to obtain the book and have it go directly to their Kindle. Customers can sample the beginning of the book for free, borrow the eBook (Prime members only) or purchase it for $2.99. Having a Kindle makes it easy to read eBooks like these while on the go.

In the Ionizer Oasis eBook, authors Noah Tyrrell and Bob MacDonald give a basic water ionizer overview for new shoppers. The goal of the eBook is to make people more aware of all the health benefits that come along with alkaline water.

To learn more about all the options for a person to obtain the eBook through Amazon, visit

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