Waterview Condominiums

Waterview Condominiums Sales Center Now Open 6 Days a Week


Grimsby, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2014 -- The LJM Developers, a real estate development company based in Burlington, Ontario, has introduced a brand new project, the condos in Niagara, named the “Waterview Condominiums” in Grimsby, Ontario. It has been long since the many potential buyers have been eagerly waiting for the completion of the beautiful set of houses.

The LJM Developers are well known for their well built building structures and the nature friendly environment that is given the highest priority while constructing a home. It is the past projects that they have undertaken and have been sold like hot cake that has brought in a lot more customers who wish to purchase a home built by them.

Unlike the other promotional events, the officials at the LJM Developers have not avoided the events that bring in larger crowds to exhibit the efforts that were put in to build such a beautiful project that contains about 75 spacious condominiums! It was about two months ago that the officials organized a Grand opening of the Waterview Condominiums, after which they celebrated the success of the event and also organized a wine and cheese tasting event.

It was during these events that they launched a certain number of floors that the buyers could take a look at. With the success of these events, the project got a great response and most of the ready condo units were already being sold. With increasing number of people on a look out for new condos for sale near or in Niagara, the LJM Developers have succeeded in attracting majority of the crowd with the beautiful structure, well designed interiors and the central location that will be a convenient option for people of all ages.

With a good response that they have been obtained up till now, the developers have now opened a sales center at the Waterview Condominiums that will stay open for 6 days in a week. This has made it convenient for the buyers to take a look at the project and its design. Although the LJM Developers have already put up a floor plan that shows the location and the interior structure of each unit, there are many customers who prefer visiting the site personally to look at the minute details of the building. Since they have already announced the presence of a sales center that will remain open for 6 days in a week, a customer can walk into the office to take a look at the available units.