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Waxlander Gallery Announces Its Participation in the 2012 Canyon Road Paint Out

Nine of Waxlander Gallery’s artists will be participating in the 5th Annual 2012 Canyon Road Paint Out.


Santa Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2012 -- Waxlander Gallery is thrilled to announce its participation in the 5th Annual Canyon Road Paint Out, which will take place Oct. 20, 2012. A burgeoning Canyon Road tradition, this festival hearkens back to the early days of the fabled art road when artists would paint right out in the streets and art lovers could mingle amongst them. The Paint Out serves as a kind of tribute to Canyon Road’s first artists, inviting the public to once again relive that communal fervor. On a crisp October day every year, visitors can wander up and down the winding street, speak with the artists, and discover works-in-progress. Numerous galleries along Canyon Road participate and art lovers are treated to musical entertainment and refreshments as well as the celebrated art walk.

With 9 artists participating in the 2012 Paint Out, Waxlander Gallery will be a sought-out destination along Canyon Road. Visitors can also enjoy food, music, and refreshments throughout the day. Artists Andree Hudson, Marshall Noice, Bruce King, Tracee Matthews, Bernard Marks, Patrick Matthews, Paul Cunningham, Matthew Higginbotham, and Sharon Markwardt will all be painting at the gallery. Come introduce yourself, find out more about the artists, and see the paintings-in-progress!

If color is your “daylong obsession, joy, and torment,” you will love the work of Andree Hudson, Marshall Noice, Sharon Markwardt, and Tracee Matthews. If you were here last year at the Paint Out, you might’ve seen Hudson intuitively wielding her brush across a canvas of emerging longhorns, or Marshall Noice’s flourishing landscapes. “The ease at which I can take color over the top is intoxicating,” he has said, which also accurately describes the complex color fields of artist Tracee Matthews’ glorious cityscapes. Both Markwardt and Hudson’s stunning renditions of longhorns and cattle have us breathing in the colors of the desert.

For lovers of the New Mexican landscape, Waxlander Gallery is pleased to have Matthew Higginbotham, Bernard Marks, and Patrick Matthews also joining us for the special event. Gazing into a Higginbotham painting is akin to having a spiritual encounter, while perusing one of the lush forests of Matthews can almost make us feel like we are snapping twigs as we walk through his crisp interpretations. As you are falling in love again with New Mexico, peer out over a glowing vista or get lost in the floral shadows of Bernard Marks.

The final two Waxlander artists participating in the 2012 Paint Out are masters of texture and abstract visual planes. Bruce King’s figures ride through vibrant landscapes of flowing color. The rich hues and transparent glaze of Paul Cunningham’s pieces intoxicate viewers and invite them into his enticing world. Cunningham was also present at the 2011 Paint Out, and will be visiting us again this year.

Please join Waxlander Gallery in celebrating these 9 wonderful artists during the 2012 Canyon Road Paint Out on Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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