WebTrafficToolkit.com Reveal How to Build an Email List Using Press Releases

Web marketing blog, WebTrafficToolkit.com, have unveiled one of their favourite email list building strategies: press releases.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2012 -- Online entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways for how to build their email list. Common email list building methods include article marketing, paid advertising, and blogging. But according to WebTrafficToolkit.com, press releases can be a very powerful list building strategy.

In a recent blog post, WebTrafficToolkit.com have highlighted the following as reasons for using online press releases to build an email list.

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- Google News – “There are only thousands of competing pages in Google News at any one time (each piece of content is only in there for a month or so) where as there are millions and millions of pages to compete against in the main Google Search. So by getting your content in the Google News section you are likely to receive some good traffic,” said WebTrafficToolkit.com.

- Niche Keyword – “Try adding a very generic keyword such as ‘internet’ or ‘technology’ into your press release heading. This will trigger flags for Google Alerts where webmasters have asked Google to email them whenever content appears in Google News for those terms. Doing this can lead to more versions of the press release being republished on other relevant websites.”

- Get Creative – “The true power of press releases comes in when you find a creative story to write about and link that in with your business message. With good timing and engaging content your press release could potentially go viral.”

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