What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer: Must Read! Relationship Guide for Women


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2013 -- What Men Secretly Want opens up the peculiarities of the male mind and behavior to women in order to better understand men when it comes to dating and relationships. It is the primary guide to attracting guys and getting them to commit to a girl by knowing how to read them.

It pains a woman not knowing why her man suddenly became cold, distant, and silent. Not being able to understand the reason behind his actions and at a loss as to how she can help turn things around brings frustration. Then again to a guy, something triggered this reaction which could have been words uttered that hasn’t even occurred to the girl.

Relationship consultant James Bauer, who created the Be Irresistible Guide to What Men Secretly Want, points to the fact that there is a gap in communication between men and women and that addressing this mismatch will help nourish the relationship. A better appreciation of how guys experience relationships allows a girl to see things in a different light and respond accordingly which effectively bridges the gap.

Do you know what makes him tick?
Girls have their priorities when it comes to a relationship and these are not necessarily the same as what guys are looking for. To save oneself of the worry and aches, wouldn’t it help to get at least an idea of what he is thinking and feeling? What more if the guy is really worth it and one wants a shot at a relationship, why not grab the opportunity to make oneself irresistible to him?

What Men Secretly Want is a complete guide for women derived from real couples and actual situations, packed into a 31-page ebook in PDF format that comes with an MP3 audio file too. It also includes a bonus audio that answers some questions to common situations with men. All these can be downloaded at a reasonable price for the valuable advice it contains that show results instantly.

For one, most women don’t have a clue that men would rather feel unloved than be disrespected. The program brings to the fore The Respect Principle which sheds light to the fact that a guy is more attracted to a girl who triggers feelings of respect and admiration in him.

Respect plays a huge part in a man’s mental and emotional experience and this must be present in a relationship for love to fully blossom. A good grasp of this concept is instrumental in making men committed to women.

There is more to him than meets the eye.
Now that things make sense and become clearer, what’s next? What Men Secretly Want goes all the way to the nitty gritty. Know the simple changes that can be made like shifts in attitude or what words to say so a girl will never experience the silent treatment again. If it does happen, learn the critical response and the phrases that should not be uttered.

Moreover, know the common mistakes women make that should be consciously avoided and the mindset that will turn one into a better girlfriend material than any woman. Learn how to become sexier in his mind and build inner confidence that attracts men.

There are loopholes within his mind that can be tapped to connect with a guy and make him commit to a girl, and subtle things that deeply impact him that women are unaware of. The program teaches all these plus unusual techniques like better than body language and rapid rekindle as well as the ask for directions trick, which are all geared towards relating better with men and making them fall in love.

The guidance women get from What Men Secretly Want go a long way in providing step-by-step instructions and explaining these methods to bring love, respect, and security in a relationship. Integrate them in one’s life starting today.

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About What Men Secretly Want
The James Bauer “What Men Secretly Want” PDF book teaches you how to keep a guy interested and exactly what he needs in order for you relationship to flourish.

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