Whitehall CIO Trends: Tracking CG ICT Decision Makers Trends


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 -- Product Synopsis
This report tracks central government ICT decision maker trends. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector clients, and those considering this market for the first time.

Introduction and Landscape
When we talked to ICT decision makers in 2011 they indicated that their primary focus had remained unchanged from 2009; in the majority respondents were still focused on improving the way in which teams across the organisation communicate and collaborate. In 2013 respondents to the latest survey indicated that they remain committed to this course - a level of consistency that is reassuring given the changing market environment and landscape - but they are now turning to look at investment into enhancements around the organisation''s security and aging infrastructure to support the transformational objectives being drive through service redesign.
Decision makers also highlighted a particular focus on replacing or upgrading existing application systems; CIOs now have to consider how best to support legacy assets when in many cases the original provider no longer does and more importantly they have lost the skills internally to do so.

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Key Features and Benefits
Kable covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Key Market Issues
- Gain insight into the UK central government marketplace.
- Gain insight into the ICT challenges and priorities of CG Whitehall CIO decision makers.
- Gain insight into UK central government ICT trends.

Key Highlights
A new report by Kable Market Intelligence finds that Whitehall ICT decision-makers are increasingly optimistic about budgets; however their ability to meet the rising challenge around security and the consolidation of legacy systems is being challenged by a lack of skills.
While the outlook for ICT budgets across Whitehall is much more positive than in 2011, the research indicates that the sector continues to be faced with several key challenges.

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