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Why Graduates Need to Be Careful While Dealing with IT Employment Agencies

In this era of cut throat competition, finding a suitable job is like finding a needle in the grass.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2014 -- In this era of cut throat competition, finding a suitable job is like finding a needle in the grass. When graduates create online profiles and search for jobs amidst the pool of thousands of jobs that are being posted, it often becomes very tough for them to distinguish between the ones that are authentic and the ones that are not. Therefore, they need to be careful while dealing with IT employment agencies as some agencies may not deliver on their promises after charging hefty frees. With an objective of educating graduates about choosing the right one amongst several IT employment agencies, XIST4 IT Recruitment recently organised a seminar where company experts fielded questions from attended to make the scenario clear.

The experts talked about how candidates often come across situations where the employment agency claims to have forwarded their resumes to top notch companies though these candidates never get a call. It is because the IT employment agencies in question just claim to have forwarded the resumes when they actually haven’t. Again, some IT employment agencies may ask candidates to attend interviews for jobs that don’t match their desired criteria. Under such circumstances, the experts emphasised why it becomes very important to make the right choice. They told why it’s crucial to do some homework and check references before registering with a particular employment agency.

They also talked about how XIST4 IT Recruitment ensures that all its candidates get a suitable job by giving them an edge over several other competing candidates. The company believes in giving its clients the best candidates from a pool of talent, while ensuring, at the same time that the job seekers are matched to vacant positions that match their skills and experience. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both the employers as well as the job aspirants. The graduates, who attended the seminar, were eagerly listening to the experts’ tips and even got their questions related to selecting the right IT employment agencies answered.