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Developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT, WildStar went live for the first time last June 3, 2014. The massively multiplayer online role playing game is set on Nexus, a fictional planet where the Eldan race once lived but mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind great innovations that are perfect for battle.

Following the initial purchase of WildStar, players can opt for either a 30-day subscription or buy C.R.E.D.D., an in-game item that offers a month's worth of playing time but is tradable. Playing through the entire game, each gamer will strive take over Nexus while utilizing the technologies believed to have been left behind by the Eldan race.

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WSSale.com is an online shop offering gold and platinum money for players of the recently launched fiction/fantasy MMORPG WildStar. This website provides cheap WildStar Gold, items, PowerLeveling and CDkey for sale with fast, easy and secure delivery.