Wisercosts Announces Strong Start for 2014 Home Remodeling Industry


Woburn, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2014 -- Wisercosts is pleased to announce that their online home remodeling costs and renovations cost estimator is seeing a huge spike in visitors in the first quarter of 2014. The company attributes the increased interest in home improvements to the stronger economic condition of the United States. Company representative Eduardo Leitao explains, “The interest in home remodeling, especially higher end upgrades such as kitchens and bathrooms, is at an all time high due to the stronger economy. Consumers see this as a great opportunity to make these improvements to their home resulting in a stronger home value. Our website is a complete renovation and remodeling resource that allows consumers from all over the United States to find the best value.”

The Wisercosts website provides estimates for all major renovations and projects, from bathroom remodeling cost and estimates to kitchen remodeling and even landscaping. “We really wanted to cover all of the bases when we set out to develop this online resource, taking into account virtually every remodeling and home improvement segment. This ensures that all of our visitors will get the pricing and contractor information they seek every time that they visit our site. This type of thorough and extensive database is beneficial for the first time homebuyers that are looking to make some upgrades and improvements, as well as to seasoned renovation experts. We will continue to grow the website on a daily basis in order to make it into the most valuable home improvement resource available,” stated Mr. Leitao.

With the economic condition of the country improving and the housing market stabilizing and improving it is the perfect time to make higher end upgrades in order to increase the value of homes. With Wisercosts, it is possible to quickly find the average cost of kitchen remodel and other renovations according to specific areas of the country. “We made sure the keep the website as user friendly as possible. A consumer can have estimated costs for their projects with just a few clicks of their mouse and by inputting their zip code. It literally takes just seconds to complete the inquiry,” added Mr. Leitao.

About Wisercosts
Wisercosts is an online resource for consumers interested in locating the best deals in home remodeling throughout the United States. The website allows the consumer to select their desired service and location and it helps to locate the current prices for the desired jobs and service for a specific geographical area. After the website delivers the price estimate, it helps the consumer to connect with area contractors to get their specific requirements priced out. The service is free and more information can be found at http://wisercosts.com.