My Breast Cancer Guide

With 'My Breast Cancer Guide', Women Can Tame the Demon Called Breast Cancer With the Right Knowledge

My Breast Cancer Guide – online information site on the medical condition – is a great repository of information on this well-known and widely feared disease.


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (ReleaseWire) --02/01/2012 -- My Breast Cancer Guide– online information site on the medical condition – is a great repository of information on this well-known and widely feared disease. While there is no denying that breast cancer is a serious, potentially fatal problem, there is a lot of information that most people are not aware of. There is a ton of data online on breast cancer, although not all of it is available in an easily understandable form. It is imperative for everyone to understand more about this condition so that it can be tackled in a rational manner.

For most people, breast cancer brings the picture of a pink ribbon. While this is a credit to the awareness campaign that has been going on over the years, people need to realize that it is more than donation to the pink. Breast cancer is real danger and statistics show that one in seven women can get it. My Breast Cancer Guide has important information about this disease including the causes and symptoms.

While breast cancer is a dangerous disease, it does not always mean the end of life for everyone. If detected early enough, there are proven treatments with positive results available. Besides, there are many organizations that can help patients and their families during these tough times. With the right information, one can handle the stress and anxiety associated with this medical condition much better than fighting it in the dark.

People who are affected by this problem are unfortunate, but there are ways to prevent it too. By understanding the risk factors and diagnostic tools one can avoid getting the disease and in the worst case, detect it early in benign state and get it cured completely. While there are many sites and resources that share related details, few sites offer all the relevant details in a single place.

Besides, most sites are just too technical and overuse medical terms to really make any sense of the text. My Breast Cancer Guide has been designed and developed mainly to educate the common people about this medical condition and equip them with just the right information which is relevant for them.

About My Breast Cancer Guide:
My Breast Cancer Guide is a site with a large collection of articles related to Breast Cancer. It has useful information on the disease, important organizations and other interesting facts like celebrities who have suffered with this disease. For people interested in supporting this cause, there is a Pink Ribbon Store too.