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Woking News Farce Website Reports Widespread Laughter Among Residents in Small UK Town

WokingNewsFarce.co.uk is a spoof news website for the town of Woking in Surrey, the United Kingdom.


Woking, Surrey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2012 -- Arguably among the most underrated and undervalued tool for better living in society is humor. Studies reveal that individuals have become too serious about life, and the only ones fully and genuinely play and have fun are young children. In fact, it is found out that children tend to laugh an average of 400 times daily. Meanwhile, 64% of adults smile less than 20 times a day at home, and some 72 % of them smile less than 20 times a day at work. People during the 1950s laughed 18 minutes a day, while individuals today laugh 4 to 6 minutes daily.

The old adage "laughter is the best medicine" couldn't have said it better: a pinch of joke and humor can be downright entertaining. It can act as a stress or anxiety reliever, is anti-aging considered a longevity facilitator that ultimately makes people feel happy and good. Moreover, humor helps people attain and maintain balance in life – an essential that is slowly slipping away from the modern world.

Woking News Farce is a new online platform that features funny Woking news (click here to read funny Woking news now) and information about Woking, a large town in West Surrey, the United Kingdom that shares its name with the local government district – with a twist of humour. At WokingNewsFarce.com, the stories are intended purely to humour, amuse and entertain, and should therefore be taken in good faith.

Calling itself a "spoof news" website, WokingNewsFarce.com humours how the quality of some local newspapers makes it difficult for Woking readers to "tell the trooth from the spoof." Backed by a team that believes in the power of humour, the website is only meant to offer a bit of fun for people, allowing them to enjoy and leave humorous comments as well.

Wokingnewsfarce.co.uk provides humorous news categories that cover Animals, Crime, Horsell, Local Events, Massive Jugs and others. A daily zodiac horoscope is also featured, with the so-called fortunes told in a funny and amusing way.

People in Woking and anywhere in the world who want a break from too serious news stories that disappoint and dishearten should visit http://www.wokingnewsfarce.co.uk/ and experience how Woking News Farce can give a good laugh.