Adonis Golden Ratio Review: The REAL Truth Exposed

Announcing the recognition of the Adonis Golden Ratio by Men's Health Magazine as a revolutionary break thru in men's health and fitness. The premier male health and wellness publication has dubbed this discovery as "The Perfect Body Formula"!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2013 -- John Barban, the world famous nutrition expert and supplement performance consultant for leading supplement manufacturers , and leading expert in Nutrition, Physiology and Biology, is pleased to announce a revolutionary break thru today, that will take the world of nutrition and fitness by surprise. It's called The Adonis Golden Ratio 12 Week System!

Targeted to men who are extremely unhappy with the shape of their bodies now, and who have probably gone on numerous diets, worked out daily at the gym, and tried every other trick to no avail, today's announcement heralds a new dawn of hope. The fruits of over 10 years of intense efforts by Mr. Barban and his team are now available here for everyone to enjoy.

Research confirms that people who are depressed at all the time, energy and money they've wasted over the years on fitness programs that didn't pay them back, are more inclined to give up their pursuit if health and fitness goals. Today's announcement holds special value for you, if you are one of those millions of individuals.

The findings from Mr. Barban's studies also confirm what researchers all across the globe have known for long - that all men are not built the same. They have different body types, and different muscle building and fat loss needs. But because they are oblivious to this golden truth, they pump iron, pop supplements and painfully stomach crunch - without any noticeable results.

Today's announcement therefore comes with confirmation that John Barban's Adonis Effect break thru program has the ability to dynamically help with building the perfect body by applying scientifically proven techniques into a well regulated nutritional and exercise regimen. This Press Release is therefore meant to educate fitness lovers about how they can achieve their Adonis Ratio - a specific and perfect proportion of your waist to your shoulder.

The research further confirms that the male body is already pre-programmed to have this ratio, but needs the right tools to unlock it into the desired shape. And with the right fitness and nutrition program, individuals are able to quickly kill stomach fat, and bring their body closer to their unique Adonis Golden Ratio. And through tried and tested experiments and tests, Mr. Barban's team have determined that you can get those results by following a customized 12 week training, nutrition and supplementation program specifically tailored for your body.

During the last 10 years, the research team has documented countless successes as a result of individuals using the Adonis Ratio to achieve their health and wellness goals. Among some of the benefits reported by users are:
- Gaining new-found self confidence
- Geting the respect you deserve
- Earning the admiration of your peers
- Building better strength
- Enjoying great health; and
- Becoming more physically attractive

Today, through this Press Release, the team is therefore pleased to announce the online availability of their The Adonis Golden Ratio 12 Week System for a very limited time. As a result of great interest being expressed by a large TV and Cable corporation, that is anxious to turn this amazing, tried and tested, proven health and fitness system into a reality show, would mean you might not have access to it over the internet for very long!

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About John Barban
John Barban is a professional fitness coach and the co-creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio program.