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Online racing betting strategy service, X Ray Tips, is now open to new members.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2012 -- X Ray Tips is a new horse race betting service designed to help individuals gain more success in their betting adventures. Designed by British teenager Ayden York, X Ray Tips reveals the horse racing betting systems used as he desperately attempted to scrape enough money together to go to University. According to XRayTips.Net, it is an exciting opportunity to get into the mind of a horse betting systems expert.

“The horse betting service offered by X Ray Tips give individuals the chance to learn from the master!” said a website spokesperson. “Years of trial and error and failed bets has gone into the creation of a system that, whilst does not guarantee success, is expected to significantly improve your odds. Instead of going through the same hard slog of learning by failing, members can bypass this and focus on the tried and tested methods that XRay Tips offers.”

XRay Tips
X Ray Tips is unique from other products on the marketplace in that it is not merely a strategy guide, but more of a service. Instead of simply learning about the horses, members are emailed the top-picks for horse races every single day. It is then up to each individual member to take action and place bets based on the recommendations. According to XRayTips.Net, the service offers real value and increases the odds of success.

“As with any betting system, there are no guarantees, and losses are always going to happen. But with a reliable service that delivers expert recommendations on the day’s races, the odds of success are likely to swing in your favour,” said an XRayTips.Net spokesperson.

For more information on this unique approach to horse race betting, visit http://www.XRayTips.net

About XRayTips.Net
XRayTips.Net is an online service that delivers recommended bets for the day’s horse races directly to the email inbox of members. Instead of going through a trial and error process, members are encouraged to take action on the expert recommendations in order to increase chances of success.