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Toronto, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2013 -- Garden hoses are one of the most widely used equipment across the US and Canada that has multiple uses such as cleaning patios, watering lawns and plants, cleaning care and so much more. However they can be quite frustrating at times since they are heavy, hard to maneuver with, they tend to bend or kink, and hard to store and can be quite expensive depending on the the quality of the garden hose.

The XHose Expandable Hose is an As Seen on TV product that has been widely sold across the US and Canada and has been featured on infomercials and multiple news sources as a revolutionary garden hose that solves all the common issues found with traditional garden hoses and known as the world's first and only expanding hose. It's can used on boats, RV's, gardens, lawns and around house and like no other garden hose in the world. It's powerful enough to spray windows on a second floor yet can be gentle enough for watering plants or flowers.

"I saw the XHose infomercial on television and knew immediately that I had to buy it. I went online and read many XHose reviews to find that this product was universally appreciated by almost everyone online. Since using it I can honestly say it lives up to the claims made in the infomercial and I'm in agreement with the positive X-Hose reviews I've read. It so easy and light and expands in seconds once the water is turned on. Best of all I don't have to deal with any bends or twists and storing it is easy as I don't have to recoil it like I would ordinary hoses." -Rick Asprey

It's designed with 2 layers made from a durable rubber for the inner hose and a super strong nylon webbing for the outer hose covering. Both layers combined expand in diameter and length together when the water is turned on. It's small, compact and easy to store. The XHose unlike ordinary hoses expands to 3 times it's length when the water is turned off and retracts to a size that can fit in the palm of your hands when the water is turned off. It's also compact and very lightweight as a 50 foot X-Hose only weighs a pound.

"This is a great hose that easy to move around with. I've purchased expensive hoses in the past which have always been a pain to lug around my yard and dealing with the occasional bend which would result of the water being cut off while I'm using the hose and having to recoil the hose when I was finished using it which takes more time. The X-Hose is without a doubt the best garden hose you can buy. I would highly recommend the XHose Expandable Hose to anyone who's looking to buy a new garden hose." -Tony Rogan

Ordinary water hoses can cost upwards to $70 and more but the X-Hose Expandable Water Hose is currently being offered online for $19.99 for a 25 foot hose, $39.95 for a 50 foot expandable hose, $49.95 for a 75 foot expandable hose and $59.95 for a 100 foot expandable hose. All orders include shipping and handling charges and are covered by a 90 day money back guarantee less shipping and handling. Currently the X-Hose is not fund in any stores and can only be purchased online.

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