Zeek Rewards Alternative Presented by WebTrafficToolkit.com As Zeek Rewards Is Shut Down

WebTrafficToolkit.com has presented their Zeek Rewards alternative as the Empower Network.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2012 -- Zeek Rewards was recently shut down due to fraud and having been determined by the SEC to be a ponzi scheme that was about to collapse.

To help individuals who had been burned by this online money making venture, WebTrafficToolkit.com has presented Empower Network as a Zeek Rewards alternative.

According to WebTrafficToolkit.com, Empower Network provides the opportunity for online residual income, but whilst having a strong and stable business model at the same time.

“The problem with Zeek Rewards was that people were just investing money and there was no tangible products of value being exchanged. But Empower Network is all about the products. As an Empower Network member you are purchasing high quality training products that will show you how to market on the internet to get traffic, leads and sales for your business. It is not a get rick quick scheme like many people were looking for with Zeek, but a reliable way to build a long term business,” said a website spokesperson.

WebTrafficToolkit.com then goes onto highlight the key benefits of the Empower Network sales funnel.

“At Empower Network you get to “plug in” to a high converting sales funnel. You get your own professional blog, lead capture pages, sales video presentation, and access to use and promote high quality marketing training products. The system can be used in any way the member wishes. Some people use it as their primary source of income and others use it to generate leads for their primary network marketing business. Either way, it is a proven sales funnel that will work for marketers all over the world.”

To discover the true power of being a part of the Empower Network, visit the honest Empower Network Review at http://blog.webtraffictoolkit.com/empower-network-review

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