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ZENMED - Important Information Revealed About ZENMED


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2014 -- In 2000, the skincare company ZENMED was formed. From the very beginning, this company was devoted to creating skincare products that truly worked, but they wanted to be able to do that in a way that was friendly to consumers and to the planet. Now, twelve years later, ZENMED prides themselves on being at the front of the doctor formulated skincare market while also being a leader in conscientious business practices.

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ZENMED creates a variety of products that address almost every skincare issue that people may have from rosacea to acne to scarring to wrinkles. They even have product lines that are devoted to the health and care of the entire body.They create all of their skincare products using esthetician-grade ingredients that have been proven to work.

Many other skin care companies promise that their products work, but unlike ZENMED these companies are not engaged in being environmentally friendly or socially conscientious. Other companies claim that they are environmentally friendly or socially conscientious, but their products simply do not work.

Unlike these companies, ZENMED exists at the intersection of science and ethics. They integrate their ingredients in a way that is holistic and conscientious as well as being scientific and effective. Thanks to their concentrated efforts, they are endorsed by both the medical community and by the naturopath community.

Their products are all created without relying on animal testing. ZENMED is proud to say that they have been 100% free of animal testing for the last twelve years. In addition, they do not use any animal products in their skincare lines. This fact makes their products ideal for vegans or other anti-cruelty advocates.

Most people never have to worry about allergic reactions to ZENMED products as they do not contain any dyes, fragrances, or petrochemicals. They also do not have any sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates in any of their products. This makes there skin care products safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin.

Concerned consumers love that ZENMED comes in packages that are just as environmentally friendly as the products inside them. For their packaging, they use 100 percent recyclable materials, and as often as possible, they use ingredients and packaging materials that have been derived from organic sources. ZENMED is an American based company, but they will ship their products all over the world.

ZENMED is proud to celebrate twelve years as a leader in the skincare industry. More importantly, however, they are proud to celebrate twelve years as a leader in the fight against animal cruelty and in the fight against the assault on the environment. ZENMED is looking forward to more years of serving customers who want beautiful skin from an environmentally friendly and conscientious company.

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