Zero Gravity Day Was a Hoax Claims Website


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2014 -- The Internet was on fire recently with the hashtag #ZeroGDay all over social media, in reaction to a new story that was released titled, “Planetary Alignment Decreases Gravity, Float for 5 Minutes #ZeroGDay” and spread across the popular social media websites. The original story claimed that on July 4th, if you jumped at precisely 9:47am it would take 3 seconds to land back on the ground, instead of the regular 0.2 seconds. It created a social frenzy that caused the story to go viral overnight.

“The reaction to this story we created was amazing,” stated a representative from, a fake news site that creates outrageous stories for entertainment purposes. “There were people all over the world using our hashtag and telling the world what they were going to do at the time and how they were going to take advantage of this fabricated zero gravity opportunity. There were people discussing everything from skateboarding tricks to group activities. It was epic!”

The story discussed planet alignment and gave a very believable explanation of why the world would experience this phenomenon, and the public ate it up and told everyone they knew. “We live in a time where everyone is the paparazzi, and social media allows them to be the ones to break the news. Who wouldn’t want to be the first one to share the news about zero gravity? Our servers were slammed with traffic from this one story alone and it still attracts so much attention, even after it was announced it was a hoax,” explained a representative from the website.

The original story can be read here: The winning combination is a story that people want to believe is true along with a simple breakdown of why it is occurring. The representative continued, “As continues to grow in popularity, our desire to push the envelope even more grows. We have some exciting stories set to be published this summer!”

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