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Zygor Guides Online Leveling Guide Is Now Live, Players Rejoice - Zygor Guides Review: MUST Read Information

Popular WoW guides developer Zygor Guides releases 1-50 leveling guide and add-on for Elder Scrolls Online.


Elmira, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2014 -- Zygor Guides is finally released and ESO players couldn’t be happier. The game itself has been live for a few days now and many have found it difficult to level up and keep up with the quests. Zygor Guides. Zygor Guides exactly addresses this by providing in-game assistance telling players exactly what quests are important and what the best ways of accomplishing them are.

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The Zygor Guides is an in-game add-on that displays a small directional arrow on the player’s screen. Underneath the arrow is a quest tracker, displaying details about the next task. Players are able to easily switch between quests and the arrow along with the instructions will update accordingly to the selected quest. Check out this detailed Zygor Guide review to learn more about how this works and how easy it is to level up using this add-on.

Most of the quests in The Zygor Guide Online have multiple routes to the objectives and Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough will actually calculate the quickest route to the quest area. This allows players to cut their time spent leveling in half, just by using these accelerated routes.

Overall the Zygor’s Guide is split into three parts, one for each of the three factions in Elder Scrolls Online. Since each faction has completely unique leveling area, players can pick up the guide dedicated for their faction to vastly improve their leveling experience and reduce the time spent to hit level 50 cap.

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With Zygor Guides, that has changed. Not only does the add-on give you a strategy, but it provides you an execution plan too! And everything is laid out in a visually stimulating manner, along with helpful icons and text descriptions, where necessary, so that you can quickly understand and implement the strategy.

So if you are someone that wants to spend more time enjoying WoW as you quickly rack up Gold, and less time learning all the complicated details and strategies for success, then your best bet is to enlist an intelligent companion to help you achieve your objectives. And Zygor Guides is the most intelligent WoW add-on available today!

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