ReleaseWire Acquires ReleaseWire

On November 19, 2013, ReleaseWire announced that it had acquired ReleaseWire. As part of this announcement, we put together this FAQ to give current customers of ReleaseWire information on our plans for integrating ReleaseWire content into the ReleaseWire online newswire.

Q) Why is ReleaseWire acquiring ReleaseWire?

ReleaseWire is working hard to expand our footprint in the online newswire industry. By acquiring ReleaseWire, we will be able to bring our unique press release distribution and related services to more customers, becoming the source for press releases and related content from businesses and non-profit agencies.

Q) What should current ReleaseWire customers expect?

Press releases listed on ReleaseWire will remain online as ReleaseWire works to integrate them into our online newswire services.

The ability to submit a new press release on ReleaseWire has been disabled. ReleaseWire customers are encouraged to visit ReleaseWire/business/ to learn more about our press release distribution services.

Q) Who should I contact with sales related questions?

The sales team of ReleaseWire is ready to assist current ReleaseWire customers with any questions regarding the transition.

The ReleaseWire sales team can be reached by submitting a contact request, by email (, or telephone (920-593-5640 option 1).