How Do I Create An Effective Press Release Headline

Getting your press release picked up by your target media outlets is not an easy process and requires that several elements of your press release by written in an common format and style.

One of the most aspects of your press release is the headline.

Most editors who choose which press releases will be published as news stories do not have enough time to read every press that sent to them on a daily basis. In fact, most editors will skip press releases with poor headlines, never making it to the opening paragraph of the press release.

Here are some tips to create an effective headline for your press release:

1) Write for Your Audience:

When creating your headline, keep in mind that journalist and editors receive many press releases that they can pick from. Journalist and editors become very good at quickly filtering out lower quality press releases based on their headline.

2) Keep the 'Hype” to a Minimum:

Journalist and Editors tend to become skeptical of press releases sent to them that over use marketing hype. If you use your headline to clearly explain your press release, you will not need to rely on marketing hype to get noticed.

An example of marketing hype in a headline is:

“New Product from XYZ Company is the Best Solution for...”
“Fantastic New Product from XYZ Company...”

3) Keep Industry Jargon to a Minimum:

When developing your headline, keep in mind that many journalist and editors may not have a deep background in your industry. Write your headline so that the public can understand the content. You can always include the more technical information in the body of your press release.

An example of overuse of industry jargon is:

“XYZ Company Announces The Release of XYZ Product, a cross-platform, extensible, interoperable database application for music organization”

The above can be written as:

“XYZ Product Lets Music Lovers Organize The Music Collections”

4) Avoid Overuse of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Today, many press releases are developed to with with SEO techniques such ask featuring keywords that relate to your company. While SEO is an important aspect of online press release development, overuse can defeat the benefits and in fact, harm your marketing efforts.

Headlines should not be a collection of keywords and should not repeat keywords unless truly necessary.

Some examples of a overuse of SEO techniques is:

“XYZ Company, XYZ, XYZ Product Information”
“XYZ Company | Database Products | XYZ Product”

Last Updated: Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 09:36:13 PM

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