Flat Pyramid Debuts the 3D Model Lexus IS

Professional 3D model company FlatPyramid.com recently posted a new video to officially release the Lexis IS 3D model. Available for immediate purchase from their website, the video helps a person see just how stunning the model is from all angles.

Flat Pyramid Hotel Models Now Available for Viewing on Youtube

The owners of FlatPyramid.com have uploaded a new Youtube video, this time focusing on 3D hotel models available for purchase. Those wishing to purchase after viewing the video can follow the site link at the bottom of the short video.

FlatPyramid.com Updates Video with New 3D Mast Phone Models

The owners of FlatPyramid.com have recently released their newest video, showcasing the 3D models of mast phone 3D studio 3Ds on the website. With the latest Youtube post, each model is showed from different angles in a short and to the point video format.

FlatPyramid.com Releases New Youtube Video Showcasing 3D Model Missiles

3D model website FlatPyramid.com posted a new Youtube Video showcasing some of their most popular missiles in their collection. In the video, viewers can quickly see the detail and professional look each one possesses.