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US Tax Accountants Offer Tips for Making Tax Smart Loans to Family and Friends

LogoAs a firm that specializes in cross-border taxation, the team at US Tax Professionals warns would-be lenders that without the right planning, unplanned generosity can result in extreme tax complications. To help avoid this, US Tax Accountants has published a new article about how to make tax-smart loans to friends and family. For more, go to: https://www.us-taxprofessionals.com/newsletter.php#4

Vancouver CoolSculpting Offers Fat Reduction This November

LogoHaving a double-chin isn't uncommon. Triggered by factors that range from weight gain to the age-induced loss of collagen, tough submental fat (the pocket of fat under the chin) can make an appearance as early as one's twenties. And while previously correcting a double-chin required liposuction, today it can be done non-surgically and in about 40 minutes. For more, go to: http://rozkamani.com/blog/

Vancouver Box Manufacturer Introduces the Small Die-Cut Box

LogoThe team at Racer Boxes in Vancouver understands that not everyone sells big-ticket items. Many successful drop-shipping businesses are built around small items: food, tea, coffee beans, dog treats, socks—the list goes on. For these small but mighty businesses, Racer Boxes offers the small die-cut box, which can simultaneously maximize brand impact while shaving off mailing costs. For more, go to: http://racerboxes.com/blog/die-cut-boxes-vancouver-creating-customized-box-business/

Vancouver Immigration Consultants Urge Candidates to Seek Help Proactively

LogoFor the Vancouver Canadian Immigration Consultants at Racer Immigration, navigating refusals is one of the realities of their job. But one of the biggest mistakes prospective Canadians can make is receiving a refusal before seeking professional help. For more, go to: http://racerimmigration.com/navigating-refusals-advice-from-canadian-immigration-consultants/

Vancouver Fence Builder Advocates Metal Picket for the Home

LogoAs a company that specializes in fence building and repair in Vancouver, the team at QS Fencing knows that the metal picket is attracting more interest from homeowners. Unlike its wooden counterpart, the metal picket is a durable and long-lasting option that brings a contemporary sense of beauty to any property. For more, go to: http://www.qsfencing.ca/blog/vancouver-fencing-installation-introducing-the-metal-picket-for-the-home/

Vancouver Accounting Firm Offers Nimble Corporate Tax Services

LogoThe tax advisors at Mew + Company understand that company finances and Canadian tax laws are complex. But as experienced corporate tax accountants, their approach is simple—they work within current tax laws to help both growing and established businesses maximize their tax savings. For more, go to: https://www.mewco.ca/corporate-tax-accounting-services/
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