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A One Korean Painting Celebrates 15 Successful Year in Sydney

LogoA One Korean Painting is reportedly celebrating its 15th successful anniversary this year. The leading painting company specializes in residential painting services. A seasoned name in Sydney Painting sector, A One caters to all areas across the city.

New Real Estate Group Grows Rapidly

LogoThe rapid growth in personnel at the beginning stages of the company’s foundation reflects the high demand for Edgewater Real Estate, for which PellQuay Realty aims to become the leading source.

Wichita Based Spanish Horizons Changes Name to Zinta

LogoSpanish Horizons, a language learning center in Wichita, Kan., recently changed their name to Zinta Inspired Language. Although their name has changed, their slogan and mission have remained the same, “to help eliminate ongoing cultural and language barriers to connect people, build bridges, expand opportunities and enrich lives within the community.”

American Collectors Insurance Announces Their Appearance at the 2014 Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular

LogoFor sports fans, there’s nothing better than having a favorite athlete sign an item, be it a piece of equipment, picture, jersey, ball or card. This October, the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular is coming to the Greater Philly Expo Center at Oaks, and American Collectors Insurance is excited to announce they will be present in a vendor booth throughout the weekend. Starting Friday, October 17, the show runs until Sunday, October 19, and has free admission for guests all three days.

LitCoat Takes Paint to a New Level with Electroluminescence

LogoLas Vegas based brand LitCoat has developed a new electroluminescent paint product which can be applied to a myriad of different surfaces paving the way for innovation through paint products. The paint was created by a retired German chemical engineer who previously worked in innovative coatings for Bayer, BASF, and Merck. LitCoat electroluminescent paint only requires a charge of 0.6 mA to activate a single square, and this can be used to create a myriad of different variations such as a stroboscope or various patterns.

Tents & Events Expands Tent Rentals to Abington and Warrington

LogoTents & Events is pleased to announce its expansion of tent rental in Abington and tent rental in Warrington. Residents who are planning a wedding or other special event now have the opportunity to create a special setting.
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