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Optronic Laboratories, LLC, Dba Gooch & Housego (Orlando), Asset Purchase Completed

LogoSolar Light Company, Inc. announces that the assets of Gooch and Housego (Orlando) have been acquired. The new entity will operate as Optronic Laboratories, Inc., from its facility in Orlando, Florida, USA. Optronic Laboratories, Inc. will become an affiliate of Solar Light Company, Inc.

GoFundMe Campaign Announced for the World's First Internet Gas Station

Logo98CentGas.Com is the world's first internet gas station. It's done the unthinkable and given consumers the ability to save 98¢ off of every gallon of gas. Edward Pulley, owner and entrepreneur, has been working on the concept for some years, and the technology needed to run the complex infrastructure has finally caught up with him. Now, with Patent Pending, Mr. Pulley hopes to raise enough capital in the GoFundMe campaign to hire the best programmers and software engineers to create the platform.

Pacific Exterior Founder Publishes Bacterial Structure Striping Discovery with BUILDINGS Magazine

LogoEric Schnaible, founder and owner of Pacific Exterior, has published an informative article with BUILDINGS Magazine on the topic of Bacterial Structure Striping.

DB CyberTech Launches Intelligent Structured Data Classification to Identify PII and Other High-Value Data

LogoDB CyberTech, a pioneer in machine learning based predictive data loss prevention, today announced advanced data classification for structured data as a new capability integrated across their security and compliance products.

Emergent Launches Canada's First CRM System for Legal Pros

LogoEvery law firm is all too familiar with the long process that proceeds the creation of a minute book. Numerous client details are relayed via phone, meeting, or email only to be restated, clarified, and rechecked a myriad of times over the project's lifespan. Needless to say, administrative staff members all have one thing in common - a desk covered with notepads and scraps of paper shouting reminders and instructions. Now multiply that organizational feat over several client projects. Until now, it's been enough to slow the process to a harried pace. Changing the tide entirely with a new software feature that integrates Microsoft Outlook into an already robust solution, Emergent brings respite with the announcement of their newest version of Corporate Manager ET. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for efficiency.

Sinq Technologies Strengthens Its Collaboration Efforts Within Virginia's Home Care Environment

LogoSinq Technologies, a home care software and services company based outside Chicago, is not only improving and strengthening its web portal and reporting capabilities beyond Electronic Visit Verification, but it is also experiencing a burgeoning presence in Virginia. While Sinq's recent upward trend of popularity and collaborative relationships can be attributed to industry-leading technology in home care, Matt Tipples believes it reflects Sinq establishing itself as a traditional, hands-on, provider and patient-centered technology company.
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