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Kiwi Energy Powers Soil Food Web at La Casita Verde

LogoThe staff at Kiwi Energy, a NYC based energy retailer, rolled up their sleeves once again in support of La Casita Verde's composting project. Kiwi Energy has been a supporter of La Casita Verde since its inception in 2013 and is proud to support this worthy project and help see the community garden grow.

Imminent to Be Kind Launch to 'Revolutionize Good Deeds'

LogoTo Be Kind, an online portal aiming to connect do-gooders with those in need across the globe, is preparing for launch after kicking off its crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo on July 23rd. Already 70% complete, To Be Kind is now aiming to raise cash and awareness through the campaign, which runs until mid-August, in time for its planned autumn launch. The team behind the site want to change the way people with different skills connect, 'so we can all help each other', according to founder Artyom Davydov.

C&B Equipment Releases Video Case Study of DIP System Installation

LogoC&B Equipment has released a video case study detailing the results of the region's first Direct In-Line Pump System (or DIP System®) installation. The installation was performed in April by C&B for the Norton Correctional Facility in Norton, KS.

Global Genesis Group Releases Award-Winning Feature "Blessid" on Amazon Prime

LogoGlobal Genesis Group is proud to announce that their film Blessid, an independent film that won over audiences on the festival circuit, will have its Worldwide premiere on Amazon Prime on July 22, 2016. Blessid won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Lead Actor and Best Cinematography at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and won a handful of awards at other national film festivals and international film contests. Global Genesis Group (GGG), a Nevada/Los Angeles-based distributor whose other credits include the upcoming horror/thriller Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young, the 3D animated fantasy Troll directed by Kevin Munroe as well as indie festival favorites The Anniversary and Arbor Day (The Musical).

Fourstar Connections Supports Reshoring and Nearshoring Initiatives with Step-by-Step Toolkit

LogoFourstar Connections, a Hudson-based manufacturing services and solutions provider to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), is facilitating reshoring efforts to bring electronic manufacturing back to America—specifically the manufacturing of cable and wire harnesses, electro-mechanical, and box build assemblies. Leveraging its 28-plus years of manufacturing processes and protocols intelligence, Fourstar is well-positioned to offer greater supply chain visibility and cost-benefit analysis to manufacturing OEMs considering reshoring or nearshoring their operations. Given the complexities involved in the reshoring process, the contract manufacturer recently published a toolkit (in the form of an eBook) that contains a step-by-step framework—accounting for both intangible and tangible factors—for making an informed decision to reshore or nearshore.

Directed Energy Invites the Public to Participate in Its Voices of Humanity Kickstarter Campaign: Money Raised Will Beam and Launch Your Data Into Space

LogoFor the first time ever, everyone on Earth will have the opportunity to directly participate in space exploration by sending their personal messages and data into space via microchip and via laser. The project entitled "Voices of Humanity" is the creation of the Santa Barbara-based team lead by UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor Philip Lubin, Ph.D. and Travis Brashears, an engineering physics major at UC Berkeley.
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