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Elements Watch Company Bestseller Offers the Gift That Keeps on Ticking for Christmas

LogoKeeping Christmas real, one company offers consumers a way to give the gift of support with on-trend watches that keep time charitably.

Homeowners Becoming More Educated, More Informed on Their Home's Materials

LogoConsumers, no matter what they are shopping for, are requiring more transparency from the companies and brands they are purchasing from.

Svitla Systems' CEO, Nataliya Anon, Takes Two Silver Wins in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business-2019

LogoNataliya Anon, CEO and Founder at Svitla Systems, has the honor of winning two silver awards as one of the top contenders in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Female Executive of the Year categories from the 2019 edition of the Stevie Awards.

Vancouver Medical Doctor Introduces Facial Peels in Vancouver

LogoLooking for an all-in-one skin solution in Vancouver? The facial peel is probably as close as it gets. As an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Roz Kamani offers medical strength facial peels in Vancouver. With the ability to simultaneously address a variety of skin concerns, these peels are rapidly gaining a reputation as the holy grail of skincare. For more, go to: medical strength facial peels in Vancouver

Sales Gauge Launches New High Value Trade Table Application for Salesforce Users to Drive Sales Improvement

LogoSales Gauge, a leader in the sales training industry, today announced it has launched a new application for sales executives using Salesforce.com (SFDC). The app, which provides real-time insight into high value deals, is available at no charge on the SFDC AppExchange. In addition to full transparency into their sales pipelines, the new Sales Gauge High Value Trade Table app provides salespeople and managers a common language to discuss sales pipelines and forecasts.

Consultant Uses 23-Years of Experience to Report on How to Keep a Business Relevant as Time Changes

LogoIn the digital age, staying relevant means that one can't rest on their laurels for a moment. Continuous improvement and constant innovation are the keys to staying ahead of the pack. New trends, products, and habits develop on a daily basis and part of staying relevant involves recognizing changes in customers' wants and needs before your competitors do.
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