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Egemin to Showcase E'gv Compact at Pack Expo

LogoAt the upcoming Pack Expo in Chicago, Egemin Automation will showcase its E'gv® Compact, a small yet robust Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) specifically designed to handle standard-sized loads at higher capacities than traditional AGCs (Automatic Guided Carts) currently on the market.

Sales Gauge Launches Online Sales Training Platform

LogoLeading sales training company, Sales Gauge, today announces the launch of its eLearning platform, Sales Gauge in the Cloud. With flexible options for individual sales professionals, small- to medium-sized sales teams, as well as enterprise sales organizations, the Sales Gauge online sales training program delivers an always on, cost-effective training solution.

Military Family-Focused Nonprofit Reaches Huge Milestone

LogoThis month, Colorado-based national nonprofit Project Sanctuary joined forces with Beaver Hollow Conference Center, home of the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara in Java Center, New York, for an unforgettable celebration of its 100th retreat for military families. Since being founded in September 2007, Project Sanctuary has served over 800 military families, welcoming another ten families to its two-year program at Retreat #100 in New York.

Sterling Consolidated Retains UPTICK Newswire as an Investor Relations Firm

LogoSterling Consolidated Corp (OTCPK:STCC), ("Company") announced today that it has retained UPTICK Newswire, LLC as its investor relations firm.

AnyFlip, Top Flipbook Software, Has New Features to Delight Customers

LogoThe world of publications is going digital. Nowadays, people look for the digital publications rather than the print publications including books, articles, magazines, and much more. Therefore, the publishers need to present them in an attractive and impressive fashion to give a print like feel to attract more and more customers, clients and readers.

Needles Trouble-Free Case Management Software Conversion Launched to Help Law Firms Stay Ahead of Competitors

LogoChanging legal case management software programs is a big deal. Some law firms are reluctant to make a change, even if the case management system they're using isn't helping them stay ahead of their competitors. After all, it's not easy to change horses in the middle of the race. Needles has been a constant in the legal industry for over 31 years. In that time, the company changed operating systems, added hundreds of improvements and new features, and added dozens of new case types to its library. Needles is equally adept at helping law firms switch from their current system to Needles.
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