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Northern Virginia Financial Consultants Discuss the 529 Contribution Cap

LogoThe Northern Virginia financial consultants at Incisive Financial Group released a blog discussing the contribution cap for the 529 College Savings Plan. The 529 contribution cap can have tax-related consequences if it is exceeded.

New Memoir from Jarray Davis Exposes Felons Hiding in the Corporate/Professional World

LogoAll it took was for one man to mysteriously lose a job application preventing his boss from objecting to the hire. Since that day Jarray Davis has been on the rise as a high-level professional, working for companies that have a "no felons" policy. He's faced many pitfalls over the years which Jarray details in his memoir Elevators in My Mind, recently released this December. In one of these cases he was even ordered to terminate an employee who was discovered to be a felon after months of him working for the company without any complications.

Esteem Medical Spa Declares Red Cross Its Charity Giveaway Winner

LogoEsteem Medical Spa wanted to do something different to help those less fortunate this holiday season. So, the spa held a charity giveaway contest with a prize of $1K. Members of the Northern Nevada community were asked to nominate a charity to receive the money. Top nominees were a local nonprofit, the Katie Grace Foundation, and the Red Cross. The spa's Facebook followers then voted between those two charities to determine the winner. They selected the Red Cross.

Outlier Biopharma Ltd. Approved for Five Conditional Cannabis Licenses in Jamaica, Breaks Ground on a 110-Acre Cannabis Campus

LogoOutlier Biopharma Jamaica Ltd., a vertically integrated cannabis Biotechnology Company focused on research, development and production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids and cannabinoid-based products, has been granted five conditional licenses to operate in Jamaica. The licenses include:

This Brand Wants to Replace Your Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder for Free

LogoMADE OF®, an organic-first company that’s disrupting the baby category, believes consumers deserve stricter regulations and full transparency for their personal care products—and they want to help new parents find a cleaner, safer choice for baby powder.

The Chicago Marketing Firm Now Offering Website Development Services

LogoFor over a decade the company has offered search engine optimization services for companies in Chicago that are lacking online performance. They have found that too businesses are relying upon old marketing techniques that simply are not working in this modern era of advertising. The fact that most businesses do not have a high-performance website that is converting visitor traffic into leads and sales proves that the websites that businesses have are not developed correctly. They have found that this applies to both local and national markets in the United States. The ChicagoSEO.Company is determined to help these companies by developing new websites and fixing existing websites that are lacking the online performance that is needed at this time.
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