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System Insights Is Now VIMANA

LogoSystem Insights, the global leader in manufacturing analytics, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to VIMANA.  The name change reflects the company's broader commitment to Smart Manufacturing solutions and better aligns to the company's future strategy and ever-expanding product roadmap.

Bright!Tax Is Announced as a Finalist for a Second 2017 FEM EMMA Award in Recognition of Innovation and Excellence

LogoLeading expatriate tax services provider Bright!Tax has been named as a finalist for the prestigious Tax Provider of the Year FEM EMMA Award (Asia Pacific Region).

Scully Signal Founder and Son Honored as "Legends of the Industry"

LogoNew England Fuel Institute (NEFI) is a nationally recognized organization of independent Oilheat, propane, biofuel, and motor fuel dealers and associated companies. Celebrating its 75th year, NEFI is a prominent voice for the industry before regional and federal policy makers, media, and the public. As part of its annual energy industry EXPO, NEFI "brought back" its longtime tradition—the Legends of Oilheat Dinner ceremony this year. Francis P. Scully and Robert G. Scully were among the honorees for 2017. The father and son team were each granted the "Legend of Oilheat" award posthumously.

HGT Pty Ltd Seeks Support via Kickstarter to Introduce Shader Portable Shade & Personal Sun Protection Device

LogoIn Australia, spring, summer and autumn are considered to be the ideal times to get outdoors and enjoy the sun in every possible way. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and premature aging symptoms. Protecting their faces from the harsh sun is important, as there are few things worse than a badly burnt face. Unfortunately, sunscreen isn't always an option due to certain skin conditions or the wearing of make-up. As a result, when lying in the sun they tend to rely on non-creative and ineffective alternatives such as covering faces with T-shirts, books, towels, and even hands.

Snore Experts Curb Snoring in Los Angeles with the Launch of the NightLase Laser Treatment

LogoOffering patients the big goodbye to CPAP intolerance, snoring surgery, and all things invasive, three dentists in the City of Angels announce a launch. Enter, NightLase®. It's the non-invasive, non-CPAP, snoring laser treatment that has hit the high tenor of effectiveness. Poised to settle the nights of a restless marketplace, oddly enough, the treatment is typically used for vaginal rejuvenation and smoothing facial wrinkles. Now tasked with addressing the resounding immobility of air trying to move through narrowed airways, it's been repurposed. Rest and quietude, anyone?

Disruptive and Science-Based, Celluwell Launches to Give Women Something They've Never Had

LogoCould it be true? Could an endogenous antioxidant be the answer to every woman's prayers? The newly launched Celluwell, whose most recognizable benefit could be its ability to help to get rid of cellulite, says yes. Launched in the United States in April of 2017, the natural skin care solution uses the benefits of an active ingredient named SOD; a key antioxidant enzyme the body creates on its own, but with age, production is depleted. Now, women in the U.S. can get the highest natural source of bioactive SOD in capsule form. With a big hoorah for science, sourced in France and produced in Germany, the product is already a wonder in Europe. Taken twice a day, it has become a daily ritual much like brushing one's teeth.
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