A New Hair Loss Product Helps Men and Women Re-Grow Their Own Hair

Provillus is a an effective solution to hair loss in both men and women. It helps them re-grow their own hair without any surgeries or transplants. People can put away the hats and wigs, as they will not need to hide their baldness anymore. Provillus has a great effect in any of the factors for baldness, which are heredity, hormone imbalance or some health issue.


Z├╝rich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2014 -- The only two causes for male baldness are heredity or genetic factor and hormonal causes. Although Provillus cannot change people genetic, it can greatly influence their hormonal balance, which is the most successful way for hair loss treatment. Provillus is a completely safe all-natural product that helps men re-grow hair and look youthful. It also prevents further hair loss due to its successful formula.

Women hair loss can be as serious condition as in men coupled with emotional impact as women always need to look attractive and beautiful. People usually cannot accept baldness in women as normal, although they accept male baldness. The women hair tends to thinning in their 40s or 50s around the menopause.

Typically, the main causes for female baldness are hormone imbalance, some serious health issue or heredity hair loss. The head hair of an average woman consists of approximately 100,000 hair follicles, which she is supposed to keep for her entire life. However, women who tend to have a hair loss problem, loses about 150 or even more hairs in a day. In result, their hair is no longer healthy and thick and becomes a real challenge when they try to make a good hairstyle.

Provillus for women can resolve this problem, as it supports the regrowth of healthy hair. The women hair starts to grow thick and beautiful again after the hair loss treatment with this product. Provillus is even more effective, when it is applied right after the first symptoms of baldness or hair loss appear.

Both, men and women understand the importance of great hair, as the thin hair makes them look older. Provillus with its unique formula will save them the inconvenience and shame of baldness and will heal the bald spots in a short time. Whatever is the reason for their hair loss, people will notice a great change in their condition after a hair loss treatment with Provillus.

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About Provillus
This is a healthy and all-natural product of a high quality that has proven to be really effective in all cases of hair loss or baldness. There are two Provillus products - one with a special formula for men, and the other targeting female baldness, formulated especially for women. Both of these products are completely safe and highly effective hair loss solutions.

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