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Journey Into Celebrations: Dubai Shopping Festival Greets Visitors with Extreme Discounts and Exciting Mall Shows as Part of Annual Retail Bonanza

With a few days left for the 20th anniversary of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) that had begun on January 1, 2015 and will end in February 1, 2015, shoppers and tourists have still a lot to see and to shop as DSF exhibits thrilling music shows, offer great discounts and showcase best buys that make Dubai's annual retail bonanza a shopping experience that should never be missed.

MICROJIG Inc, Celebrates More Than Ten Years of Saving the World's Hands

Every woodworker understands the risks of their career or hobby. Table saws are one of the most dangerous tools in any work shop and the most recent statistics show that as many as 10 amputations occur during their use every day in the United States. With these devastating statistics in mind, Micro Jig has designed their hand-saving tool, which is now protecting the hands and fingers of busy woodworkers. Additionally, the company is launching a campaign to help more woodworkers become aware of the safety options available to them.

Crash Accountability Analysis to Improve CSA and PARs: Expensive and Time-Consuming According to FMCSA Study

LogoAmerican Trucking Association (ATA) had expressed their disappointments in the study findings released by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) after the agency failed to show fairness and clarity in regards to trucking accidents where drivers are not at fault. That for the FMCSA, crash accountability analysis is expensive and time consuming; furthermore, will not improve the Compliance, Safety, Accountability's (CSA) ability in identifying carriers most at risk of future accidents.

The Law Offices of Robert Dodson, P.A on Car Insurance Rate: How Insurance Claims Can Affect Drivers in Years to Come

LogoGetting involved in a car accident could be too troublesome that many drivers will try their hardest to avoid it in fear that they might hit a higher car insurance rate in the coming years. A recent study reveals that even when a driver claim once, 41% more on car insurance based on several factors to determine the increase in rate will be asked in the coming years.

Mole Street, the Agency Behind Some of Philadelphia's Best Events, Aims for Expansion

Individuals who have found themselves at an event in the Philadelphia metro area sometime in the last 5 years are likely to have come across Mole Street Event Planning and have never even known it. Meet Mole Street, the agency behind some of the city's biggest events including Dîner En Blanc, Night Market, Brewer's Plate, PHS Pop Up Garden, and the Hidden City Music Festival.

Chinese Special Examination and Approval Procedures for Innovative Medical Devices: Speed Up Overseas Innovative Medical Devices Entry Into Chinese Market, New Report

LogoChina's regulatory framework for medical devices is undergoing radical changes. China is one of the fastest growing global economies with a fifth population in the world, and is one of the largest healthcare markets around the world. Along with sustained economic and population growth as well as an ageing population, Chinese healthcare market has maintained annually average growth rate above 16 % since 1990s. Among them, medical devices represented dynamical growth since 2000s. By 2013, total value of medical devices on Chinese healthcare market has reached 179 billion RMB. Medical devices have been widely used in the process of disease prevention, diagnosis, therapy, care and rehabilitation. On the Chinese medical device market, imported overseas medical devices made by overseas and multinational medical device manufacturers account for about a half, in which the high-tech and high-valued medical devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging, CT are almost monopolized by GE, Siemens, Philips and other overseas and multinational companies. It is estimated that Chinese medical device market will be likely to be more than 340 billion RMB by 2015, and will surpass Japan to become the second largest medical device market behind the United States.

Quality, Indulgence, and Premiumization Strategies in Alcohol, Soft Drinks, and Hot Drinks - Defending Against Margin Erosion, New Report Launched

LogoQuality, Indulgence, and Premiumization Strategies in Alcohol, Soft Drinks, and Hot Drinks - defending against margin erosion report provides a comprehensive overview and strategic analysis of how brands can effectively defend their profits despite the emergence of value competitors. The report focuses on the strategy of premiumization, to encourage consumers to trade-up in terms of both price and quality. The growing popularity of private label alternatives is also addressed - and what brands can learn from them, and ultimately defend themselves against discounters by offering consumers the highest quality, and drive sales.

Antidepressant Market in the US to Grow at a CAGR of 4.08% by 2019; Finds New Report

LogoPublisher recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Antidepressant Market in the US: Actavis plc, Eli Lilly and Co., GlaxoSmithKline plc, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Pfizer Inc.

Aviation Market in the UK to Grow at a CAGR of 1.83 % by 2019, Finds New Report

LogoPublisher recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Aviation Market in the UK: British Airways plc, easyJet plc, Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport.

Beauty and Personal Care Market in Africa to Grow at a CAGR of 8.24% by 2019, Finds New Report

LogoPublisher recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Beauty and Personal Care Market in Africa: L'Oreal SA, Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) and Unilever NV.

Car Rack Market in Western Europe to Grow at a CAGR of 5.47% by 2019; Finds New Report

LogoPublisher recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Car Racks Market in Western Europe: Atera GmbH, Cruzber SA, Hapro International BV, KAMEI GmbH & Co. KG and Mont Blanc Group AB.

Upstart Patriot Equipment Finance to Focus on Niche Markets

A person never knows what a Las Vegas night may inspire when three friends who happen to be former leasing executives get together to celebrate the birthday of their colleague.

Eurooptic to Offer Wide Selection of EOTech Sights at Competitive Prices

EuroOptic, a leading provider of branded EOtech sights, boasts its wide selection of products sold at competitive prices. The company caters the growing needs of customers for comprehensive resource of EOTech sights products. They cater the need of law enforcement, military and commercial markets for wide selection industry's best at affordable prices around the world.

Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Vietnam, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoMarket Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Personal Accident and Health Insurance in Vietnam, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018” research report to their offering.

Green City Now Offering Skin Conditioning Services for Dry, Winter Skin

LogoDuring the winter months, the humidity drops and the air becomes significantly drier. Combine the dry air with steady winds and it can wreak havoc by drying out exposed skin. Helping individuals maintain a healthy and balanced complexion, Green City is now offering skin condition services to offset any harm from the dry winter air.

Global Market for Microturbine Systems Is to Reach 123.2 MW in 2012 to 447.4 MW by the End of 2019 : Transparency Market Research

Logo"Microturbine Systems Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019", a recent research report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), reveals that the global microturbine system market worth US$144.4 million in 2012, will register growth at a CAGR of 16.7% during the forecast period from 2013 to 2019. The annual installation is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% from 123.2 MW in 2012 to 447.4 MW by the end of 2019.

U.S., Europe and Japan Orthopedic Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures Market Expected to Hit USD 10.2 Billion by 2020 : Transparency Market Research

LogoThe orthopedic soft tissue surgical procedures market has been segmented into surgeries such as rotator cuff repair, vaginal prolapse, lateral epicondylitis, Achilles, gluteal tendon and anterior cruciate ligament. The orthopedic soft tissue surgical procedures market offers lucrative business opportunities in developed regions such as the U.S., Europe and Japan due to periodic launch of technologically advanced surgical products by key players and increasing number of injuries caused by sports such as basketball, football and baseball. For example, the American Orthopedic Society of Sport Medicine estimated that around 150,000 ACL injuries occur in the U.S. each year and the number of injuries is projected to increase in the near future. The aging population is at higher risk of developing orthopedic soft tissue injuries, and hence contributes significantly toward the expansion of the soft tissue repair market. The growing trend of minimally invasive surgeries and increasing number of patients opting for active lifestyle are also fueling the growth of the orthopedic soft tissue surgical procedures market. According to the United Nations, developed regions such as Europe and North America (the U.S. and Canada) have highest percentage of aging population and are expected to grow at a higher percentage in future. This would increase the number of patients undergoing orthopedic soft tissue repair surgeries, thereby boosting market growth. However, high cost of surgeries and availability of effective non-operative treatment options such as NSAIDS and casting material are anticipated to restrain market growth.

Peripheral Vascular Devices Market to Grow at 7.1% CAGR Between 2012 and 2018 : Transparency Market Research

LogoA recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), titled 'Peripheral Vascular Devices Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 - 2018', forecasts that the global peripheral vascular devices market will grow at a CAGR of 7.1% between the years 2012 and 2018. TMR, a market intelligence firm based in the United States, says that the global peripheral vascular devices market, valued at US$4.8 billion in 2011, will be worth US$7.8 billion by 2018.

Asia Pacific to Be Fastest Growing Market for Nephrology and Urology Devices from 2012-18 : Transparency Market Research

LogoA recent report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) indicates that the worldwide nephrology and urology devices market will grow at a CAGR of 6.4% between the years 2012 and 2018. TMR, a market intelligence firm based in the United States, in its report says that the global nephrology and urology devices market will grow from US$13.3 billion in 2011 to US$20.5 billion by 2018. The report is titled 'Nephrology and Urology Devices Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012-2018'.

Aluminum Oxide Market Trends & Forecast Up to 2020

LogoAluminum oxide, a chemical compound of oxygen and alluminum is a commonly occurring oxide. It is known by its chemical formula as Al2O3 and identified as aluminium (III) oxide. Depending on applications and particular forms, they are also known as alumina, aloxite, aloxide and alundum. It occurs in its crystalline polymorphic form comprising mineral corundum by which various precious gems such as sapphire and ruby are formed. Aluminum oxide is an electric insulator. It has relatively high thermal conductivity for ceramic material. Al2O3 is soluble in water and very slightly soluble in alkali and acids. It is used as a component in cutting tool and as an abrasive. It is known for its resistance of metallic aluminium to weathering. Aluminum oxide is also a widely used phosphate remover. Aluminum in the form of both salts and solid alumina, removes phosphate from aqueous solutions.

Oil Field Chemicals Market Trends & Forecast to 2020

LogoThe chemicals that are used in exploration and various processing stages of gas and oil field are called as oil field chemicals. The oil field chemicals demand is mainly affected by the exploration pace and advances in drilling in recent years. The major industry which guides the demand for oil field chemicals is the end-user oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry face stringent timelines and several environmental issues. Considering these parameters the oil field chemicals play an imperative role in oil and gas industry. The oil field chemicals act in controlling the corrosion, bacterial growth, foam and wax formation. The market for oil field chemicals is currently dominated by North America, mainly due to the rapid exploration of oil fields. The others regions such as Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific also hold considerable share in the oil field chemicals market.

Natural Fatty Acids Market Trends & Forecast Up to 2020

LogoNatural fatty acids and their various derivatives are predominantly used in a wide range of industries such as personal and household care, plastics, rubber and detergents among others. Stearic acid, fractionated fatty acids, distilled fatty acids, polyunsaturated acids such as tall oil fatty acids and oleic acids are various types of natural fatty acids used across the globe. Raw materials such as palm, palm kernel oils and coconut are used in the production of natural fatty acids. The growing demand for natural fatty acids from the end-user industries such as personal and household care, plastics, rubber and detergents across the globe is predicted to drive the global natural fatty acids market in the years to come.

Ethyl Ether Market Trends & Forecast Up to 2019

LogoEthyl ether is also known as diethyl ether, is a highly flammable, volatile organic compound. It is synthesized from vapor phase dehydration of ethanol. It is used in fuels, anesthetic agents, laboratory solvents, recreation drugs and pharmaceutical applications. Its main application is in reaction and extraction medium of fragrances, chemicals and pharmaceuticals due to its inertness. Ethyl ether is claimed to excellent solvent for resins, waxes and gums. In automotive industry it has various applications such as it is used as an octane, oxygen enhancer in gasoline, lubricating oil, removal of paints and varnishes and plasticizers. It also used as solvent for cellulose nitrate in manufacture of pyroxylin when combined with ethanol and for smokeless gun powder.

Now Customers Can Get Free Finishing Services with Wedding Bands World

LogoWith Wedding Bands World, customers now get finishing services at no additional cost. Recognized globally for providing an extensive range of diamond wedding bands, Wedding Bands World is now offering free finishing services to customers. Through their free finishing services, one can easily select different finishing options for their diamond cut wedding bands and can get it designed as per their needs. The wedding bands and accessories that Wedding Bands World offers are well-designed, unique and available at affordable prices. Besides this, the company expertise in providing a wide variety of wedding accessories that involve earrings, diamond cut wedding bands, pendants, necklaces, and different other accessories.

Wedding Bands World Now Offering Unparalleled Collection of Aesthetically Rich Two Tone Wedding Bands

LogoWith their aim of providing an enthralling range of wedding bands, Wedding Bands World is now offering an unparalleled selection of aesthetically rich two tone wedding band. The company stores myriad two tone wedding bands that can make the ceremony special. The eye arresting wedding bands are crafted with two different metals. Their two tone wedding bands are popular for men who want to wear minimum jewelry yet striking a fashionable statement. With them, customers will get wedding bands 18K gold, 14k gold, 950 platinum and 950 palladium materials. The most commonly used two tone materials for creating bands are white gold and yellow gold with platinum. Assists Entrepreneurs Looking to Transition Into or out of the Internet Sector

LogoBuying real estate has taken on a different meaning in the 21st century, and even though there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to stake their claims in the internet sector, it's still wise to heed the advice of an experienced internet business broker rather than rest your hopes on one that doesn't focus on the technology and Internet space. Two very basic types of avenues exist for people who want to run an Internet business, those who want to purchase an existing business, and those who want to start one up.

Health Canada Needs to Act on E-Cigarettes Regulation

LogoWe feel it is of utmost importance that this framework puts product quality and consumer safety as a priority, while reflecting the unique nature of the product — that they are not tobacco products and should thus not be regulated in the same way.