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Second Werewolves in the Renaissance Book Available for Preorder

Taking the form of a classic hero’s journey, the tenth novel by Tracy Falbe Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2 pits a group of loyal friends against various monsters as they cross the Holy Roman Empire in 1561. Along the way help comes from unexpected benefactors as the hero Thal Lesky eludes bounty hunters, another werewolf, and a fext assassin that cannot be killed.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency,, Announces Development of Android App and Google Chrome Extension

As a leader in their industry, is transitioning into a company that covers all facets of the digital marketing industry. With their latest development, the company has created an Android application that is available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, called SEO News and Tips, features the latest video updates from company founder and President Lance Bachmann, as well as hundreds of client testimonials about the service they’ve received for their internet marketing campaigns.

FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) Investor Alert: Lawsuit for March 7, 2014 Investors over Alleged Securities Laws Violations Announced

LogoAn investor who purchased shares FireEye Inc (NASDAQ:FEYE) filed a lawsuit against FireEye over alleged securities laws violations in connection with the March 7, 2014, stock offering at $82 per share.

iDEA Media Now Offers Fast CD Replication and DVD Replication Services at Very Competitive Prices

Logoidea Media Replication understands the requirements of media replication and hence provides excellent solutions for short-run CD and DVD replication and duplication at very competitive prices. The company also offers services like packaging, replication, poly wrap, menu design, authoring, graphic design and many others.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix Crates and Ships 2,000 Waylon Jennings Auction Items

LogoCraters & Freighters Phoenix was selected to provide all of the specialty crating and shipping services for Guernsey's Remembering Waylon auction held earlier this month at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. The auction featured more than 2,000 items owned by the legendary musician Waylon Jennings including Willie Nelson's trademark braids which garnered $37,000 and a desk given to him by Johnny Cash which sold for $87,500. Impressed with iPage's Commitment to Green Technology

Finding the customer service information for some big companies in the United Kingdom can sometimes, be a little bothersome. For privacy reasons, they do not make their contact details always known to the public. And even when the numbers are available, it sometimes takes a long while to talk to the customer care representatives. But now, thanks to online telephone directories like, talking to a company’s customer care service will no longer be a problem.

PA DUI Lawyer Edwin L. Guyer Offers Advice on What to Do After Charged with DUI

LogoBeing charged with driving under intoxication (DUI) can be a life-changing experience. PA DUI Lawyer Edwin L. Guyer has been defending people in the court systems for over 30 years. It’s important to know what to do after being charged with such offenses, as courtroom procedures can be complicated and demanding on defendants.

Austin Eye Care Center Treats Keratoconus with New Techniques

LogoDr. J. R. Lacey of Central Austin’s Master Eye Associates has provided a breakdown of the symptoms and treatment of keratoconus, a non-inflammatory eye disease, for those seeking information or heading into treatment. Keratoconus causes a person’s dome-like cornea to progressively thin. This results in the development of a cone-like bulge, typically in the cornea’s inferior section. This disease is normally found in both eyes, though one eye experiences more severe symptoms, with thinning most pronounced at the cone apex. The distorted cone causes significant irregular astigmatism, since the cornea’s normally round shape allows focusing and refraction which provides proper sight. Corneal abnormalities like keratoconus affect the way sufferers see and can significantly impact quality of life.

Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (NASDAQ:MBII) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Deadline on November 4, 2014

LogoA deadline is coming up on November 4, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (NASDAQ:MBII) over alleged securities laws violations.

Simplicity Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:SMPL) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed to Halt Takeover by HomeStreet, Inc

LogoAn investor, who currently holds shares of Simplicity Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:SMPL), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Simplicity Bancorp Inc by HomeStreet, Inc.

Parts Geek Expands Cargo Liner Inventory to Feature over 1,500 Products

LogoParts Geek is pleased to announce that they have expanded their cargo liner inventory to feature over 1,500 products. Also, those looking for affordable cargo liners from leading brands such as Weathertech, Husky Liner, Bestop and Covercraft will be pleased to know that Parts Geek is also featuring a variety of products from these well-known brands.

Financial Markets Enter Extended Session of Bungee Jumping with Markets Taking Big Bounces Up and Down Says Dawn Bennett, CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services

Looking at the financial markets the week of October 6, 2014, all I could think about was bungee jumping. If you are an investor that wants to experience stepping off the edge of oblivion into thin air to get the rush of free-falling and then hopefully rebounding, all you need to do is stay invested in the U.S. stock market. These quantum bounces up and down, at least for the time being, are here to stay says Dawn Bennett, CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services in her latest warning to investors.

Insect Taxidermist Adds New Butterfly Taxidermy to Stock

Collecting and displaying butterflies and insects has become more exciting. This is as insect taxidermist, BugsDirect, has added a stunning new butterfly taxidermy to their stock.

We Care Glass Launches Innovative Frameless Glass Patio Doors, for 100% Clear Glass Views

LogoWe Care Glass is the first company in the UK to develop the frameless glass patio doors system , fully designed and developed at their head production facility on Luton, Bedfordshire. The company announces that they are launching a new product range for frameless glass doors.

Businesses Can Save Time & Money by Using PEO Companies in Florida for Workers Comp

LogoObtaining the services of a Florida employee leasing company. Florida PEO companies can provide businesses with affordable workers comp insurance plans, in addition to many other valuable services and functions.

Easy Telephone Number Lookup Offers 3 Contact Number for Customers to Contact Its Customer Service Department, Quickly and Seamlessly is an independent directory service that provides access to the customer service departments of different companies to get the solution to their problems and answers to their queries, quickly and reliably. Connecting to the customer service department of the company allows the customers to quickly resolve the issue they are facing with the services of the company and also helps the companies to know more about the latest deals and offers launched by the company. The company provides 3 Contact Number, so that the 3’s customer base of over 23.5 million worldwide can enjoy seamless network and internet services provided by the company.

London Rapper's Captivating Mixtape Available for Download

LogoMusic lovers  are  in for a real treat following Blaze Barnation's latest mix tape, The Rise.

Learn French 6000 Words Smartphone App Has Now 500,000 Users Worldwide

Fun Easy Learn is a Moldova based web application development firm having its forte in developing language learning apps. Learn French 6000 Words, a French language learning app from the publisher, has recently hit 500,000 users worldwide. The app developers recently expressed their great joy and excitement during a press meet where they were questioned about the unique features of the app. Fun Easy Learn developers believe that this is just a beginning as they are now hoping to get 500,000 more downloads in the next couple of months. It has been confirmed by the developers that the app has already crossed the 500,000 user mark. Announces Their Website Launch is a website that offers its readers many ways to make extra money online from home. The website is targeted to people such as stay at home working moms, beginners to working online, internet marketers, and so much more. More and more people are looking to learn how to make money through blogging, and making extra money on the side online. The website offers new and unique ways to work from home.

IT Law Gaining in Importance on Many Issues

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: Due to enormous technical developments over the past few years, IT law or information technology law has gained hugely in importance. There is an internet connection in almost every household and, of course, at most workplaces. As much as technology can be a boon for many businesses and private users, it has equally raised many new legal questions. IT law comes into contact with a series of other legal fields, in particular data protection law, trademark law, copyright law and competition law.

Dog Art Collective Takes Commissions for Paintings of Dogs in Uniform

A collective of dog artists are now taking commissions for paintings of dogs dressed in military uniform and period costume.

Trademark Law: Trademarks Represent Considerable Value

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: The more well-known a trademark becomes, the greater its value to the business – whether international or national. In order to prevent third parties unintentionally profiting from a good brand name, it is important to protect and register the trademark. In doing so, it is a good idea to determine the territorial sphere of activity. In principle, the trademark is initially considered to be protected within the borders of the country in which it was entered into a trademark register. However, it may be necessary to expand the scope of protection beyond these borders.

Dr. Philipp Agostini Announces Facial, Body, Breast & Buttock Shaping Surgeries at His Ultimate Private Clinic in Bolzano

There are many people who fail to make a decision of undergoing a plastic surgery amidst concern that people will come to know about it. The issue of privacy becomes even more dominating when it comes to body shaping, breast and buttock surgeries. Now, Dr. Philipp Agostini announces about his ultimate private clinic in Bolzano, Italy, where one will be assured of a complete privacy. Dr. Philipp is a qualified plastic surgeon and he promises to offer highly successful facial rejuvenation and other types of plastic surgeries at his well-equipped center located in Bolzano.

KATEQUEEN Supplies Wedding Gowns, Dresses and Accessories for Ladies

Wedding is the most special occasion for a bride. She places special interest in sporting a wedding dress that would make her look like an out of the world fairy. Even in prom party gatherings, women students make sure their dresses stand out within the group. aims to be at their side at this juncture. It manufactures and supplies a broad range of gowns and party wears including prom dresses at reasonable price.

The Whiteboard Store Offers Free Delivery on All Whiteboard Products

LogoThe Whiteboard Store has taken a brave move of upsetting the online retail world by removing the delivery charge for any of their whiteboard products. The leading whiteboard retailer does not believe that any of their customers should be forced to pay for a delivery charge, increasing the price for any products they buy from their site. Retail experts have described this as a brave move but it is unlikely to force other retailers to follow them and remove the cost of delivering goods that have been purchased online.

International Law Increasingly Important

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: Distances no longer pose a problem, many borders are open and a lot of firms operate internationally. Increasing globalisation has opened up new sales markets and possibilities. At the same time, the legal situation for international business relationships has become far more unclear, as national law is frequently not applicable in cases where foreign elements are involved.

Easy Telephone Number Lookup Helps Customers Connect to Vodafone Helpline to Get Solutions to Their Service Related Issues is one of the most trusted online directory services that provide the contact information of the customer service departments of various companies and organizations. Such information helps the customers to contact these companies, whenever such a need arises. Getting the contact number of the customer service department of the companies help the customers to quickly resolve the problems they are facing or get answers to their queries, without having to wander online or make an additional effort for it. The company provides information that helps the customers to contact Vodafone, one of the largest network service providers in the world, quickly and instantly. This helps the customers get the first hand information they are looking for and also solves their service related queries, problems and issues with ease.