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Star-Filled ANTI-ABORTION Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The script for THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 is ready, the Hollywood cast is set, and the location selected. The only thing missing is the film’s budget and that's where crowdfunding comes into play. Kenneth Del Vecchio – an acclaimed filmmaker of 20+ movies that star several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, best-selling author, and former Judge – has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the film’s funding through ANTI-ABORTION supporters. THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 is the star-filled sequel to its highly provocative predecessor, The Life Zone The Life Zone, distributed through Screen Media Films and NBC/Universal, was a groundbreaking film – as the first Hollywood-cast movie to head-on send a PRO-LIFE message. It’s method in doing so attracted hundreds of thousands of media reports, blogger attacks, and even resulted in Del Vecchio’s life being threatened. What was all the controversy about? The Life Zone – starring Robert Loggia (Academy Award nominee; Scarface), Lindsey Haun (“True Blood”), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), Angela Little (American Pie Bandcamp), and Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles) – follows three women who have been kidnapped from abortion clinics and held for seven months, up until they all give birth. Cutting right down the middle of the hotly debated issue, The Life Zone examines the topic of abortion from both sides but, as The Los Angeles Times reports, The Life Zone is “a psychological thriller bringing an emphatically anti-abortion slant to the hot-button issue. “The Colbert Report” adds, “Just like all great horror films, Del Vecchio’s movie has a shocking twist.” And The Daily Beast headlined with “The Life Zone has caused an uproar”. THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 will pick up where the first film left off, with continued emphasis on life—and with enough twists and turns to keep audiences glued to their seats. Here’s what happens: Those who held the women have been arrested, admitting to their deeds. They have been brought to trial, and now the jury deliberates their fate. The kidnappers had video-taped the entire seven months that the women were held. In essence, during the trial the jurors had something presented to them that is so rare in the criminal justice system: they were able to watch the entire alleged crime as it unfolded…And what they ultimately learned – and will discuss in their deliberations – is that everyone involved in The Life Zone (even two of the supposed kidnapped women) were conspirators in the alleged offense…Only one woman had actually been kidnapped…All the others were caught and tried…But did they actually commit a crime by holding this one woman for seven months – and saving the baby’s life?... All jurors immediately vote guilty—except one…What ensues is a jury room battle, where the lone juror tries to convince the others that no crime has been committed. That life was preserved and that there would be no justice in convicting those who held her. It’s a daunting task because the others believe that the law is cut and dry. There was indeed a kidnapping…But is holding one against her will – in order to save another’s life - actually a crime? THE LIFE ZONE PART 2 examines this incredibly divisive issue…And, of course, there is a shocking twist ending. Both films have a singular critical goal: to help end abortion, the greatest evil facing the world today. The films’ writer/producer Kenneth Del Vecchio has stated, “We don’t believe that pro-choice individuals are evil; the vast majority are just misguided. People often equate legality with morality. When something is legal, people believe it is okay. But abortion is as wrong as it gets. Hollywood and filmmakers haven’t – at all – met their obligation to produce pro-life movies; in fact, there are close to zero who have embraced this side of the topic. I’m not afraid of the brush back from the masses in Hollywood who disagree with me or the fanatics.”

Insider's Kickstarter Book Project, "Fixing Fashion: Beyond Rana Plaza" Seeks Crowdfunding Support to Impact Apparel Industry Practices

The staggering loss of life which splashed across social media, television screens and print publications mere hours after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in Savar, Bangladesh in April 2013 shocked the world.

Horace Michael Seeks $16,000 in Crowdfunding via Kickstarter to Start the Hope Brings Peace World Tour in New York City

LogoHorace Michael and his wife Tania are everyday people who are passionate to bring relief and inspiration to people throughout the world who are challenged with dialysis, end stage renal disease, organ transplantation and anyone else who may need a lift though an invigorating concert and dramatization.

TheoryCenter Publishes Temporary Driving License Help for International Visitors to Holland

In the Netherlands, the theory exams for drivers’ licenses are getting harder and harder to pass. The latest figures suggest only 32% of candidates passing first time, and there is a strong suggestion that this is to drive up test fees. Often, questions asked in the tests are not in the books published to help people pass. Theory.Center (Theoriecursus) is a website that helps people get access to these hidden questions as well as standard questions, providing crash courses and pre-study online to help people pass their exams. The site is now even helping international drivers pass their applications for a temporary license.

BCNET Web Agency Now Offers Solutions for Website Design in Amsterdam for Versatile Clients

BCNET Web Agency is now offering eye-catching solutions for website design in Amsterdam for versatile clients. The company holds extreme expertise in creating aesthetic and compelling websites that are bound to hit the viewer’s mind. In this virtually competitive world, one needs a unique website to stand out of the crowd and by having website design solutions from BCNET Web Agency, one can surely beat the competition. Websites designed by them creates greater professional impact and attracts potential customers easily. The company has the best website designers of the industry who work innovatively, thereby creating a website for the clients which is advantageous to the business and enterprise.

Virtual Commerce: What the Markets Don't Tell You About Companies Behind Online Sales

LogoThe Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce recently announced that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2014 (adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes) was $75.0 billion. This marked an increase of 4.9% from the first quarter of 2014 and E-commerce sales in the second quarter of 2014 accounted for 6.4 percent of the overall total retail sales. Meanwhile, this number continues to grow quarter over quarter as the world relies more on digital media and virtual shopping as compared to traditional brick & mortar establishments.

UK Business Owners Are Making Thousands of Pounds from Their Sheds

The recent boom of boutique-style bed and breakfast establishments in the UK could be the cause of a rise in shed sales in 2014. To some people a shed is nothing more than a small building in the garden to house the lawnmower. However an increasing number of people are making extra income from their sheds, with some UK business owners utilising their garden buildings and boasting of earnings topping over £35,000 per year.

Environet Offers Complete and Safe Japanese Knotweed Solutions

With an aim to eradicate Japanese Knotweed from properties, Environet is now offering complete and safe Japanese knotweed solutions in commercial as well as residential properties. Japanese knotweed or Fallopia japonica is an invasive plant that grows up to 10 cm long and it is found during spring season. This aggressive plant causes immense damage to the buildings and properties. They make the structures crack or cause severe other damages. It is a serious problem which is faced by professional developers, contractors and even home owners and landlords.

NCS Now Offers Proactive Database Support Service

LogoNCS, now offers database support services in UK to help clients to speed up their business process.Database management is a lengthy and complex process and often it becomes difficult to manage databases for businesses. NCS offers safe and reliable database management outsourcing services to clients as they are partners of proven experts who deal with database support systems in a proactive and protective way.They give on going advice and guidance to their clients in order to ensure that the technology platform keeps pace with the changing business needs. With them, one will get the best return on their investment as they are excellent in functional enhancement, providing regular updates and preventative maintenance.

After UK, Madbid Gains Immense Attention in Major European Countries

Madbid auction web site was initially established in UK in the year 2012. Today, it has branched out to most of the European countries due to popular demand. According to recent reports, it has become one of the most influential online shopping sites. Its popularity lies in customers bidding for their favorite items.

Duette Window Blinds - "The Energy Saving" Blinds Releases Its Latest Campaign

LogoNot because Duette come out as the inventor and pioneer to use the honeycomb technology on blinds, does not necessarily mean that their products will came out boring, focusing too much on functionality and setting aside the aesthetics aspect. Duette blinds has this equilibrium on functionality and aesthetics, their products are environment friendly, modern and blend so well with the modern trends. Also, Home owners can experience peace and quiet and enjoy their quality time with their family even more for the unique structure of Duette blinds act as a sound-proofing layer that reduces the entry of exasperating noise by up to 45%. Another thing is that, Duette blinds are designed and tailored to be child-safe with unique SmartCord and Literise systems to ensure that the family’s toddlers are safe.

The Tattoo Removal Publishes New Guide to Latest Approaches in Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are now more popular than ever, and young people are rushing to customize and style their skin with artwork. The problem is that as with all things, tastes change over time, and what might have seemed a good idea becomes a limitation. This has led to a huge upswing in people undertaking tattoo removal services, but not all are created equal, and each has its own degree of risk. The Tattoo Removal is a site that specializes in educating individuals as to these concerns, and has published a new article on the laser approach to removing tattoos.

Spacio Now Offers Smart and Productive Office Fit Outs in Cambridge

Keeping with the title of most reliable company for Office fit out, Spacio now offers office fit outs in Cambridge at reasonable prices. The company holds expertise in delivering perfect office fit out solutions, no matter what type of office the clients have. Their unique and innovative idea turns the dullest place into a living example of flawless office,which has perfect space optimization and maximization which also improves the appearance. With them, one will get a smart office, which impresses employees as well as customers or other people visiting the office. One can appoint Spacio for their office fit out solution without hindering the ongoing work of the office as Spacio makes minimum interruption to the customers’ work and get on with their own work simultaneously without making any kind of nuisance for the customers.

Get Advanced and Effective Conservatory Ceiling and Roof Insulation Services Only with 2HOT2COLD LTD

Assisting people with the problem of a too hot and too cold conservatory, 2HOT2COLD is offering advanced and effective Conservatory Ceiling and Roof Insulation Services installing thermally insulated conservatory ceilings. Aside from temperature control, these ceilings have an elegant look and are innovatively developed to deliver maximum energy efficiency. In other words, 2HOT2COLD’s roof and ceiling solutions not only facilitate a pleasant ambience for the conservatory as per the weather, but also enhance the value of the client’s property and reduce their fuel costs.

Phoenix Now Offers Leadership Development Training Courses for Managers to Develop Better Managing Skills

With zeal to help clients to develop their management skills, Phoenix now offers leadership development training courses to help organizations to develop better managers. With Phoenix, one will get comprehensive management development training courses that are intended to achieve positive results. They understand that the responsibility of managers is just not to manage immediate tasks; rather managers have to play a bigger role.Keeping this in mind, Phoenix has developed leadership training courses that help managers to develop skills that are required for vision and purpose for a higher level of commitment within their team.

The South African Image Company Now Offers Stylists in Johannesburg for Complete Makeover

The South African Image Company now offers fashion stylist in Johannesburg for image makeover or as a consultant to individuals considering their individual lifestyle, personality, and budget. Their fashion stylist will make the individual more stylish, professional, and youthful. Their modern approach is suitable for all those who want to look best. They have state of the art fashion stylists who keep themselves abreast with the changing trends of the fashion world and are able to transform their ideas for an easy to wear look for their everyday clients. Their in-depth knowledge about the shopping, wardrobe, color, style and makeup make them the most sought after company of image makeover.

Toshiba Now Brings the Latest Series of Toshiba Television at UAE Prices

LogoAcquiring a cult status in the Electronic appliance market, Toshiba now brings the latest series of Toshiba Television at UAE prices to suit the varied needs of the customers. The company has some of the most advanced televisions like Smart TV series, LED TV and ULTA HD 4K TV. Their range of LED TV comes in three different series that is L3300 series, L2300 series, P 23000 series and P1300 series, and its smart TV comes as L4300 Series, PX200 Series, and VL20 Series. The smart series of Toshiba televisions blurs the sharp distinction between a TV set and that of a computer. It enables the users to have all the functions of computer to their TV. It can be directly connected to the internet and have large screens which enable viewers to watch superior quality image, whether it is a full movie or a short video on YouTube. Users can also browse, access social media sites, and play online games on this Smart TV.

Gorgeous Wedding Party Dresses Are Available at EhomeDress's One Stop Website

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, an international online store of wedding dresses and women's special occasion outfits, has launched a site-wide promotion for its gorgeous wedding party outfits. According to the CEO of the company, the current discount is from 35 to 75 percent off. The big sale will last until September 9.

EhomeDress Is a Good Place to Shop Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

LogoEhomeDress is one of the most popular wedding dress manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Recently, the company has released its fresh range of plus size mother of the bride dresses. There are over 500 items in the new collection and they come in various fashionable designs and colors.

Promotion of 2014 Short Wedding Dresses at Popular Online Shop EhomeDress

LogoLately, EhomeDress, a popular online supplier of wedding dresses and other special occasion dresses, has added over 100 items to its collection of 2014 short wedding dresses. In addition, the company has announced that all these brand new short gowns are available at discounted prices, up to 75% off.

EhomeDress Unveils Its New Pink Bridesmaid Dress Colllection

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, a well-known wedding dress manufacturer and supplier, has unveiled its new pink bridesmaid dress collection. In addition, the CEO of the company has stated that all these wonderful products are offered at discounted prices, up to 75% off. The current special offer will last until September 9.

Burke Decor Is Having an Outdoor Decor Labor Day Sale

Burke Décor is having an amazing Labor Day sale this weekend. Customers can save 25% off select outdoor decor on Burke Décor’s online retail store.

New Ruffled Prom Dresses Are Released by EhomeDress

LogoWith the coming of prom season, EhomeDress is ready to showcase its carefully made 2014 prom collection comprised of updated party looks in one of this season's hottest trends: ruffles. Furthermore, the company is now providing deep discounts (from 35 to 75 percent off) on every checkout of these brand new outfits.

EhomeDress Introduces Its 2014 Latest Designs of Wedding Dresses on Its Fashion Blog

LogoIt is not news that EhomeDress offers a wide range of wedding dresses at greatly discounted prices. Recently, the company has introduced its 2014 latest designs of wedding dresses on its fashion blog, and these new designs include simple square neckline, fresh jewel neck, lace wedding dresses and so forth.

Atom Apps Announces the Release of a New Platform

Atom Apps, a publisher of healthy lifestyle apps, is pleased to announce a complete platform overhaul, designed to improve their user experience. “We made a decision to overhaul our entire line of healthy living magazine apps, and we did this to give our loyal subscribers a more rewarding and functional viewing experience. The feedback we have received since making this change has been phenomenal, and it just further confirms that we made the right decision as a company,” states Mena Theodorou, owner of Atom Apps.

Bali Driver Guide Offers Cheap Driver Rate

Bali Driver Guide, a company that provides driver guides in the world-famous Indonesian island, offers an affordable Bali driver rate of IDR450 per day in line with the growing tourist arrivals in the island-province.

Full Frame Productions Creates Next Generation Approach to Change Face of Video Marketing

Video production has been helping businesses tell their story and importantly, sell their products and services for almost as long as video has existed. Today, with the proliferation of sites like YouTube and Facebook, it is widely recognised as a useful marketing tool in communicating ideas effectively. However, with more competition than ever, ideas must be communicated incisively and impactfully to get and keep the attention of potential clients and customers. Full Frame Productions is a video production company in Sydney Australia that has developed a unique blueprint optimized to attract the 21st century viewer.