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Bid on Energy LLC Introduces New Revolutionary Reverse Auction and Aggregation Bidding Platform

Bid on Energy LLC (, an innovator in energy brokering and consulting, has introduced a new reverse auction and aggregation platform for businesses large and small, that promises to substantially lower the rising cost of commercial electricity and natural gas.

Finotek Machinery Introducing Hydraulic Solenoid Valves for Different Hydraulic Systems & Machines

Electromechanically operated valves are used in a variety of machines. Solenoid Valves are an important component to be used in the fluid mechanics. China based Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Company is introducing their Hydraulic Solenoid Valves that can be used in various machines because of their improved designs. The valves are remarkable for their automation and improved manipulation characteristics, and can easily meet the requirements of the modern-day hydraulic systems.

Offshore Mobile App Development from IT Specialist Magneto

LogoIndian IT professionals work at pivotal roles at all major global companies. Heck, even the CEO of Microsoft is from India! The point is, professionals from India have been able to carve a distinct niche of high skills in the global IT industry. The country is perhaps the most important destination for handling diverse offshore IT projects in all categories. A client from Australia can easily appoint an offshore mobile app development service like Magneto. The IT specialist service based in Pune and Ahmedabad maintains an official Australian correspondence as well. Judging by client reviews and their impressive website, the company is definitely a good bet for the highest quality professional work.

Mind Commerce Assesses Market for Software Defined Radio in Latest Report

LogoMind Commerce sees SDR and Cognitive Radio providing a key role for telecommunications service providers and military operations going forward as the need to rely upon various radio links and frequencies increases.

What These Stylish Men Know That You Don't - Kelly Cole Collection and Vintage

LogoThe Kelly Cole store, located in the Los Angeles shopping destination known as District La Brea, has long been known to locals as the go to retailer for the effortless cool look. Celebrities and their stylists are also hip to this fact and have made it a frequent stop during their shopping rounds to curate their everyday, street-savvy look.

KBL Introduces a New Collection of Brazilian Hair Extensions Made of 100% Human Hair

Hair extensions are gradually picking up the demand in the market, because of the flexibility and convenience a woman enjoys to get a new hair makeover very quickly and appropriately. Hairstyle is an important component of one’s persona and this is the reason why women prefer to have a personalized hairstyle besides wearing stylish dresses. To help meet modern women’s hair styling needs, China based Guangzhou Kabeilu Trading Company or KBL introduces a new range of Brazilian Hair extensions.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for iPhone Whodunnit Murder Mystery Game

A new murder mystery iPhone game called Whodunnit has caused a great deal of excitement with crime and murder mystery fans. The people behind the game have now launched a crowdfunding campaign accompanied with awards. Their goal is to raise $5,000 by Jan 13, 2015 to make this project a reality and launch what some have said will be the best ever murder mystery game available on a smartphone.

Home Delivery Trends Increase in Omnichannel Fulfillment

LogoLocal delivery is a critical topic right now because it is no longer just a back-end process that happens after a sale is made. It is truly becoming a competitive differentiator that, if done well and correctly, drives sales and enhances customer loyalty. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in omnichannel fulfillment, where retailers are providing customers with a wide range of delivery options - including ship-from-store and same-day delivery - to win the sale, whether it happens online or at a store. Over the past couple of years Amazon, Google (Google Shopping Express), eBay (eBay Now), Walmart (Walmart To Go), and Nordstrom launched same-day delivery services;

Book a Wedding Package at the Vines Resort & Country Club and Enjoy Free Honeymoon at Bali

LogoThe Vines Resort and Country Club have announced a hard to resist offer, they’re offering a free Bali honeymoon to couples who book their summer wedding at the resort. The wedding coordinator at The Novotel Vines Resort can be contacted on (08) 9297 3000 or emailed at for complete information.

China Company Offering SiC & GaN Wafers for Researchers & Industry Manufacturers

Xiamen Powerway boasts of manufacturing semiconductor wafers with a revolutionary design and in various quality grades for the industries as well as researchers. The wafers are developed based on the SiC crystal growth technology and an improved SiC wafer processing technology. One can choose from 6H SiC and 4H SiC and from other quality grades for manufacturing SiC substrates to be used in a variety of devices.

No Risk Automation Leader John Hayes Referee in AGV Selection

Earlier in 2014 John Hayes launched No Risk Automation, an unbiased, vendor agnostic firm to assist those making automation decisions. Hayes, minus a whistle, black and white shirt, and cap, has quickly become the unbiased resource to help companies evaluate what AGV (automated guided vehicle) is most suitable for their operation. There are often different constituencies in large manufacturing plants and distribution centers who have a point of view as to which AGV solution is best. Hayes is neutral and listens to all the arguments and negotiates a best-practice, cost-effective solution with which everyone can accept.

Increasing Picking Labor Productivity Topic in November Picking Perfection News

LogoThe best material handling solutions move the unit to deliver all parts within an order. Parts are brought directly to an operator at an ergonomic work station. Pick-to-light technology, directs the operator to the exact pick location and displays pertinent order information such as the part number, part description, and quantity to pick. Eliminating the operator walking and searching for parts increases worker productivity. Integrated software allows for the part databases to be synchronized automatically. This includes part additions, deletions, and supersessions; reducing the time to process physical inventory from weeks to days.

United States Manufacturing Plants Destroyed by Rumor Mills

Rumors are like computer viruses, they spread like wildfire, and can spell the death of an otherwise great manufacturing company. Manufacturing productivity is affected by rumor mills. It is impossible to have a constructive and harmonious working environment when employees dislike and distrust each other, and workplace rumors can have a huge impact on the relationships between employees.

New Microfiber Stainless Steel Polishing Cloth Reaches Number One Rank for New Release on Amazon.Com

LogoPro Chef Kitchen Tools, a website that specializes in stainless steel kitchen organizers, reached a number one ranking for a new release on for their premium quality microfiber polishing cloths.  Their microfiber stainless steel polishing cloth is a highly effective solution for maintaining a polished sheen on kitchen appliances.

National Air Warehouse Is Proud to Offer Their Customers the Innovative EverSense Wifi Thermostat

LogoThe founders of National Air Warehouse, a top online provider of HVAC products, are pleased to announce that they have just added a new and industry-learning product to their website. The company now offers the EverSense Wifi Thermostat, which is designed to adapt to the occupants’ daily schedules so it can better manage the energy use of the homeowners.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Fall 2015 Weddings

LogoWhile most consider the spring and summer seasons as the perfect times to have weddings, the wedding planners at Northampton Valley Country Club know that any time of the year is ideal. In fact, they are eager to announce that they are now offering their services to help couples plan a fall 2015 wedding. Also, couples looking to tie the knot next fall at one of the most sought after Bucks County wedding venues should hurry as spots are filling quickly, and they don’t want couples to wait.

Sip Your Way to Good Health: Green Smoothies for Dummies by International Wellness Expert Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson, and Wiley Publishers, the firm behind the international bestselling Dummies book series, proudly announce the release of Green Smoothies for Dummies, conceived of to make getting healthy easier and tastier than ever for busy people in today’s cyber-speed world.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Announces Financial Strategic Planning Services

LogoDeveloping an event takes much time to organize and can be expensive depending on the details. It is wise to create a budget when planning a party so that the right event specifics can be selected and scheduled. Many businesses and organizations follow a budget for financial reasons, making the process of planning an event limited, which can be overwhelming. Customers can rely on the event planning experts at Kaleidoscope Solutions to conduct their social gathering under a financial plan of any amount.

Forecast Errors Often Due to Significant Shifts in Demand Patterns

LogoThe demand volatility has become a major focus area for supply chain managers at large process manufacturers. Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries. The newsletter explored forecast errors as the difference between the actual and predicted value. In the current November 24th issue, Forecast Errors examined the significant shifts in demand patterns due to forecast errors.

Cross Peak Products Expands Offerings to Include Latest Winter Dog Coats

LogoCross Peak Products is expanding its offerings of dog coats for the upcoming winter of 2014 – 2015 with the addition of several top brand dog product manufacturers, including Hurtta, Chilly Dogs, Kong, Puppia, and Pinkaholic. This expansion has allowed for Cross Peak Products to carry some of the best dog coats for winter available in the market.

New Online Job Classifieds Site Provides Job Listings for Those Throughout the UK

LogoSearching a job can be a herculean task because of the amount of competition that is prevalent in the market. One has to be sure that they are trying out all possible options such that they can spot the best job.

New Microfiber Polishing Cloth Climbs Toward Number One Rank on Amazon.Com

LogoPro Chef Kitchen Tools, a website that specializes in stainless steel kitchen organizers, is about to reach a number one ranking on for their premium quality microfiber polishing cloths.  Their microfiber polishing cloth is a highly effective solution for maintaining a polished sheen on stainless steel cookware and kitchen appliances.

Anchor Pest Control Leads the Industry with K9 Bed Bug Detection and a Lifetime "Bed Bug Free" Warranty

Anchor Pest Control of New Jersey has consistently embraced the very latest pest detection and control techniques available on the market today.

Star Chauffeurs Launches New Website for Their Recently Launched Nationwide Service

Popular transportation service provider Star Chauffeurs has recently expanded their service all over Australia. Since the inception of the company in 1982, they have been offering discreet, reliable and efficient service to their customers. In order to serve customers throughout Australia, Star Chauffeurs has now opened offices in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Cairns, Newcastle and Darwin. The company’s new national service website is also currently up and running.

New Bestseller Reveals How to Fling the Doors to Success Wide Open

“It is not what happens to you, it is what you do about it,” might as well have been written about Lynda Dyer, as it is the motto she lives by.

China Company Offers Perfect Quality Running Belts & Waist Belts for Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts

Runner, joggers and other sports enthusiasts require suitable sports apparels and accessories, in order to carry out their workouts or activities. China based Shenzhen Flya Sports Goods Company designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of sports goods that could prove very useful for the sports and fitness enthusiasts. All products are made of high quality materials using the latest technologies and are available at competitive prices.

E-Book Best Practice Recommendations for Food Manufacturers Allergen Control Programs

LogoTraceGains, a full service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution, co-produced an e-book for food manufacturers. One recommended best practice is for food manufacturers to prepare and implement a written food safety plan, which includes a hazard analysis, preventative controls (e.g., process controls, food allergen controls, sanitation controls, and recall plan), monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification activities, and recordkeeping.