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Alpine Armoring Achieves ARM 9009:2013 Quality Certification

Alpine Armoring, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company announced today it has achieved ARM 9009 Quality Certification ( The company, which designs and manufactures a large selection of high quality armored vehicles received a perfect A+ Quality Rating from G-PMC Registrars, LLC, qualifying the company for ARM 9009 certification. G-PMC is accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC), the leading independent accreditation board in the country.

We R Movers Expands Service Area to Include Moves to and from Illinois and Texas

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, and when moving out of state, that stress is redoubled, as a lifetime of memories, valuables and practical items are boxed up and left entrusted within a single vehicle which must endure the rigors of the road, the weather and more. We R Movers understands this stress and so go the extra mile to make people feel at ease, and has just expanded their service area to include Illinois and Texas, enabling even more customers to take advantage of their superior services and make moving feel easy and almost stress free.

Pluristem's PLX Cell Therapy for Muscle and Tendon Regeneration Will Revolutionize Sports Medicine

LogoWith football season underway, fan's thoughts run to player injury and how it keeps good athletes off the field with few options for recovery except the stale advice and medicine doctors offer. Rotator cuff damage is a good example. Surgery is invasive and has serious consequences. Rest and recovery takes months. Whether or not talent will be restored is always a question. Enter the questionable treatments: Regenexx, is a privately-held company pandering to sports superstars with promises of stem cell therapy that can’t be substantiated. However, there is an answer – Pluristem, a leader in cell therapy, will soon conduct Phase I clinical trials for rotator cuff muscle and tendon regeneration that could bring sports medicine, already a $21 billion industry growing faster than the US GNP, into a new era. Pluristem’s cell therapy has already shown efficacy in orthopedic medicine. In a successfully completed Phase I/II trial conducted at Germany’s Charite University in Berlin under the auspices of Germany’s Paul-Ehrlich Institut, the German equivalent of the FDA, Pluristem’s PLX cells showed a 500% improvement over placebo in healing gluteal muscle injury.

Parts Geek Extends Inventory of Fuel Injectors

LogoFor the convenience of their clientele, Parts Geek has extended its inventory of fuel injectors to over 12,500 products. No matter what kind of car an individual is driving, Parts Geek has created a platform that allows all drivers to find the part they need at an affordable price. Fuel injectors are extremely important to the operation of the engine as their function is to deliver the proper mixture of air and fuel into the engine.

WeedHire's Third Quarter 2014 Cannabis Jobs Report Shows Increasing Demand in Government Positions

LogoAnythingIT/WeedHire (OTCBB: ANYI) today announced the findings of WeedHire’s Third Quarter 2014 Cannabis Jobs Report, the industry authority on employment trends in the legal marijuana industry.

Financial Myth Busting Guest Wayne Allyn Root, Author of "the Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family from the Criminal Conspiracy of Century"

Nationally Syndicated Financial Myth Busting Radio Show with Host Dawn Bennett, CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, on October 12, 2014 interviewed Wayne Allyn Root, author of the book, "The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family From the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century.”

RJS Waste Management Now Offers Asbestos Surveys in London and Oxford

The inhalation of asbestos fibres leads to the development of four major diseases: mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and non malignant pleural disease. According to Health and Safety Executive, 2,291 individuals died from mesothelioma or cancer of the lining of the lungs in 2011. Approximately 2,000 additional individuals died from lung cancer related to asbestos inhalation during the same year, and 429 died from asbestosis with no mention of mesothelioma being involved. Individuals and businesses need to be concerned about these statistics and have fully qualified asbestos surveyors come out and check their property.

New Diet App Helps Blogger Shrink 5 Cm off Her Waist

#StellaShapeUp blogger Alice Dogruyol has undertaken the challenge to shed the excess weight while testing the new Watchfit app - an innovative solution, providing full diet and workout plans, created by experts. Reports Now Is the Time to Lease a Car as This Industry Is Growing

According to IBISWorld, the UK car rental and leasing market brings in £11 billion a year, and experts believe increased demand and economic acceleration will help to fuel growth in this market. Individuals looking to lease a car for private use find Lease Not Buy offers the best deals on all major car and commercial van brands. Lease Not Buy remains committed to finding the cheapest online lease deals for both private and business users in the country. Offers New Showers That Can Be Built to Completion in Just 15 Minutes

At the very least, a shower is a quick and convenient way to get clean. At its best however, a shower can be a luxurious experience in which the senses are occupied and the stresses of the day melt away, and people leave feeling refreshed and renewed. In this way it can be said there are showers and real showers. Steam and Shower UK one of the leading shower retailers offers the latter, and their latest range of Aqualusso showers offer a luxury experience right from the packaging, with the ability to be assembled painlessly and quickly in just fifteen minutes.

The Website Is Your Trusted Partner to Buy Facebook Poker Chips

Even though people love playing games online, it is the whole plethora of Facebook games that people play the most (since that is the website which is being used the most). As many people would know, the leaders of Facebook gaming are Zynga that have created a number of super hit Facebook games and one of their most popular ones is the Zynga poker chips games. However, like many popular games, it requires something for players to have in abundance while they are playing; poker chips but everyone knows that people run out of these poker chips very quickly. Thus, people look to buy cheap Facebook poker chips from external websites.

USB Company Shares Expert Advice About Smart Buying Tips for USB Memory Sticks

USB Company the leading provider of high-end USB promotional gifts and customized USB Sticks have shared on their blog a buyer’s guide for people who are looking to invest in a good quality USB memory stick. As the sellers of quality assured USB memory sticks for affordable prices, the USB Company has had multiple years of second to none service to their ever-expanding customer base and their experts have published an article on their website blog about the main points to keep in mind when purchasing a USB memory stick.

International Surrealism Now's Next Edition Will Be Hosted in the Historic Building of the 18Th Century Palacio Da Lousã Until Oct. 31, 2014

International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, who has dedicated himself to promoting the surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions worldwide.

Van Damme: The Absence of a Smile Is Hostile to Human Nature

An actor, director, producer and screenwriter knows how important a smile is in a career and life.

Vitality Dental Launches Redesigned Website

LogoVitality Dental, located in Pulborough, West Sussex, has announced the launch of its redesigned website. The homepage features an embedded enquiry form for visitors to contact the office directly. Latest news headlines and testimonials are also featured directly on the homepage, making the web site extremely convenient and versatile.

ETC Has Released a Promotional Video on YouTube

LogoETC International College is proud to announce the release of their promotional video on YouTube. The video provides students interested in attending the courses of the language school with all the information they need about the premises, facilities, accommodation options and the variety of courses offered by ETC.

New Go-To Resource Site for Men's Health Announces Launching

New website dedicated to providing latest topics and industry related news or tips with concentration on men's health successfully launches. It covers a wide array of topics from exercise to dating, sports, and mental health. It targets all age groups with a taste for authoritative and comprehensive knowledge to help men thrive a healthy lifestyle, wherever they maybe across the world.

Polish Company First in the World to Sell Shares for Bitcoins

LogoEquity crowdfunding is simply raising capital thanks to the online community. Unlike the reward-based crowdfunding, made popular by sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or RocketHub, in equity crowdfunding people who are involved in financing the company receive personal shares.

Online Sports Games - Challenging and Entertaining Experience

People everywhere around the world are playing various types of online games. Because of this such games are being designed by the portals. Each plots that is coming into the online world is able to create an interest among the enthusiasts as they keep on trying them. Although the kids are very interested in playing the sport games in computers, the young people are also taking up these games and the average age group has been pegged between 15-25 years.

Online Sport Games - An Ideal Way to Have Fun Online

Golf is a game which includes a ball and a club to sink the ball into a hole. While a lot of historians credit Scotland as the place where the modern game originated.

Countries of Africa Trivia Released to Public

Africa is a large continent with many countries and cultures. There is a lot to learn about its vast array of diversity. “Countries of Africa Trivia” is a new app that was released on October 11. The app is available on Android for free, and allows users to discover African countries and enjoy quizzes. Users will be able to discover fascinating countries of Africa, play quiz games and learn interesting facts, all while tracking progress and earning trophies.

One Can Have Fun with Astounding Online Sport Games

Tennis game helps one to work on the areas they are lagging behind. Practice makes a man perfect, why not go for the online tennis games and practice on the skills online. It's much more effective than going to the court and practice. It saves one’s time and helps them to perform other tasks of their life. Playing this game online is very easy. It starts with the serve, depending on the person who wins the toss. It does not have any umpire; computer keeps an account of the score.

Online Sport Games- New Source of Entertainment

Bowling is a social sport that is played in professional leagues where only the best get into, but it is also a very accessible sport if one is looking to take it up as a hobby! One can even find areas in their home towns, places where people go with their friends to have some fun by playing bowling games.

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees for Christmas 2014 Are Featured at

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular each year, partly because many of the top ones now look extremely authentic and look just as good, if not better than real Christmas trees.

HTML5 Digital Magazine Publishing Software Helps to Promote Holiday Sales

LogoWith Hallowmas right around the corner, more and more people will soon be enjoying everything from pumpkin-flavored recipes to costume ideas. Now, thanks to PUB HTML5, it is now easier than ever to produce, publish, and view interactive creative content on the internet, making this year’s Hallowmas celebration even more festive.

Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx) and Nagoya Commodity Exchange Foundation Launches Assist a Child to School Program Through a One Million USD Donation

Since its inception Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx) has been sponsoring children through their education. The Foundation identifies children who need assistance and develops educational plans for them, working together with each child’s guardians. Particular emphasis is placed on helping orphans who live with grandmothers or extended family, children with learning difficulties and children with disabilities.

Orient Dental Supplies a Wide Range of Orthodontic Products Globally

The demand for orthodontic products have increased over the years. However, reliable suppliers of these products haven’t increased in the same numbers. Established in 2010, Orient Dental Instrument Co. Ltd caters to the demand all over the world as orthodontic bracket supplier. These products are available in edgewise, roth and ceramic varieties. Apart from orthodontic bracket, other supplies include assembled band, molar plain orthodontic band, orthodontic buccal tube, ligature tie, and comprehensive dental orthodontic accessories. The dental product manufacturer also deals with wholesalers and distributors.