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LumoPack Is Live on Kickstarter

Lyte Systems (Lyte) just went live on Kickstarter for LumoPack: the fastest charging battery pack on the market. The official launch was at @5pm on May 19th, 2015.

Cosmo Cub Launches a New Jacksonville, Florida DJ Service and Website

Dance the night away with the help of Cosmo Cub, a new Jacksonville DJ service serving clients in and around Jacksonville. The DJs provide services for private parties, weddings and corporate events and make any event a momentous occasion. Wedding industry experts comment that hiring the right DJ is of great importance because he or she sets the tone for the entire affair.

Sage Catering Wins WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award for 2015

LogoSince 2010, Sage Catering has solidified their reputation as one of the best catering companies in Philadelphia by winning a Couples' or Brides' Choice Award each year. This year is no exception, and Sage Catering is proud to announce that they have won a Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award for 2015.

Great News from Author Mike Pettigrew: His New Book About Success and Happiness Through Gratitude Is Now Free with Bonus Four Part Video Training Course

LogoIrish author Mike Pettigrew's new book "Unlock Gratitude Now! Your 7 Keys to a Happier and More Successful Life" is available for free from May 22nd to May 26th and it now includes a special bonus. In this new book which is available for immediate download on Amazon Kindle Pettigrew provides a step by step framework on how to create success and happiness using fast and effective tools and techniques.

A New Tool to Create Video Presentation from Popular Document Formats

LogoIt's agreed a well thought out video presentation can be a game changer when it comes to either delivering a message or trying to convince an audience about the soundness of an idea or product. For a long time, putting together a video presentation could be a quite tedious project, requiring special software or skill. A new project Ofslides, is set to change that situation for the better. Recently Ofslides announced their new web based service that creates video presentations out of popular document formats, such as PPT, PPTX, KEY, and PDF, plus typed speech which is then given a voice and a remarkable delivery. Early users have responded with enthusiasm.

CloudThink.IO - Innovative & Self-Sustainable Bitcoin Investment Packages is a company founded in 2013 by a group of investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts which has been a privately held company since its inception.

Plastic Water Tank Specialist at CEREALS the Arable Event 2015

CEREALS the Arable Event is the UK's premier technical event for the UK arable industry. This year, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx returns to the show to demonstrate its ATV Sprayers, potable water tanks and rainwater tanks to budding attendees.

FreshMail Has Published Annual "CSS in Email Report" - 2015 Best Practices for Email Newsletter Coding

FreshMail, a leader in innovative email marketing, is excited to introduce the ultimate guide to CSS support for email newsletters. The annual analysis sums up everything developers and designers need to know to make sure newsletters display perfectly. Is the First 100% HTTPS SEO Tool, Following Google's 'HTTPS Everywhere' Initiative

LogoCloud-based SEO tool provider SEOprofiler offers the first full-featured SEO solution that is 100% HTTPS. Google is a big proponent of the "HTTPS everywhere" idea. Users of Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive automatically have an encrypted connection to Google. Is Offering a Free Remington 870 eBook for Law Enforcement and Military Members, a website dedicated to Remington 870 shotguns is offering a free eBook for law enforcement and military members. The eBook will provide essential information about 870 shotguns. Military members will learn to use their shotguns well.

Teeth Whitening Pro Launches New Online Resource Center for Italian Cosmetic Dentistry

Health dentistry is a practice that maintains the health and integrity of teeth for their practical uses. Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of perfecting the teeth according to aesthetic sensibilities. The latter has driven much of the innovation in the industry for many years, and continues to come up with new approaches to give people the perfect smile. Teeth Whitening Pro is a new website launched in Italian to offer the people of Italy the latest and best information on advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures, bringing a larger number of beautiful smiles to arguably the world's most aesthetic nation.

With Podemos in Effect, Hopefuls Wish to Overcome Corruption in Velez-Malaga and Andalucia

Ahead of the May 24, 2015, elections in the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain, hopefuls are looking for a champion against corruption that has plagued the area. While many political figures call for a fight against corruption or boldly deny any such incidents, locals of Velez Malaga and the entire Andalucia region are optimistic that the governmental and legal corruption that occurs in the area can be thwarted with a win for Podemos.

Tiopod Rocks Introduces Live Streaming of Any Programs on Their Website

LogoApart from playing requests for members, the website, now facilitates streaming of shows on their online radio. It is an innovative service that adds to the whole package and has garnered interest from music lovers across the globe. Since it has been promoted as a radio that is made by those who listen to their music, this is another way of bringing people together.

Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of the Millennial Generation

LogoHailed as one of the 'Top 100 Most Influential Digital Media Sites for Millennials' by the White House, Millennial Magazine aims to highlight the positive impact our youngest adult generation has on society and to inspire individuals to take action for a better world.

Intellect's "Remarkable Technology" Wins Big at Central Banking Awards

LogoIntellect Design Arena Limited, a Specialist in applying true Digital Technologies across Banking & Insurance, won the inaugural and exclusive "Technology Provider of The Year" Award, instituted by Central Banking at a formal ceremony held in London. In a competitive category assessed by a panel with former senior central bankers from around the world, Intellect's Quantum Central Banking Solution (QCBS), successfully deployed across a diverse range of central banks, stood out as a clear differentiator.

Truthy Ruthy Has Succeeded in Influencing Kids to Tell the Truth

Many parents report that the children's book 'Truthy Ruthy', has succeeded in influencing their kids to start telling the truth, thanks to a brilliant idea.

WinX DVD Ripper Enables Users to Rip DVD Movie to Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

LogoDigiarty Software, a well-known DVD video software contributor, has recently refreshed its DVD ripper – WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, aiming to make it available for ripping any DVDs to Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet playable file formats like MP4 and WebM. Using this DVD ripping software, users can play any DVD movies including newly released Disney DVDs like Into the Woods to Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet whenever and wherever.

Beston Amusement Equipment Offers a Variety of Amusement Rides

Children as well as people of all ages love to have a fun ride in parks, fairs and other places of amusement. Beston Amusement Ride Equipment Co., Ltd has brought out variety of amusing amusement rides to provide fun and enjoyment to people of all age. The company is mainly known for its variety of popular kids rides which have surplus demands in many parks, supermarkets, plazas and many more. It mainly consists of Shark Water Ride, Samba Ballon Ride, Frog Hopper Tower and many more. Other amusing rides of the firm includes ferris wheel. This product is quite popular among the kids and family. It is available in different heights and can easily bear the loads of numerous riders. For children, the firm has brought out variety of colourful kids ferris wheel to provide amusing experience of riding. The product mainly provides the exciting experience of moving high up from the ground with decent rotating speed. It consumes sufficient power volt for rotation and the central axel is tightly screwed.

Ya Cai Displsy Limited Introduces a New Series Retail Pallet Displays & POS Stands

With an endeavor to manufacturing sustainable, reusable and low-cost packaging and display stands, Ya Cai Displsy Limited brings easy and attractive solutions for marketers and advertisers to promote their brands. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, these products are made of cardboard that can easily be transported, can be assembled or disassembled and also stored safely for a long-term use.

VINSHAR Group Redefines Women Fashion with Their Wholesale Bandage Dress & Lover Lingerie

By offering elegantly designed women dresses and lingerie from time to time, VINSHAR International Group endeavors to influence the women's fashion globally. This time, they have brought wholesale bandage dresses and lover lingerie for women to showcase their new fashion. The dresses have been designed delicately and are available at wholesale prices for the worldwide women. Revolutionizes China Online Shopping Trends with Their Cost Saving Deals serves the purpose of an online platform where shoppers can find reliable manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of wholesale products. The website aims at bringing cost-saving deals for the consumer while Chinese wholesale product suppliers get business from the worldwide customers. Bridging the gap between the product suppliers and customers, the objective is to fuel the growth of the Chinese e-commerce industry.

HK Green Health Reveals How to Make Your Lips Plumper Using Their Electronic Volume Lip Device

Women who always desired for fuller and plumper lips to enhance their beauty can now learn the tricks of getting beautiful lips with the help of an especially designed device and special lip exercises. HK Green Health that specializes in the lip enhancement technology and tools brings a new electronic volume lip device. The device has been developed to increase the lip size for a woman to achieve an enhanced facial beauty.

Journalist Fleur Revell Launches Media Training Blog

Fleur Revell has more than 20 years' experience in journalism and public relations as an editor, TV presenter and reporter, TV producer, print reporter.

Local Innovation Hub Spawns Its First Investment

LogoMullumbimby entrepreneur Dr Paul Hannah has become the first member of StartInno's innovation program to attract an undisclosed investment from Gary Thomas, for his artificial intelligence business idea Ezimon. Mr Thomas was invited to participate as part of the judging panel in StartInno's pitching event Startup Academy Byron Bay hosted with SAE Creative Media Institute where he first saw the Ezimon product among the many pitching teams.

Sealalash Now Offering People a Way to Restore Classic Windows While Optimizing Fuel Economy

Classic windows give a building a historic feel, and let in plenty of light by using many small panes of glass. The argument for uPVC windows has often been that they improve the insulation of the home compared to drafty, worn out wooden sash windows. Careful restoration however, hybridized with the latest insulation approaches, can make them just as effective and trapping heat when done properly. Sealalash specialize in this sash window repair, and can help people keep their beautiful, classic windows while saving them money on energy bills at the same time.

Premier Pest Control Offers Termite Pest Control Services in Melbourne

Premier Pest Control, owned and managed by Maurice Hutchinson, is located in Melbourne, Australia. The company specializes in performing pest control services on various kinds of pests such as termite, rat and mice, fleas, bed bugs, ants, spiders, cockroaches and bees and wasps. Premier Pest Control is locally owned and provides services in customers around Melbourne area such as Essendon, Coburg, Brunswick, Albert Park, Hoppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale, Footscray, Sunshine, Werribee and Newport. They offer different options when it comes to pest management such as the latest method used in pest control or choosing options that are harmless to the environment through chemical-free methods.

Plumbing Contractor of the Year 2012 and 2013 for Two Years Running

Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair Receives 2013 Oklahoma City Award.