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Global Automotive Market Is Expected to Reach over $245 Billion by 2020

The automotive refinish coating market provides for coating of automotives. The global automotive market is expected to reach over $245 billion by 2020; therefore, the market for refinish coating can expect good revenue. The key driver for the market is increase in the number of vehicles in operation. It is expected that the number of car users in developing countries would reach around three to four billion in the next 30 years.

Concur Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNQR) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover by SAP SE

An investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Concur Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNQR), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Concur Technologies, Inc. by SAP SE for $129 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:CNQR stockholders.

Inversion Table Guide Reveals How Being in an Upside-Down Position Alleviates Back Pain

LogoThe skeletal system is composed of bones which are responsible in protecting various organs inside a human’s body. The bones of the pelvis and lower back are those which support the body’s weight, anchor and abdominal and hip muscle, and protect the most delicate vital organs of the vertebral and abdominal cavities.

TravelCare Mexico Offering a Range of Mexico Travel Discounts

LogoTravelCare Mexico is best known for providing a comprehensive range of real-time first responder services covering medical, legal and roadside problems for Mexico travel. In addition to these services however, TravelCare clients are automatically entitled to a huge range of discount coupons to use on their Mexico vacation. The discounts can be redeemed across the entire country, from Cancun to Oaxaca, at hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, pharmacies, beauty salons and many more.

The SEO Company Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Launches Halloween Special During October a low cost SEO company who are dedicated in helping small businesses improve their search engine ranking and increase traffic will be offering special pricing for customers throughout the month of October. The search engine optimization company will be offering a pricing package special at $299 per month. The affordable search engine optimization pricing will be vital to small businesses who need to build their customer base and improve their website traffic.

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto Represents International Clients Arrested in New Jersey

The Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto, eminent DUI law firm in New Jersey, proudly represents international clients who are arrested in New Jersey. This eminent New Jersey law firm has a most experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to defend international people who live in New Jersey, USA or abroad. Non-U.S. citizens including: green card holders, F-1, L, E, H1-B or any other visas, or even someone who is residing in the USA illegally, can jeopardize their present or potential immigration status upon conviction for a crime.

Ultriva Version 7.7 Improves Manufacturing Productivity

LogoUltriva, Inc., provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, recently announced software enhancements to the Ultriva version 7.7. Most of the new features were driven by customer requests. Ultriva promotes lean manufacturing and pioneer of End-to-End Pull (E2E). This new release adds features and enhancements that improve manufacturing productivity and profitability.

Ultriva Survey Identified Supply Chain Pain Points

LogoUltriva, Inc., provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, announced the results of a recent customer survey on supply chain pain points. Ultriva specifically addresses the most common pain points as a solution. One pain point is manual Kanban. Manual Kanban system does not work because it is not scalable and cards are frequently lost. Ultriva’s eKanban technology turns a manual card system into a powerful closed-loop Kanban delivering supplier collaboration, visibility into real-time order flows, as well as shipment and receipt information. Ultriva maintains the visual nature of Kanban while guaranteeing no lost or duplicate cards.

Rockville Dental Practice Serves in Catholic Charities Dental Services Event

LogoAll Smiles Dentistry in Rockville, Maryland recently put their expertise to charitable use by participating in Catholic Charities’ transformation of the Xfinity Centre in College Park into a dental clinic providing the underserved members of the community in need of dental treatments with free services unavailable elsewhere. Normally the University of Maryland’s basketball arena would host campus events or Terrapins games, but from September 5-7, it was decked out with a hundred dental chairs awaiting a crowd of thousands eager for the application of basic procedures like root canals, cavity fillings, tooth extractions and basic cleanings.

Award-Winning EZ-Roll Holder Launches on Indiegogo to Solve an Every Day Hassle for Crowdfunding Supporters

LogoWhoever said necessity was the mother of invention got it right. So says the inventor of the award-winning EZ-Roll Holder, a newly launched product on Indiegogo. Hoping to bring the product to a broader market via a crowdfunding campaign Ghazanfer Hussain, owner of Lokhandwala LLC, announces a new way to dispense paper towels while on the go. The universally useful gadget can be used indoors, outdoors, in businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants and scaffolds. Simply put, the EZ-Roll Holder simplifies life one well-torn towel at a time.

System Insights CTO Presented About Internet of Manufacturing Things at IMTS

System Insights announced dynamic programming at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at McCormick Place in Chicago last week. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, System Insights’ Chief Technology Officer, spoke about the Internet of Manufacturing Things. System Insights was recently profiled in Industrial Engineer magazine highlighting Internet of Manufacturing Things.

Next Level Strategy Launches Free Audit to Businesses Seeking Next Level Success

People often wonder what the difference is between Strategy and Tactics. Tactics are used in response to the competition, where Strategy is used to define success from within. Strategy is by far the most valuable tool for businesses to define their own success, and having experts who specialize in digital strategic marketing is the most important single attribute for success in the twenty first century for both online and offline businesses. Next Level Strategy, LLC is a specialist digital marketing agency that is generating success for clients turning over $100M a year, and is now offering a free audit to businesses of all sizes.

VeriShow's Live Mobile Touch Customers Interact Directly from Their Mobile Device Browser

LogoBusinesses, customers and internet users have all come to expect real-time, personalized help on websites. Now with the re-launch and updates of the VeriShow mobile app, expectations will be exceeded with VeriShow’s new multimedia platform. VeriShow is an easy-to-use collaborative platform for businesses and organizations that want to deliver a high-touch e-service or e-sales experience to their website and now mobile users.

Jiggley Jones and Ed Roman Featured on Fast Factory Records' Americana Retrofit Compilation

LogoLamon Records recording artist and award-winning singer / songwriter Jiggley Jones and MTS Records recording artist and award-nominated singer / songwriter Ed Roman will be featured in The Americana Retrofit, an upcoming series of alternative rock compilations from Factory Fast Records.

First-Time Author Identifies Five Happiness Muscles and Develops Exercise Program to Enhance Them

LogoIn a world where many measure their value by their bank balance, appearance and social standing, first-time author Will Jelbert asks, ‘Who’s minding the happiness store?’. Written to provide readers with 25 exercises that build what he calls the five happiness muscles, Jelbert celebrates the September 6th launch of his book “The Happiness Animal”.

Leggy Horse Photo Frame Kickstarter Crowdfunding Project Will Launch to Inspire Creativity on Sep. 23th

LogoInspiring creativity and memorable fun Leggy Horse Photo Frames will soon be launched to a ready marketplace on Kickstarter. The modular frame comes in either four or sixteen lightweight pieces and has the potential of more than 10,000 different configurations. But here’s the kicker, pardon the pun, the frames require no nails to mount. Creating stunning displays that are only limited to the imagination of the user the frames are quite literally “leggy”. They beautifully connect to each other yet sprawl across a wall, window or table to tell their story one photo at a time. Announces Consolidated Credit as Their Top-Rated Debt Consolidation Company

LogoConsolidated Credit has been named the top debt consolidation company by (BDC) based on the evaluation of 12 calculated criteria points.

Seeking the Help of a Tax Debt Attorney: A Must to Prevent Debts from Taking over One's Life

LogoWhen a taxpayer finds out that he is facing tax debt issues, he may instantly feel overwhelmed. Undergoing through these issues is very stressful, when the debts are piled and may seem like it’s impossible to pay. There are instances that a taxpayer loses all his assets just to pay the declared amount he owed, in worst cases, loses his sanity. One cannot simply escape his tax debt issues with the IRS. The IRS will do whatever it takes to get what they are owed.

AAA Public Adjusters Explains Why It's Necessary to Hire a Public Adjuster for Wind Damage

Hiring a public adjuster in Levittown, Bensalem, or surrounding areas in PA is a good idea if homeowners do not understand the symptoms of wind or hail damage. AAA Public Adjusters can explain the benefits of hiring a public adjuster if there are symptoms of wind or hail damage. In fact, homeowners should know that wind and hail damage caused by a non-hurricane event is covered under a home, condo, trailer, or business policy for property damage.

Office Coffee Service of NJ Promotes Higher Work Rate Productivity with Affordable Machines

It’s no secret that as work days become longer and more things need to be accomplished at one time, humans turn to coffee to help them stay alert and up to speed on the evolving world. For many, coffee is the only reason for waking up in the morning, while for some, having a coffee break at 2pm is the only way to make it through the rest of the day. No matter what the reason is for people to drink it, coffee is the one true unifier among working adults.

SPS Spindle Parts & Service, LLC Shares Expert Ball Screw Repair Advice for Customers

The ball screw provides unequaled performance and reliability when it comes to high-precision positioning for rotary-to-linear motion. However, performance is minimalized as the ball screw begins to fail. Whether a ball screw fails due to an accident resulting from electronic malfunctions, or poor maintenance, normal wear and tear is unavoidable. When customers need ball screw service, they can rely on SPS Spindle Parts & Service, LLC.

Village Catering Now Serving Lunch Menu This Fall

LogoVillage Catering is pleased to announce they’re offering a lunch menu this fall. This catering company doesn’t just provide catering; they also offer delicious food options for customers to grub on. Now Brings Versatile Christian Movies for Christian Fans

With a zeal to make people aware and yet provide entertaining elements about Christianity, now brings a huge variety of Christian movies at reasonable prices. is the one stop platform to buy Christian movies which range from Christian comedy movies to biographical Christian movies. The company aims to meet the need of Christian movies. With this company, one will also get Christian biographical movies which are intended to enrich Christian culture. One will find movies on all the famous and eminent characters of the Bible from Abraham to Apostle Paul, from the birth of Lord Christ to the death of Lord Christ. Their collection of movies truly acquaints one with Christian theology.

DIY Electronics Learning System Crushes Kickstarter Goal, Wows at NY Maker Faire

LogoTheir simple goal of making Arduino micro controller projects easier and more fun to do has become a startup whirlwind for ProtoPalette co-founders Karl Alexius and Will Pemble. "We wanted to build and create with Arduino. But, every time we got started, the confusing mess of parts and pieces stopped us in our tracks," stated Karl Alexius. "Then it hit me! An artists palette for creating electronics!" Adds More Reviews and Industries to Help Create Smarter Consumers (TBC) adds a variety of reviews and industries to help consumers make the best choice based on transparent and unbiased reviews. The new reviews added range from Residential Solar Panel Systems to Flower Delivery.

Coastal Technical Sales Inc. Announces Fiberglass Pipe Materials for Industrial Applications

LogoThere are numerous industries that require the use of pipes for transporting materials. Saving clients’ money with a lower overall cost, Coastal Technical Sales Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering fiberglass pipe materials for use in industrial applications. With a complete pipe fabrication shop, the engineers have an extensive range of capabilities that include designing, fitting, spooling, and welding. The industrial applications incorporate a variety of clients from the chemical, municipal, power plant, oil, or sewage, amongst many others.

Emergency Preparedness Companies Are Put to the Test with New Reviews

LogoThe most recent addition in (TBC) lineup of reviews is in regards to emergency preparedness companies. The TBC team has currently reviewed 12 companies, with hopes to review more soon.