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Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce Welcomes the Professionals Moving Specialists

Chicago’s top removals firm has announced they have recently joined the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce. The move is hoped to progress their business interests and help draw in new customers and clients. Over the last ten years, this company has seen immense success thanks to their dedication to customer satisfaction. Many of their clients come from word of mouth recommendations, and that should tell people something about the level of service offered. If one wants to know more about the Lincoln chamber of commerce, The Professionals page contains lots of information.

Local 3D Printer Partners with University Students to Make Projects Come to Life

Hian Technologies has just helped their first of what will be many students create a 3D printed project. The recent pairing with a London South Bank University student to produce an ergonomically designed kitchen knife is the next step in community innovation. The project was showcased at the SHAPE show alongside 40 other final projects.

Win-Win Announces New School Fundraising Client-Controlled Pricing for Spirit Wear

With continually shrinking budgets, school fundraising,, becomes essential, and Win-Win sportswear provides the benefit of no upfront costs when fundraising for schools. Specifically, they provide Win-Win Spirit Wear and Win-Win Sportswear to raise funds for schools.

Palmer Trinity School and Its Parent Education Committee Sponsor Cyberbullying and Safe Social Networking Q&A with Dr. Sameer Hinduja

LogoPalmer Trinity School (PTS) and the Palmer Trinity Parents Association's (PTPA) Parent Education Committee is sponsoring a Q&A session with Dr. Sameer Hinduja at its upcoming Parent-to-Parent Evening Coffee event on the subject "Cyberbullying and Safe Social Networking" on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the School's main dining room.

C & I Concrete and Masonry, Inc. Becomes USBA Member

LogoThe US Business Association today announced that C & I Concrete and Masonry, Inc., a leading, local masonry and landscape design company in the Long Island area, has become an accredited USBA Member.

Tracker Book LLC Releases Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log

LogoTracker Book LLC, a publisher of log books based in Cleveland, Ohio, has released Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log, a daily time log, goal setting tool, and productivity journal. The 100-page, 8.5” x 11” wire-o-bound book is an updated and enhanced version of its Project Tracker 2013-14 time log product, released in December 2012.

Dallas Property Management Firm Launches New Website to Serve Investors with Rental Properties in the DFW Metro Area

Residential Leasing & Management Corp is glad to announce the launch of its new website, a website which will be now be catering to investors with rental properties throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Boondoggles!: New Book Exposes Commonly-Accepted 'Deceptions' in Psychology; Proposing Game-Changing 'Predicate-Equating' Cognition

Millions of people sit opposite therapists the world over and dig into their past in an attempt to resolve what they believe is making them emotionally uncomfortable, when it’s not the past. It’s the unrecognized present! Having enjoyed a long career in Psychiatry, Dr. Shave is now going public with his latest book that not only disputes flawed concepts like “PTSD,” “Transference,” “Catharsis,” “Small Talk,” and many others, but, most importantly, introduces for the first time the concept of the “unconscious entity” that could change the thinking of Psychology forever.

Now You See It . . .: Spicy Romance & Magic Collide, in Clothes-Strippingly-Perfect Novel, Halloween Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting…

While Halloween is usually about the kids, award-winning author Teresa Roblin is finally giving adults something of their own to chew on. It’s not candy and doesn’t involve costumes; but does whisk readers off for a spellbinding adventure with plenty of spicy spells.

Achraf Baznani Will Publish His Second Surreal Photobook "Inside My Dreams"

Achraf Baznani happily announced today that he will publish his second photobook titled “Inside My Dreams”. He previously launched his first photobook he named “Through my Lens” and he is now showing the world the newest of his masterpieces which simply highlight his extraordinary skills as a photographer. His “Through My Lens” is the first surreal photobook in the Arab world.

EzPaycheck Accommodates Business Owners In Filing 941 3rd Quarter Form

Logo“Business owners beat the October 31 deadline for filing form 941 when using ezPaycheck payroll software.” explains Dr. Ge, President and Founder of

CollaborateMD Is Offering Pay-as-You-Go Services to Healthcare Practices This Winter

LogoCollaborateMD is an online medical billing software company specializing in helping medical practices and medical billing firms with the process of managing financial activities. Some of these activities include insurance and patient billing, claim management, and appointment scheduling. Instead of paying for software solutions in upfront payments, CollaborateMD offers “pay-as-you-go” services to ensure 110% customer satisfaction.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Announces Availability of Professional Designer Appointments This October

LogoRemodeling a bathroom can be a stressful process between working with existing plumbing and picking the right shade of granite to match the new tiles. To make this process easier, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers announces availability of professional designer appointments this October. A professional designer will make remodeling a pleasurable experience by doing all of the hard work like making the bathroom functional and efficient while the customer can focus on decorating their house for fall.

Contemporary Corvette Announces October Specials

Contemporary Corvette now has their October specials available on their website. Take advantage of free shipping on several items. Now order a 00-04 Corvette C5 Door Control Module for $89 with no shipping costs. This item is compatible with C5 model years 1997 – 2004. Just be sure to check that the part number matches the unit being replaced. This part is used in good condition and, as with all of the company’s used parts, it has been tested and confirmed to be in working order. Order the 00-04 Corvette C5 Door Control Module from the Contemporary Corvette website today.

No Risk Automation Magazine Explored Automation Differences on Plant Floor and Distribution Center

The October issue of No Risk Automation, a monthly e-news publication, explored the differences between automation at the distribution center (DC) versus manufacturing plant floor. Automation in manufacturing is accelerating, due to the sheer number of movements of product and the ease with which transportation can occur. Generally most product in manufacturing is transported on pallets or in bins.

Picking Perfection News Magazine Examined Changing Workforce Demographics in Material Handling

LogoThe current issue of Picking Perfection, examined the updated manual for material handling tables by The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. These data’s provide both the male and female population percentages capable of performing manual material handling tasks without over exertion, rather than maximum acceptable weights and forces. This manual material handling analysis tool can be used to perform ergonomic assessments of lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, and carrying tasks with the primary goal of supporting ergonomic design interventions.

Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offering Fall Cleanups

LogoMany think that since the leaves are falling and their lush gardens are disappearing that there is nothing left for them to do until spring. There are plenty of things that need to done before calling it quits for the year. With the right preparation, the garden will survive the winter ready to thrive come spring. In an effort to help gardens weather the winter better, Whitehouse Landscaping is now offering fall cleanups.

Singer Crowdfunds Album by Spoofing Trends

LogoJessica Pomerantz was watching Comedy Central one night, kicking back and kicking around different ideas. How she could finance her next EP? Studio time in NYC was through the roof. Producers didn’t come free. Suddenly, lightning struck. Instead of the usual straight-from-the-heart sincere crowdfunding video, just one more among the thousands already out there, she decided to shake things up using snarky satire.

Contingency Fee Business Litigation Services from LaGarde Law Firm Can Save Companies Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Upfront Attorney's Fees

Businesses entering into litigation can save thousands of dollars in upfront legal fees through LaGarde Law Firm’s business contingency fee litigation services, making lawsuits feasible for businesses of all sizes.

OnTray Media Prepares to Launch New Product That Redefines Advertising Services

LogoOnTray Media® has built their reputation and success largely through “outside of the box” thinking. For the past few years, OnTray Media® has been working on another breakthrough that is sure to redefine the way businesses advertise to their target audiences. OnTray Media® has now secured exclusive licensing agreements to this next generation advertising platform that will soon be available to advertisers and businesses. The company, best known for offering advertising on their high quality, environmentally friendly trays and beverage carriers, has earned spots at very high profile entertainment venues and sports centers nationwide.  Recently, the company announced they are close to the release of an innovative new product that redefines advertising solutions for businesses. Anticipation surrounding the news is high.

When a New Home Beckons, Local Movers Illinois Makes the Moving a Breeze

LogoWhether a client wishes to move into their new home a few blocks away from their current home or have found their beautiful abode in a completely different state in the US, Local Movers Illinois makes this movement from a client’s old home to the new one a pleasant experience. Local Movers Illinois is known for offering competent services to clients in the realm of packing and moving and at prices that will not make a client’s wallet sigh with grief. Now Offers Heating & Air Conditioning Services in CA, California’s leading heating repair company is pleased to announce the availability of its services to even more cities in the State of California.

Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. Setting Up Appointments for Cleaning Dryer Vents This Fall Season

LogoIt takes more than just cleaning the lint filter from inside the dryer after each and every use to maintain the safety of the house. When the dryer takes extra time to fully and effectively become dry, the vent system may be blocked, preventing the proper air flow. To get the dryer working as if it were brand new, Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. is announcing they are taking appointments for dryer vent cleaning in Bucks County this fall season.

New Developments LLC Helps Companies to Improve Alexa Rank

Most of the businesses resort to online marketing strategies to improve sales and profit. There are many ways to attract traffic to websites such as a high score with Google, high place in the Alexa ranking system and so forth.

Casa Grande Self-Storage - An Ideal Place to Store Vehicles

One can find adequate inputs related to different kind of storage use. One can search visit the search engines to know about the latest features these storages are offering. If one is fully satisfied with their features then they can select any of these from the internet itself or they can seek the help of expert also as these helps are very useful.

UndiesCo Now Offers Superlative Quality Calvin Klein Underwear in UK at Great Prices

Reflecting their position a leading provider of branded undergarments, is now offering Calvin Klein underwear in UK at great prices. The company stores some of the finest range of Calvin Klein underwear that depicts heightened style and fashion. The fit and comfort which their products can deliver is simply unmatched. offers both men and women undergarments in their online store. Along with the Calvin Klein Underwear in UK, they also offer other products such as Calvin Klein bottom and Calvin Klein T-shirt. In order to know more,customers can visit their online shopping portal and get details of the products along with the pricing details. In addition to this, the online store also offers Sloggi underwear that sets class apart in terms of beauty, elegance and price.

Prototype Casting Is Offering Influential Engineering Support by Using Laser Metal Sintering

LogoPrototype Casting is offering influential engineering support with the help of a Laser metal sintering process that involves creating parts with complex geometries. The company is well-known for providing its customers with state-of-the-art services by using the most advanced technology in constructing the part production process. One can avoid paying a lot of money for hard tooling required for simulating parts of die-cast. Requirements for high-quality casting can be met in quantities ranging from a minimum of 1 to 2,500 pieces yearly. Casting can also be used in high tolerance post machines. Hence, prototype casting is used for all vital purposes.