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Assistance League of Greater Portland Celebrates 50 Years

Five decades ago, a group of local civic minded women at a luncheon discussed ways to serve those in need in the community. Celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, over 180 dedicated member volunteers serve children and victims of violence at the Assistance League of Greater Portland today.

City National Corp (NYSE:CYN) Investor Alert: Takeover Faces Investigation over Fairness of Price

An investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of City National Corp (NYSE:CYN), was announced concerning whether the takeover of City National Corp. by Royal Bank of Canada for a value of $93.80 per share is unfair to NYSE:CYN stockholders.

High Cooking Temperature May Increase Risk for Inflammation-Related Diseases

Unhealthy food choices are believed to be one of the major causes of the development of a wide variety of diseases. New research now suggests that these diseases do not only develop by eating the wrong food items, but may also be caused by the way the food is prepared.

Jeff Ryback's Teacher Marine Has Won a Lifetime Achievement Award - Is It a Better Story Then American Sniper?

American Sniper vs. Teacher Marine is a news announcement comparing two award winning scripts for the upcoming Academy Awards 2015 ceremony.

Kansas Star Casino Opens First-in-Class Event Center, Completes $330 Million Master Plan

LogoKansas Star Casino officially opened the doors to its state-of-the-art event center today, completing the final step in the $330 million master plan of the property.

Roads to Redemption Gala a Huge Success

LogoBeit T'Shuvah graduate Jon Esformes was honored as a model of recovery for his inspiring transformation from addict to activist. "He went from pushing shopping carts to filling the shopping carts of others" is how Harriet Rossetto, CEO of Beit T'Shuvah, describes Jon Esformes' changed life. When she met him he was pushing a shopping cart filled with booze to feed his alcohol addiction. Jon was also suicidal and homeless. Experiencing the recovery program at Beit T'Shuvah inspired him to devote himself to his recovery, and then to reach out and help others.

Sunshine Biopharma Signs Agreement with Lonza to Manufacture Its Lead Anti-Cancer Compound, Adva-27a

LogoSunshine Biopharma Inc. (OTCQB: SBFM), a pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of various forms of cancer, announced today an agreement with Lonza, a leading development and manufacturing company, for the manufacture of its anti-cancer drug, Adva-27a. Lonza's expertise and experience in small molecule development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, was an ideal fit for Sunshine's Adva-27a. Lonza's manufacturing capacity ranges from gram quantities for process validation to kilogram amounts for clinical trials and ton quantities for commercialization. Manufacturing will begin at Lonza's Nansha, China facility with the remaining key steps to be conducted in Lonza's high containment cytotoxic facility in Visp, Switzerland.

Dangerous Drug Alert System and Testing Facilities to Prevent 'Superman' Pills' Killing Spree

LogoA call for dangerous-drug alert system is now encouraged as authorities have received several reports of drug overdose that reaped the lives of four men in the UK and will continue to take more if authorities fail to issue early warnings of the dangers of the pill circulating as an ecstasy and make drug-testing facilities widely available to prevent further damages and deaths.

Primal Gym Announces Thrive in Chaos Seminar This February

LogoTo enhance combative skills and receive additional training, Primal Gym is announcing their Thrive in Chaos Seminar set to take place this February. For $50, participants will receive a hands-on approach to find out which techniques work and which ones do not in various scenarios. There will be training in all kinds of fighting, and competitors will have their skills tested throughout the extent of the session. The seminar will last from 10 am until 3 pm as those who attend will learn the aspects of combat when faced with worst case scenarios, multiple opponents, or trouble-shooting.

N2O Comedy Troupe Announces Its Debut Performance at Donny's Skybox Theater

N2O, a new sketch-comedy troupe from Chicago, announces its debut performance, Passive Regressive, at Donny's Skybox Theater located at 1608 N. Wells St, 4th Floor, Chicago. Passive Regressive will run every Friday from February 6-27, 2015 at 10:30 p.m.

Primal Gym Announces Combatives Training in Johnston, Rhode Island This February

LogoIn collaboration with Force Necessary, Primal Gym is announcing their Combatives Training seminar on self-defense. The gyms owner and innovative combatives instructor, Jim McCann, has teamed up with Hock Hochheim to deliver this training class on February 7th and 8th in Johnston, Rhode Island. Follow this link to preregister and save $51 when signing up by February 1st. Individuals can pay $250 at the door or $150 for any one day.

Crea8 Productions Will Showcase Their Film Aquarium at the Slamdance Film Festival

Crea9 Productions and principals Benmio McCrea, Natasha McCrea and J.D. Phillips are pleased to announce that their movie "Aquarium" will be at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City Utah for the 21st annual event. The Festival competition for feature films have budgets less than one million dollars and are made by first-time directors.

DRIVE.NET Takes Auto Shows Digital, Social and Global

LogoIt can't be disputed, there's a special twinkle in a car aficionado's eye when they talk about their 'baby'. With endless automotive pride, car lovers, if given the chance, are all too happy to share knowledge about trips, tips and tricks they've learned. Tapping into that wellspring, a car social network named DRIVE.NET ups the auto ante and takes it to cyber-stardom with 1.5 million car profiles. An online auto show platform for the masses, the car social network proves no distance separates those who love all things automotive.

Alpha Rehab Center Launches New Addiction Treatment Program with a Non-Traditional Approach to Overcoming Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions are difficult to overcome because the so-called addictive personality is underpinned by physiological as well as personal factors. While physiological factors cannot be controlled or altered, personal factors can be with enough dedication and drive, yet many rehab centers put the focus externally, on God, on Triggers, culture or environment when the only decisions that matter are those of the individual. Alpha Rehab Center is a newly launched treatment center that focuses on treating people who suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, in a non-traditional way.

Breast Surgery Advice, Information & Choices Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Copeland

LogoBreast surgery continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, because breasts are a very important aspect of a woman's femininity and sadly, many women are unhappy with their breasts. They may think them too big, too small or too saggy, and wonder what can be done about it. Breast surgery procedures and techniques have developed over the last few years, resulting in a much greater range of options to choose from if a woman decides that surgery is what she wants. But, it is very important that they take enough time to understand those choices, and to discuss all of the issues and potential problems with their doctor. The choices and issues are discussed in detail this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks once again with board certified plastic surgeon Dr Michelle Copeland from her 5th Avenue, New York city practice.

Tres Sietes Sponsors Grand Opening of Wyland Nights at Las Brisas

LogoPremium tequila company, Tres Sietes, announces that it will be hosting the inaugural opening of Wyland Wednesdays on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. The event is set to take place at the iconic Las Brisas, located on 361 Cliff Drive, along Laguna Beach. There will be the raffling of Wyland bottles by Wyland himself.

YourITgroup Celebrates More Than 15 Years of Service with Service Expansion

LogoSouthern Florida's information technology company YourITgroup celebrates their 16th year in business by expanding their services into the cloud.

New Social Networking Site,, Announces Launch That Pays Back to the Community

Social Networking has been all the rage for almost a decade now and of course there's been the generic six hundred pound gorillas like FaceBook. Lately, there have been more and more social networking sites dedicated to specific niches. is one of the latest to come into this arena, with a new twist.

Triple Crown Leadership Partners with DomainProX to Cultivate Internet Presence

Triple Crown Leadership, a leadership training and organizational development partnership with clients worldwide, announced that it has partnered with DomainProX, a top Internet marketing agency based in Vail, Colorado. The partnership will focus on boosting the online visibility and reach of Triple Crown Leadership, thereby enhancing its network of connections.

ADHD Symptoms in Children, Teens Addressed by Family Therapy

LogoFamily Therapist, psychologist R. Y. Langham, M.M.F.T., Ph.D. shares her years of experience with readers on the Overcoming ADHD Without Medication blog, with this insightful article highlighting the value of family therapy for many children and teens with ADHD.

Ackroo Announces Private Placement Closing

LogoAckroo Inc. (TSX-V: AKR) ("the Company"), a loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, is pleased to announce that it has closed a private placement for gross proceeds of $1,254,624.75. The Company issued 8,364,165 units to subscribers at a price of $0.15 per unit. Each unit consists of one common share and one share purchase warrant, each whole warrant entitling the holder to acquire one additional common share of the Company at a price of $0.25 per share for a period of 12 months. All securities issued on closing of the Private Placement are subject to a four month and a day hold period. No finder's fees or commissions were paid in connection with closing of the Private Placement.

Fresno Chiropractor Offers New Technique for Relief of Chronic Headache Pain

LogoFresno, California chiropractor Dr. Thomas Potigian of Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center specializes in corrective chiropractic care that involves improving the wellness and overall health of the whole body. Dr. Potigian uses the latest techniques and technology to provide the utmost care for his patients, correcting subluxations, providing treatment for sleep apnea, allergies, fibromyalgia and much more. The team at Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center is committed to using chiropractic care principles to not only relieve pain, but improve health and wellness at a fundamental level. Part of this care includes the treatment of chronic headache and migraine pain suffered by millions of Americans.

H. Lebow Diamond Brokers Announces Sales Spike on Custom Engagement Ring Design for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching, and there is no better time of the year for declarations of love than February 14th. As such, many men are already looking into the possibility of buying an Engagement Ring. Those who truly love their woman for who she is understand that the thoughtfulness of a custom ring will truly express the uniqueness of their love, but finding a great ring designer and manufacturer with affordable pricing can be tough. H. Lebow Diamond Brokers has been in the business for 50 years, and now has a custom ring making service that can combine beautiful jewels with unique craftsmanship to design the perfect ring for Valentine's Day. Their custom design service is already seeing numerous orders from customers looking to make this Valentine's day extra special.

Whitebrow Marketing Launches New SEO Website Offering Vancouver SEO Services

Whitebrow Marketing is a new website dedicated to offering Vancouver SEO services. They have quickly become the leading Vancouver SEO expert, providing the services for businesses to gain more customers.

The Legendary Miss Sheila E Sits Down with Winifred Adams, to Share Her New Book, New Nightclub and Latest Album

LogoThe world's best female drummer/percussionist will talk about her recent inspirations, her healing and transformation from being a victim of abuse, and her children's organization, Elevate Hope. Sheila gives back with her 'ministry through music,' and is routinely uplifting and inspiring children and adults across the globe. Don't miss this special Radio interview on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel, Making Life Brighter!

Ultriva Fixed Lead Time Varying Lot Sizes Eliminates Common MRP Problems

LogoUltriva, the leader in collaborative supply chain solutions, presented a webinar about consumption-based replenishment. It is common to see orders fulfilled in multiple shipments. This is a serious issue on the supply side which forces similar behavior on the customer side. Ultriva manages lot sizes and ties lead time to those lot sizes. This eliminates the common MRP problem of fixed lead time but varying lot sizes.

Comeuppance: New Book of Short Stories of Student Life in the 60s Depicts Shifting Moods of the Country

While many remember (or don't remember!) the 1960s for its outward expression of peace, love and chance encounters with the unlikely, history now views this most fascinating decade as a turning point for America.