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The 'Coolest Clock' Lives Up to Its Name and Proves to Be the Latest Must-Have Device on Indiegogo

Muammer Derebasi, the founder of Vienna based 'à tout le Monde Studios', has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to bring their newest creation, the "Coolest Clock", to market. This campaign blasted past its funding goal within the first week, and has currently achieved over 500% of their goal. The Coolest Clock is a projection wall clock that displays far more than just the time.

Pro Auction of Bath Announces an Auction of the Entire Contents of Walton Cottage Hotel

Pro Auction of Bath announces an auction of the entire contents of Walton Cottage Hotel & Suites in Marlow Road, Maidenhead, West Berkshire SL6 7LT. The entire contents will go under the gavel over a two day auction and will encompass everything at the premises, from the 72 superbly appointed rooms and suites, all guest areas, including the bar, foyer areas, restaurant, full commercial kitchens, on site laundry and the gardens and open spaces on the 8th & 9th April 2015.

Weddy Is an Inspired New Way to Immortalize the Big Event

LogoFredrik and Yessica Thor, the brother and sister team behind 'Weddy", have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their inspired Weddy App. This campaign has a funding goal of $80,000, which needs to be raised by April 4th in order to bring this App to the rest of the world. Weddy is a photo app for weddings that allows the happy couple to create their own wedding album, and immortalize the wedding through everyone's eyes with help from the guests, wedding party, and the Weddy App. It has already been successfully released in Sweden, and the team now wants to launch the App globally. They state, "We as wedding photographers want to take wedding photography to a new level and offer the couple and their guests an option to traditional and pricey wedding photography. The camera feature of a smartphone is constantly developing and we want to turn that into something new, fun and memorable."

Quantum Materials Begins Shipping Cadmium-Free Red and Green Quantum Dots

LogoRapidly growing North American quantum dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp (QTMM) today announced it has begun shipping Cadmium-free red and green quantum dots in evaluation and production quantities to select leading consumer electronics manufacturers. The company has increased the uniformity and enhanced stability of its Cadmium-free nanomaterials as a result of bringing previously-reported automated capital equipment, facility and personnel investments online. Quantum Materials is at the forefront of Cadmium-free quantum dot development and recently announced increasing production capacity to 2000Kg of quantum dots and nanoparticles per annum in Q2 2015.

Famed Numismatist Sells Five Cases of Rare Wine Produced by His Winery at NVV Premiere Napa Valley Auction

LogoArrow&Branch, a respected winery owned by Rare Coin Wholesalers President Steve Contursi, recently sold five cases of its rare wine for $26,000 at the NVV Premiere Napa Valley Auction to the wholesale trade. Only five cases were produced with a cuvee made specifically for the auction.

Coach PJ Fleck Leads Impressive Turnaround for Western Michigan Football

LogoIn his two seasons as head coach of the Western Michigan University football program, Coach P.J. Fleck has made his mark on both the team and the Kalamazoo community.

Vorty Keyless Smartphone Home Access System Seeks Crowdfunding

LogoImagine if you could open all your doors, gates, and your garage just with a touch on any smartphone. Vorty is the world's first complete solution for using your smartphone to unlock all your home's entrances without using your home's automation hub or Wi-Fi.

The Inspired Clicker Is Being Introduced to the Public on Indiegogo

LogoMaxim Moore has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce his fun new device "The Clicker". This campaign has a funding goal of $17,000, which needs to be raised by March 21st in order to bring the device to market. The Clicker is a hand held device designed to help people release their stress, relax and focus their thoughts while they click and play. The creator states, "Clicker helps you to relax and concentrate on daily work. It is comfortable to hold and you will receive a pleasant feeling while using it."

Chimera Movie Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoChimera is a short film that explores the psychology of addiction.  It shows the intrinsic mechanism behind the cycles created by dependency.  Director and writer Luca Tobia Forcignanò Serri, in collaboration with a psychoanalyst, has researched the issues surrounding addiction and found that they appear more than diseases to affect the bonds of human connection.  According to Luca, "Addictions begin with our misaligned feelings and ultimately create the impossibility to establish connection with others."

OloRing Device Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Production Funds

LogoOloRing is the world's first device of its kind.  It stimulates the muscles in the pubo-coccygeous region of the body, enhancing sexual performance and experience for males.  This simple, compact device is easy to use and can maximize male performance in bed without the use of dangerous drugs.  OloRing can help men obtain and maintain erections for longer periods of time and experience more pleasure from sex.  Now, OloRing has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production of this device as well as its marketing and distribution.

John Lewis Products Added to PoundSeller

Popular and established online marketplace PoundSeller is proud to be featuring John Lewis products on its site, adding yet another major brand name for their customers.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces Housing Demand Is Up

LogoHousing demand is increasing in 2015 as all across America lower mortgage rates spur new home applications. Although people question whether home builders will be able to meet the high demand, Bill Beazley Homes remains positive about the future.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Offers Melbourne Apartment Accommodation at an Affordable Price

LogoBe it a short stay or an official tour, City Edge Apartment hotels now offers Melbourne apartment accommodation at an affordable price. They offer quality accommodations to informed travelers. For people who are visiting the city for the purpose of leisure, this hotel is the perfect place. Melbourne, being one of the most livable cities in the world, has large numbers of visitors. Thus, the hotel provides every necessary facility to make their stay comfortable. These Melbourne serviced apartments are featured with CCTV security, configuration of flexible beddings, Wi-Fi, facilities of self-catering and laundry, and one, two and studio bedroom apartments are available to guests.

Customers Can Now Get Free Shelf Kit with Selected Duramax Storage Sheds Offered by Storage Sheds Outlet

LogoPreserving their prominent position as one of the top providers of high quality storage sheds; Storage Shed Outlet is now offering a free 12" X 34" shelf kit with various selected Duramax Sheds. Besides this, the company is also offering their customers a wide range of Duramax Sheds at the most discounted prices. The wide range that they are offering includes Duramax Duramate 8x8 Vinyl Storage Shed, Duramax Duramate 8x5.5 Vinyl Storage Shed, Duramax Yardmate 5x3 Vinyl Storage Shed, Duramax Yardmate 5x5 Vinyl Storage Shed Kit and much more. Moreover, all of the Duramax storage sheds that they are providing are designed perfectly, and will assist their customers in optimizing their storage space requirements.

Favour Fairy Now Offering Party Bag Fillers at the Reduced Costs

Retaining their position as one of the most prominent providers of party bags, and party bag fillers, Favour Fairy are now offering their customers with a sale that has been organised on their website. Favour Fairy are offering for a limited period of time, 10% off on Party Bags untill 31st of March, 2015. Customers can order pre-filled party bags and boxes that include party bags, kids, wedding and party activity packs, fairy pre-filled bags, pirate pre-filled bags, princess pre-filled bags, Pink Sweetie Cones, Readymade favours and much much more.

The Engine Guard Protector Is Being Unveiled on Indiegogo

LogoDr. Jaime Gordon has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce his 'Engine Guard Protector' to the world. This campaign has a funding goal of $200,000, which needs to be raised by April 3rd in order to bring this ground-breaking invention to market. "Its function is to continuously monitor and protect internal combustion engines which are cooled by a fluid coolant." This means that a driver will get a warning notification long before a mechanical problem or potential disaster actually occurs.

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Makes Compelling Case for Goods to Robot Picking at ProMat

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz utilizes goods-to-robot picking with a focus on automating e-commerce fulfillment centers. The company is making its North American debut at ProMat 2015 (booth #5521) in Chicago, IL in late March. According to Anuj Kapuria, Director & CEO, "For the last few years goods to person solutions for e-commerce omni-channel fulfillment have grown dramatically. While robotic picking and packing technology has been around for a decade the recent dimensional technology advancements have been extraordinary," and why the Indian-based firm is now bringing their solution to the North American market.

Success Route Launches New Canadian Start-Up Visa Program Services

Success Route, one of the top Immigration consultants in delhi and a leading international education adviser, announced the availability of new services aimed at those looking to make use of Canada's start-up visa program. The new Canadian visa system is directed at enticing entrepreneurs from around the world to establish innovative, economically significant companies in Canada, and Success Route is well positioned to assist those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. With deep levels of experience helping clients arrange for visas and find and pursue educational opportunities abroad, Success Route possesses a number of certifications and endorsements that speak to the company's effectiveness and diligence.

Innovative Online Distribution of Guitars and Bass Now Available

Those who are interested in buying guitars and more particularly a Martin guitar, now have an exciting news. The Great Guitar Shop distributes guitars and bass online. They point out that the company was founded in 1992 and they have now grown to become one of the largest distributors of guitars and bass in China.

Free AirPlay Streaming Video Music from iPhone iPad to Apple TV/Mac/PC Is Easier Than Ever

DearMob, Inc., an excellent mobile software provider, announces that its free well-received media player 5KPlayer adds support for AirPlay. With this feature, users can free stream video clips, full-length movies, music and songs from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac/Apple TV without cables under the same Wi-Fi environment.

Choose from the Latest Accessories for GoPro at HiGoPro

When it comes to seeking outdoor adventure thrills and capture the most exotic locales and serene surroundings, having the right equipment is paramount to ensuring wonderful memories are made. GoPro has been the 'go to' brand for high end personal cameras, self timers, pet accessories and so on. Accessories for GoPro have been highly rated for their quality, their durability and ease of use. Now, the same benefits are being passed on to adventure lovers and other customers by HiGoPro, a leading manufacturer and supplier of accessories for GoPro in China.

Home Decor Start Up Launches New Spring Collections

UK design firm,Amel Designs Ltd., have just released their new, spring collections of dining and bathroom accessories. The new collections feature this year's most fashionable colours, including Marsala, in a range of playful and stylish patterns and colour combinations.

Kickstarter Project Launched to Bring Phenomenal Horse Festival to Montana

LogoSet to bring a three-day expo to Billings, organizers of the Montana Festival of the Horse (MFH) have launched a Kickstarter campaign. With an "education first" perspective the inaugural event will bring knowledge, entertainment and camaraderie to equine lovers. Designed to appreciate and celebrate the horse by way of exhibits, clinics and dynamic shows, tickets are now in pre-sale on Kickstarter.

Charleston Plastic Surgeon Featured in Article on Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Dr. David Rodwell, of Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC, is featured in an article for Women's Health Magazine and also The article is focused on the rise in popularity of non-surgical nose jobs and Dr. Rodwell is quoted as an expert in the field. The article was written by Shannon Farrell and appeared online on Jan. 19, 2015. Dr. Rodwell was chosen to be featured in the article because he is known as a leader and expert in the field of plastic surgery and because he believes in providing the latest accurate information to the public.

San Francisco Serenity MedSpa Announces It Moved to a New Location

Serenity MedSpa is thrilled to announce its new location and eco friendly approach as a business. Serenity MedSpa is San Francisco's premier medical spa for superior facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and body rejuvenation treatments.

California Wildlife Center's 40,000th Rescue Marks an Important First

LogoThe recent arrival of a sea lion pup at California Wildlife Center (CWC) marked two important milestones for the organization. Not only is it the Malibu-based CWC's 40,000th animal rescue, but also one of the first sea lions (along with 19 others rescued since then) to be rehabilitated at the Center's own facilities. Previously, sea lion rescues were transported to a facility in San Pedro, Calif.

Virginia Embroidery and Screen Printing Company Announce Upcoming Hat and Tee Shirt March Specials

LogoSpring leagues are coming into full force and All Star Sports is offering some nice specials for March. Starting with an embroidered hat which normally sells for $14.00 is now $8.00. A screened and numbered tee shirt is only $12.00. Also a 2 button cotton, screened and number shirt is only $18.00. Visit this link for more details.