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Champion Racing Oil Team Wins 2015 Great Race

The team, which ran Champion Racing Oil in their race-car, got the overall win for the second time in their racing career, and also won the 2015 Champion Motor Oil Top Performer Trophy. In all, their prizes include trophies, $50,000 dollars in cash, an all expense paid trip to a Professional Japanese Road Rally, and a garage full of Champion Motor Oil.

E Fitness Hub Introduces More Advertising Space to Its Popular Platform

For an affordable price, businesses can enjoy considerable exposure through ads strategically placed in the most viewed areas of This new service is being launched at a time when the network is expanding rapidly, giving adventurers prime opportunities to tap into the benefits of this growth.

Laser Eye Surgery Glasgow Offers Free Eye Examination

Laser Eye Surgery Glasgow is an online service provider that matches clients to a suitable Laser Eye Surgery Provider near the customer's area. The service works in a direct manner that is convenient to the customer. The website serves as modern Yellow Pages dedicated to laser eye surgery businesses except all the partners are vetted and screened to ensure that customers get their money's worth by receiving a reliable and safe service. The clients will need to contact the website via the Contact Us page, send a form and wait for a representative to reply in order to be connected to the right laser eye surgery partner near you.

Inversion Table Life Announce Official Website Launch

Inversion Table Life is a newly launched website that has been created for the especial purpose of educating people about the best inversion table available in the market through comprehensive and in depth reviews. The website will be featuring real user unbiased reviews of a wide variety of inversion tables so that their readers don't have to spend time, money and effort trying out brands for themselves and can make informed decisions at the time of purchase.

LG G4 Cases Is a New Website That Provides the Scoop on the Best in Smart Phone Cases

The new website, provides a comprehensive view of all Lg G4 cases, covers and accessories from the top brands in the business, reviewing products from such companies as Otterbox, Spigen, LifeBox, Case-Mate and many more. The website is organized by categories and types that can be accessed through the various tabs on the homepage for easier navigation. Categories of products that are reviewed include: Wallet cases, TPU cases and Screen protectors. For those wanting a quick view, the home page automatically lists the top 10 LG G4 Cases on the market with regular updates to keep up with the evolution of this competitive market. The website promises to be completely unbiased and provide honest and real reviews of the cases presented which is why they work with no particular sponsor or organization.

Environet Offers Complete Eradication of Japanese Knotweed to Protect UK Properties

Japanese knotweed is a plant that can cause significant structural damage to properties if left to grow. It is often highly underestimated by homeowners who don't take immediate action and are left with the consequences. The ornamental plant can grow up to 2.1m meters tall in just a few weeks, leaving a very small time period within which to deal with it. On average, it is estimated that Japanese knotweed treatment and property devaluations add up to a staggering £166 million per year in the UK.

Bleu Bridal Gowns Now Offers a Range of Bridal Dresses at Competitive Rates

LogoFinding the perfect wedding dress can be a time taking and exciting task. To assist individuals in getting their desired bridal dress for their wedding day, Bleu Bridal Gowns is now offering a range of bridal dresses at competitive rates. Being a reputed wedding dress shop in Hampshire, the wide collection of beautiful bridal dresses that the company provides include Rio, Monaco, Manhattan, Venice, Broadway, Hollywood and many others. The variety of bridal dresses offered by the company come in different designs and manufactured using materials like Mikado, Lace, Tulle, and Soft Satin, etc…

Increase the Value of Home with Plantation Shutters Offered by Cherry Tree Shutters

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right window treatment for a home and top of the list is Plantation Shutters. These contemporary and versatile shutters can be installed into any shape or size window in a dwelling, adding a touch of sophistication and class to any room as well as helping to increase the resale value of a property. Plantation Shutters specialist in Portsmouth, Cherry Tree Shutters, offers a vast selection of choice when it comes to finding the perfect solution for windows, be it a regular rectangular space, a more obscure Bay window or an unusually shaped triangular area.

Spend Time as a Family with Great Camping Packages Offered by We Are Tents

LogoCamping is an adventurous experience for travellers who love to explore various beautiful and breathtaking destinations. To have a great camping vacation, it is essential to have right equipment and supplies needed for camping. To provide individuals with great camping packages, We are Tents is now offering a Trio - 3 Man Standard Camping Package at reduced prices. Individuals looking to spend their vacation with family or friends can purchase this camping package through the company's official online store,

Take a Peek Behind the Curtain to Meet the Entrepreneur That's Trying to Brighten Up Smiles Around the World and Turn the Tired Old Toothbrush Design on Its Ear

LogoYear after year consumers expect- if not demand – ever-increasing improvements to the cars they drive, the smartphones they use and even the TV shows they watch. Ryan Doanghy and his team asked themselves a very understandable question about improvements to the electric toothbrush; where's electric toothbrush 2.0?

Parts Geek Prepares for Summer Driving by Expanding Inventory of AC Hoses

LogoAs the weather is becoming hot and humid, drivers look to crank the air conditioner as soon as they start their car. When the AC in the car isn't working properly, drivers are uncomfortable during their commute. There are various components in the system, and when the AC hose is the cause of poor air flow, Parts Geek is proud to announce that they have expanded their inventory of AC hoses in preparation for summer. With the new products, customers are presented with over 7,600 AC hoses to choose from.

E Instruments Announces Their F900 Forklift and Small Engine Exhaust Analyzer Is Now Available

LogoE Instruments is pleased to announce the arrival of one of their newest products, their F900 Forklift & Small Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzer. In general, emissions analyzers are useful for those who perform safety checks, auto repairs, and inspections. Therefore, those who are trying to find a product that does all of that and more will find that E Instruments' F900 model will prove ideal.

Prima Fashion Poland Extends Range to Introduce Trendy ASOS Looks for Summer

Poland is a country with a strengthening economy and one of the most committed work ethics in Europe. As a rapidly developing nation, demand for the latest goods is outstripping supply, and they must import some of the hottest trends and items from abroad. Prima Fashion Poland is an online store dedicated to bringing Britain's hottest fashions to Poland at affordable prices. As summer enters full swing, they have expanded their online catalogue to include all items from the popular UK ASOS marketplace, at amazing prices.

Shimply Releases Monsoon Fashion Collections, a popular online destination for authentic Indian products, has launched Monsoon collection of ethnic products. Shimply's goal is to enable millions of users across India to think beyond raincoats and umbrellas during this monsoon and visualize the utility of traditional apparels built by artisans of India in creative ways. India – a country of many seasons requires users to wear different type of clothing every season and Shimply's seller and artisan community is enabling users to explore Indian made apparels in an improved online shopping experience.

Allstate Debt Consolidation Shares Tips for Using when Trying to Maintain a Budget

LogoOne of the biggest obstacles people face when they are in debt is learning how to control their buying habits. It's hard for them to even create a budget. That's where a service like can help. Mint is an app that helps individuals know exactly where their money is going and how they can better handle incoming and outgoing cash flow.

Alligator Attacks Horse in Pastureland Near Tampa-St. Petersburg

Equine sustaining bite to leg is latest among growing number of gator-linked incidents in Florida.

Solar Energy for Rural Communities in Nigeria

LogoIn June 2015, Touch of Light, a non-profit organization in Nigeria took the giant step to launch an Indiegogo campaign to help develop the rural communities in Nigeria. The company is providing Solar Electricity a safe and clean alternative energy that helps to reduce the over dependence of the poor people in the rural areas on kerosene and gas. This will go a long way to reduce poverty and eradicate diseases among rural dwellers in Nigeria, the giant of Africa. Offers a New Range of Affordable Hampton Bay Lighting and Ceiling Fans has recently announced the launch of a range of amazing Hampton bay products like ceiling fan, light bulb and many more at affordable prices. is a popular web blog which is renowned for providing a comprehensive discussion on fixing just about any style of light and fans for a gorgeous interior décor. The blogs provided on this website will help one to beautify their home in the best possible way.

Alfa One Corp to Open a Satellite Office in Beijing to Handle Surging Demand

LogoFaced with ever increasing demand from its corporate clients for M&A/Corporate restructuring services, in particular from those looking to enter the Chinese market, Tokyo based financial services provider 'Alfa One Corp' has announced its intentions to open a satellite office in the Chinese city of Beijing. The new office will be the first time that the Japanese company has opened offices outside of its home company and shows just how significant the dramatic upturn in demand for M&A services has become this year.

MIQI Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd Is a Specialised Manufacturer and Supplier of Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have a great demand to commemorate events like marriage, dating, musical concerts, get together, office parties, games, tournaments and many more. Besides, people like to present these items as a replica of football stars and other celebrities to bring smile on the face of their children. In this regard MIQI Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd has brought out variety of bobbleheads in the market. Consumers have the option of visiting the official website of the company to see the entire collection of its products. The site provides safe and secure online shopping facilities to the users. Users can shop through this site on clicking on the respective category of bobbleheads which can be seen in the left side of its homepage. Besides, consumers have the option of forwarding orders for designing the bobbleheads of their choice. They need to fill up some specific information provided in the site and then forward it to the company.

Dearmob Has an iMac 8K Player That Can Make Almost Everything Watchable

LogoDearMob team steps forward in the competition by leveraging the greatest strength of its player for iMac 8K to attract attentions –announcing "We are all ready for the next res revolution!"

Annabel's Balloon Art Now Available for Various Events

School is back in session in Angeles City, Philippines, and as individuals start making their calendar of events for the up and coming months, entertainment for children and adults alike is considered as necessary for any celebration. Helps Customers from Around the Globe to Buy Chinese Goods from the Most Popular Chinese Stores is a taobao english website, established to provide customers with the support, they need to buy items from Paipai, Taobao, and other popular Chinese stores. Their goal is to help people save a lot of money on quality Chinese products. Any type of merchandise is offered at this site to meet all the clients' needs.

New York Local Parcel and Shipping Company Launches New Post Office

After the post office shut its doors in 2011, the area surrounding Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx was without local mail and parcel drop-off. Residents had to travel for miles to get stamps and mail, or to send packages. To alleviate this, The Business Emporium was opened on August 26, 2013, to provide a much-needed service.

Rubber Plaster Molding (RPM), Also Known as Plaster Mold Casting, Offers a Substitute to Sand Casting, Prototype Die Casting and Investment Casting for Short Run Product

LogoRubber Plaster Molding (RPM), also known as plaster mold casting, offers a substitute to sand casting, prototype die casting and investment casting. For short run productions of zinc and aluminum parts, customers can take advantage of the services of RPM Casting from Prototype Casting. With the use of various techniques such as SLA's wax patterns, hard tooling or customer supplied patterns; the company creates silicone master tools for different parts. This silicone tooling can be further utilized for preparing multiple plaster molds. With the high-durability of this tooling, hundreds of parts can be manufactured without any degradation. Hot metal is poured into the plaster mold soon after it is heated and cured. This helps fill in the thin walls and achieve the geometrical shape far better than from a sand molding.

Get Art Transportation Services with Experienced Handlers from RW Holdart

LogoMoving rare and antique objects like fine arts and ancient paintings, demands professionals with exceptional knowledge and experience in this field. It is a challenging task that needs to be handled proficiently, to avoid hundreds of dollars from getting wasted. To assist customers in safely moving their antique items, RW Holdart, reputed art movers in Los Angeles is providing local transportation services to locations around Los Angeles, in South California. Individuals seeking reliable solutions for effectively moving into any location in California can rely on the company's experts for providing the industry's best art transport services.

Bill Bastian Sr. Celebrates 60 Years with Bastian Solutions

Modern Materials Handling news reported Bill Bastian Sr. Celebrating 60 years with Bastian Solutions. Nowadays, it is rare to find an individual who has devoted 60 years of service to one company, and done so with as much passion, kindness and honesty as Bill Bastian Sr., previous owner and president of Bastian Solutions.