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Mobile Minds Tutoring Aims to Decrease Achievement Gap and Partners with Marathon Scholars for SAT Prep

Mobile Minds Tutoring, dedicated to teaching students how to be lifelong learners, partners with Marathon Scholars to offer free SAT prep in Portland, Oregon.

Los Angeles Production Team Launches Indiegogo for Cuban Spy Film

In Los Angeles, a man seeks to clear his name. Charged with counterfeiting, this man, who has adopted the United States as his country must now prove he was working with U.S. intelligence at the time. Due to the sensitive nature of the evidence, the records are sealed and as he makes attempts to have them declassified to clear his name, the agencies who were embarrassed by the case seek to hide what happened and who made it happen even more. Based on the true life events in the life of Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol, The Zipper I: Conception of Conspiracy is a film four decades in the making and now a talented production team has come together and launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding to take the film into production and beyond.

Experienced Litigator Fred S. Papalardo, Jr. Joins Plevin & Gallucci Company, L.P.A

LogoFred S. Papalardo, Jr., a highly regarded attorney with national experience in handling catastrophic accident and injury claims involving commercial trucking companies and other commercial vehicle operators, has joined Plevin & Gallucci Company, L.P.A., one of the top plaintiffs law firms in Ohio.

Uri Namir Seeks Support from Indiegogo Community to Fund the 'Life Memoir' Campaign, How Do People Like to Be Remembered, Life Memoir Gives Them the Ability to Remember

LogoFounder Uri Namir's father Haim passed away a few months ago; He was a war hero, he didn't fight a conventional war but the war that life itself can bring.

Champion Oil Announces New Master Warehouse Distributor in the Middle East

LogoFredy World Est. Trade and Industry is a recognized leader in the distribution of performance, racing, commercial and industrial lubricants. They will offer Champion products in a number of categories, such as motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, coolant, diesel motor oil, differentials lubes, greases, power steering fluids, brake fluids, and automotive chemicals and additives.

Steve Martin's Blue Heaven in St. Barths French West Indies Going for 10.623 Million US Dollars

LogoSteve Martin's "Blue Heaven" St. Barths home was listed by Samuel Fahlberg of Sotheby's Realty for 10.623 Million dollars. Most Powerful List acknowledged the home as one of the most stunning and romantic locations in the world. "Reason is location, location location. Pretty cliche, but what else matters when it comes to peace of mind on a real estate transaction. Noting but location. Even though this Blue Heaven is the dream get a way, it gives you that double comfort, makes sense and gives you blissful memories," says Richard Mahee, Most Powerful List (Mahvrick).

Handmade Real Foods Satisfies Its Hiring Appetite with SmartRecruiters

LogoSmartRecruiters, the company that empowers the new way of hiring, today announced that its next generation cloud hiring platform is being used by Handmade Real Foods (HRF) to scale its recruiting and hiring efforts across the U.S. The SmartRecruiters platform has allowed the ready-to-eat food distributor to source candidates more efficiently and drive smarter, faster hiring decisions—leading to an expected $100,000 savings on the company’s recruiting initiative this year.

Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas Talks About Relationships in Women's Health Magazine

Recent reports show that therapy has become one of the most sought after service today. The fast paced life and work oriented life has led people to neglect their emotional and personal life. Leading psychologists say that this vacuum is especially prevalent in cosmopolitan cities and other urban habitations.

Denver Recreational Marine Announces That Specialized Rangers Are in Stock & New Ranger Aluminum Boats on the Way

The Summer Sales are still here according to Denver Recreational Marine owner Danny McCall

Automation and Controls Today Talks Manufacturing Employee Engagement with Louise Dickmeyer of PDP Solutions

In the current issue of Automation & Controls Today, manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, explored the relationship between employee engagement and retaining skilled employees. In the article, titled, “Employee Engagement, Employee Retention and Employee Communication,” Cutler explained engaged employees stay with companies for a long time.

TraceGains Webinar Addressed IFS PACsecure Standard for Food Manufacturers

LogoTraceGains recently offered a webinar addressing the IFS PACsecure focusing on the benefits of certification to the supplier and customer. The webinar was well attended with many questions regarding the new IFS PACsecure Standard. The webinar explained that the IFS PACsecure was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and a broad spectrum of industry representatives, specifically applies to all forms of primary and secondary packaging materials. The IFS PACsecure Standard is for manufacturers and converters of packaging materials. The Standard is to ensure quality and safety of packaging materials, food and non-food materials, meets GFSI requirements, and the roll out includes North America and Europe.

Ultriva Defines End to End Supply Chain Visibility

LogoA hallmark of Ultriva’s SaaS solution is the unique provision of end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility (E2ESCV) for manufacturers and companies participating up and down supply chains. Without solutions that deliver the E2ESCV-based insights, achieving multi-enterprise collaboration in a demand-driven environment is an impossible goal.

Commercial Paving Contractors of Philadelphia Encourages Driveway & Parking Lot Repair Before Winter

The first impression customers, clients, or employees make when they enter a place of business relies on the appearance of a driveway or parking lot because these two areas are the focal points of all visitors. Before the winter season arrives, property owners can add zest and appeal to their driveways and parking lots by making an investment in asphalt repair. Associated Paving Contractors, commercial paving contractors of Philadelphia, believes it is important for property owners to pay special attention to several factors that play a huge part in the repairing process.

My IDentity Doctor, Provider of Medical Alert Bracelets Poses a Question of 'Do Your Family Members Have Up to Date Vaccine Shots'

There are people who tend to dismiss the entire practice of immunization and find vaccines not helpful at all. Besides this, there is also a section, which even though well aware about the benefits of vaccination, fail to follow up with their vaccines and immunization dates. Reflecting on this scenario, My IDentity Doctor, a noted name for specialized men, women and Kids Medical Bracelets now deliberates over the question of ‘Do Your Family Members Have Up To Date Immunity with Necessary Vaccine Shots?’ They warn people of the impending health issues that they or their family might have to face owing to the lack of immunization. This is not only hazardous in them of physical health, but also to the financial owing to the impeding expenses of healthcare.

Eckankar News: Events at Spiritual Café

LogoEckankar is hosting the Spiritual Café, Friday, October 24, 9:00 a.m.– noon, and Saturday, October 25, 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m., at the three-day 2014 Eckankar Worldwide Seminar. The Spiritual Café will be in 101D, Level One, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Garrido Fences Now Offering Deer Fencing for Fall 2014

LogoFall is on the way and soon the deer will be out in full force. Garrido Fences offers deer fencing services in Montgomery County so homeowners can protect their lawns and gardens from marauding groups of deer hell bent on consuming everything in sight. People love living in the suburbs among nature, but animals don’t always make the best neighbors. Save on deer fences with Garrido Fences this fall and protect valuable landscaping against deer meddling.

Home Security Survey Finds Americans Do Not Trust Door-to-Door Salesmen

LogoDoor-to-door salesmen have become a common practice for home security companies. Several of them send out thousands and thousands of salesmen each summer to sell their products and equipment.

Rubber Club Now Offering Variety of Extra Benefits to Members

LogoTo avoid having to purchase condoms at the pharmacy or convenience store in the middle of the night, Rubber Club provides brand name condoms directly to their customer’s doorstep each month. Aside from just receiving the protection needed to maintain a healthy and sexually active lifestyle, Rubber Club is proud to announce their members will receive a variety of extra benefits and incentives on a monthly basis after signing up.

Commercial Lawyers of Philadelphia Now Offering a Full Range of Legal Services in Regard to Non-Compete Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

Under Pennsylvania law, for a non-compete agreement to be enforceable, (1) it must be incident to an employment relation between the parties, (2) the restrictions must be reasonably necessary for the protection of the employer, and (3) the restrictions must be reasonably limited in duration and geographic extent. The commercial lawyers of Philadelphia at the Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus & Green (SPG) are experienced in drafting non-compete agreements that conform to the law. Moreover, the attorneys at SPG also have experience in litigating non-compete agreements on behalf of both employers and employees.

PrintWearOnline Now Offering T Shirt Printing for Fall 2014

LogoPrintWearOnline is now offering T shirt printing for fall 2014. Their simple and user friendly design tool makes it easy for anyone to create stunning custom T shirts displaying any message they so choose. Customers can start blank or use any of the numerous templates available on the website, with themes including athletic dept., business, college campus, events and parties, first responder, holidays, mascots, military, motor sports, religious, school activities, slogans, sports and athletics, trendy, fashion, or choose from the most popular options.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company Environmental Heat Solutions Reports Air Travel's New Woes Include Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

LogoFrom movie theaters to taxi cabs to homes, the spread of bed bugs continues to rise. This problem has escalated from increased international travel, and even a rumor of infestation is bad for business. Bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed off human blood and most often come out at night. Unfortunately, bed bugs are notorious for crawling into small areas including clothing, briefcases, or luggage. For United Airlines headquarters’ employees, a recent bed bug infestation in the office could lead to an infestation at home.

Virginia Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company Environmental Heat Solutions Reports Movie Theater Ignores Bed Bug Infestation

LogoRecently, according to, a father in Virginia took his daughters to their local theater. Upon leaving the theater, the man and his daughters discovered bite marks on their arms and legs. The upset father, concerned about transporting bugs home, addressed the situation to the theater manager who arranged for the family to travel to Wal-Mart in a taxi for new clothes.

Superior Tank & Energy Now Offering Emergency Tank Services for Clients

LogoWhen oil is leaking, it can cause damage to the ground on the exterior of the property, the soil, or the home’s basement. As homeowners use oil tanks to heat the home and provide hot water, leaks can happen when the tank is not being cared for properly. To keep their client’s homes safe and healthy, Superior Tank & Energy is pleased to announce they are now offering emergency tank services for their clients.

Little Snoops: Awesome Escapades - Teacher's Celebrated New Book Depicts Middle-School Cousins Fighting Bullies with 'Secret Weapons' of Wit & Tenacity

As an elementary school teacher, Regina Webster is well aware of the harrowing bullying many children face, often feeling unable to help themselves as they can’t fight back. Thankfully, Webster’s compelling new children’s book proves that fighting back with violence isn’t the solution, with the book’s two tenacious cousins showing how this most unique of challenges should really be handled.

Get Stronger by Stretching: Massage Therapist's Interactive New E-Books Use 'Thera Band' to Strengthen Entire Body Equally

Nobody can deny the growing abundance of fitness programs available “out there”. However, most have a flaw; they only strengthen isolated groups of muscles and rarely contribute to total-body conditioning. Floridian massage therapist and dance teacher, Noa Spector-Flock has the answer, a method she has coined “Get Stronger By Stretching”.

The Water Filtration Project Strives to Increase People's Awareness About the Water Filtration Issues

LogoWater Filtration project is a special project, created by a team of like-minded professionals. Its purpose is to provide people around the world clean drinking water free from any hard metals or sediments. The motivated engineers and scientists who take part in this project work tireless to provide the best filters to people at the most reasonable price. The company is now lunching their web property available in the Weebly platform.

Burke Décor Is Now Carrying Nourison Rugs

Burke Décor is now carrying Nourison rugs. Customers can shop the new collection on Burke Décor’s online home décor retail store.