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Arizona Company Launches Indiegogo for the Bitcoin Card

It's an online payment system that works via peer-to-peer exchange. This decentralized cryptocurrency or virtual currency is called Bitcoin and was first introduced to the world in 2008. One Scottsdale, Arizona company led by Christopher Wirth believes they can 'change the face of currency forever' by offering a Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card based on a private label Visa Credit Card and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the funding to make it a reality.

MiMedx Group Inc (NASDAQ:MDXG) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

An investigation on behalf of investors, who purchased shares of MiMedx Group Inc (NASDAQ:MDXG), was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at MiMedx Group.

A&G Equipment Continues to Provide Top Notch Aerial Lifts Services in Singapore

The field of heavy lifting equipment is a small one but no less a necessary one. Whether it's boom lift rental or scissor lift rentals that are being sought after, many companies that are not part of the construction industry would require some usage of these types of equipment. This is why their option is to rent.

Waveconn Offers Xiaomi Mi4 Android Smartphone at Special Discount for Visitors

Waveconn, a company that sells Android smartphone products, rolls out the new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone with a 10% discount. The 4G gadget, offered via, uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.5GHz and comes with 3G RAM + 16G ROM capacity.

4G Smartphone Showcasing Advanced Tech Features Available via, a leading B2C e-commerce website, announces the availability of new 4G smartphones. The 5-inch quad-core mobile phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, InFocus, Zopo, CoolPad and THL are now offered through the website.

TBdress Beach Wedding Dresses Bring More Colour and Glamour to Pompous Beach Weddings

No matter how many dresses a would-be bride has in her closet, she always feels the need to buy the latest collection of wedding apparels and accessories. Beach weddings are usually marked with pomp and grandeur and the brides in beach weddings need to look very special and stand apart the crowd during these mega events. Cheap beach wedding dresses from were recently unveiled infuse the best of fashion to beach weddings that are now being planned. The online wholesaler from China has added a potpourri of chiffon beach wedding dresses to its stock. The wholesalers have stressed on the fact that their store now offers some of the best beach wedding dresses.

The King of Castles Offers Premium Quality Jumping Castles in Sydney

LogoAn exciting way to enthral visitors and guests in an outdoor party is by setting up jumping castles for kids, adults, etc. This trend is growing popular nowadays as 90% of organizers realize this adds value and fun to their parties. In fact, there are templates that are catered to the needs of both girls and boys as well. Hiring jumping castle services offering different varieties of castles with maximum bounce is recommended.

Spot on Carpet Offers 24/7 Emergency Cleaning Services in Sydney

LogoWater damage repairs can create havoc to any owner and addressing it on-time is the ideal way to safeguard properties. The process can be challenging and time consuming and it requires professional expertise and help to deal with natural disasters caused by water. Hiring a qualified and experienced emergency water damaged carpet cleaning service in Sydney will lessen the problem and ensure earlier recovery.

Micah & Co Offers Fully-Integrated World-Class Sheet Metals in Sydney

LogoSheet metal industries are growing popular as precision metal sheets are utilized heavily in different industrial sectors. The increase in demand has prompted many industries to manufacture using sheet metal, making it difficult for commercial industries to find the reputed and reliable ones. Hiring a manufacturer with excellence in metal folding, stamping and bending is recommended.

Perennial Packaging Group Offers Quality Industrial Package Solutions

LogoSteel food packaging is widely preferred all across the globe for its easy-to-use and transport feature. Besides, it can also preserve the food for a long time, locking in freshness and nutritional value. Most food-related industries rely on the packaging solutions to protect from the contamination of microorganisms like harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals, fungi, etc. With the increase in overall food consumption worldwide, the demand for food packaging is surmounting globally and industries look out for reliable packaging options to promote their products.

"Bridal Secrets" Features Designer Wedding Dresses Created by World Renowned Designers

LogoWedding day is the most precious and special day in everyone’s life as it gifts the bride and bridegroom with wonderful memories for life time. Therefore when it comes to dressing up for the big day brides need the best outfit to give them the magical and splendid look. Along with the bride the bridesmaids, flower girls etc. also need complimenting attires that will add a touch of class to the ceremony. When shopping for wedding dresses brides need a shop that can provide them with unique and designer outfits to get the perfect look.

Wichita Pain Center Introduces "Transformation 360" Program to Help Patients Turnaround Serious Health Issues

LogoChiropractic care facility Wichita Pain Center is introducing a new health analysis and natural treatment program they call “Transformation 360.” They believe this complete health review and healing program can help reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes and prevent the onset of other serious health issues later in life. The idea is to compile a complete wellness profile of the patient in order to come up with a plan for sustainable health. According to the doctors at Wichita Pain Center, improving the patient’s overall health is often the most effective way to knock out symptoms long term.

Aveling Homes on Concerns over Increasing Property Prices: Aveling Homes

LogoEarlier this month, the RBA has reached a decision to keep interest rates at 2.5 per cent. The rates are expected to continue to remain low until next year before they start to increase.

Aveling Homes on Why House Prices Are Staying High : Aveling Homes

LogoHouse prices have risen over 10% in Australia during the last year, raising fears of a bubble within the housing market. However, with foreign investment actually down on last year a range of factors are now driving prices.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown Seems Easier Than Ever with Regal Bridal

LogoThe wedding day is without doubt the most special day in the life of any woman. Having dreamt about it for years together, all brides want to make sure that they are the center of attention on this one day. With the exquisite work of design studios such as Regal Bridal, women are able to achieve the perfect look for their big day.

Kingston Park Raceway Now Offers Schumacher Kart Session for Buck Party in Brisbane

With the zeal to provide the ultimate fun destination, Kingston Park Raceway is now offering Schumacher Kart session for buck’s party in Brisbane. Kart racing or extreme Karting for buck night party is available for individual as well as for groups. One can have two wheel motor sports karting as well as four wheels motor sports karting. Their Karting race is the ultimate example of fun and thrill both of which goes hand in hand. They have fun solutions for everyone, no matter whether it is for adults or kids. With their versatile amusement rides and other recreation activities such bungee jumping, one can surely make a bucks night party an event to remember for lifetime. Along with the recreational activities, one can also get indulged in the great food which is available in their pit stop café.

Zoom Services Now Offers Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane at Reasonable Prices

Solidifying their position as a leading provider of compact cleaning services, Zoom Services is now offering commercial cleaning services in Brisbane at cost effective prices. The company is well-quipped to offer such services which are effective, complete, and fast. Their chemical cleaning procedures leave the customers in a state of surprise. Their comprehensive cleaning includes washroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and office cleaning in Brisbane. In other words, they clean not just parts of the offices, but the entire premise. One can outsource their cleaning service on a part time basis or on a full time basis depending on their needs.

Raw Materials and the Downtown Art Walk Launch Inaugural Los Angeles Plein Air Festival

Raw Materials Art Supplies and the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk have teamed up to present the inaugural Los Angeles Plein Air Festival, and invite artists of all levels to participate by creating an original plein air painting or drawing of locations within Downtown Los Angeles. “Plein air”, a French expression that means “in the open air”, describes painting outdoors in natural light, from direct observation of the subject matter. 

MaxWell Realty Launches Fun Dream Vacation Sweepstakes Contest

LogoLeading Calgary real estate company, MaxWell Realty, has recently announced its fun Dream Vacation Sweepstakes Contest. The firm caters to both residential and commercial sectors.

Facial Rejuvenation: The Choice Between Surgical vs Non-Surgical Procedures Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Cangello

LogoFacial rejuvenation is a term which covers a range of procedures which treat the typical signs of aging. The procedures also range from non-surgical procedures such as injectable facial fillers and neuromodulators such as Botox, right through to having surgery for a full neck and face lift.

Convergence of Aesthetics, Feng Shui, and Practicality when It Comes to Building Stairs: A Talent of New York's LK & Sons

LogoWhy are spiral staircases or grand staircases bad for Feng Shui? Despite the aesthetics spiral staircases bring, Feng Shui believers are still against this style.

Ohio Man Launches Kickstarter to Bring Community Together

When opening a coffee shop, in order to compete against the big boys like Starbucks and Cup o’ Joe, one has to come up with a unique concept and pull together a distinctive clientele. One Ohio man, Joel Cosme, Jr., hopes that his unique concept of bringing local talent together in a meeting house format over locally sourced coffee, tea and food will prove to be a winner for the community. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign which has already pulled in positive results from local press and politicians.

Non Profit Organization Attempts to End Human Trafficking

1ForceUntied is a non profit organization based in North Dakota who's goal is simply to end any and all forms of human trafficking. According to the Executive Director and Founder of the organization, Melissa Raguse, approximately 27 million humans are currently living as slaves in our world today. The organization is looking to not only help and protect the victims but to make sure that the criminals who are behind this type of illegal activity are brought to justice.

Med Pot Now Launches New Website for Mail Order Medical Marijuana

The Med Pot Now Society has announced the launch of its new, user-friendly website. The launch provides legitimate patients with an easy way to register and order their medical marijuana prescription online and have it sent to them anywhere in Canada. The site offers a new level of convenience for patients and consideration for those with mobility issues.

UPTICK NEWSWIRE Slated to Launch Integrated Newsroom

LogoUPTICK Newswire is in the top 9,000 most visited websites in America, according to The company will be opening their 24/7 Micro-Cap newsroom by the end of October 2014. This news resource will meet Sec, Reg., and fair disclosure regulations, and allow small cap firms to manage their own news platform.

Sky Foundation Inc., 6th Annual Lunch Fighting Pancreas Cancer

LogoNovember is Pancreas Cancer Awareness month. Sky Foundation Inc. will use the opportunity to start the month with its annual lunch taking place on Sunday, November 2nd, 12:00pm – 3:00pm at The Townsend Hotel. Sky Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to raising funds to advance research and increase awareness for the early detection and treatment of pancreas cancer.

Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World Gains an Impressive List of Reviews

African Trade Group LLC and John Akhile Sr., President and CEO are pleased to announce the release of his second book on international trade. The book is called “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World” and reflects his knowledge of the topic gained from more than two decades of international trade experience. The book has garnered an extensive list of endorsements and reviews, including one from Kirkus Reviews found at