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Hytrol Conveyor Announced David Peacock as Executive Vice President After Extensive Search

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions announced the new hire David Peacock as Executive Vice President. Peacock was selected after an extensive search process conducted by the Hytrol Board of Directors with the assistance of Jordan-Sitter Associates, Inc., an executive search firm. Peacock is expected to succeed Hytrol President Gregg Goodner in the coming months.

Radiology Information Systems Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020 by Persistence Market Research

A radiology information system is a network software suite used by radiology departments to manipulate, store and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. A radiology information system helps in managing the administrative and operational functions of radiology. It complements hospital information system. Radiology information system is designed specifically for the radiology provider to take advantage of integration with the medical center’s healthcare information system.

Arthurian Multi-Platform Strategy Game Dragonlord Supremacy Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoFreelancer Porthios at Camelot Hobbies was trying to put together an Arthurian universe when he met Lady Antiva. Lady Antiva was inspired by the death of King Arthur and started to create an entire series based from it.

Forsentek Introduces Tension & Compression Load Cells for Force Measurement in Sensitive Places

Tension and Compression Load Cells have their use in a variety of applications. These sensors can measure even the smallest range of tensions, which could be important for the functioning of a device. In order to meet the requirements of the precision mechanics of the modern times, industries can now rely on Tension and Compression Load Cells introduced by Forsentek Co. Ltd. The company brings improved quality load cells that can be used in varied industries.

Flare-a Motion-Sensing Portable Light Source Set to Be Launched

With innovation and latest technology blend, a new product called Flare is soon going to help people get effective lighting system and reducing the extra cost related to electricity bills. The product is an automatic motion sensor light with attractive design options to suit a range of interiors and exteriors of home.

Arthurian Multi-Platform Strategy Game 'Dragonlord Supremacy' Crowdfunding Campaign

Freelancer Porthios at Camelot Hobbies was trying to put together an Arthurian universe when he met Lady Antiva. Lady Antiva was inspired by the death of King Arthur and started to create an entire series based from it.

Shinewei Comes Up with Its Innovative Range of Cameras

Cameras are used in various fields and their importance has increased with time. There are very innovative cameras being developed that are used in different fields. Before buying these cameras one must make sure that he is aware of his requirements and the specifications of the camera matches his requirements. One of the companies that manufacture various kinds of innovative cameras is Shinewei.

Introducing World's First Car DVR with Auto Air Purifier

Supremevalue Intl is launching world's first Car DVR that comes fitted with ION Air Purifiers. The DVR can prove very helpful in recording the on-road trip and also offer the additional benefits of purifying the air quality inside the car. The thoughtfully conceptualized device will help car owners avoiding accidents and will also help in matters of claiming insurance in case of accidents, as it can document the driving skills of a car owner and establish his/her eligibility for the claim.

Iam Group Japan Hosts Tour for Hong Kong Residents to Travel to Yokohama

LogoIam Group Japan has been working hard for the sake of coming up with new tours and itineraries. Of late, their new initiative is to help residents of Hong Kong take a tour of Yokohama city and explore the beauty of the place.

Molbase Serves as a Chemical Database with Updated Information

Scientific chemicals are widely used by institutions, schools, colleges, chemical professionals and many others. These are usually kept in specialized containers for possessing unique features. They can be harmful at times on direct exposure. They are also precious and emphasis is given to maintain that these products aren’t misused or wasted. On a similar note, Molbase is a chemical search engine which is designed to be a one stop solution for scientific chemical needs. It helps the professionals working in the field of chemicals with real time data on chemical products. The buyers are able to connect with the chemical suppliers through a single search enquiry. Fully updated and verified information is available on the suppliers. The location name, company name and type are also available. Professional abilities of these companies are listed in detail. It speaks about their technical personnel, production or lab area, certification, and more. There is not just the information of local and national suppliers. Information of suppliers based in India, Canada, United States, Germany, UK, Russia, France and Romania are also listed. Product names are given according to their CAS no. and formulae. These details can be also used for searching the required chemicals.

Meeting Room Rental Singapore Offers Meeting Room Rentals Seven Days a Week

LogoMeeting Room Rentals Singapore, a leading meeting room rental firm offers training and meeting room rentals seven days a week. The rooms are perfectly suitable for holding important events such as seminars, workshops, annual meetings, team building events parties and more. Located within the central business district, Meeting Room Rentals Singapore helps attendees reach the venue without any hassles.

Focusky Online Presentation Software Launches the Latest Version 1.4.2

LogoFacing problem in making impactful and engaging presentation for the school, college or company presentation? Then, this news will definitely give users an instant relief. Famous software manufacturer, Focusky has designed a wonderful and palpable Focusky online presentation software (version 1.4.2) to help people create effective and impressive presentations for online or offline displaying.

Efano Jewellery Presents Its Range of Stainless and Titanium Jewellery

Jewellery has for ages been one of the most popular accessories for both men and women. Over the centuries the forms and designs have evolved drastically and the costs have gone up substantially. However, the trend of wearing jewellery has never diminished. One form of jewellery which has been popular recently is of the stainless and titanium metals. These products are used for anniversary, engagements, parties, weddings, holidays, etc. Although, the market has loads of manufacturers, not all offer a vast number of options to choose from. In order to bridge this gap and offer its own exclusive collection, Efano Jewellery has come up with its own manufacturing unit and a store online. Offers Its Range of Diagnostic Tools for Different Automotive Brands

Machines has transformed the way we carry out our work. From basic equipment at our home to the big cars which carry us from one place to the other, the technology has advanced drastically. There are various automobile diagnostic equipment which are used for assembly of different cars. These includes the key programmer kits, odometer correction tools, diagnostic connectors, chip turning, etc. Catering to this need has been offering its various diagnostic tools for different automotive. The company has an experience of over 6 years and has been known for developing products which are high on quality and come with quick after-sales services.

Space Experience Themed Hotel Ground Breaking Held August 27

OPL Development Pte Ltd is proud to announce the official partnership with Thai owner, Khun Phuchin Saengfai to form One Pioneer Group Co. Ltd for introducing Thailand’s very first Space experience theme hotel and leisure mixed use development in the region – “One Pioneer Space Station @ BB hotel” in the beautiful island of Phuket. The announcement was made on August 27, 2014, during the Ground breaking ceremony in Phuket, which had Phuket’s Vice-Governor, Dr Sommai Preechasilpa as the Guest of Honor along with several other notable overseas guests from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

EhomeDress Shows Its Newest Designs of Long Party Dresses

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, an experienced supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion gowns for women, has shown its newest designs of long party dresses. In addition, all the fresh outfits are available at discounted prices now, up to 75% off. The party outfits are specially made for the international chic ladies. Announces Huge Upcoming Sale

One premier online retailer has announced an upcoming blowout sale that customers will not want to miss. The upcoming sale will include the hottest items, including dresses, tops, prom shoes, and blazers. Offers Tailor Made Costume, Shoes, Wig and Tattoos

The internet is nowadays flooded with websites offering the customers a chance to purchase their choice of products from the comfort of home. Shopping online also saves precious time and energy which can be invested in more beneficial activities. Although it makes the shoppers poorer, they are relived from the hassle of battling sun, rain, crowd and transportation means. is an online professional seller of wide range of dresses, footwear, hair wigs, tattoos, props and accessories. They have professional costume designer team for preparing distinguished custom-made Cosplay products. It strives to step ahead of the competitive market forces. There is extensive stock of cartoon themed costumes featuring the latest market trends. It keeps on updating its collection from time to time.

EhomeDress Launches Great Discounts on Its Elegant Evening Dresses

LogoEhomeDress is a new supplier in the market of wedding gowns and women's special occasion outfits. Recently, the company announced great discounts on its elegant evening dresses. That is to say, the company is now offering great savings, up to 75% off, on all its fashionable evening gowns.

A History in Perspective: Discosource Professional DJs Accounts the Metamorphosis of the Disc Jockey World

LogoIt all started with the invention of the phonoautograph in 1857 by Leon Scott. It was the world’s ever first device to record sound. Thomas Edison’s phonogaphi cylinder then followed. It was then capable of playing back recorded sounds. Interesting as it seems, the first ever disc jockey in the world was first heard in 1909. He is Ray Newby of California.

Grace Dental Group Offers Professional and Gentle Cosmetic Dental Care

LogoDental problems require immediate attention and treating them with exceptional care is a must. Poor oral complications will lead to potential health hazards and a few could be life threatening as well. An effective solution to overcome this is by approaching a cosmetic dentist in Edensor Park.

First Logistics Assures Best Tailored Freight Services Worldwide

LogoThe Aussie businesses seem to have a credible portal when it comes to shipment programs, leading NSW based Logistics Company First Logistics has assured best tailored freight services worldwide.

Sydney Based Specialists Explain Why They're Confident About Their Work

LogoNorth Shore based roofing company RK Roofing offers services that are guaranteed to last a decade. The company uses the latest products including reflective coatings, cements, sealants, roof coatings, etc. These products don’t just prevent moisture and water intrusion but also protect the roof for as long as possible. The roofing supplements and components are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Bonza Brats Proud to Include New Items from Street Fashion Munster Brand

LogoStreet, punk, and rebel on the inside. Bonza Brats, one of Australia’s leading kids fashion retailer, is proud to have the clothing label that embodies the description mentioned earlier. Munster, the kids clothing brand that was inspired by Mikey Munster, the urban legend character that represents the devious side of kids, is a collection that even adults would be able to relate to. Although these come in small sizes, clothes from Munster are anything but the common cutesy outfit offered by other labels.

IRS Refrigeration Extends Services to Customers Located Anywhere in Western Australia

IRS Refrigeration, a leading Perth-area industrial and commercial refrigeration specialist, announced that the company has expanded its regular service area to cover all of Western Australia. The move will bring IRS Refrigeration's best-in-class services to clients located throughout Australia's largest state, including everything from routine repairs to the design, procurement, and installation of entirely new refrigeration systems. IRS Refrigeration is fully accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council and is capable of providing emergency service throughout the company's newly expanded service area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dental Implants Professionals Provides High-Quality Dental Implants in Sydney

LogoA beautiful and confident smile goes a long way and creates positive impact on everyone. Dental problems are common and they can really affect the smiles of most persons at any point of time. To achieve the winning smile back on the face, it is necessary to hire a professional and quality dental implant services at sensible costs.

Didi Benami Full Length Debut Album "REVERIE"

We are pleased to announce "Reverie," Didi Benami’s first full-length debut album set for release on 30th September, that will feature ten original songs written or co-written by the popular singer.