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CAT Vehicle Service and TCCI Climatic Wind Tunnel Technology MACS Clinic This Week

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide and members Caterpillar and T/CCI have joined forces to host a CAT vehicle service and T/CCI climatic wind tunnel technology mobile A/C clinic. This unique, high-value, diagnostics-centered training event for the heavy duty and off-road vehicle A/C technician will take place on Friday, May 29, 2015 from 8:00am to 3:00pm CDT at T/CCI' s climatic wind tunnel facility in Decatur, IL.

Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group Relaunches Lake Conroe Fine Living Website

The Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group announced that Lake Conroe Fine Living, a leading online resource for those interested in the area, has been relaunched under the agency's stewardship at

Tabernus to Showcase Innovative Data Erasure Products at Infosecurity Europe

Tabernus, a Global data erasure software and hardware provider will display it's certified data erasure management solutions at Infosecurity Europe. The annual exhibition takes place June 2-4 in Olympia London. Tabernus will be exhibiting at stand B182.

Footage for Car Accident Claims: The Accident Team Comments

A recent survey of 29 top motor insurers has revealed that when dealing with claims, especially regarding traffic accidents, they will now accept dashcam footage as supporting evidence. A dashcam is a camera that can be installed on the dashboard of the car and films the driver's view. It is a tool that can provide security for many drivers, as it can film car journeys, not only for reference, but also as evidence regarding the circumstances of accidents.

UK Contract Partners Announces Clients Receive a Free iPad Mini After Six Months

UK Contract Partners announces they are providing clients with a free iPad Mini worth £319 once they have been a client for six months. Individuals find this is a nice bonus on top of the income they are saving by working with this company. Actually, anyone looking to avoid ir35 should definitely check this company out, as they show clients the money and provide a free gift while doing so.

Beauties Factory UK Launches Instant Anti-Aging Product

LogoBeauties Factory UK is pleased to announce the UK launch of an anti-aging product that has become a leading beauty product in U.S. markets. Instantly Ageless reverses signs of aging in minutes, delivering a highly effective and efficient result.

FootyBootsUK Sells Designer Sports Shoes Specially Aimed at Football Enthusiasts

People have a special craze for football all around the world. Most of the football enthusiasts prefer to wear the favourite soccer shoes of their stars. Footybootsuk has a good collection of variety of soccer boots. These boots are quite comfortable to wear and helps the wearer to run with great intensity while playing any football match. These shoes have good leather which prevents early damage of due to excessive use. The shoes available on the online store mainly comprise of well-known brands like Adidas and Nike. Users have the option to search their favourite products through mentioning the name of these brands in this online retail site.

Plus Size Models Provoke Purchases: Lux Lingerie Comment

Recent figures by the international New York based lingerie firm Adore Me, have revealed that plus size models are likely to sell underwear than slimmer blonde models.

Think Zombie Mobile App Game Kickstarter Campaign to Launch on May 27th on the Opening of Kickstarter in France

carboLab, a game developing company has announced their newest game: Think Zombie, the game is currently under development, in its pre-alpha state. According to the developers the Think Zombie game is going to be a 2D mobile game which will put players in control of an amusement park that they will build to attract humans for an underlying sinister motive: to capture humans in an underground prison. carboLab has a team of passionate game lovers and professional developers working on the project. However the team requires some help from the generous crowd to support their project by helping them reach their funding goal of 20,000 euros. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to be launched on May 27th, 2015, the same day Kickstarter will be opening in France.

Deutschland Phone Launches New Phone Repair Shop in Berlin Offering Most Rapid Repairs Available

Mobile phones are absolutely essential to modern living, and provide an access point for individuals to manage their calendars, social lives, work engagements, contacts and correspondence. Understandably then, when these items become broken or damaged, or simply go wrong, people need a solution fast. A new store – the Deutschland Phone Filiale in Berlin - has been opened to ensure the fastest phone repairs in the city.

Unfair Dismissal Claims: The Legal Team Comments

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) is keeping a watchful eye on potential unfair dismissal cases where people are close to retirement – thus pension-entitlement age.

Creator of Action Deck Cards Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoAction Deck is a set of cards created by graphic designer Elijah Kavana.  These 99 cards contain statements of fact, quotes and inspirational sayings designed to appeal to the inner spirit of every reader.  According to Kavana, "I find great mental freedom from nature where I gain inspiration for my work, yet sometimes I struggle to stay motivated and accomplish my goals.  Frustrated with this, I began searching for answers - even from a psychologist - to understand myself better."  After reflecting on universal problems such as procrastination, Kavana developed the idea of inspirational, factual and entertaining cards to help others who were also searching for answers.  The Action Deck became a reality as he designed each card individually, drawing on well-known facts and sayings for inspiration.

Gulf Bank of Kuwait Wins Two Prestigious Awards

International Banker held its annual awards acknowledging top Middle Eastern and African banking institutions and individuals. Gulf Bank received awards in two categories: Best Commercial Bank and Best Innovation in Retail Banking Kuwait 2015.

Bakeware Is Booming: Betterware Comments

According to research carried out and results obtained by the British Designer Habitat, sales of non-electric bakeware equipment has increased by over 80% since the first quarter of 2015 – and is set to still increase. This evident consumer interest towards baking equipment has led to reflection from many key retailers, including Betterware.

Xeropan – The Solution to Language Learning

Today's education system generally requires separate books, workbooks, audio and of course, a teacher, which just makes learning impractical. Learners cannot have the teacher follow them around everywhere; they cannot always take their heavy books and workbooks with them. On the other hand, people who speak at least one foreign language earn more, handle difficulties more easily and they can even choose from many opportunities in their lives. So, certainly, they will have better opportunities if they learn English. Their knowledge will last for a lifetime, all they have to do is to practice 5 minutes a day.

DimensionU Announces 2015 Summer Chill Video Game Competition

LogoFor parents and educators looking to keep students academically engaged this summer, look no further! DimensionU, Inc., the award-winning educational video game developer, announced today that registration has opened for its second annual summer video game challenge, called the 2015 Summer Chill Math Games Tournament. The virtual competition is designed to combine the excitement of first-person multiplayer video games with rigorous mathematics curriculum, plus the chance to win some very cool prizes during the summer. It's a win-win for parents, students and educators!

LCS Global Launches MY SEAT Kickstarter Campaign to Attract Funding for Innovative Camping Chair

Innovation is what has kept humanity progressing since the first tool use, through the mastery of fire and into the digital age. Innovation however requires investment to succeed, and the digital age is providing new ways to find that investment. LCS Global is a new company offering an innovative range of products, and they have just developed a camping chair that will redefine portable comfort. In order to finance this innovation, they have now launched a campaign on Kickstarter to crowd fund the first run of manufacturing for global distribution.

Bayport Launches New Online Loans Application Platform

Bayport Financial Services South Africa has launched its new online loans application platform.

Profit Rocket Is Offering a Free Adwords Review

Profit Rocket, a popular Adwords management company, is currently reaching out to business owners who are willing to spend $1,000 + per month on Google advertising. This company is available to point out any missing profits in the business owners Adwords account by doing a free review of the Adwords campaign.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 200,300 BMW Auto Parts and Accessories

LogoBMW, a German-based automobile manufacturer, is one of the three largest luxury automakers in the world. Therefore, it seems fitting that many people who own any of their luxurious model vehicles would go above and beyond to keep it in pristine condition. If a BMW owner happens to be on the market for a high-quality replacement part—but also wants to save money, one company that they can turn to is Parts Geek. To help BMW owners acquire the parts they need, Parts Geek makes it one of their top priorities to keep increasing their BMW parts inventory. In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is now offering over 200,300 BMW auto parts and accessories on their user-friendly website.

Father's Day Is Almost Here and Most Dads Prefer Grills as Gifts

LogoAccording to a survey by, dads don't care for most of the gifts that come their way including ties, cologne and monogrammed golf tees.

Stark Apps Go Live with Their Most Awaited Game: "Weed Garden"

Garden Of Weed is a newly launched weed game to hit the Play Store in recent times. The cannabis game hinges upon fulfilling all of a person's dreams of escaping the crowded city life and growing weeds by themselves at home out in their own farm. At first, users get to grow weed in a small piece of land but as the game marches on, they get to cultivate weed in larger surface areas. Moreover, users get to design their own weed farm by cultivating their first strains from hemp seeds. Users also get to create workshops to process marijuana and later on render them to their rasta friends and neighbors. Adding to its greatness, when users are burned out or fatigued growing weeds in their weed farm, they can relax, lean back and watch their helpers do all the work for them when they are not smoking a joint, considered to be one of its best features. Another great feature in this simulation game is that it comes with aesthetical and splendiferous hand drawn characters and graphics. In addition,

Donkey Provide Animal Assisted Therapy and Improves Communication Skills

LogoThis centre, a Finca based in Spain, is a place for everyone who likes to be in nature and loves animals. Nestled between gentle rolling hills, La Granja Esavas is a self-sustaining farm which offers a wide range of services for people with disabilities.

Natural Genetics Introduces 100% Money Back Guarantee on Testrosity Testosterone Booster

LogoNatural Genetics has just launched a 100% money back guarantee on their emerging Amazon product Testrosity. With the launch of this guarantee, all unsatisfied buyers of this all natural testosterone booster will be able to receive a complete refund on their purchase. It may be recalled that this product was launched recently in Amazon and has done reasonably well so far to attract the attention of many health conscious Amazon shoppers. Many of these users suggest that the product has helped them fight the adverse effects of aging by boosting the level of testosterone in their body.

Exotic India Offers Pashmina Scarves and Shawls at Competitive Prices

Established in 1998, Exotic India offers the leading and high quality Indian art work and other items. All the items are hand picked by their team of editors who carry years of experience. The leading company offers enormous range of hand-picked products such as old and sterling jewellery, sculptures, beads, herbal health, beauty products and much more. Exotic India also makes available the finest of Indian Textiles sourced from all over the country, and offers pashmina scarves and shawls at competitive prices.

Arabicautoretweet.Com - The Affordable, Highly Effective and Sure Way to Succeed in Twitter Advertisement

Currently, social media marketing is an advertisement technique that has gained immense popularity over the years. As companies progress from small start-up firms to big and established forms, advertisement is an integral part. The increased demand for effective, yet cost effective marketing strategies has lead to the invention of many advertisement strategies. Among the cost effective, economical marketing strategy that delivers results within a short period are re-tweet services. It has been rated the best way to attract attention and draw a huge traffic to a website or business.

STIN Battery Charger Launches to Provide Smart Port Technology with Maximum Power and a Sleek Look

Newly launched on Amazon the STIN Jolt Box Portable External Battery Charger brings a dynamic mix of technology and chic to market. The 'lightweight' power bank charger is small on the outside but super-sized on the inside. Taking intelligence to a whole new level, the portable battery charger has smart port technology. So now a battery can detect power-starved devices to deliver a charge faster. The cellphone power bank has a 10,000 mAh capacity that gives up to four full charges for smart devices.