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Researcher Asserts Couple Connection Reduces Both Mother's and Father's Risk for Postpartum Depression

Hoping to manage the expectations of new parents, first-time author and perinatal relationship researcher Elly Taylor brings attention to a recent study about postpartum depression. Not typically thought of as a direct emotional concern for fathers, the study published last month in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health focuses on postpartum anxiety in both parents. Citing that a couple’s unrealistic expectations are linked to perinatal mood disorders the study highlights the need for connection, teamwork and support.

Gigimag.TV and Embarco Host the Eminem Afterparty at the Fillmore Detroit

GiGiMAG.TV (@gigimagtv) and Embarco (@embarcoevents) will host the Eminem Afterparty at the Fillmore Detroit (@fillmoredetroit), Aug. 22 and 23, 7PM - 2AM. Doors open 7PM.

Breeze & Associates Brighton - Practical Bookkeeping Solutions

LogoBe it a startup, evolving or established business, managing finances can be a difficult and often daunting task. Hiring an expert team of experienced professionals will not only remove bookkeeping errors, but also provide practical, innovative and affordable solutions to help businesses grow.

Direct Sweets Launches Direct Shipping for International Customers

The UK based sweets retailer Direct Sweets have recently launched its international shipping service. Keeping in tune with its promise, the firm also launched its full line of sweets and candies, each representing its culture. The firm’s huge selection of sweets mostly comes from authentic creations, delivering not just great taste but the culture behind it.

Video Chatting with Relatives and Business Associates Abroad Need Not Be Expensive points out that among the many ways available for talking with relatives and friends who live abroad and with international business partners, video chatting and online conferencing are the most convenient and easiest. But if people want to have successful online video chats, they need to have a webcam of the highest quality and a reliable Internet connection.

Tabernus Data Erasure Announces New Director for European Sales

Tabernus, a leader in certified data erasure solutions, is proud to welcome PasiPihlman to the team as a Director of European Sales, Pasi will be providing a local contact point to expand Tabernus’ reach and establish additional global customer support. With this change in hand Daniel Dyer, former VP of European Operations has moved to a Global position and will now head the Tabernus Global Operations Team. With Pihlman’s nine years of international sales management experience in the telecoms and IT, he knows first hand about the challenges and requirements for secure data erasure.

London Inventor Launches Kickstarter to Build Printer

In 1959, the Xerox machine revolutionized how copies were made, becoming the standard of photocopying and replacing former duplication methods such as carbon copy paper and mimeograph machines. 2D printing is so last century. Imagine going to the copier with a design, pushing print and having in hand a three dimensional version of the design? Or taking a sonogram to the copier and printing a life size replica of your soon-to-be newborn? Science Fiction? Not since London inventor Felix Chen set about to revolutionize the 3D printing world making science fiction science fact.

Birmingham Dyslexia Assessment Clinic Offers Valuable Insight for Parents and Teachers

In the UK, 10% of children have Dyslexia according to the Dyslexia Research Trust and 20% of children leaving school are unable to read properly. This is partly down to Dyslexia not being detected in some children. When Dyslexia is not detected in a child, it can cause a child to lose self-confidence and cause them to suffer from depression, with not understanding why they are feeling frustrated. That is why it is important to detect Dyslexia as soon as possible and if parents in Birmingham are concerned their child may have Dyslexia they should have them tested straight away. Offers Creative T Shirt Customization Ideas and Sales

LogoDesigning a t shirt is a great idea as it can be customized to the taste of the person before purchasing; but one requires plenty of effort to achieve the best designs which are appealing and awe-inspiring. Without professional guidance and advice, it is relatively not easy to design custom t shirt styles the way a person wants. With several websites offering tips and tools to create fabulous t shirts, finding one is an effective solution to this.

Melondipity Now Offering Adorable Toddler Sun Hats in Versatile Designs

LogoReflecting their position as the most trusted destination for newborn, baby and toddler hats, Melondipity now offers adorable toddler sun hats at the most affordable rates. The company uses the finest quality materials for the creation of toddler sun hats including 100% cotton, which is soft and won’t cause any kind of irritation or other discomfort. They provide parents a myriad of choices when it comes to the pattern, size and color of these toddler hats. These toddler sun hats are available in unisex options, as well as separate hats for baby boy and baby girls.

Weight Loss Surgery Is Not the Answer, Watchfit Expert Claims

Weight loss surgery seems to be the first roll of the dice nowadays in an attempt to tackle the obesity problem we face in the UK today. In fact, nearly half of the UK population is estimated to be classed as obese, according to recent statistics by the NHS.

John Howe and Old Hill Partners Accused of Harrassment, Intimidation and Retaliation Against U.S. Whistleblower in Howe's Tax Fraud and Sec Fraud Case

Watchdog group, Whistleblowers International (WBI) has announced that John Christopher Howe, a private hedge fund manager in Westport, CT, has been accused of using intimidation and retaliation tactics against a U.S. whistleblower. The anonymous whistleblower, a Boston man, alleges that Mr. Howe and his private hedge funds engaged in U.S. tax fraud and violations of United States securities law.

No Embargo: Done Brothers Appoint David Price as Group Director of Health Assured with Immediate Plans to Recruit 15 New Jobs

Peter Done, joint founder of BetFred and managing director of Peninsula Business Services has named David Price as group director for Health Assured, the Done Brothers employee wellbeing business and immediately intends to recruit 15 new jobs.

Mid-Term Euro Exchange Rate Forecast, ECB in Focus

Since the European Central Bank introduced unprecedented fiscal stimulus back in June (including a negative deposit rate and rate cut) the Euro has been trending on the back foot against the Pound and US Dollar.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad: Weight Loss Surgery Becomes Even More Affordable Now

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and have permanent results. It is a restrictive type of surgery which provides long term results because of making the stomach smaller and thus helping people to lose weight easier by making them feel full after eating small portions of meals.

MVJCE Organized First Year B.E. Inaugural Function for Academic Year 2014-15

LogoInaugural function welcoming the first year students, around 850 in number who have joined MVJCE for the academic year 2014-15 was held on 20th August 2014. Shri N. Rangachary, Retired Chairman, Central Board of Direct taxes and Insurance Regulatory Authority of India was the chief guest and delivered the inaugural address. Dr. R. Ramaprabhu Professor of Eminence and Adviser MVJCE presided over the function.

Cute Flower Girl Dresses for 2014 Announced by EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, the distinguished wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has announced its new range of cute flower girl dresses. Also, the company has launched a special offer for its new and old customers. All clients can get a discounted price before the end of the month, up to 75% off. According to the marketing specialist of the company, the promotion is launched to celebrate the coming of September.

IAM Group Limited Offers an Exciting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Tour

Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain two of the most toured places in Japan because of the history they have. They were thoroughly bombed and people still visit these places to check out the marks of the ruins. There are a lot of different tours and travel packages, but not all among them look to be the best option.

IAM Group Japan Helps You Explore the Brilliance of the Great Buddha of Kamakura

Japan is considered by many as one of the best places for travelling because of the eclectic blend it has to offer. One can find some of the highest skyscrapers and even the memorials dedicated to the ruins of Second World War. Apart from this, one can also find the great Buddha of Kamakura which is one of the biggest representations of Amida Buddha.

Flaunt Hermes Bag Replica to Display Enhanced Lifestyle

Hermes Sales, that has been supplying high-quality fashion accessories to discerning shoppers for nearly a decade says that three years back, they have become partner to a reputed Hermes replica manufacturering company.

Three Paddlers to Standup Paddle Lake Titicaca

LogoIn November 2014, three athletes will paddle 90 miles at an altitude of over 12500ft across the length of Lake Titicaca from Puno, Peru to Ancoamaya, Bolivia to raise funds for two standup paddle (SUP) schools in Peru. This epic, 4-day paddle will test the athletes' physical and mental endurance as well as their ability to face the challenges of extreme heat, cold, wind, exposure, and high-altitude.

ST8 Wide Electrical Offers Qualified Electrical Services in Toowoomba

LogoUnderground cabling, air conditioning and solar installation of any property are prone to electrical breakdowns. Attending to them is crucial to prevent further damage as loss associated with electrical damages will be expensive. Sometimes it can be life threatening as well. Hiring a professional electrical contractor having expertise in electrical services is recommended for minimizing damages.

Flexsil-Lid Announces Revamped Logo and Website

Flexsil-lid (, the Australian company behind the innovative re-usable food cover created to keep contents fresh for longer, released their new logo and website as part of their new revamped and fresh look.

Top Notch Port Douglas Property "Tanamera" Listed

There is one exceptional property for sale in Port Douglas (Queensland, Australia). And Tanamera is its name. This jewel undoubtedly meets each and every criterion of a luxury tropical home.

Pet Enclosure Company Says Best Defense for Changing Market Trends Are Smarter Products

LogoThe pet industry has proved to be one of the most powerful income-generating business sector to be in. This has repeatedly recorded remarkable performances in the past twenty years. But while this may be so, there are significant changes in the buying activities of people, including some trend predictions that pet industry business owners should take into consideration. In line with these said changes, the marketing team of Coops And Cages, one of Australia’s pet enclosure providers, says that they have seen this coming and that their smart products should be able to keep their sales up as always.

Australian Internet Marketing Professional Helps Business Owners Make More Money

Business owners often have difficulty with increasing cash flow and decreasing expenses, but one Adelaide-based internet marketer has helped business owners in Australia and Worldwide add extra figures to their income.

Design4space Now Offers Interior Decorating in Sydney at Affordable Rates

Being known for their innovative and eye-catching designs, Design4space now brings interior decorating in Sydney at the most reasonable rates. The company has undertaken many successful designing projects and they have a long list of satisfied and happy clients that range from varied sectors. They are the most sought after name when it comes for interior architecture for residential as well as commercial designing spaces such as boutique developments, boutique hotels, bars, pubs and nightclubs, and any kind of office spaces.