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UAC Water Extends Nationwide Coverage with New Zip Code Based Coverage Finding System

Water damage can seriously affect the home, and in more ways than many people anticipate. As well as causing damp and damage to things like carpets and wallpaper, it can also soak into the floorboards and walls to create serious structural issues that must be addressed. With damp comes mold, and this can have lasting effects on the cleanliness of a home and the health of those within. Water damage repair company UAC Water specializes in repairing and restoring homes affected by water damage, and have now effected a nationwide service, with a new zip code based search function.

December 2014: 11 Email and Social Media Marketing Training Seminars to Be Presented by the Countess Group

Increased demand for email marketing and social media marketing help has created new learning opportunities for small businesses and nonprofits.

Fourstar Connections, Solutions-Based Contract Manufacturing Company, Laced Up for Hudson Walk Fundraiser

LogoAs an initiative led by Fourstar’s Social Give Back Committee, Fourstar Connections Raised Money to Provide Cooked Meals with Turkeys to American Veterans and their Families this Holiday Season

Champion Racing Oil Celebrates with Brett Hearn at PRI Trade Show

Logo“It’s been a great year and special thanks goes to Champion Racing Oil for making it happen”, stated Dirt Track Champion Driver Brett Hearn. “We have been a partner of theirs and have gotten a lot of consistent results and too many to count podium finishes over the years from their high performance lubricants ”.

Safian & Rudolph Jewelers Announces Their Support for the American Cancer Society

LogoThe American Cancer Society (ACS) is a foundation that raises money to help fund research for curing cancer. The funds have helped millions of cancer survivors to live longer and reduce cancer death rates. Safian & Rudolph Jewelers, a popular jewelry store in Philadelphia, PA, is proud to announce its’ support for the cause in memory of Raymond Rudolph, who was one of the company’s founders that died of cancer.

Hardcotton Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start the Production of Elemental, the World's First Pressure Controlled 3D Printer

LogoThe global market for 3D printers mainly comprises of two types of products. There are many economically priced products that fail to deliver the quality of 3D prints users need. On the other hand, there are many high end 3D printers that are capable of generating high quality 3D prints. However, these printers are extremely complex to configure and use. Hardcotton has designed a modular 3D printer named Elemental that makes 3D printing efficient, affordable and simple.

Champion Oil Announces Appearances of Diesel Motorsport Celebrities at PRI Trade Show

LogoBoth Selanders and Fitzpatrick are schedule to appear at the Champion Booth # 1455 for autograph sessions on Thursday December 11th from 1:00 -2:00 PM, on Friday December 12th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM and on Saturday December 13th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. The 2015 Diesel Motorsports Calendar will feature the two attractive young ladies with a variety of diesel vehicles.

Champion Racing Oil Congratulates Brian Brown at PRI Trade Show

LogoChampion Oil, a globally recognized industry leader in performance lubricants, announced today that Race Car Driver Brian Brown will be making an appearance and signing autographs in Champion’s Booth #1455 at upcoming Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis.

PhasxTM Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Thunder UnderBass

LogoOver the last 10 years, millions of powered desktop, computer speakers, and TV sound bars have been bought by consumers looking for quality sound in their workspace and living spaces. While there have been some breakthroughs made, appearances of quality computer and TV speakers have been few and far between.

Nashville Music Scoring Announces New Remote Recording Service

LogoNashville’s elite class musicians are undoubtedly a coveted choice for recording sessions but unfortunately not all can spare the time or expense to travel to Nashville. We have great news for those unable to travel to Nashville, Nashville Music Scoring now offers remote recording via Source Connect.

Hytrol Conveyor and Integration Partner AEC Helps Verizon Move 13 Million Bills Each Month

CSLT-Billing had simple gravity equipment with no programmable logic control (PLC) that was causing problems in their process. Driven by an expanding operation, the company sought a new solution. They needed 13 million bills to move each month between floors, and they needed the lines from 10 machines to merge with no jams or crashes. CSLT-Billing, the bill print and distribution operation for Verizon Telecom was looking for a new conveyor system solution. Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. and Advanced Equipment Company, integration partner, was able to provide a system that addressed the pain points. "The Hytrol E24™ system was the best solution for Verizon because the system is running inside the building where employees are working close by; it is both quieter and safer to work around than other systems,” commented Ivar Lonon, Systems Engineer and Project Manager with Advanced Equipment Company (AEC.)

Maryland City Votes Unanimously to Alert Citizens to the Health Risks of Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation and to Oppose Cell Towers on School Grounds

The Greenbelt Maryland City Council voted unanimously on November 24, 2014 to alert citizens about the fine print warnings and possible health risks of cell phones and wireless devices and to send the FCC Chairman a letter encouraging national action on this issue.

Unique Mind Creations Looks to Start Manufacturing "Animal Aware" Radar Tracking System with Funding Support from Kickstarter

LogoCarl Randolph, the Founder / CEO / President of Unique Mind Creations, has the experience of almost getting involved in a few vehicle / animal accidents. The number of road accidents involving animals has increased significantly.

Founder David Smith Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for His Smart Retirement Investment Tool Retirearlier

LogoGenerating profit from shares is a long term idea because it takes time for shares to go up. However, long term investment is shares can very easily expose the investors to the uncertain behaviors of the stock market. David Smith’s Retirearlier can be an excellent solution to this problem. This is an educational tool that can be used by any regular investor to gain access to market information that is mostly available to the experienced investors.

World Class Kitchen & Bath Design Center Has Been Recognized as One of the Top New Jersey Kitchen Remodeling Companies in 2014

Total customer satisfaction is something that few NJ kitchen remodeling companies are known for, but World Class Kitchen & Bath Design Center in Monmouth County, has consistently received accolades in 2014 for exactly that.

In Stock Kitchens Announces Big Box Prices Event

In Stock Kitchens announces their “Big Box Prices” event. For customers who are interested in obtaining high-quality kitchen cabinets that are available for up to 50% off, they can now visit to view the company’s online inventory.

The Modern Business Network (Mobuinet) Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Develop Their Advanced Web Platform for Productive Cooperation

LogoRecent advances in technology have opened up new avenues for individuals and businesses that have a new idea. There are a number of online resources and services that can help them make the most of their ideas without spending a fortune. With Mobuinet, users will gain ready access to each of these opportunities on an ongoing basis to achieve their personal or business goals. It will not only help people find out partners and supporters for their ideas, but also to attract new opportunities for funding and earning money.

Roman and Sons Now Offering Low-E Glass for Window Replacements

LogoAs temperatures drop, those drafty windows that let the fresh air in during the fall are now nuisances that allow the cold to enter the home. The frigid air will not only make the house uncomfortable, but they will also become a burden on the heating bills. Helping homeowners stay warm as the talks of snow start up, Roman and Sons is now offering Low-E glass for all window replacements. Not only will these replacement windows keep the drafts out, but also greatly decrease heating and cooling bills.

Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms Now Offering Purpose Built Kitchen Cabinets

LogoWhen redesigning a kitchen, homeowners want to get the most out of every space from countertops to cabinets. Often after the renovations have been made, they realize there is no room for larger items or that certain areas are now inaccessible. Helping residents maximize storage space, Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms is now offering purpose built kitchen cabinets. The company can create functional cupboards in places that many would consider wasted space.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Now Offers Virtual Design Services for Bathroom Vanities

LogoWhen it comes to remodeling a bathroom, hours can be spent looking at various accessories and trying to visualize them in the bathroom. Many, parents in particular, do not have the time to leave the house for hours on end searching for the perfect match for their updated bathroom. Adding a new level of convenience to the renovation process, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers now offers virtual design services for bathroom vanities. This program allows users to create their dream bathroom from the comfort of their couch.

Radio Airplay Pros Offers Guaranteed Airplay Service to Independent Artists for Ultimate Exposure and Music Promotion

“Radio Airplay Pros”, one of the music industry’s premier radio airplay marketing organizations is pleased to announce that it is presenting all independent and budding artists worldwide a unique opportunity; guaranteed radio and music promotion services available at highly reasonable rates. Radio Airplay Pros digitally delivers your single directly to key radio station programmers and disc jockeys with a guaranteed airplay service which allows the artists to obtain a wider exposure and an opportunity to have a head start in the music industry in the right manner.

Genuine Home Buyers Provides Both a Professional and Ethical Experience for Home Owners

Over the past decade the home buyers market has allowed many people to sell their home easily, efficiently and with confidence when suitably priced. When selling a home quickly, the home owner needs the best price as soon as possible, introducing Genuine Home Buyers, the professional, friendly and ethical home investment team.

CollaborateMD Is Offering New Integrated Payment Services This Winter

LogoCollaborateMD is an organization based out of Orlando, Florida. They provide online medical billing software to improve and add efficiency to the medical billing process. This winter, CollaborateMD has built an integrated payment service to better serve their customers. The new integrated credit card payment service allows users to process credit cards from within the CollaborateMD software. The new process saves time by avoiding double entry and reduces errors.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Announces Their Check-in Challenge for November

LogoAs the holiday season approaches, many tend to fall out of their regular workout routine as they focus on shopping and preparing their homes for company. To help motivate yogis to keep up with their routines, Fahrenheit Yoga Studio has announced their Check-In Challenge for November. Not only does this contest offer a prize, but will help get everyone feeling better about indulging in their upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. Now Offering CAD for Warehouses This November

Figuring out how best to optimize storage space in a warehouse can seem like a gargantuan undertaking, especially in larger facilities. Adding to the difficulty of the process, there are a variety of regulations that must be followed in every town to ensure safety in the workplace. As a leader in the rack and shelving industry, Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. is now offering CAD (computer aided design) for warehouses this November. Their professionals will help owners get the most out of their storage space, laterally and vertically.

Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Offering Special Deal on Tattoo Removals This Winter

While the harsh winter weather of the Northeast forces individuals to wear layers and keep their skin covered, now is the time to remove any unwanted tattoos. Whether the tattoo is outdated or an individual simply wants to upgrade to a new and fresh design, laser technology will clear the skin without pain. This winter, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is announcing a special deal for those who wish to remove a tattoo in Boston. The laser takes multiple sessions to safely rid clients of the tattoo, so for a limited time the company is offering clients to buy one session of a tattoo removal, and receive one session for free.

World's Largest Comic Book Store Unveils Custom-Designed Shipping Boxes for Their Customers

The world’s largest internet-only comic book store, has upgraded their shipping with their creation of custom “Safe Ship & Zip” shipping boxes.