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Local 3D Printer Partners with University Students to Make Projects Come to Life

Hian Technologies has just helped their first of what will be many students create a 3D printed project. The recent pairing with a London South Bank University student to produce an ergonomically designed kitchen knife is the next step in community innovation. The project was showcased at the SHAPE show alongside 40 other final projects.

Totally Green Wins Green Product Award for Food-Waste Disposal System

Totally Green is proud to have won the Green Product Award from the Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Association for its unique and environmentally friendly Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative (ORCA) machine. The ORCA converts food waste into harmless water onsite at the business establishment. This cuts waste disposal costs, while eliminating pollution from landfill sites and garbage trucks.

Mike's Auto Body Adds Fremont Location to Make It a Lucky 13

LogoOn Sept. 3, 2014 Mike's Auto Body acquired Central Collision in Fremont, CA, making this 78 year-old, 30,000 square foot second-generation body shop its 13th location. With a goal to increase the size of its market and establish a presence down the Nimitz Highway 880 corridor, Mike's Auto Body is excited about taking its successful business approach to Fremont, CA the Bay Area's fourth-largest city with a population of approximately 222,000 people.

GWC Valve International Ready to Meet the Demand of Industrial Valves in the Global Market

LogoAccording to the latest Frost and Sullivan analysis,, of the market, Africa and Latin America require an increasing number of valves and actuators for their growing oil and gas industries, creating an emerging market for these products GWC Valve International,, is well-positioned to fill. Combined with demand growth in more developed economies, the future holds great opportunity for GWC Valve Industrial.

Crème De La Crème Preschool Vice President Jody Martin Honored with Prestigious 'Bammy Award' by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International in Washington,D.C.

The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International recently awarded a prestigious Bammy Award to Jody Martin, Vice President of Education at Crème de la Crème Preschool, for her contributions to early childhood education. The Bammy Award is a cross-discipline honor created in 2012 to identify the good work being done in the field of education today.

Girts Avotins Helping Clients in Building a Brand Identity

Girts Avotins, a West Palm Beach, FL based freelance graphic designer has become a renowned name in the field. Using his extensive experience, creativity and knowledge, he is helping a number of clients in making their own powerful brand identity. Girts is offering wide range of services to the clients including branding, web designing, brochure designing, catalog designing, website maintenance,hosting and packaging design services to name a few. Combined in the right manner, the services are able to positively impact the business and brand of the clients.

Skintastic Laser Skin Center Announces Tattoo Removal Now Available in Spa Setting

People who once enjoyed the art of the body tattoo often find that they later wish to have these removed. “The newest versions of the gold standard in tattoo removal is changing very quickly in both dermatology and cosmetic medicine. This is due to the many advances that have occurred in the use of laser technology to treat patients” writes Dr. Ilya Petrou M.D.

X8 Energy Gum Is Excited to Announce the Launch of Their New and Improved Website

Their site is unique – just like their performance gum! It contains lots of information about their product, its ingredients, the formulation, delivery system and testimonials from people who use the product. Aggregates Headlines from News Sources Worldwide

A computer-generated news website, collects headlines from news sources from around the world, consolidates similar stories and presents them according to the personalized interests of readers.

Atlas Transfer & Storage Co Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Atlas Transfer & Storage Company recently announced the launch of their new website,, which is a more user-friendly version than its previous iteration. The new site focuses on being mobile-friendly, so users can have access from any device with no trouble making use of all of the important features when learning more about their moving services.

Oakley Relocation Launches Website to Provide Stress-Free Moving Options for Southern

Writing for the journal, Early Childhood News, in an article entitled “Wave Goodbye: Helping Children Deal with the Stress of Moving” Marian Marion, PhD writes about how stress can affect every member of the family during the relocation process. Dr. Marion writes, “It is not unusual for children to view moving from one home to another in a manner very much the same as their parents. This is because any move can be highly stress-inducing for both children and adults.”

My Identity Doctor, Renowned for Medical ID Bracelets Wants to Recognize National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes due to the presence of whole or partial part of 3rd copy of chromosome 21. It affects physical growth, characteristic, facial features and intellectual disability. In the month of October, Down Syndrome Awareness is celebrated. In this campaign, people are encouraged to get involved with those who are suffering from the syndrome, interact with them and show acceptance. Different kinds of events are organized where people share stories, experiences and communicate with people with or without this syndrome. In Time Squares, New York City, many organizations working on the campaign of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month supported it by showing pictures of people with the syndrome and their beautiful moments on a large screen. Lots of people gather together to support this campaign. - The Definitive Medical/Healthcare Career Guide

Globally speaking, the United States of America spends more than 17.2% of its GDP on healthcare. This expenditure is more than that of any other country in the world. It is therefore important to note that the medical and healthcare industry in the country is booming and constantly on the look-out for talented technicians with a passion for they do and a keen desire to specialize in their chosen area. But for this to happen, one needs to take the first step, which is to choose the right area or specialization of medicine or healthcare. And this is where comes to the rescue.

Boston Stairlift Launches Campaign Informing Seniors the Benefits of Stairlifts

As individuals age, their mobility becomes limited, often changing their gait and balance. Unfortunately, this often results in an increase in the number of harmful injuries and falls, and according to experts, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, as well as reduced levels of function. To counter this, John Watkins, spokesperson for Boston Stairlift (, has announced a campaign to inform seniors and their families of the benefits and advantages of stairlifts, and how they can be affordable on a senior's budget.

"Extreme Zip Lining" Chronicles One Man's Hair Raising Quest for Freedom

In 1985, a 19 year old Czechoslovakian man decided he had seen enough of the brutal Soviet-backed communist regime, and chose to risk his life to pursue the dream of freedom in the West. That quest, chased by Daniel Pohl, is chronicled in his autobiography, “Extreme Zip Lining.” - An Online Hub for Careers in Medicine and Healthcare

A faultless diagnosis is the cornerstone of a successful medical treatment. And when it comes to diagnostic techniques, X-Ray techniques are one of the oldest and self-updating techniques in medicine. That is why a career as an X-Ray technician is always in vogue. The important question, though, is if it is the right choice of career, personally. And this is where can truly help.

Portland Masonry Now Offers Chimney Caps in Portland at Affordable Prices

Portland Masonry is now offering chimney caps in Portland at affordable prices. The company offers a wide variety of chimney caps in stainless steel or copper. Having a chimney cap is necessary to keep water from entering the home. A good chimney cap completely prevents water from entering the chimney. One does not have to repair or rebuild the chimney if it is embedded with a proper cap. Portland Masonry provides best-in-class functionality chimney caps that help customers enhance the life of their chimney.

CB Technologies Launches Cloud Data Storage Giving Businesses the Competitive Edge

Reporting for the online magazine “” IT expert and columnist David Linthicum has consistently extolled the virtues of corporations working from the cloud. David Linthicum writes, “Companies who have adopted an ongoing relationship with cloud technology have a distinct advantage over their competitors. To use cloud-based technologies and a platform based in the cloud is to allow companies of all sizes to not just cut costs, but further their corporate computing efficiency.”

Upcoming Book Provides Game-Changing New Model for Categorizing, Displaying, Inventorying, Safeguarding & Valuing Artifact Collections

While a collection of artifacts or objects may look like a jumble of objects to the untrained eye, those responsible for such collections are acutely aware of the hundreds of hours often required to assemble, categorize, compare, display, value and safeguard them. To date there has been no accepted ‘model’ to record this information, but a new book and practical kit by Godfrey Harris could be about to change that situation for good.

New Book Claims "The American Way of Giving to Charity Is Wrong" - Suggests a Way of Selecting Causes & Contributions That Best Benefit the Individual and the Nation

Street corners, the Internet, mainstream media and just about everywhere else is awash with an endless parade of appeals for money from nonprofit organizations. Individuals are faced with seamlessly endless possibilities when it comes to deciding who to donate to and how much to give. Of course, those with the most expensive and elaborate marketing campaigns usually win. While this may be passed off as nothing more than the American Way, author Godfrey Harris sees it as a serious problem potentially rewarding the wrong organizations for the wrong reasons. In fact, he openly admits that “the way most Americans respond to the solicitations of the 1.5 million registered nonprofit groups sucks”.

Mickey and the Plow Horse: Uplifting New Book Empowers Children to Release Their 'Inner Thoroughbred'

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; millions of adults stumble their way through life feeling they are not good enough, have nothing to offer and simply don’t fit in. Dr. Edward Dreyfus sees this as a modern societal epidemic and, to prevent the next generation from lacking the drive and self-esteem they deserve, directly addresses these emotions in a powerful new children’s book. ‘Mickey and the Plow Horse’ transcends a typical children’s picture book to provide a life-changing reading experience Now Offers Fresh Collection of Camping Gear at Reasonable Prices

LogoReflecting their position as a leading provider of gun safe products, is now offering a fresh collection of camping gear that includes Medical AFA Family Kit, backpacks, camping furniture, fire starting, key chains, personal care, stoves and fuel, tents, sleeping gear, cookware and much more. The company offers compact tools and utilities for a perfect camping experience. Clients can buy these products at the most reasonable prices. The company also offers occasional discounts on selected products.

NYC Wine & Oyster Den Virgola Introduces an Inventive Cocktail List

Virgola, the unique oyster & Italian wine bar located inside a restored 1800's alley in the heart of Greenwich Village is now serving cocktails.

Aldetamo, LLC Launches Website Selling Quality Baseball Gear, Collectibles, and More

LogoAlvin Takamori is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website carries a wide range of baseball products including collectibles, DVDs, games, equipment, books, and more. Mr. Takamori was inspired to start his website by his own love of baseball. He has been a fan since he was a little kid listening to baseball games on the radio. Mr. Takamori started his website with the hope of sharing the love of baseball with his customers and a whole new generation of baseball fans.

Complete IRA Warns of Tax Bill Trauma as Florida Law Puts 401k Loans at Risk

People borrow from their 401k for all sorts of reasons. Paying off credit-card debt, medical bills, helping ends meet during a move to a new job, starting a new business, and more. Whatever the reason, no one borrows the money thinking they’re creating a tax liability that starts out at 30%+ and could swell past the total amount they borrowed in the first place. offers people advice and guidance on 401ks and IRAs, and is highlighting the problem to try and ensure more people aren’t caught in the tax trap.

Clinical Exam Workshop Helps Graduating Counselors Avoid 30% Failure Rate in Licensing

Graduation day is a happy one for most. Unfortunately for students graduating with a Masters in Counseling, there could be cognitive trauma just around the corner. After graduation comes the complicated process of state licensure to practice as a counselor, with most requiring the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) in their licensure process. All therapists taking the test have completed their degrees; most have accrued hundreds of hours of clinical experience, yet as many as 30% fail. Clinical Exam Workshop exists to change this.

IPDN - Success for Life Enables People to Earn Money from Their Own Homes

People who have a hard time looking for work can now relax and take it lightly. There’s a website which claims to give them the latest employment opportunities that will make their futures bright, right in the comfort of their own homes.