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Using Radio Frequency Devices to Tighten Skin Is Featured in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

Skin tightening is very popular as patients get older and see their skin become loose and sagging, and they want to do something about it. There are a number of devices and techniques that are available to tighten skin, and using radio frequency (or RF) is one of them. RF devices are featured the latest (28jan15) educational video from Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka.

CONN'S, Inc. (NASDAQ:CONN) Long-Term Investor Alert: Lawsuit Against Directors over Alleged Wrongdoing Filed

A current investor in NASDAQ:CONN shares filed a lawsuit against directors of CONN'S, Inc. over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties that caused damages to the company and NASDAQ:CONN stockholders.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces the Opening of the Hardy McManus Extension

LogoWilliam Few Parkway and Hardy McManus have both seen their share of construction over this past year. In 2013, construction began on a 6.9 million dollar project that would extend William Few Parkway past Riverwood Drive. In their blog last week, Bill Beazley Homes shares that the opening of this road has finally happened.

Manchester Property Investment Company Launches New Website

LogoMayweather Estates have recently launched their brand new property investment website, led by Manchester based property entrepreneur Jordan Yaffe.

Prudential Beazley Real Estate Announces the Return of the First Time Home Buyer

LogoIn their blog last week, Prudential Beazley Real Estate shared with readers that, "in the past five years, high down payment demands and strict lending standards have made it difficult for first time home buyers to find a home." However, there is good news for entry-level buyers, and that is in 2015 all of this should change. Millennials who once had issues securing a place of their own will now find the road much easier.

Marketing Expert and Bestselling Author Charlie Hutton Publishes the Formula for Getting More Business

Charlie Hutton, best-selling author and lead generation strategies expert, offers practical tips for business owners on his blog to help them get more customers

Kelly Krassa and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Opening of Naxos Island Vacation Suites

LogoNaxos Island Vacation Suites invites all to visit Naxos Island's first ever, green powered vacation home. Compared any resort or spa, it will offer much more to the visitors in terms of both authenticity and enjoyment. Visitors will be able to pick organic fruits of their choice for their complimentary breakfast. Naxos is a lively island with many beautiful beaches and plenty of activities for people that love outdoor adventure. There will be plenty of options on the beach for the water sports lovers. Finally, there will be a magical night out in the bustling Old Town of Naxos to end the day.

Experience French "Little Venice" by Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign

A leading French Real Estate agency, Boutemy Immobilier, is offering Indiegogo backers a rare opportunity to experience Port Grimaud, a lakeside village in France, commonly known as French Venice.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Versatile Range of Greenhouse Shades at Cost Effective Prices

LogoSolidifying their position as a leading provider of sheds, Storage Sheds Outlet is now offering a versatile range of greenhouse shades at a cost-effective price. Their greenhouses are ideal for plantations that require special care and protection against the harsh extremities of weather. Their Monticello 20'x8' Greenhouse Kit manufactured by Riverstone Industries is excellent. This particular greenhouse kit is made in the USA which sets the best industry standards for greenhouses. This greenhouse is manufactured with superlative quality aluminum of U.S. grade which is thicker. Their greenhouse uses more than 40 lbs which is more than the average imported greenhouse to protect plants against snow cave-ins and wind damage. Introduces a Disposable Email Address to Protect the Privacy of Email Users is a new online email service launched by the namesake email client, The newly launched email service is different from traditional and widely used email services in many different ways. The owners have claimed that their disposable email service will help users in protecting online privacy and data security in a unique way. The experts who have conceptualized and designed the email service have stressed on the fact that service can be highly beneficial for those who are keen to avoid using their private email addresses. According to the email service developers, comes with all the much-loved features and functions of the popular email clients.

Samuel Golding Announces the 4 Things You 'Must Do' to Successfully Launch an Affiliate Business

LogoBeing in the industry, networking and masterminding in some of the most high-end exclusive marketing events, Samuel Golding reveals a huge shift happening amongst the super affiliates which he has chosen to share as he believes it will help new affiliates avoid making costly mistakes.

ParentsTomorrow Educates Couples Interested in Artificial Insemination and Surrogacy

In the US alone, thousands of couples have a hard time getting pregnant every single year and this is why the website ParentsTomorrow was created. The aim of the site is to provide people with the information they need on how they can get pregnant after trying for a long time to conceive.

Helsinki-Based Startup PolarSpin Launches "Stunt Zone" - Mobile Game

LogoPolarSpin Oy, a Helsinki based new startup company is releasing its first mobile game "Stunt Zone" for Android. Stunt Zone is a physics based trial motorbike game with realistic rider motion controls for authentic gameplay experience. The game is free to download and it features 20 levels with challenging obstacles, hilarious crashes and instant replay. Game soundtrack is made by Finnish electronic music artist Fanu.

Journey Into Celebrations: Dubai Shopping Festival Greets Visitors with Extreme Discounts and Exciting Mall Shows as Part of Annual Retail Bonanza

LogoWith a few days left for the 20th anniversary of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) that had begun on January 1, 2015 and will end in February 1, 2015, shoppers and tourists have still a lot to see and to shop as DSF exhibits thrilling music shows, offer great discounts and showcase best buys that make Dubai's annual retail bonanza a shopping experience that should never be missed.

Over 10,000 Print Industry Professionals to Attend Gulf Print & Pack 2015

LogoOver 10,000 printing industry professionals are expected to descend on Dubai in April when Gulf Print & Pack 2015 opens for business at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Opportunity for Puc/12th Standard Failed Students to Pursue Degree

New Shores International College in affiliation with NIOS now offers one of its kind opportunities for PUC/12th failed students to pursue full time degree course like any other 12th passed students.

Arab Health Promises to Prolong Effects of Botox

Arab Health Magazine is the trusted and leading clinical magazine circulating the Middle East region. The magazine is published exclusively by Informa Life Sciences, the very same company organizing the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress. This health magazine is published for six times every year with comprehensive readership made up of specialists, medical professionals and clinicians. All articles included in this magazine are written by medical experts for medical professionals in Middle East.

MEED Real Estate Summit Told Affordable Housing, Quality Offices and Luxury Apartments Are Key Opportunities in Dubai

LogoSpeakers at the MEED Real Estate Summit said that housing that is affordable to mid-low income residents, international standard offices and genuine luxury apartments were among the best opportunities in the Dubai real estate market.

35th Annual AHNA Conference Registration Now Open

LogoConference registration is now open for the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) 35th Annual Conference, Healthcare: Grounded in Holistic Nursing, June 12-17, 2015 at the Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center in Branson, Missouri.

The Vines Announces Exclusive Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

LogoGreat news for Aussie couples planning special celebration come Valentine's Day, Swan Valley located luxury resort & country club The Vines Resort has announced exclusive romantic dinner package for the sweethearts this 14th February.

Superhero Insurance Says Buying a House Without Income Protection Insurance Could Be a Costly Mistake

A leading insurance company in Australia, who helps consumers save money on their insurance needs, are concerned first-time buyers are not been given the financial advice they need to safeguard their financial future. Superhero Insurance, who with their insurance comparison tool has helped consumers save money, has warned 20% of defaulted mortgages in Australia are caused by the loss of income. Through Income Protection Insurance, this figure could be reduced, according to a spokesman for Superhero Insurance. Now Offers No Income Verification Loans to Customers

Acquiring a home loan from a reputable financial institution can be extremely difficult at times. Stated income home loans by make it easier for individuals wanting to obtain home loans. The option to qualify for a loan without tax returns and bank statements is now available to any person seeking a home loan. As part of the stated income loan plan, applicants must have 20-30% for a down payment when buying a home, without any strict income verification. The loan is particularly ideal for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs who declare low income on their tax returns.

Consumer Action Law Group Is Helping Employees to Sue Employers for Wrongful Termination

Terminating an employee from work for illegal reasons is grounds for the employee to sue the employer. Consumer Action Law Group fights for employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their employment. The law firm also guides employees on the legal measures that they can resort to once they have been unjustly dismissed from their service. There are state and federal laws that protect employees from termination due to breach of contract, discrimination, legal retaliation, whistleblowing or reporting violations of public policies by the employer. With the help of CALGroup wrongful termination attorney, employees may take the legal course against their employers.

Highly Regarded Ecommerce Provider Announces Training on How to Conduct a Successful Online Business, a website powered by Top3 Media Group are pleased to announce their organised ecommerce seminars to enhance consumers' knowledge of the incredible opportunities available for companies who choose to branch out on to this platform. Their courses will also have the added option of teaching participants how to thoroughly use the powerful Magento platform that all their ecommerce solutions are built on.

Superhero Insurance Says Single Parents Are at Financial Risk by Ignoring Income Protection Insurance

Superhero Insurance has seen a huge increase in the number of people who are protecting their financial future through Income Protection Insurance. However, millions of single parents are failing to protect themselves financially in case of illness or injury. That means, if a single parent who has the sole responsibility to deal with home finances suffers an illness or is injured, there only income could be stopped. Superhero Insurance, the company that helps consumers find the best insurance cover at affordable prices through their Free insurance comparison tool, would like single parents to research how cost effective and important Income Protection Insurance is.

12 Volt Technology Now Offers Varied Waeco Portable Fridges at Reasonable Prices

Logo12 Volt Technology is now offering Waeco portable fridges at discounted prices. The company holds a vast inventory of Waeco portable fridge and also offers special packages that are tailored to suit the varied needs of the various clients. They are currently offering WAECO CA35 absorption cooler 35l at $339.95 which also includes tax. Customers get this fridge at great discounted price as the original price of this fridge is $369.90. This multi-purpose fridge is an efficient quick chiller. This Waeco CA35 has extra efficient insulation and also all-round rubber seal. This fridge works with 240 Volts AC main power and 12 volt DC. It is also designed to work with LPG gas, which is the unique selling point of this fridge. Users can connect it 240V when at home and they can also use it while on BBQ occasions.

Dental Implants: Possible for Diabetics with Controlled Blood Sugar Levels and Regular Check-Up Says New Research

LogoDiabetes Mellitus which is a group of metabolic disorders, has been declared and is included in the watch list by the World Health Organization as a pandemic disease to be fully aware of. Diabetes is characterized by insufficiency in the amount or total absence of insulin production by the pancreas which makes a person prone to a more serious health risks such as heart diseases, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, premature death, bone disorder and periodontal disease.