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Mary Contreras Celebrates 20 Years as a Top State Farm Insurance Agent

Mary Contreras recently marked 20 successful years as a State Farm insurance agent. Throughout her career, Contreras has been a highly respected, high-performing agent and has distinguished herself through the level of personal attention she pays to each client's needs. Contreras's caring nature has also shown through in her intense commitment to a variety of local organizations and worthy causes over the years. Thanks to her exceptional professional work and sustained community involvement and leadership, Contreras has received a number of prestigious awards and distinctions, including recognition as the 2012 Woman of the Year by the NB|AZ® Women's Financial Group and selection as one of the 25 Most Dynamic Women Leaders in 2013 by the Phoenix Business Journal.

"Confronting Current Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment" Receives Educational Excellence Award

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), The France Foundation, and the Nurse Practitioner Alternatives (NPA) are pleased to announce that “Confronting Current Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: A Unique Individualized Learning Plan,” has been selected as the winner for the 2015 Outstanding CE Enduring Material by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Hytrol Conveyor and Integration Partner McCombs Wall Provided Solution for California Cartage

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, worked with integration partner McCombs-Wall, Inc. Engineering to provide California Cartage Company with an automated material handling system capable of processing the customer's high volume of product. Hytrol Conveyor and McCombs-Wall, Inc. Engineering leveraged solutions that delivered the amount of throughput through only 20 inbound doors, where a typical cross-docking system would have required 35 inbound doors. The system accomplished this through a specialized method of induction feeding two of the most advanced sliding shoe sorters in the industry.

WatchBox Co. Now Offers Fresh Collection of Elegant Men Watch Cases at Reasonable Prices

LogoWatchBox Co. is now offering a fresh collection of elegant men watch cases at reasonable prices. The company houses some of the finest men’s watch cases and boxes that are not only attractive and stylish, they also provide complete protection to the watches from scratches, sudden shocks, and other damages. The company truly understands the importance of maintaining the watch in safe condition since watches are a most precious possession. The company sells men’s watch case for commercial and individual purposes.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Students Car Insurance 101

LogoLabor Day is over, our pencils are sharpened, and lying poolside is just a memory: That’s right, it’s officially back-to-school season. Many student drivers, especially in college, may not know much about the process that is car insurance, because—let’s be honest—lots of students are lucky enough to have their parents take care of that nonsense. However, understanding car insurance is crucial for many reasons—plus, no one wants Mom and Dad to take care of them forever, right? So consider class in session.

LONGEVITY Now Offers Versatile Range of Welders for Sale at Cost Effective Prices

LONGEVITY is now offering a versatile range of welders for sale at cost effective prices. The company is an eminent name for providing commercial and domestic use welding machines. With them, one will get welders machines that have high applications in a variety of industries such as construction, automobile, manufacturing and more. Most of their welding machines come with a five-year warranty period that is applicable on parts and labor. The warranty period is designed keeping in mind the end-user. Their sheer designing and innovative bent of mind has enabled them to create welding machines that are the need of the hour for heavy industrial operations.

US Working Mom Deserves a Paid Maternity Leave

Many developed countries have grants for employees when they leave from work for some important reasons, such as maternity. However, this is not the case in the United States, being the only developed country that does not have laws offering paid maternity leave. This has been the issue that is continuously being reminded by the Obama administration, so once the laws about labor have been amended, people will then get the chance to take advantage of this feature. However, before they can finally achieve this, people will first need to gain some knowledge regarding labor law. This is exactly where the role of Brooklyn insurance defense attorney enters the scene.

LONGEVITY Now Offers a Myriad of Welders Equipment with Warranty Period

LONGEVITY is now offering a myriad of welders equipment with a warranty period. The company stores and sells best-in-class functionality industrial and domestic welding machines that are heavy duty and used for large applications. Their TIG welder is a most advanced and precise welding machine that provides quality welds. This tool allows the welder to control the heat and it is widely used for thinner welding applications. This ACDC-enabled welding tool holds the power to weld different kinds of metals including aluminum. Its GTAW-Pulse allows for pulsing both AC and DC modes and also controls heat distribution. The pulse further enables the user to set the timing mechanism thus preventing the metal from burning.

The Unwavering Service Commitment of New York City Electricians

New York City Electricians offer unwavering service commitment. They are committed to their work and are focus in providing assistance to both government and private agencies that are in need of their help in the repair, installation and other electrical services.

New Device Uses Magnetism to Save Home Heating Fuel

Peter Kulish, a scientist from the Philadelphia area, has made a major breakthrough in home heating efficiency. His new invention, the Super Saver, uses magnetic fields to reduce natural gas, propane and oil consumption by 20-40 percent while also decreasing harmful emissions.

Matt Farris of Hytrol Praises 50 Year Integration Partner Skarnes

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company’s success. Matt Farris, Hytrol’s Director of Business Development, commented, “Skarnes has been a Hytrol Integrator for over 50 years. We have worked hand-in-hand with them for many years and have developed a true partnership that has paid dividends to our end-users. They have a well trained staff that can provide problem solving solutions to their customers while providing a personalized service level. We are proud to be associated with them and look forward to many more successful years together.”

Schools' Intelligence Announces 30-Day Free, No-Obligation Trial Opportunity

Schools' Intelligence announced the availability of a free, 30-day trial of the company's flagship application. Designed to centralize and enable the fruitful analysis of pupil-related data, the Schools' Intelligence software service brings the proven power of business intelligence to the educational sphere. Those who sign up for the 30-day free, no-obligation trial will also receive all of the benefits of Schools' Intelligence's best-in-class support, helping them to make the most of the opportunity.

SimpliLearn Launches Improved and Updated Salesforce Training Courses

SimpliLearn America, LLC, a leading provider of professional and technical education, announced the availability of an updated Salesforce Administrator Training program. The revised course incorporates live, instructor-led training, case studies, and hands-on lab work to teach students how to administer and maintain the widely used Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. Like all of SimpliLearn's offerings, the improved course focuses on delivering valuable, career-enhancing education in ways that make the most sense for busy, ambitious students.

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art Goes Ghostly for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday the Ghost Doctors will be leading groups of courageous apprentice ghost hunters through the endless wings, hallways and galleries of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art in search of ghostly spirits. After these brave recruits receive a crash course in the fundamentals of ghost hunting 101, they'll be drilled in the proper use of different electronic ghost hunting equipment as well as how to detect and even photograph signs of paranormal activity.

Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Organic Turmeric Powder for Good Health

LogoThough Western culture knows little about its many benefits, turmeric is a staple used in the South Pacific not just in food but also as a skin treatment, in preventive care and as a chronic pain reliever – it has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic healing. Now Wakaya Perfection is making its proprietary Organic Turmeric Powder affordably available in cosmetic and medicinal form. This pure, high-quality powder will have a lasting impact on your well-being.

Atlanta MD Sponsoring Students to Attend Women's Mental Health Conference in Tokyo

With increased opportunities for women come increased expectations – and often stress. Tanya Douglas-Holland, MD, MPH knows from personal experience.

Selby Soft Furnishings Expands Range to Include Bean Cubes, Ottomans and More

Soft Furnishings are part of what makes a house a home, and can add a sense of intimacy, warmth and character to a space by accenting it with patterned and colourful materials. Such furnishings can however amount to big ticket items if bought from mainstream mass producers, while the quality of these products is in fact less than ideal. Selby Soft Furnishings provides wholesale materials and guides to empower homeowners to make their own soft furnishings, and has recently begun to create a limited range of high quality, handcrafted items for sale, including a new range of ottomans, bean cubes and pouffes.

Old Faithful Sprinklers Extends Client Referral Program for Loyal Customers

LogoLeading Michigan sprinkler installation company Old Faithful Sprinklers has reportedly launched client referral program for loyal customers. The firm caters to both residential and commercial customers.

Stolen Tujunga T-Ball Artificial Turf Field to Be Donated by Artificial Grass Liquidators

LogoOn December 3rd, 2014, hundreds of young, aspiring athletes from the Tujunga Little League will get to “play ball” again, thanks in large part to the donation and installation of a new artificial turf T-Ball field by Artificial Grass Liquidators, a Southern California based artificial turf retail chain.

Jewel Box Display and Supply Co. Now Offers Fresh Collection of Jewelry Display for Sale

LogoJewel Box Display and Supply Co. is now offering a fresh collection of jewelry display for sale. The company caters to the jewelry display and box needs to shop owners and individual customers. With them, one will get a wide variety of designs and sizes that suit everyone’s needs and budget. These jewelry displays and boxes are an ideal choice for shop owners who want to showcase their jewelry in the most distinctive ways to draw instant attention. Without the proper jewelry showcasing, attention won’t be grabbed and sales will be lost. Jewel Box Display and Supply Co. presents the most attractive and stylish jewelry displays that attract instant attention and boost sales.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Now Safely Recycling Cosmetics This Holiday Season

LogoAs the holiday seasons approaches, many companies in the health and beauty industry are seeing their fragrances flying off the shelves. It is important to ensure customers are purchasing and using materials that are safe. When warehouses are full of expired, unsafe, and unsellable fragrances this holiday season, Dynamic Recycling LLC is pleased to announce they are utilizing their green recycling process to dispose of cosmetics in an environmentally friendly manner. When businesses choose to take advantage of their high level of service, they will save money while creating renewable energy.

Local Elder Law Attorney Launches 'Thinksgiving' Campaign

With families spread out across the country, Thanksgiving is one of the few times of the year when we are able to gather together.

Alpha X Computer Offers Certified Computer Repair Services That One Can Rely On

Electronics whilst known for their durability often spring up with issues which need to be addressed at the earliest in order to keep them in good and working condition for a prolonged period of time. This is where Alpha X Computer comes into play.

Maritant Launches New Industry Blog at Official Website

Maritant, a cutting-edge database for Marine Equipment and Supply, has launched a new blog on its official website, It will provide visitors with information and updates regarding the company's services, benefits, and more.

Moving Solutions That Make Moving Easier for the Entire Family, Especially for Kids

Moving is already a hard task for the whole family even with the good news that came with it. But telling this news to kids can be much worse than all the tasks involved in moving preparations. That is when hiring Better Rate Movers can be beneficial. The company has been known as a NY moving company that offers cost-effective moving solutions due to low rates in which they offer their service. More than being known as low rate movers, the company is also recognized for how well they can help in making moving easier for kids.

Network Chiropractic Consultants Prepare for 2015

LogoNetwork Chiropractic Consultants are pleased to announce their new services for the upcoming new year. This month, they are proudly celebrating their ten years anniversary in business.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Logo celebrated their 12 year anniversary on November 15th and still continues to help consumers to find the most reasonable rates for their cars in the areas where they live. The first 100 customers receive 85% discount on auto insurance.