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Recent Hunting and Shooting Incidents Sparkle New Ethics Campaign

Anglers, Hunters and other outdoor adventurers activities are invited to join by the Division of Game and Fish in this summer holiday season in Mexico. Where real hunting and shooting enthusiasm will find all information about upcoming fishing, hunting, and trapping chances, all-terrain riding, the most recent gear and many more.

Epteca Selected for Traveltech Lab, the UK's Premier Incubator for Travel Technology Start-Ups

Epteca announced this week they have been selected as one of only 13 companies from over a 100 that applied to be part of the Traveltech Lab, the UK's first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups.

MOLBASE Serves as Updated Database of Eight Million Chemicals

Chemicals are used for various purposes depending on the user. Laboratory, schools, colleges, research institutes, hospitals and many other establishments require chemicals. MOLBASE is a chemical search engine with highest levels of accuracy and fast access to updated database of eight million chemicals. It has already worked with more 20,000 global suppliers to offer more than 16 million chemicals. Real time product pricing and inventory update for professional buyers to purchase and inquiry is also available.

Legenton Manufactures Impact Sockets of Varying Size and Shape

Impact socket is a tool widely used by people to loosen or tighten a fastener. It is primarily to endure the force applied by impact tools which may cause standard sockets to shatter. Legenton is an Impact Socket maker with more than a decade of experience in CNC machining, metal stamping; surface phosphatising, heat treatment and metal fabrication. It provides the complete size variation of Impact Sockets ranging from four to twelve points and standard length to deep length.

Dierxun Fan Equipment Co Ltd Offers a Wide Range of High Capacity Fans

There is a demand for motor driven high speed fans in every industrial unit. Such fans not only help to cool heated metals but also provide proper ventilation inside the factory unit. Dierxun Fan Equipment Co Ltd supplies variety of high capacity fans in many industrial units of China. Its main product consists of fiberglass fan . It has a surplus demand in hotels, factories, workshops, high risers and other establishments. This device primarily helps to lower the air pressure and ensure smooth flow of the air. This products are manufactured in the firm's production unit under the supervision of experienced engineers. Besides, manufacturing process of these items can be known from the website of the firm. The products are easy to install and does not consume much electricity.

Viadaseditors Launches a Learner-Friendly Assortment of Study Course for Its Online Students

Viadaseditors has launched an advanced mode of learning AutoCAD for both beginners and professionals. They provide the learning through video courses online. They provide study materials to the learns both by electronic version and by mailing them offline. Getting an AutoCAD training course from Viadaseditors helps to do material and quantity take-offs and enhance the learner's productivity after completion of course. There are lots of courses that are offered for the enthusiast students. They provide training AutoCAD programs in technology certificate, Autodesk training course, Autodesk certification, corporate trainings etc.

Ghuangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Manufactures Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings have surplus demand in factories and other processing units to improve the performance of the machines. Ghuangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment has brought variety of fluid couplings in the market. These products provide mechanical support for smooth running of machines. Constant fill fluid coupling is the primary product of the company. It is one of the fluid coupling types which have surplus demand in every industrial unit of the country. It helps to increase and check the rotational speed of the machines. It helps the machines to start quickly and enables it to absorb the pressure of overloading quite comfortably. It can be easily inserted in the machine and has a good gripping system. As a result it does not get loose while regulating the rotational speed of the machines. It reduces the vibration of the machines and can start multiple motors of any machine simultaneously. These products are manufactured under the supervision of expert fluid coupling manufacturers. These items are resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperature.

Guangdong Senje Fire Protection Group Supplies Efficient Fire Fighting Products

Fire accidents can happen anywhere and it is always better to take proper precautionary measures before such incidents happen. Guangdong Senje Protection Group provides variety of fire controlling items at an affordable price rate. The fire extinguisher items of the company have been developed by experts and are available at cost effective rates. The most popular category consists of Abc fire extinguisher and This extinguisher can be kept in library, cafe shops, food centres, cinema halls and other places. It is light and can be operated easily. It contains chemical components called monoammonium phosphate and can effectively extinguish fire belong to A, B and C categories. It cannot be used to extinguish fire that arises out of any chemical reaction. It can be used to control fire that arises from inflammable items and non metallic products like wood and paper.

Rocco Shoes Announces Release of 'H' Series Designer Shoes

Just as women who are graced with looks appear to be given more by society, tall men seem to receive benefit over short men. For years, elevator shoes and lifts have helped men to walk in disguise. Longtime designer shoe company Rocco Shoes ( is excited to announce the release of their 'H' series designer shoes. The Rocco Shoes 'H' series are high quality elevator shoes adding height to style for men.

No More Worries About Lost Data on iOS Devices

Those who face the issue of data loss from their iOS devices have a good news. Handysoft has come out with an efficient software for iOS data recovery.

Kitchen Design Victoria Offers Free Appliances on All Kitchen Renovations Booked in April

Kitchen Design Victoria ( has been redesigning and renovating kitchens for 25 years. They have stayed at the cutting edge of their field throughout that time, offering people the latest and best technology married to a design sensibility that maximizes the economy of space while creating a visual treat. They have launched a special for April that includes a range of free accessories to choose from, when booking a renovation.

Authorpreneur Marica Love Releasing Her Much Anticipated Book: Married to the War

Journals of Love, Life and Sweet Liqueurs, Australian born author Marica Love is more than thrilled to be releasing the first book in her Married To The War series of autobiographical novels. In the book, Marica Love paints a rich, vivid and compelling tapestry of love and loss as she writes about her personal battle that she fought during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995.

Dee, an Advanced Wearable Technology Product for Dogs, Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

LogoSenorld claims that Dee is the most sophisticated dog wearable product ever that will connect the dog lovers and their favorite pets to a dedicated cloud platform. The overall funding requirement for this project is $30,000.

Peter Dodd's Next Animated Feature Goes Into Production

LogoGlobal Genesis Group and Bug Blue Films is proud to announce that they have signed a worldwide distribution agreement at miptv to bring the Peter Dodd and Kristian Kamp big budget animated feature Troll, the Tale of a Tail to the big screen.

Good News! Now Kids Too Can Enjoy Hunting at the Special Day of Youth Turkey Weekend

The tenth annual state youth turkey hunt fair is going to be held on this April 25 and 26. All the hunting and shooting fans waited for this fair throughout the year and practice a lot through the year. But to become a real turkey hunter every individual need to cover the basics of turkey calling and turkey hunting safety. A famous Fish and Game wildlife biologist well-known as Andrew Timmins said "if a person wants to become a real turkey hunter, they need to know the natural behavior and history of wild turkeys. This will help them to analyze and make a perfect shoot that can hit the bull's eye.

Made Presents Lil Wayne and Future to Perform Vegas Fight Weekend

Mayweather Fight Weekend w/ Lil Wayne to perform Fight Weekend Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Foxtail SLS Vegas, 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 - 10:00 PM.

BevOps Fleet Summit Featured New Self-Stabilizing Truck by Magline

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, exhibited at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 this week in Las Vegas, NV. Andrea Horner, Magline's Vice President of Marketing reported that the exhibit provided multiple demonstrations of the new self-stabilizing hand truck.

Jason P. Jordan Appears on with John Cote is the creation of host John Cote, a medical tourism show and podcast where Cote interviews Doctors, healthcare experts and patients worldwide who participate in Medical Tourism. Many patients find that the cost, time frame or availability of a particular procedure is too expensive or not available in their country so they travel elsewhere to get their treatment. This can range from cosmetic procedures, to stem cell and cancer treatments or knee or hip replacement surgery as examples. The mission of is to educate people globally about the opportunities that exist for them to travel and receive world class healthcare at affordable prices.

TCCI Manufacturing Receives Bronze Level Caterpillar Award for SQEP Certification

T/CCI Manufacturing received the Bronze Level Caterpillar Award for Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) Certification. The Caterpillar (CAT) SQEP program is designed to recognize and place special emphasis on suppliers who achieve performance excellence. To become certified, a supplier must prove that they can enhance the quality of Cat's products and services by achieving the highest scores in Caterpillar's key core values: Quality, Velocity, and Cost, along with process control and Six Sigma methodologies.

Leading Port Grimaud Real Estate Agency Updates Its Holiday Rentals for the Upcoming Summer Season

LogoBoutemy Immobilier, one of the leading real estate agencies in Port Grimaud, has recently announced that they have updated their online list of holiday rental properties as they now have fresh properties prepared for the upcoming summer season.

Adam Nutter Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Making of His Upcoming Short Horror Film 'Reverend.'

LogoReverend is a short horror film from small time filmmaker, director, actor, and comedian Adam Nutter. The funding requirement for the completion of this film is $1,500.

Ignited Deals Announces Pinterest Profile

Premier online home goods retailer Ignited Deals has announced the launch of a Pinterest profile. The company will utilize this social media profile to reach fans and friends around the world. While various businesses utilize social media to promote their brands, Ignited Deals strives to reach fans with an array of fun and educational content.

Newly Launched Candle Alternative from Ignited Deals Spurs Acclaim

Amazon customers have left outstanding feedback for retailer Ignited Deals, a Fort Worth-based family owned and operated small business. The home goods company recently launched their flagship product, a 24 count set of LED flameless tealight candles, and customers have left excellent feedback.

Experts Offer Warnings Regarding Traditional Candles, Ignited Deals Delivers Alternatives

Candles have been found to release toxic chemicals into the air, but a new alternative provides a realistic solution.

Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us Welcomes Energy Healer Scott Smith of Shaktify

LogoI, Gilles Asselin, have been working with Scott since July of 2014 and I call him my "energy coach." He seems to be able to direct energy whenever I need it, and that means far beyond the boundaries of my narrow physical body, into those areas of my psyche that need the most care or attention. I am rarely conscious of what goes on in a clearing session but, down the road, spiritual folks tell me that my chakras feel clear and that I radiate a new sense of vitality. I know where this beautiful energy is coming from.

Georgia Boots Are Now Available in All-Season Oxford and Hiker Styles

Georgia boots made with advanced technology are exceptionally lightweight and hunt-ready. This boot has become a favorite big game hunting boots without sacrificing stability or support. Avid hunters are in the field well beyond hunting season. There are trail cams to check, hooting lanes to clear, dogs to train, scouting to be done and, more than a few errands to run. Hunting a lifestyle, Safford Sporting Goods, a leading sporting goods store in Alabama, offers a line of footwear for year-round wear, because the hunt season never ends.

Trophy Hunting Is Recklessly/Relentlessly Doing Enduring Efforts to Save S. African Wildlife

One of the controversial blood sport which consider as a big game is dubbed as trophy hunting. Parts of animals such as the horns, skin or head-are kept as a winning trophy, with the corpse often used for food. In some of the area of African countries, it is a permissible and lucrative business. A 10 to 12 day "elephant hunting package" could cost $36,000 and hunting a rhino could cost a hefty $100,000. South Africa's wildlife and luxury tourism industry allow the hunter to do the hunting of rhino, elephants and other wildlife for hunter's enjoyment and experience.