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Recent Hunting and Shooting Incidents Sparkle New Ethics Campaign

Anglers, Hunters and other outdoor adventurers activities are invited to join by the Division of Game and Fish in this summer holiday season in Mexico. Where real hunting and shooting enthusiasm will find all information about upcoming fishing, hunting, and trapping chances, all-terrain riding, the most recent gear and many more.

Grey Umbrella Marketing's Ronald Dod Addresses Full House at Imagine Commerce 2015

Ronald Dod, founder of Grey Umbrella Marketing - an Atlanta SEO company - addressed a large, engaged audience at the Imagine Commerce Conference, detailing some of his company's strategies regarding search engine optimization for e-commerce sites based on the popular Magento platform. Dod's presentation, the slides from which are freely available at the Grey Umbrella Marketing website, pointed out a number of simple, effective ways that owners of Magento-based e-commerce businesses can greatly improve their search engine rankings. With a specific mission of providing top-quality SEO and conversion-oriented marketing services, Grey Umbrella Marketing is one of the most accomplished agencies of all at making the most of the free, powerful Magento system.

Osteoarthritis (OA) Clinical Research Trials Now Enrolling at Achieve Clinical Research in Birmingham, Alabama

LogoAffecting more than 27 million Americans, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. There is no cure for this progressive disease and many are in need of better treatments that can protect their inflamed joints. Achieve is working with clinics around the country to gather more data about osteoarthritis.

Gavin Rajah Makes It to the Top Spot Again – Crowned Creative Director of the Year 2015

Catersource and Event Solutions have recently come up with a list featuring top catering companies and event management agencies that have displayed exemplary performance in community and professional development. Gavin Rajah and his renowned venture GRC have both secured a place in the list of distinguished finalists in the following categories

Igus Presents a New Energy Supply System for the Manufacturing Industry

LogoTo be able to always achieve faster accelerations and speeds in aisle travels, igus has developed an energy chain supply system completely made of plastic. This is characterised by low weight and moreover, easy installation. Visitors to the igus stand at the Hanover Fair in Hall 17 can experience this innovation and more "motion plastics".

New Book Club Forms in Support of Traditional Values

Mrs. Sorcha Liu, a resident of Essex County, U. K. has recently assumed the role of U.K. Marketing Director for a newly-formed group, created with the intention of raising public awareness about issues of traditional morality.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Fitting Provided by Brownsgunner in Dunmow

Brownsgunner is a kitchen fitter company that offers installations in Dunmow at an affordable rate. The company aims to deliver the homeowners dream kitchen while staying within the financial limit. Together with the homeowners, they handle the design, supply and installation of quality kitchen. Clients are involved with the decision making from the start and Brownsgunner team takes over once the client has given the design approval. The company also prides themselves for being a one stop shop, providing the customers with more options direct from the manufacturers.

Gavin Rajah Concept for Grand Events and Glamorous Fashion Shows

Get in touch with Gavin Rajah Concept for a unique experience

City Edge Offers Budget Accommodations in Melbourne

LogoWith two decades of experience in providing budget accommodation to visitors in Melbourne, City Edge Apartment Hotels has always remained at the top when it comes to offering cheap accommodation in Melbourne. City Edge hotels are one of the best budget spots for visitors who wish to enjoy their holidays in Australia offering best value accommodation to both leisure and business travellers.

Legs4Africa - The Latest Leg Consignment to West Africa (Video)

At the end of January, Legs4Africa collaborated with Physionet, a charity which provides physiotherapy equipment to disabled children in developing countries around the world.

Igus Energy Chain Receives iF Design Award

Logoigus has once again been recognised by the iF jury with a design award, this time for its new EF2.21 series of energy chains. A one-piece chain link made from fibre-reinforced material yet retaining a flexible crossbar combines high strength, ease of use and low production costs.

Cocubes Acquires VCS Tech Solutions - A College ERP Provider Start-Up (Edcited.Com)

CoCubes, India's largest assessment and campus hiring platform today announced its acquisition of Edcited, ERP solutions provider for schools and colleges in an undisclosed deal for majority stake.

Delta World Charter Expands, Moves to New Office

Delta World Charter today announced it has moved into a new office in Al Maktoum International Airport.

Focusky Free Online Presentation Software Offers a Wide Range of Templates

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, world's number one in digital presentation software owns a variety of high-end presentation software solutions. The Focusky free online presentation software being one of the key software of the company, offers users a vast selection of templates.

Focusky Introduces a Free Video Presentation Maker

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd, the pioneer in digital presentation software launched their latest product "Free Video Presentation Maker". This software enables a presentation to be converted to a video in minutes.

Focusky Offers New Free Slideshow Software That Is Like No Other in Its Class is thrilled to announce the release of the professional presentation maker. This flash-based digital presentation software delivers a powerful visual experience that is unmatched. It offers amazing design capabilities, powerful editing solutions, and numerous feature options that will enable users to create great presentations and animated videos to convey their messages in a professional and unique way. This revolutionary free slideshow software has totally transformed the use and appearance of traditional slideshow programs, to give users a powerful solution to enhance their levels of productivity and efficiency. If businesses or individuals want a feature rich presentation that will take their presentation efforts to the next level, they won't need to look any further than the Focusky Presentation Maker.

Core Liquidity Markets Now Offers Autochartist with Binary Options on MetaTrader 4

LogoCore Liquidity Markets a financial services firm based in Melbourne, Australia announces that it will offer Autochartist to their highly popular Binary Options on MetaTrader 4.

MOLBASE Serves as Updated Database of Eight Million Chemicals

Chemicals are used for various purposes depending on the user. Laboratory, schools, colleges, research institutes, hospitals and many other establishments require chemicals. MOLBASE is a chemical search engine with highest levels of accuracy and fast access to updated database of eight million chemicals. It has already worked with more 20,000 global suppliers to offer more than 16 million chemicals. Real time product pricing and inventory update for professional buyers to purchase and inquiry is also available.

Legenton Manufactures Impact Sockets of Varying Size and Shape

Impact socket is a tool widely used by people to loosen or tighten a fastener. It is primarily to endure the force applied by impact tools which may cause standard sockets to shatter. Legenton is an Impact Socket maker with more than a decade of experience in CNC machining, metal stamping; surface phosphatising, heat treatment and metal fabrication. It provides the complete size variation of Impact Sockets ranging from four to twelve points and standard length to deep length.

Dierxun Fan Equipment Co Ltd Offers a Wide Range of High Capacity Fans

There is a demand for motor driven high speed fans in every industrial unit. Such fans not only help to cool heated metals but also provide proper ventilation inside the factory unit. Dierxun Fan Equipment Co Ltd supplies variety of high capacity fans in many industrial units of China. Its main product consists of fiberglass fan . It has a surplus demand in hotels, factories, workshops, high risers and other establishments. This device primarily helps to lower the air pressure and ensure smooth flow of the air. This products are manufactured in the firm's production unit under the supervision of experienced engineers. Besides, manufacturing process of these items can be known from the website of the firm. The products are easy to install and does not consume much electricity.

Viadaseditors Launches a Learner-Friendly Assortment of Study Course for Its Online Students

Viadaseditors has launched an advanced mode of learning AutoCAD for both beginners and professionals. They provide the learning through video courses online. They provide study materials to the learns both by electronic version and by mailing them offline. Getting an AutoCAD training course from Viadaseditors helps to do material and quantity take-offs and enhance the learner's productivity after completion of course. There are lots of courses that are offered for the enthusiast students. They provide training AutoCAD programs in technology certificate, Autodesk training course, Autodesk certification, corporate trainings etc.

Ghuangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Manufactures Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings have surplus demand in factories and other processing units to improve the performance of the machines. Ghuangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment has brought variety of fluid couplings in the market. These products provide mechanical support for smooth running of machines. Constant fill fluid coupling is the primary product of the company. It is one of the fluid coupling types which have surplus demand in every industrial unit of the country. It helps to increase and check the rotational speed of the machines. It helps the machines to start quickly and enables it to absorb the pressure of overloading quite comfortably. It can be easily inserted in the machine and has a good gripping system. As a result it does not get loose while regulating the rotational speed of the machines. It reduces the vibration of the machines and can start multiple motors of any machine simultaneously. These products are manufactured under the supervision of expert fluid coupling manufacturers. These items are resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperature.

Guangdong Senje Fire Protection Group Supplies Efficient Fire Fighting Products

Fire accidents can happen anywhere and it is always better to take proper precautionary measures before such incidents happen. Guangdong Senje Protection Group provides variety of fire controlling items at an affordable price rate. The fire extinguisher items of the company have been developed by experts and are available at cost effective rates. The most popular category consists of Abc fire extinguisher and This extinguisher can be kept in library, cafe shops, food centres, cinema halls and other places. It is light and can be operated easily. It contains chemical components called monoammonium phosphate and can effectively extinguish fire belong to A, B and C categories. It cannot be used to extinguish fire that arises out of any chemical reaction. It can be used to control fire that arises from inflammable items and non metallic products like wood and paper.

Rocco Shoes Announces Release of 'H' Series Designer Shoes

Just as women who are graced with looks appear to be given more by society, tall men seem to receive benefit over short men. For years, elevator shoes and lifts have helped men to walk in disguise. Longtime designer shoe company Rocco Shoes ( is excited to announce the release of their 'H' series designer shoes. The Rocco Shoes 'H' series are high quality elevator shoes adding height to style for men.

No More Worries About Lost Data on iOS Devices

Those who face the issue of data loss from their iOS devices have a good news. Handysoft has come out with an efficient software for iOS data recovery.

Kitchen Design Victoria Offers Free Appliances on All Kitchen Renovations Booked in April

Kitchen Design Victoria ( has been redesigning and renovating kitchens for 25 years. They have stayed at the cutting edge of their field throughout that time, offering people the latest and best technology married to a design sensibility that maximizes the economy of space while creating a visual treat. They have launched a special for April that includes a range of free accessories to choose from, when booking a renovation.

Authorpreneur Marica Love Releasing Her Much Anticipated Book: Married to the War

Journals of Love, Life and Sweet Liqueurs, Australian born author Marica Love is more than thrilled to be releasing the first book in her Married To The War series of autobiographical novels. In the book, Marica Love paints a rich, vivid and compelling tapestry of love and loss as she writes about her personal battle that she fought during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995.