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Why We Should Disrupt Our Already-Successful Economic Growth Practices

With the UAE Government's official designation of 2015 as the Year of Innovation, it is apt that the 10th anniversary of the Human Assets Expansion Summit MENA focuses on this agenda. On a practical level, the region is taking the concept to heart, with CEO of Dubai-based Great Place to Work, Ronald Thomas firmly asserting: "Innovation and creativity will be the hallmarks of the future."

NOTICE for Investor Who Currently Hold Shares of Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN): Investigation Concerning Potential Violations of Securities Laws

An investigation on behalf of investors, who purchased shares of Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN) in 2012 or earlier and currently hold any of those NYSE:TRN shares, is ongoing concerning possible violations of securities laws by Trinity Industries Inc and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain statements regarding its was announced ET-Plus guardrail systems.

AnalogMix Launches New Online Music Mastering Tools Plug-in for 2015

AnalogMix, the market innovator in visible audio monitoring and meter devices, launches its latest music mastering tools plug in for volume, audio, level analysis with mono-to-7.1 measurement for 2015. The 2nd plugin in ANALOGMIX's Master-class plugins chain of software-based music metering solutions, these music mastering tools are well suited for music, stereo and audio/video engineers and producers.

Documentary by Sunny Chandra Selected for Cannes Short Film Corner

Chhattisgarh makes its mark, a short documentary called 7 Years To Grace, shot, directed, edited and produced by Sunny Chandra, a filmmaker from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, has been selected for Cannes Short Film Corner 2015.

Munich Orthodontist Eugnath Announces the Importance of Invisalign for Teeth Straightening

Families often face a hard decision when looking for an ideal Invisalign orthodontist within their neighborhood. However, for the citizens of Munich, Eugnath® makes it to be a simple choice to make. Eugnath® is a renowned Invisalign orthodontist Clinic in Munich.

The Higher Shop Latest Weed Clothing Range Continues to Lead the Fashion Industry with Creative Thinking

Looking trendy and cool is something that the younger generation takes very seriously. It's good to have good clothes, nice hair, a clear face, etc. Many youths nowadays spend a lot of time when placing themselves together every morning. And that's why it's vital to start with the clothing if a person focusing on creating a classy atmosphere for himself.

China Company Introduces Range of Blow Molding Machines to Fuel the Growth of Various Industries

With over 20 years of blow molding machine and plastic injection mould manufacture history, ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group has been endeavoring to fuel the growth of the global industries. The company has a variety of blow molding and injection machines that has a wide application in industries, such as drinking bottle industry, pharmaceutical packing and plastic product industry. An entrepreneur from anywhere in the world can procure a Blow Molding Machine and can set up an industry in their respective places.

Great Asian Cuisines Available in This Pan Asian New Delhi Cafe

People who love highly tasty foods are certain to feel elated about this news. Chew, the best Pan Asian Cafe in New Delhi is offering several types of Asian cuisines including Thai cuisine connaught place to satisfy these food-buffs. According to Chew, those who love to eat are always the best people. The food concept they adopt is unique because the items they offer are an amalgamation of several flavours procured from various regions on the Pan Pacific rim.

Solacresec Announces the Opening Date of Booking Sol Acres Plots for Its Customers

Solacresec has launched a new Executive condominium in West region of Singapore which is expected to be ready by 2018. It has TBA towers with over 1000+ units. It started with its 99 years lease development with an aim to provide its residents the ultimate modern day lifestyle. The condominium is designed in such a way that the inhabitants of the Sol acres will have a comfortable access to many of its business, entertainment, shopping, health centers and other recreational centers. The layout of the condominium is made in context with a total privacy for the residential areas where its inhabitants can enjoy a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial spectrum.

Airwheel Sells High Quality Two Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Modern science and technology has gifted us many things. The scooters are among them. Two wheel self-balancing electric scooter has got a huge market today. This scooter is also very fashionable. It has the stylish and attractive look. The surface of the scooter is really amazing. The technology of this scooter is also very high. Airwheel is a famous company that produces this scooter. And as this special type of scooters have a huge market worldwide. Offers Free PowerPoint Alternative That Brings Presentations to Life

LogoThe creators of have outdone themselves once again, by creating a powerful online software platform that will enable users to give their presentations the vitality they deserve. Companies that are looking for a free PowerPoint alternative presentation program will be thrilled with the media rich features, ease of use, multi-language capabilities, and other benefits that the software provides. Focusky has been dubbed as the "best free PowerPoint alternative in 2015", and for good reason. Although it is currently a competitor to Prezi and PowerPoint, it has many unique and professional features that give it an edge over both competitors. This new generation software is set to change the way that professionals give presentations in more ways than one. Its life-life visual appearance takes presentations from being dull and boring, to exciting, effective, and fun!

Get New Jerseys Sells Sports Jerseys, Accessories and Equipments

There a great fan following of sports like football and basketball. Fans cheer for their favourite team and players by sporting jerseys of same colour and appearance. They wear it while watching matches at TV or stadium itself. Get New Jerseys offers NFL, MLB and NBA jerseys across genders and age groups. These trendy new Jerseys have the name of players and relevant number printed. It caters to the need of wholesalers, shopkeepers and individual buyers.

Andreea Beatrice Lazar Tipped to Be the Romanian Taylor Swift with New Single Release

Andreea Beatrice Lazar has been making waves in Romanian music scene. Since first appearing on national television at the age of 12 she has won multiple singing awards and has since launched her own singing career. Her new single, Chill Pill, has been released for download throughout the world via iTunes and Amazon Download, and many Romanians have been referring to her as the Romanian Taylor Swift, as her fledgling career goes from strength to strength.

Tisseront Orthodontics Launch New Look Website

With advancing technologies, having interactive, mobile websites is essential for all types of businesses, including dental companies. Customers' decisions on whether to go with a company are often heavily influenced by the information and design of a company's website. These individuals want to be able to view webpages when they are at home or on the go. Tisseront Orthodontics, a company out of Reston, Virginia, has followed this trend with its new website, . Designed by Blend Local Search Marketing Pte. Ltd., the website makes it easier for new and returning customers to find information about the company's services, orthodontist and procedures from their mobile devices or desktop computers. The website also uses different types of multimedia, including photo galleries, to interact more with customers.

Ayurvedic Expert Offers Newly Formulated Natural Remedies for Diabetes, Arthritis and More

Ayurvedic Medicine is a form of traditional medicine practiced in Hindu cultures, and is still popular to this day. Although considered a form of alternative medicine from mainstream medical science, its approaches have been found to be effective in the treatment and management of common ailments and diseases. Ayurvedic Expert is an online medical facility that specializes in providing consultation and customized solutions for every patient. They have just created new formulations for diabetes and arthritis, now available through their online store.

Wish Is an Online Shopping Mall Selling Garments for Both Men and Women

Shopping is a habit with both men and women which never goes out of fashion. One of main products shopped by them includes clothing. It is like a basic necessity for them to get the recently trending products. Wish is an online professional shopping destination helping stores to reach potential and interested buyers. These buyers can personalize their shopping experience by easily finding the things they're looking for. Wish lets the stores cut out their marketing costs and those savings are passed onto Wish users.

Peter Rowland Melbourne Caterers Announces Exciting Partnership with Mint Group

Major events have a habit of attracting the crème de la crème of clientele, and when the best of the best are in attendance, everything must be perfect. For event organizers, the catering is often the last thing they want to think about, but is one of the most difficult, technical and important things to get right. In Australia, Peter Rowland Melbourne Caterers have been the leader in their field for years. Now, they are partnering with a leader in recruitment to guarantee the best possible meals come with the best possible service. Offers Great Deals on Bedding & Home Decor is Australia's #1 online department store, known for its highly discounted prices on a wide variety of products from over a 1000 brands. The web store also offers great savings through discounted deals on Home Bedding & Beds and Home Decor. Due to the store's lower than "Recommended Retail Price" prices the store has become a favorite homeowners who love to decorate their homes on a budget, the deals on Curtains & Blinds and home decoration items also fuel inspiration for the next home redecorating.

GW LTD Launches Universal VIN Number Decoder

All cars that have been manufactured after the year 1981 come with their unique VIN number which is 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which essentially serves as the car's fingerprint. As most car geeks and people who work with cars probably know running this unique set of numbers and digits through a free VIN checker dispenses a lot of important information about a car. To make the process of extracting information about VIN number GW LTD has launched an online Universal free VIN decoder.

Dr. Reid Introduces Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System

LogoWhile most dental offices have to send their dental implant patients to a radiology specialist for a scan, Dr. Donald Reid is one of the very few dentists in the United States with a cone-beam CT scanner conveniently integrated in his practice, Tahoe Dental Artistry.

May 29 TCCI Manufacturing and Mobile Air Conditioning Society Offer Wind Tunnel Clinic

T/CCI Manufacturing will offer an upcoming MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) Clinic, featuring CAT vehicle service and T/CCI climatic wind tunnel technology. This mobile A/C clinic will be hands-on and diagnostics-centered, perfect for heavy duty and off-road vehicle A/C technicians. The event is on May 29, 2015 in Decatur, IL.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Phil Mitchell's Musical Journey of America

Phil Mitchell composer/author/musician out of Chicago, he takes much of the inspiration for his work from love of the great country he lives in: America. His latest album "Crossroads" is a musical journey of America, to add to the listener's experience the band has decided to raise money for a concert and documentary film about the Phil Mitchell Band's "Crossroads" album, they believe this will enrich the music and educate people about what makes America such a great and inspiring country for Phil. For the purpose of raising the money a Kickstarter Campaign has been launched to collect at least $200,000 is by Fri, Jun 5 2015.

Oomi Smart Home Raises $375,000 in Crowdfunding Campaign in Just Three Days

LogoAfter launching on Indiegogo just two days ago, Fantem and its flagship product Oomi are getting a great deal of attention after surpassing the $50,000 crowdfunding goal in just 37 minutes. Since then, the campaign has earned more than 750 percent of its funding goal and is steadily growing.

Marvin Logan Bastian Solutions Director of Consulting Presents at WERC Conference Next Week

Bastian Solutions is exhibiting at the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) conference in Orlando, FL, May 3-6. Bastian Solutions' consulting group is exhibiting at Booth 413.

US Compliance Corp Changes Bottom-Line Paradigm for Lean Manufacturing Enterprises

Lean manufacturing must eliminate waste; manufacturers must concentrate on the company's bottom line. After significant investment in time and money (in both the business and employees,) it is essential that production and profitability remain high while maintaining compliance with ever-changing government regulations. U.S. Compliance Corp is structured, yet cost-effective fundamental services keeping lean manufacturers in compliance with OSHA and Environmental guidelines. Hired for a fraction of a full-time employee would be paid, this compliance outsourcing has been selected by more than 1000 firms.

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals Announces Closing of Upsized $7 Million Private Placement

LogoPlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company advancing protein biologic therapies and oncology supportive care products, announced today it had closed an upsized $7 million private placement of common stock with Knoll Capital Management and one additional global institutional fund manager. The private financing is comprised of 2,333,333 shares of common stock at a price of $3.00 per share. PlasmaTech plans to use the proceeds of the financing to accelerate development of its proprietary Salt Diafiltration (SDF™) Plasma Protein technology, working capital and general corporate purposes.

Kors Vodka Introduces Their Exclusive Wedding Gift Collection

A Special Vodka for Special Occasions, is how Kors Vodka describes their new wedding gift program. Considered by connoisseurs of fine spirits to be the purest vodka in the world, Kors Vodka has risen to a position of prominence and celebration since its reintroduction. The origins of this sophisticated-tasting vodka are as prestigious as its price tag. The last of the Russian tsars, Nikolas II Alexandrovich Romanov was said to have commissioned the recipe himself, choosing from over 3,000 recipes and distillation processes until they arrived with what today they call Kors Vodka. The closely guarded recipe incorporates over 12 different species of grain, water from the Italian Alps and is processed utilizing a special diamond distillation and gold filtration technique. Such elegant and aristocratic beginnings dictate the exact type of VIP service that Kors seeks to deliver with their wedding gift program.