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Coldwell Banker Paradise Earns Talent Attraction Award

Coldwell Banker Paradise has earned the Coldwell Banker Office Talent Attraction Award for 2014. This award recognizes the offices in the Coldwell Banker network that have increased their net number of sales associates/representatives by at least 15% throughout 2014, with a minimum increase of 4 sales associates/representatives.*

Boston, MA Wasatch-Contract-Manufacturing (Private Label Liquid Supplier) Introduces F-G-X-E (Fluid Gain Xchange Extract) Technology for Skin Care Product Development

Wasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years.

Calgary New Home Builder Wins Three Best New Home 2014 SAM Awards

Broadview Homes, Calgary's premiere new home builder recently won three SAM Awards for the calendar year 2014. The three awards came in the Best New Home Category for the price ranges $255,000 - $294,999, $425,000 - $484,999 and $485,000 - $549,999. According to Broadview Vice President Peter-John Woolf, "We are thrilled after winning these awards. We understand that winning a SAM award is the highest honor in our industry and the awards stand as a testament to the quality homes that we offer."

My Identity Doctor Supports William's Syndrome Awareness Month Through Knowledge and Custom Medical Bracelets

The public is relatively unaware of the rare genetic condition known as William's Syndrome. To help raise awareness of this life-altering disease, May has been designated William's Syndrome Awareness Month. A variety of events are expected to take place in every state in the nation including marathons and organized walks.

I-Skool Is an Exciting New Education Revolution

LogoThe inspired minds behind "i-Skool" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their interactive educational software to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring i Skool to market, and begin the process of getting it into education systems everywhere. i-Skool is a platform based mobile learning solution for use as an essential part of a child's educational experience, both at home and at school. When asked about their inspiration the team states, "We started i-Skool to make a real difference. We believe in giving all children a chance. Each day of school is an opportunity for a student to explore, learn and dream of a better future for themselves and for their communities." The team is also offering complete and total transparency to any parent, teacher or education supporter that wants to get involved with i-Skool and operate as a consulting "privy councilor".

Cromosys Announces Express Android App Development Services for Enterprises & Sub-Contractors

LogoBusinesses are evolving with time and needs to be technologically involved. If not, it is hard for them to survive in these times when collaborative work and mobile computing is more important than ever before. Cromosys, a leading Android app development company, offers this technology backbone to enterprise processes in the form of quickly delivering applications for enabling internal processes, connecting with customers, providing portal to support them and even increase sales. Their portfolio on is only a glimpse of the wonderful work delivered to their client companies and sub-contractors worldwide.

StereoVision, TDOJ LLC, I-Vault, and the 9 Time Emmy Award Winning REZN8 Team Up for the $250k 'Three Dimensions of Jerusalem' Indiegogo Campaign

LogoStereoVision Entertainment Inc. a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC:SVSN) announced today they've formed a J/V with TDOJ LLC, I-Vault, and REZN8 for the funding and production of the Faith Based feature film 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem'. This $250,000 Indiegogo pledge campaign will be used to attach the lead actor, complete the WGA screenplay, pay production retainers, pay for the retail spending cards and associated Perks expenses, and to launch and market the $4.9mil Reg D 506c general solicitation for accredited investors as provided for in the recently enacted JOBS Act, which will fully fund the 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem'.

Byte Me Announces Free Website Giveaway Campaign Starting June 1

LogoByte Me today announced its free website giveaway campaign in a small press meet. The campaign will be start on June 1, 2015. Only brand new businesses and organizations with low profit rates can qualify to be part of campaign.

Upscale Soulmate Connections Announces It's Upcoming Grandiose Event This Year

Upscale Soulmate Connections is offering a golden opportunity for singles to mingle and also network with serious businesspersons in their upcoming event 'It's a Love Thing Mixer' to be held on August 29 this year, at 7 pm. The stated event, which is poised to be a grand opening ceremony is meant for all and sundry, particularly those who fall within the age bracket of 30 to 50.

CodeWithPower Launches Smart Solutions

CodeWithPower has offered Nashville SEO services that can tick the right boxes for individuals and business owners in the city.

Kimesha Coleman Releases Book Titled "He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love"

Kimesha Coleman, a renowned life coach announced to release her book titled 'He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love' in a small press meet here today. The book shares personal experiences of the author's life divided in different chapters mentioning abuse, unhealthy relationships, self- esteem, teen dating, and healing from abuse.

Compelling Book of Double-Sided Poetry, Following Theme of "Quantum Entanglement", Reminds Readers That All Humans Are Connected

There's no point in sugarcoating the truth; humanity thrives on individualism and materialism, forgetting that it was instead created to be truly one with its planet. In her powerful new book of poetry, Annie Tsotas hopes to once again wake people up to this reality, while empowering them to accept their universal connection with each other and the world they inhabit.

Project VanLife: Book Recounts Young Entrepreneurs' 90-Day, 15K Mile Journey in Used Van. It Was All to Follow Their Dreams; Anyone Can Do the Same

There's no sugarcoating the truth; leaving college and trying to make tracks in the "real world" often forces young people to put their dreams on the permanent back-burner. Trevor DeRuisé and his girlfriend Sierra Davies found themselves in that exact position just last year – and they were not going to let their dream of chasing the continent's biggest mountain bike tour burn itself out.

The Other Side of Quiet: Intense New Novel & Online Community for Aspiring Young Authors Urges Society to Believe in Potential of Today's Youth

In a day and age when technology allows anyone to become an author, many writers are content with hastily rushing a book together and pushing it out to the market. But not Tara C. Allred, whose latest novel not only allows readers to get a very real glimpse into the lives of today's youths, but actually brings teenagers together so they can take their own first steps toward a legitimate literary career.

Christine Kloser Discusses How to Tell Your Story with Nancy Gentle Boudrie on Gentle Power Radio

LogoBook coach, spiritual mentor, and award-winning author, Christine Kloser will be the guest with Nancy Gentle Boudrie on Gentle Power Radio on Tuesday, April 21, 3pm ET 12pm PT. Christine will inspire you to tap into your Inner Power to become a published author. Christine will share her life challenges that lead to her transformation and a desire to assist others in breaking through their challenges, struggles, and heartbreak. She will share her unique solutions and guidance as she words it to "birth your own authentic message" to not only transform yourself but those around you.

Phoenix Irrigation Systems Launches Fix My Sprinklers Repair Service

Most Phoenix homeowners choose lawns over easier to maintain desert-adapted landscapes. Most homeowners automate their lawn care responsibilities by using drip irrigation and programmable sprinklers to properly water their lawns. Lawns watered in this way are vulnerable to damage and loss if ever the automated system goes down. Local business Phoenix Irrigation Systems recognizes the importance of Phoenix homeowners' need for for reliably functioning equipment, and is pleased to announce the launch of a sprinkler repair sister company, Fix My Sprinklers.

D. Robbins & Co. Announces New Magic Items Available in Stock

LogoThe wholesale magic items retailer, D. Robbins & Co., is pleased to announce that it has added new magic trick products to their online inventory. As magic items sell and become out of stock, new items are always arriving and being added to the selection. The company designates a specific retail section just for their new magic products so that their consumers can be updated and informed of the additional items available. Magic trick retailers and magicians are invited to shop the new magic trick items available at D. Robbins & Co.

Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill Announces the Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray Available for Retail

LogoThe head lice removal center of Lafayette Hill, PA, Lice Lifters, uses the Nit Nanny product line to treat their patients. The Nit Nanny products are a series of haircare treatment solutions and tools that kill and remove head lice. The company is pleased to announce that alongside the Nit Nanny Head Lice Treatment Kits, the Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray is also now available. The detangler spray is a dual action treatment that prevents lice and detangles hair at the same time. Customers looking for a high-quality lice prevention treatment can purchase the Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray by visiting the Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill, PA, website.

FlipForIt App Launched to Give Users a New Cyber Way to Flip a Coin on an Apple Watch

LogoMatt Ferguson (programmer) and Devin Williams (game creative) members of the Albuquerque Game Developer Guild has released a Game for the Apple Watch.

Dr. Timm Recommends Porcelain Crowns for Patients

LogoIndividuals suffering from tooth decay, broken fillings, gaps between teeth, and other dental ailments are often not completely aware of how porcelain crowns can help them. Dr. Richard Timm of All Family Dental understands the benefits brought about by this particular type of restoration. Not only are porcelain crowns very durable, they are also designed to look just like natural teeth.

'PBTP Moving Company' Providing Hassle Free Moving Services for People in Anaheim

LogoPBTP Moving Company Anaheim, a renowned name when it comes to Moving Companies Anaheim is providing hassle free moving services to clients since over a decade. 'PBTP,' through its website, offers a free quote service to its customers that help them to get an idea about the overall charges for hiring the services of the company. This allows them to make an informed decision and eliminates any kind of surprises. Save up to 40% percent by relocating with PBTP Moving Company Anaheim !

'PBTP Moving Company Los Angeles' Providing Emergency Residential and Commercial Moving Services Across California

Logo'PBTP,' a renowned name when it comes to Local Movers Los Angeles is providing emergency moving services to the customers for over ten years. The company provides free cost estimation services to the customers resulting in increased trust and faith. The company is also known for its top notch cleanliness and safety measures. To provide the maximum benefits to its customers, 'PBTP' offers several insurance and free packing tips as well.According to the experts, if a customer asks for a quote from 'PBTP' he/ she can save up to 40 percent of moving cost.

Web Entrepreneurs Launch, a Website Selling Quality Sports Equipment

LogoJoe and Helen Losonsky are proud to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website offers all kinds of equipment and apparel for baseball, golf, soccer, softball, hockey, football, and basketball. Joe Losonsky was inspired to start the website since he has always loved sports and has been playing sports since he was a kid. He wanted to build a site that would give customers a place to find all of the gear that they needed to get started on playing any sport that they were interested in.

BMI & the Swaggernautz Present GameChangers: How to Break Into Any Music Market in the World – In Los Angeles, California

The event features a lineup of industry legends in the creative, executive, and entrepreneurial realms, including:

New Greek Honeymoon Packages Available from

There isn't anything more especial for a newly married couple to spend their first night together in a place of wonder and excitement. With the wonderful Greek honeymoon packages available at, not just newly married couples, but even longtime partners will have an amazing and wonderful night together.

A New Evaluation of Car Warranties by Manufacturer (TBC) ranked 10 car companies based on the warranties they each provide. These new insights are designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

'PBTP Locksmith Oak Lawn' Offering 24/7 Emergency Services

LogoLocksmith Services Oak Lawn is a prominent local locksmith company, which provides specific locksmith needs to residential, industrial and vehicle owners. The company offers its services 24/7 to ensure the convenience of the customers.