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Solomon Kee Seeks $5,000 in Crowdfunding to Memorialize Legendary Performer Sammy Davis Jr

In the early 1960's Sammy Davis Jr was at the height of his career and he was considered by many to be the greatest entertainer of his time. Not only did he break down barriers in entertainment he also broke down racial barriers during the Civil Rights Movement. He helped shape America from the stages of Las Vegas to meeting with Presidents at the White House to discussing drug abuse during the Vietnam War. One day on a golf course with Jack Benny, he was asked what his handicap was. "Handicap?" he asked. "Talk about handicap — I'm a one-eyed Negro Jew.” This was to be one of his most famous sayings that best illustrated his life as he encountered one challenge after another and coming out on top.

Local Marketing Company, Reinvolve, to Offer a Struggling Small Business in the Colorado Springs Area Internet Marketing for the Year 2015

Local business, Reinvolve, is pleased to announce the launch of a new campaign designed to help a local Colorado Springs small business that is struggling because of low rankings on local online searches.

Pealriver Lighting Electric Co. LTD. Supplies and Manufactures LED Lighting Products

The demand for lighting products have grown over the years for its multitudinous uses. The giant leap in technology has enabled people to update their lighting requirements from analog to digital. LED lights are widely used these days as opposed to conventional lighting products. They come with more advantages than old age lights. Pealriver Lighting Electric Co. Ltd is a Chinese company whole heatedly committed to whole selling and manufacturing LED bulb light s of different variety. Wholesale prices are offered on all of these items to cater to high and low budgets. They come in various shape and size including the candle bulb. These are designed to be an energy saving solution and could be used instead of halogen bulbs and incandescent lights. The LED lights are user friendly in more ways than one. It has a long life as opposed to the traditional incandescent light bulbs. The latter burns a lot of electricity as heat. However, the former is more energy efficient and helps saving energy costs.

Diti Discusses Gold vs Platinum Jewellery - What to Choose?

LogoThe main distinguishing physical characteristic between gold and platinum is color. While platinum is naturally white, gold is naturally yellow. If one want a yellow ring, then gold (also termed yellow gold) is the best option. However, if one want a white ring, one can opt for platinum or white gold.

Barry Nove Book Release Which Has Received Rave Reviews Portrays the Ellis Island Experience

Barry Nove, author of “The Ellis Island Experience: A Sampling of Stories and How You Can Research Your Own” priced $3.99 is pleased to announce the release of the Kindle edition of his immigrant experience book. The book is also available in a print edition. The work offers links to help people interested in learning about their own ancestors' immigration experience through Ellis Island.

Leading Sydney Tutorial Launches English Crash Course Workshop This August

LogoGreat news for Sydney students eager to hone up their English skills, the leading tutoring center in Sydney S4S Coaching has announced to launch an English Crash Course Workshop this August.

The CEO Institute Launches New Installment of Highly Successful Future CEO Program

The CEO Institute, a leading executive coaching and networking service, announced the details of the newest incarnation of the company's Future CEO™ Program. Making use of lessons gleaned from earlier classes, the newest revision of the program will help to facilitate even more fruitful peer-group knowledge sharing and skill boosting. The CEO Institute's Future CEO™ Program is one of the world's only executive development opportunities that can result in a widely recognized certification and has been a great success for the company and executives who have participated in it since its inauguration.

"Dangerously Fit" Announces Launch of New Spring 6 Week Body Challenge on September 20th 2014

Dan Clay from “Dangerously Fit”, Australia’s most sought after fitness program is pleased to announce the launch of New Spring 6 Week Body Challenge, starting September 20th, 2014. It is a program which has turned out to be one of the most successful body transformation programs ever with literally more success stories than any other fitness program in Sydney.

Jones Business Services Now Offers Speedy and Efficient Debt Collection in Perth

Jones Business Services, a renowned debt collector in Perth is now offering the best strategy for collecting bad debts and recovering the due amount. They hold extreme expertise in debt collection and their best part with them is that they collect the due money within the promised time. The professionals of the Jones Business Services have all the required skills, training and knowledge to collect the bad debt in the best possible way. Just assign the debt collection responsibility on them and the clients will get hassle free and fast track collection of their hard earned money from bad debtors. They ardently believe in the proposition that the longer is the debt, greater is the difficulty to recover the debt.

H.A. Reed Now Offers Effective Solution of Mobile Locksmith in Brisbane

Helping people in uncertain and critical lock situations, H.A. Reed is now offering effective solution of mobile locksmith in Brisbane. The company has a vast team of trained and experienced professionals who provide excellent locksmith solutions to clients, no matter where they are. Their state-of-the-art computerized technological system enables their representatives to pass the request of the customers to the required technician which is closest to the customers’ place. The technicians of H. A. Reed are armed with the most advanced tools that help the technicians to deliver seamless services to fix the customers’ problem. No matter whether it is commercial, residential or automobile lock requirement, H.A. Reed delivers perfect and timely services.

Hose Suppliers Australia Now Offers Air Hose Fittings at Cost Effective Prices

Maintaining their status quo as the leading provider of plumbing fittings, Hose Suppliers Australia now offers air hose fittings at affordable rates. The company has air fittings that have extensive pressure ranges, higher scrap level resistance, long lasting robustness and great transport ability. With them, one will get air fittings which cater the varied needs of varied appliances and equipment. The company is fully geared to supply a series of air fittings that meet the requirements of home appliances as well as commercial appliances. The company also offers seasonal sales of air fittings products that are available in varied size, shape and design. With them, one will get air fittings which are high on performance, flexible and give dimensional correctness.

Women - Why Can't They Just Get Along

Pat Gillum explores the age old question of “why women can’t seem to get along?” and have great relationships in life. In her debut book, Pat shares the lessons she has learned about women, the importance of friendship and how to have deeper, more meaningful relationships. Pat tackles deception, jealousy, backstabbing, and drama that sometimes exist among women in their personal and professional relationships. Whether you are dealing with difficult women in the workplace or in your family, this book will share the 5 steps to guide you through the process of having great relationships and repairing damaged relationships with the women in your life.

North Carolina Team Launches Indiegogo to Help Diners

When eating out, there are so many choices now. There are ways to look up restaurants for recommendations, but most of these rely solely on the 5-star rating system, which doesn't always display an accurate picture of a true dining experience. A North Carolina based programming team has developed a new app IntelyDine, that would change how people look up restaurant ratings and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital required to finish the balance 15% of coding the application and testing.

First Look at Arc Machine's New M217 Orbital Welding Power Supply

LogoArc Machines (AMI) in Pacoima, Ca. has long been a market leader in the field of orbital welding. Beginning with the Model 107 fusion tube welder in 1979, and the Model 207 in 1989, AMI set the industry standard for reliable commercial orbital fusion welding systems for over 30 years. Because of their simple robust designs, ease of use, and ability to consistently deliver quality welds, AMI has owned the lion’s share of the orbital welding market.

Oregon Company Launches Indiegogo to Help Small Businesses

Ever get that nostalgic feeling when something old is seen all new and shiny again? One Oregon company, Dub Box USA, wants small vendors across the USA to have that feeling with a vendor trailer that resembles the vintage VW van and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to take their already established business to the next level.

"Air Conditioning Beverly Hills" Offers a Range of Services That Have Time and Again Proved to Be Unmatched

Air conditioning Beverly Hills has received much accolade from gratified customers not only for their wide range of services but also for their efficiency and dedication to finish a project to perfection. Their services gravitate primarily around air conditioning and heating repair in Beverly Hills but they are also adept with technicalities that allow them to cater to various other requests from their customers; they provide temperature controlled film stock rooms, climate controlled server rooms, and set up the right humidity and temperature for wine cellars and cigar rooms. Their attention to detail and customer requirements have been well received by many.

Shazcor Modern Wallpaper Unveils Contemporary Wall Covering Services in Vancouver

LogoAdding a fresh look to any home is important. Decorating the walls with chic wall coverings will brighten that space and impress any visitor. You can select the right wall covering from the wide range available and decorate the interior of any home perfectly. Hire Shazcor to improve the ambience of any room. Launches with Gourmet Coffee Exciting the Adventurous Fans with Espresso, Dulce De Leche and Banana Cream Coffee, Intriguing ”The All Winning Auction” English-Spanish shopping site by One2Global Corp is Pre-Launching today and all set to launch on Tuesday September 23rd. The Pre-Launch among various possibilities allows everybody across the US to register with, get free bids and a chance to win exciting prizes. This is a limited time offer!

TCWRC Duct Cleaning Offers Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services to Ensure Cleaner Air Supply for a Healthier, Happier Life

Living without proper ventilation and constantly breathing in stale air can be very harmful for us. When families live in such conditions, they tend to breathe in harmful toxins which lay dormant in households unless there is a healthy circulation of fresh, clean air to counter it. Such living circumstances can lead to various health complications that affect you and your families. That is why, it is extremely important to ensure that your air ducts are well maintained and allow for fresh air circulation.

Big Sky Woodcrafters Is Top Provider for Wood Products, Incentive, & Award Plaques in MT

LogoBig Sky Woodcrafters has reportedly emerged as the one-stop portal for all top quality hardwood products, incentive and award plaques for engraved plates or wood engravings in Montana. The company assured superior USA made products to be cherished for a lifetime.

Lighthouse8 Makes the Top Ten in 2014 Smart Company Smart50 Awards

When it comes to the appearance, of course, the women are more aware to the men even though there are some men who also have great taste in such field. However, it seems like the desire to have great appearance has already in the cell of every woman. Whenever something seems off, the women will suddenly lose their confidence.

Control Products Inc. Provides Unique Solution to Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensing

LogoControl Products Inc. of East Hanover New Jersey has introduced its SL series linear position sensor line for hydraulic cylinders and accumulators. The new products represent a major evolution in the durability of sensors used in harsh environments and are designed to drop-in replace other types of hydraulic cylinder position sensors in the field. For long stroke or telescoping cylinders used in high temperature, high vibration, or underwater environments, these sensors outperform and outlast all other traditional sensor technologies, and are a drop in replacement for failure prone magnetostrictive “rod-type” sensors.

Wendell Marler Seeks $75,000 in Crowdfunding via GoFundMe for Fishing with Heroes

LogoNot content with just shaking the hand of every soldier and sailor he sees, Wendell wanted to do more to give back and say thank you to members of our military. After a lot of encouragement from his friends and family, Fishing With Heroes was born to give active duty & retired soldiers and sailors as well as first responders a day of fun and fishing.

Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills Adds Endless Jewelry Line to Inventory

LogoThe newest fashion trend and charm bracelet to hit the market is the leather banded Endless Jewelry product line. As the demand for charm bracelets is greatly increasing, Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills is proud to announce they will be adding Endless Jewelry to their inventory beginning this October. The perfect gift for any woman, there are endless possibilities for color combinations and charms to be added to the wrist.

Survival Girl: Abuse, Redemption & Life Lessons Collide in Compelling Fictional Memoir for Women; Proving Love Is Best Cure for Self-Pity

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; every woman faces adversity. While it differs in severity, most find that the one thing they do lose is the ability to take charge of their existence. In a gripping and highly-inspirational new novel by Carolyn Jernigan, that power is given back to every reader.

BtS Radio's Special Guest: Wonkette Publisher Rebecca Schoenkopf

LogoWonkette owner and Editor Rebecca Schoenkopf will appear on Between the Synapse Radio on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 1 pm ET to discuss her publication described as an, “American online magazine of topical satire and political gossip … lilting markedly to a side that some cultures refer to as left.” ( Schoenkopf, formerly of OC Weekly and author of Commie Girl in the O. C. (Verso, 2008), bought The Wonkette from Ken Layne in 2012.

Hydrojet, Inc. Using Advanced Equipment to Build Molds More Quickly

LogoOperating out of a state-of-the-art facility, Hydrojet, Inc. has upgraded its composite tooling capabilities in order to build molds at a quicker pace and with less turnaround time. They are a full service company that will design a brand new prototype to exact specifications or repair an existing part. Servicing a variety of industries, the equipment assures clients their parts will be completed by the engineers to meet standards in a shorter amount of time.