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Alert: ALTAIR NANOTECH INC (OTCMKTS:ALTI) Investor Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

The Shareholders Foundation announces that an investor, who purchased shares of ALTAIR NANOTECH INC (OTCMKTS:ALTI), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between May 15, 2013 and September 4, 2014.

EmployMe Encourages Companies to Treat Their Freelance Employees as if They Really Are a Part of the Team

Most companies probably are not aware that most of their valuable employees are not attending holiday parties. These individuals are not receiving benefits nor are they spending their time at any of the company’s offices regularly.

Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI) Stockholder NOTICE: Deadline in Lawsuit on October 27, 2014

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that a deadline is coming up on October 27, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI) over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (NYSE:SEAS) Long-Term Investor Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that an investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (NYSE:SEAS) was initiated concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of SeaWorld Entertainment.

Deadline Upcoming in $11.75 Million Settlement in Synovus Financial Corp (NYSE: SNV) Investor Lawsuit

LogoA deadline is coming up on November 4, 2014 in the settlement reached in the securities class action lawsuit filed on behalf of investors who purchased shares of Synovus Financial Corp (NYSE: SNV) between January 24, 2008 and April 22, 2009.

MaxWell Realty Celebrates 15 Years of Success This Year

LogoLeading Canadian real estate firm MaxWell Realty is reportedly celebrating its 15th successful anniversary this year in 2014. The company caters to the residential & commercial sector as well as international home buyers.

Minimally Invasive Surgery & Latest Breast Augmentation Techniques Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Shifren

LogoMinimally invasive surgery is an umbrella term that is used to describe surgery performed using small incisions, an endoscopic camera and modified instruments, within the body of the patient, rather than using a large, open incision. It has many applications in modern medicine, including aesthetic plastic surgery procedures such as a face & neck lift and brow lift, and there are many benefits to patients from this type of surgery.

West Tennessee Student Entrepreneur Sells Pixel Ads for Grandmother and Education

Tim Earls, a young West Tennessee student and entrepreneur, has many things on his mind: helping his grandmother who is 77 years old, get into long term health care and funding his education studying vocal performance at Belmont University in Nashville are just two among them.

Mind Commerce Assesses 5G Technology Status, Companies and Solutions

LogoWhere will the fifth generation (5G) of cellular communications take the industry by 2020? How will 4G play a role to bring new solutions, applications, and business models to the marketplace? Learn this and more.

Tom Chisari Appointed National Sales Manager for Green2 and Treefree Paper Brands

True Green Enterprises, Inc. appointed Tom Chisari, of Strategic Brands Group, as the National Sales Manager for the North America market. Tom brings years of experience in marketing, sales and distribution, specifically for natural and specialty trades. His territories include all 50 states of North America.

New Online Journal Allows Regular People to Deliver the News

Nauber Bernardo Gois has come up with a way to allow the average person to not only report the news from their area but also allow them to be compensated for their efforts. This project is being called The Independent Journal. Gois hopes that this will be a revolutionary new way to allow the average person to deliver unbiased information to people all over the world. The website is most likely to attract both people looking to write for profit and those who simply enjoy journalism but lack an outlet to work with.

Windtech Consultants Offers Integrated Wind Engineering Solutions

LogoDesigning a building is an arduous task and several parameters contribute to that. Especially, the effect of wind on the buildings plays a huge role in its designing part. Wind-induced motion will produce strong effects on tall, slender and flexible buildings and this can really affect the performance and safety of the buildings. Voted Most Professional 501c3 Charity for "Child Loss" and "Grieving Parent Support" Announces Annual "Walk to Remember" Saturday 11-Oct-14

LogoShare Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. has been helping bereaved parents since 1977. Share is dedicated to supporting parents (and families) throughout the United States and internationally. Share Parents of Utah serves the greater Salt Lake City area.

Mayflower Electronics Receives Kripparrian Review of Their Objective2 + ODAC Combo

Audio is one of the two most essential senses, together with sight, and is arguably one we make equal use of in our everyday lives. It is also responsible for some of the most pleasurable experiences we have, including listening to music, stories, drama and more. As a result, high quality audio can make all the difference to a user experience. Mayflower Electronics specializes in innovating products that create high quality audio for the consumer. The company recently sent one of their products to YouTube Vlogger and gamer Kripparrian, who reviewed the product on his YouTube Channel.

Over 15 Bus Operators Offer Bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on EasyBook

Easybook has been providing online bus booking services of luxurious coaches and express buses from Singapore to and fro Malaysia, within peninsular Malaysia, east Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  Over 60 bus companies are associated with the online bus booking site, out of which fifteen provide daily bus service from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on Easybook.

Dare to Enter Aqua World with New Educational App for Young Children and Children with Special Needs

Introducing a new game by Zyrobotics, designed for younger children and children with special needs. Turtle Invaders is trending now on Google Play and iTunes in more than 20 countries in the top new educational and games category. In Turtle Invaders, the turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! Turtle Invaders features a unique approach to improve motor skills by providing settings that adjust to the skill level of the child.

Digital Marketing Agency,, Develops Free WordPress Plugin for Keyword Research, a leading digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce they have created a free WordPress plugin that aids websites in their keyword research efforts. Developed on September 2, 2014, the plugin has seen over 3,800 downloads in less than a month. The plugin was created to assist business owners and internet marketers around the world with their long-tail keyword research efforts.

Important and Informative New Guide Reveals the Key to Building and Maintaining Wealth Safely

An informative new financial planning guide has just been released that reveals the secret of building and sustaining wealth. The guide is ”Receive 10-20 Checks Per Month Like Clockwork” and it’s focus is a tried and tested wealth building method that rich people have known of and have been using for centuries. The method is dividend capturing and according to the guide’s author, James A. Gaudino, Sr. it is the best and most effective way to build wealth in a legitimate and above board way. “This is not a get rich quick program or a magic push button software to solve money problems.” Mr Gaudino tells his readers.

Mike Brammer Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Tennessee

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in Tennessee with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Mid Atlantic Region includes Tennessee and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Mike Brammer.

No Risk Automation Magazine Explores Reducing Manufacturing Costs

Cost avoidance must also be considered. Often, increases in mobile equipment accidents typically bring increases in the cost of Workers Compensation and Lost Time and production. There are often increases in operational requirements, which are best handled with a fixed one-time cost versus adding increasing recurring labor costs.

Picking Perfection News Magazine Explored Simple Productivity Improvements

LogoThe current issue of Picking Perfection explored the big advantages to Pick to light (PTL) and pick carts. Research demonstrated as much as 60% of the order picker's time is walking. The more orders picked in the same walk sequence, the less time walking the order picker will do. Picking more than one order at a time dramatically reduces walking time and increases productivity. In batch order picking, multiple orders are grouped into small batches. An order picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass using a consolidated pick list.

Secrets of the Seven Stars: Fantasy & Mythology Collide, as Coauthors Pen Empowering 'Epic Tale' for Middle-Graders

While the world of literature claims to contain wondrous page-bound delights for all ages, seven to ten year-olds rarely have any fiction written for their unique transitionary age. Thankfully, authors Jan Spivey Gilchrist and Kelley Powell Barcellona are bucking the trend with gusto to provide children of this age group with not only an edge-of-the-seat story, but an opportunity to learn plenty about life along the way.

Seegrid Management Team Strengthened

LogoSeegrid Corporation, global leader of robotic automated guided vehicles (AGVs), continue to strengthen the management team with the addition of Jim Rock as Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. Rock oversees performance, product expansion, and global strategy for the organization’s next level of growth in robotic vision-guided automated guided vehicles.

System Insights CTO Presented About Internet of Manufacturing Things at IMTS

System Insights announced dynamic programming at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at McCormick Place in Chicago earlier this month. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, System Insights’ Chief Technology Officer, spoke about the Internet of Manufacturing Things. System Insights was recently profiled in Industrial Engineer magazine highlighting Internet of Manufacturing Things.

Easy Rig Lease Offers a Range of Semi-Truck and Commercial Equipment Financing Services

Easy Rig Lease is specializing in offering business loans for truckers and financing for individuals who are planning to purchase semi-truck or commercial equipment. They offer this service both for individuals with good and bad credit. Aside from that, these specialists do not require any down payment or low monthly payments. It has always been the company’s goal to provide a simple and fair tuck leasing service since the beginning.

Dominican Republic Top Destination of the Year 2014 Offering New Luxury Properties

LogoDominican Republic is well known for its beauty. Its ambiance and environmental friendliness are its additional qualities. The Dominican Republic city also knows for its rich cultural and economic background. These qualities attract people to buy property here.

Daniel Olson of Orlando Hypnosis Center Is Helping People Overcome Test Anxiety with Hypnosis

Daniel Olson of Orlando Hypnosis Center is helping people to overcome test anxiety with hypnosis. For those students who are taking LSAT, Sat, Mcat, real estate boards and other college tests, they don’t need to worry since Daniel Olson will greatly help them to easily and quickly overcome their test anxiety with the use of hypnosis.