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Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatology – Meet Dr Lycka's Team - New Video from Dr Barry Lycka

Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatology practitioner Dr Barry Lycka introduces the key members of his cosmetic dermatology team in his latest short educational video released this week (27may15). Dr Lycka wanted to feature some of the clinic staff who clients meet, so that prospective clients will see a familiar face when they visit the clinic for the first time.

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) Investor Alert: Takeover Under Investigation

An investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Pall Corporation by Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR) for $127.20 per share is unfair to NYSE:PLL stockholders.

Operation Hat Trick Renews Partnership with Project Sanctuary

LogoProject Sanctuary announced a renewed partnership with Operation Hat Trick (OHT) today to support the healing and recovery of military families. OHT is making a $9,000 donation to Project Sanctuary, covering all costs for three military families to participate in Project Sanctuary's two-year program, beginning with a 6-day retreat. By focusing on mental health first, Project Sanctuary uses outdoor recreation therapy to facilitate healing for military families, enabling them to reconnect and thrive. Many of the participating families are dealing with PTS (post-traumatic stress), possible divorce and ongoing turmoil due to their visible or invisible wounds.

SiteReady Design Principal, Heather Callaway, Wins InfoComm Women in AV Award

SiteReady Design, a prominent technology design firm, is pleased to announce that InfoComm International, the leading professional audiovisual trade association, has named Heather Callaway winner of the 2015 Women in AV Award. This award recognizes women who are achieving rewarding and successful careers in the audiovisual and information communications industries. Publishes Whole-of-Mortgage Market Advice

Individuals often find mortgage brokers search mortgages strictly across the major high-street banks, yet Edinburgh Mortgage Broker ( presents whole-of-market mortgage advice to ensure clients obtain the most suitable mortgage deal for their individual circumstances. Clients making use of the service find they obtain a great deal as a result and save money over the life of the loan. This is of great concern as Scottish house prices have increased by almost 15 percent over the past year, according to Scottish Express.

Leading Economist Dr. Scott Sumner Shares Insight on Apocalyptic Theories of Dollar Collapse and What's Driving the Gold Market

LogoRCW Financial, a firm that assists individuals with a wide range of tangible investments, has released their latest article, "Gold … A Solution to a Non-Existent Problem", written by economist and Advisory Member, Dr. Scott Sumner. In the article, Dr. Sumner shares his insight on the national debt and its impact on the gold market.

Simply Tablecloths Announces Optional Edge Binding

From a small family run market stall in Hertfordshire, Simply Tablecloths (, has grown into one of the leading online table cloth providers in the UK. One of the largest UK-based online stores selling wipe clean vinyl and oilcloth tablecloths, Simply Tablecloth is excited to announce they are now offering Optional Edge Binding, improving the appearance of the tablecloth, making them one of the first in the UK to do this..

Jabberdi Publishes a Superior Singing Method Review

Jabberdi announces they have released a superior singing method review for individuals wishing to learn to sing. With the help of the review, consumers find they can determine if this program meets their needs and will help them achieve their goal. Thanks to the popularity of shows such as American Idol and The Voice, many wish to pursue a career in this field and Superior Singing Method can be of assistance with this.

Simon and Garfunkel Immortalised by Life Long Fan Autistic Joe Ellis

LogoSince the age of five, Joe Ellis, clinically diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, has sought refuge in the music of legends Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. So much so that Ellis, has gone further developing a Facebook Closed Group for the past two years Simon and Garfunkel UK; in addition to being in the process of writing a personal ethnography based on the lyrics of the famous pair.

Zarax Buys Unwanted Gadgets for Cash at Highest Prices

"Zarax", the UK's first online company has started a unique business platform where Zarax buys all your unwanted gadgets and electronic items for cash with no hidden terms and conditions. It is the first online platform available for users which offers you the more cash for your gadgets than eBay or other rival sites.

Accurate Tool Supplies and Repairs Now Offer WM550 Dual Height Vertical Clamp Workmate

LogoTo increase their productivity, builders need tools that can function for longer hours without creating any problem. Luckily, Accurate Tool Supplies and Repairs now offer WM550 Dual Height Vertical Clamp Workmate that can be used to enhance work output. The dual height vertical clamp workmate supplied by the company comes with rubber anti-slip feet and dual clamping cranks that can increase clamping force. Customers who are searching for clamp workmate for easy transportation can rely on this latest product supplied by the company.

Sergey Akopyan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds to Plant Trees in Armenia

LogoSergey Akopyan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to prevent deforestation in Armenia .  Akopyan's campaign addresses a growing problem in Armenia:  the increase of logging in many areas of the country, particularly in the En Teghut Region.  The activities are causing tremendous loss of forests.  A lack of funds for humanitarian efforts are making it very difficult for local people to address this issue.

London Bhangra Star Rajeev B Proves a Hit with Midnight Release

You have heard nothing but voices of excitement over the past few weeks, with music fans desperate to hear Rajeev B's latest track - Ranjhana. The track dropped at midnight last night and has already made its mark on the Asian music scene, encouraging fans and followers to share, comment and celebrate the song on various online platforms. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and iTunes all successfully endorsing the tune Ranjhana has already become Rajeev's favored song, feeling the response to be 'just overwhelming'.

Sexy Shoes Women Presents Its Collection of Footwear for Women

Wearing the right shoe for a specific occasion is as important as wearing the perfect dress to suit the purpose. For instance, shoes for the party can never be worn for your day at the picnic. Moreover, it is very important to have quality shoes so that it does not damage your heels and balance. Women usually prefer to have a range of shoes and multiple options under their collection. However, the pricing of most of the branded and quality shoes are quite high which limits the number of purchases one can make. To make this possible and facilitate shoes at affordable prices, has come up with its collection. The store presents a variety of shoes suiting virtually every need of the customer. Each category offers a vast number of options to suit almost every taste and choice of the customers.

Parts Geek Providing Drivers with Increased Fuel Efficiency Through Replacement Purge Valves

LogoTo prevent fuel vapors in a vehicle's fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere, vehicles rely on purge valves to trap the vapors and allow them to be burned through the normal process of combustion. The valve operates and controls the amount of vapor that is purged from the charcoal canister. When the purge valve is not operating correctly, drivers will see the "Check Engine" light illuminated. To maintain the fuel efficiency of burned vapors, Parts Geek is providing high-quality replacement purge valves to drivers in need.

Shira Esthetics Announces Permanent Price Reduction for Their Demi Make-Up Product

LogoWith the 2015 summer season almost a month away, there are undoubtedly many people who are stocking up on beauty products that will help keep their skin protected from the sun's harmful rays. One place that people can turn to in order to acquire beauty products to protect their skin from the sun is Shira Esthetics. In fact, Shira Esthetics is pleased to announce that they have permanently reduced the price of their Demi Make-up product—a make-up product that also contains SPF 15.

Travel Speak Provides Vital Information for Tourists Visiting North Eastern India

Travelling is a passion for many and each one of us goes on vacations time and again. Before going on vacations one must make sure that they are fully prepared and made all the bookings in advance. One should not leave things for the ending day and get the tickets and hotel bookings done through experts. One of the most explored areas of India where huge amount of visitors go all year round is the North-Eastern region. Travel Speak aims to provide the visitors with important information to the travellers and help them book hotels while they visit this region.

Income Tax Ready Reckoner App to Offer Reliable Tax Solutions

Taxation and accountancy can seem to be overwhelming subjects to those who seek professional help to update their books and get ready for the tax season. It is not uncommon for beginners to make mistakes and pay a heavy price for details that are overlooked or calculations that are misjudged. These are issues people face all the time with no reliable help offered in this regard.

Elysian Real Estate Adds Three More Awards to Its Collection

Dubai's Premier Real Estate Company, Elysian Real Estate, wins Agency of the month by and ads more awards to its repertoire in the same evening from the Peoples Choice Awards organized by Property Times Magazine. - Affordability and Guaranteed Success Are the Definition of Buyautoretweet Services

Many people have termed it as the 'fake it until you make it' strategy. However, it still is one of the leading advertisement methods in use today. Advertising on social media platforms, such as twitter, is a sure way to go for any company or business looking forward to attract high traffic and increase sales, within a very short period and at a very affordable rate. As a matter of fact, re-tweeting services by the leading providers like is one of the advertisement methods with the highest success levels. Registering at allows users to post advertisement content or even pictures to their twitter accounts, all of which get the re-tweeting attention desired.

XW Packaging Ltd Introduces Food Packaging Bags in Custom Sizes & with Custom Printing Labels

Packaging of food products always need a careful consideration where the use of harmful printing colors and inks should be avoided. At the same time, the packaging bags should keep the food items fresh, flavorful and in an edible condition for a significant period of time. China based XW Packaging Ltd specializes in a variety of food packaging bags that can be used for the storage of various food items.

Alfa One Corp Attends Regional Mergers and Acquisitions Conference in Hong Kong

LogoAlfa One Corp is a full service financial advisory company, though in the last few years, it like many of its industry peers, has seen increasing demand from their clients for additional mergers and acquisitions, as well as company restructuring management. As the trend of industry, seeking to expand their business interests in the region through mergers continues to grow rapidly, Alfa One Corp has placed a greater deal of its focus on this line of commerce. As part of this increased importance the decision was made for executives of the company to travel to and participate in the prestigious IFLR forum discussing this area of business.

Big Update to Support Videos Music Free Download from 300+ Video Sites Arrives on WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 5.6.0

LogoDigiarty Software, a renowned DVD video software developer, announces today that its favored WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and WinX HD Video Converter for Mac have got major upgrades, available to free download videos music from over 300 video sites ranging from video-sharing sites prevailing in English-speaking countries, like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, to some popular video websites in Asia (such as Japan and China) like Yahoo, and It is definitely the most remarkable update of the video downloader software in 2015 and another significant improvement since last time it accelerated video conversion speed to 83x and supported 410+ preset profiles.

Aspire Cool Unveils Ice Cream Machines, Yogurt Machines & Gelato Makers to Make Summertime Cool & Pleasurable

Aspire Cool has sweet reasons for people to feel fresh and cool during summers. The company offers a range of Cream Machines, Yogurt Machines & Gelato Makers that are affordable and can easily be installed and can be used to serve cool desserts to please customers. With a focus on designing quality, durable and easy to operate ice cream machines, the company has different types of machines for ice cream vendors to choose from to mint cash during the summertime.

Focusky Presents New Demo for Its Free Video Presentation Maker

LogoFocusky's recent demo is showcasing the most important and impressive features of this free video presentation maker. Focusky helps users to transform their creative ideas in attractive presentation. It offers a number of stunning templates that one can select and add in his presentation. Announces the Launch of Its New Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

LogoSYOPTEK, headquartered in Hong Kong and going strong ever since 2005 has made tremendous progress in the manufacture and research over fiber optic products, especially with their online portal, The site that deals with all supplies of fiber optic cleaning products, specializes in cleaning, inspection, testing, installation as well as termination solutions. The recently launched fiber optic cleaning kit has taken the market by storm, primarily because of its high-end quality and an array of tools to rid off unwanted dirt, dust and oil remnants from these optic tools.

MacXDVD Toasts 5th Anniversary with 15-Day Giveaway of MacX Video Converter Pro

This May marks 5 years since the founding of MacXDVD Software, and its birthday promotion is in full swing, featuring 2 mega giveaways that will continue through June 9, 2015. The prizes include its ace products MacX Video Converter Pro and MacX iPhone iPad DVD ripper, underpinning all multimedia solutions of converting video and ripping DVD movies flawlessly. Plus, other full-function DVD video converters are on sale for as low as $29.95 (70% off).