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Omni-Pac, Inc. Receives Honors from the Englewood Award Program

Omni-Pac Inc. has been selected for the 2014 Best of Englewood Award in the Packaging & Shipping Supplies category by the Englewood Award Program.

Hackler Plumbing Extends Leading Plumbing Services Throughout Frisco and Allen

Hackler Plumbing, one of the area's top plumbing companies, announced that it has extended its service range to cover all of Frisco and Allen. Hackler Plumbing is based in McKinney, but has always provided the same high level of service throughout the adjacent cities of Frisco and Allen. Now, they are further expanding this reach by adding new crews to make their unmatched customer service even stronger. With the company having established an unmatched reputation for top-quality, highly affordable slab leak repair, water heater replacement, and general plumbing services, Hackler Plumbing representatives are confident that homeowners and businesses in the newly expanded service area will be greatly interested in the announcement.

Signature Car Collection Announces Success of Coat Drive, Plans for Followup Event

Signature Car Collection, a leading exotic car rental service, announced the success of the company's recent charity coat collection drive. On November 30th, along with volunteers and partner organizations, Signature Car Collection helped to collect 190 coats that will be distributed to local schoolchildren at a special event to be held on December 19th. At that time, students will pick up their donated coats at the Signature Car Collection headquarters, where they will be greeted by Santa Claus and other very special guests and have the unique opportunity of viewing the company's impressive stable of high-end, exotic cars from makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Dalco Launches Small Business Company-Wide Information, Activity and Customer Management Software

Dalco Technologies Inc. unveiled Qwikkr, a new, centralized Information, Activity and Customer Management software package for all teams, departments and personnel.

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art - Let's Go Ghost Hunting This Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend join Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) aka the "Ghost Doctors" paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides on a real ghost hunting adventure (ghost hunting equipment and all) through New York's most famous art museum -- the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

New Photo Editor App Launched in Apple Store Takes Romance Center Stage

LogoA new app makes its way to the Apple App Store just in time for Christmas to give lovers a fun way to ramp up their romantic moments. Bringing a new approach to timeless photos, the iOS Lucky in Love Photo Editor App is launched to send out a loving call to action. Catering to a new romance filled with the excitement of dating or a long-enjoyed relationship's joys, the app happily spreads the love. One quick snapshot at a time, it shares romance easily and takes the limits off of imagination.

Absolute Adventure Expands Services with Three Amazing New Mexico Private Tours

Mexico is growing as a tourist destination owing to its incredible history, culture and landscape, which offer a huge array of opportunities for travelers to expand their horizons. However, without a tour package it can be difficult and even stressful to enjoy all the best Mexico has to offer, having to engage in constant bartering. Absolute Adventure specializes in tours from Play del Carmen and has made their name offering diving and tours on Mexico's incredible reefs and cenote. Now however, they have expanded their services to include treks to the most famous ancient ruins as well as extreme sports holidays, providing something for everyone.

Anticipating the Fate with Penguin 4.0: Vitarank Speaks About Aligning the Future of Websites with Penguin 3.0's Minimal Effect in Worldwide Rankings

LogoAfter the Penguin 3.0 deliberately kicked-out unnatural spamming links and had low quality, aberrant websites got penalized. Changes in the overall rankings of numerous websites have finally revealed the 'winners' and 'losers' of the worldwide fluctuations, that many websites are now anticipating how will Penguin 4.0 will deal the minimal impact created by the recent algorithm update.

Lushes Curtains Receives 2014 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award

Lushes Curtains  has been selected for the 2014 Best Businesses of South El Monte Award in the Home Decor category by the  Best Businesses of South El Monte Award Program . Each year, the Best Businesses of South El Monte Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

New Social Network Seeking Funding on Indiegogo

Flashpal is a new social network that is hoping to allay some of the concerns users may have with traditional social networks. Common concerns may include:

New Social Networking Site for Communities "MyComms" Is Officially Launched

LogoSocial networking sites provide people with a platform to stay connected with each other and share their views. However, the new social networking site intends to offer much more than what other popular social networking sites are currently offering. It aims to build communities, where people, volunteers and organizations can come together, discuss their views and organize events in their neighborhood or worldwide.

'Moving Services US' Now Providing Free Quote for Office Relocation Services

Logo'Moving Services US' a reputed moving services company is now providing free for office relocation services. With the same, clients who want to relocate their office can a generate free quote by filling up a simple form with including few moving details like moving from, moving to, zip code, date, and the estimated move weight and personal details like name, contact number, email address and press the 'get a quote' button. The company on the basis of details provided, gets back to the client and provide the best quote and service details suits them the most. The best of the free quote service provided by the company is there are zero obligations for the clients to accept the quote even though they are not impressed with it.

We Are Movers Company Offer Competitive Prices for Relocation Needs Across the Country

LogoSince the economic crisis started in 2008, not many moving companies have altered their way of business to help the people who had to relocate across states and cities to find new jobs as many industries went into losses. However We Are Movers knew that people relocating at that time were mostly those who had to find jobs elsewhere. Keeping this in mind they had lowered their prices so that people could afford a moving service when they needed one. And maybe because of this thoughtfulness and dedication, We Are Movers have gained a steady clientele as the economy regained its strength. They have movers and affiliates located in every major city as well as every little town in the country. They offer competitive prices and encourage their customers to check out the competition before accepting their service.

Green Movers Florida Provides a Range of Moving Services and Budget Options for the People in Florida

LogoThe expectation of a customer from a moving company is simply three things. One is packing their possessions carefully, transporting them in time to the said place and unloading them undamaged in the right room. If any moving company achieves this then the customer is bound to use their service again. However if a customer can get all this unparalleled service within their budget then the customer will definitely recommend the company to his family and friends. One such company which has always strived to meet the expectations of the people of Florida is Green Movers Florida. This moving company Florida has a network of quality movers who have been background checked, possess license, are insured and have trained staff.

Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes to the Internet

LogoWe all know that 1% of the world's population owns over 90% of the world's wealth and we all know how unjust that is. That's part of the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement - people just wanted things to change. They wanted things to be fair.

Green Movers California Provides Complete Range of Services for Relocation Needs Across Country

LogoWhile deciding on a mover of their choice people need to take into consideration many things. One being that the company is fully licensed, second being that the staff in charge of moving are full trained and third that the company has a good reputation to earn their trust.  To check all this for each company that one finds will take time and effort. So people are now doing the smart thing and that is searching online for a website that will put them in touch with reputed, licensed and trustworthy moving companies in their area. Visit their website where people can find moving companies in California that have been pre-screened based on their experience, license, customer feedback and quality. Green Movers California Company offers competitive prices for any moving destination across country. They have a huge database of moving companies located out of state as well.

Vmoving Company Illinois Provides in-Home Estimates to Its Moving Customers

LogoMoving can be one of the most stressful situations that one can be in if people choose the wrong kind of movers to help them relocate. Relocation does not involve just moving of furniture from one place to another. It involves time, work, money and most importantly trust. People need someone who knows everything about moving and can handle it when things go awry. One such company that has been helping people move smoothly from one place to another across the country is . The Vmoving Company provides better deals in moving to its customers by supplying packing boxes and material that will help take care of the daintiest valuable they may possess.  Their employees are expert packers and can help arrange the packing process in a smooth manner. This moving company Illinois believes in serving customers to the best of their ability and that is why if a customer wants to move to a place where they do not provide service, Vmoving will help the customer connect with someone who has the expertise to help relocate and is reliable locally.

Children's Dress Shop Publishes the Top Wedding Trends for 2015

Weddings require a great deal of thought and care, and months of preparation to ensure every element is right. However, this means that people must always be thinking ahead, lest they plan a wedding event based on trends from the year before. Knowing what will be in fashion in six months' time is difficult, but the Children's Dress Shop keeps their fingers firmly on the pulse. Their latest editorial, "Wedding Colors for 2015" describes the top trending colors and styles for next year, to help brides and wedding planners coordinate their colors to stay on trend for the spring/summer wedding season. Revamps and Optimizes Website with New Information on Roofing

In an effort to provide better service to Toronto's resident and commercial establishments, The Roof Whisperer, has recently updated and expanded their website,, with new information that will help them make better decisions regarding their roofs. A representative for the company explained, "We know and understand that most property owners get overwhelmed when it comes to the many decisions involved in having a roof repaired or a new roof installed. This is why we have posted quite a lot of details and information on our website to help the average Toronto homeowner become well informed."

Audio4fun Brings Big Surprises to All Audio Enthusiasts on Christmas 2014

LogoChristmas is a very special, festive occasion that brings out the best in people. It is the opportunity for everyone to show their love to the most important people in their lives. Fortunately, unique audio gifts like ringtones, sounds, audio clips, jokes, melodies and remixes, flash cards, and so much more are just a few clicks away once you visit

Limo Bus Toronto Services Are the Standard in Elegance for Wedding Ceremonies

Renting a limousine or party bus is the favored mode of transport for weddings, proms and bachelor parties along with other joyful occasions. It's also an effective way to securely transport friends, family, employees or some high profile delegates to and from an expedition, concert or sports event.

Innovative Storyboarder App Ideal for Novices and Experts Alike

Noted online developer Lisa Kristinardottir is pleased to announce her latest app, the LK StoryBoarder. This innovative filmmaking storyboarder system includes a full filmmaking course, allowing individuals to plan and create beautiful film storyboards in one place.

New BioEnergy Technology Changes the Way We Look at Waste

Modern plumbing has become such a standard feature of life that it's easy for us to forget that, with each flush of the toilet, we're contributing to an environmental problem that becomes increasingly expensive to solve. Toilet output is an out of sight, out of mind proposition for most of us. Except that the disposal of the waste water sludge that crowds our landfills costs taxpayers millions of dollars annually. You flush it, you fund it.

New Film Empowers Citizens to Solve Systemic Problems

The Blindspot, an upcoming feature documentary and social change initiative helmed by Oscar-nominated director William Gazecki (WACO: The Rules of Engagement), will reveal society's quintessential blind spot: structure determines behavior –  how we set up a system (politics, justice) determines the way people within the system act.

What2WearWhere Publishes New Advice on Clothing Choices to Match the Royal Visit

Fashion is one of the most varied and ubiquitous fields in modern culture, to the extent that everyone seems to have their own interpretation of it. Fashion can help people reflect their identity, but it can also help people demonstrate their status, and never is that more apparent than with the UK's Royal Family, who's moderate and reserved choice of colors combines with luxurious materials and cuts to create instant authority. What 2 Where Wear is a fashion blog and retail boutique that helps people make the right style choices for any occasion, and their latest blog explores inspirations from the Royal Visit.

Remède Dubelle Releases New Revitalizing Firming Mask and Hydra Peptides Serum for Anti Aging

Anti-aging is one of the biggest industries in cosmetics at the moment. While turning back time might still be beyond the reach of science, research is showing that reducing and even reversing the visible signs of aging is evermore within our grasp, and one promising skincare brand is pushing anti-aging solutions to the next level. Remede Dubelle is a premium brand of skincare whose focus is on developing cutting-edge anti-ageing products. They have just launched two new products, the Revitalizing Firming Mask and a Hydra Peptides Serum.

Roof Revivers to Create Roofing Revolution with New Business in Columbus Ohio

Roofing is essential to the integrity, safety and comfort of a home. The roof is without doubt the part of the house that comes in for the most punishment, and is often neglected as it endures the harshest conditions of all four seasons. Most roofing companies experience a conflict of interest when damage to roofs occurs, because they can make more money on a customer if they just replace their roof - when actually all that was required were specific repairs. Roof Revivers Pro Roofing in Columbus do not replace roofs, and therefore guarantee their customers the best repair services in the business, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.