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SurgeryBloom Announces Marketing Webinar for Plastic Surgeons

Referrals are important for a plastic surgery practice, but in many cases, there aren't enough of them to truly expand a business. Many doctors report hitting a level that they just can't get past, and that this feels like a cap on their results. The solution to this isn't as easy as it seems. Local advertising in newspapers and similar outlets often just brings in a bit of incremental business.

Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Statements

An investor, who purchased shares of Lannett Company, Inc. (NYSE:LCI), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Lannett Company, Inc. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between September 10, 2013 and July 16, 2014.

WBI Shares Hits $1 Billion Milestone Their First Day Out

WBI Shares’ 10 actively risk-managed Exchange Traded Funds hit an historic milestone by surpassing $1 Billion in assets on their first trading day on the NYSE Arca, reports Matt Schreiber, President of WBI Investments. Professional advisors invested on behalf of thousands of retail investors, primarily through the ETF creation process.

DSM Mutual Funds Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary of DSM Large Cap Growth Fund

LogoDSM Mutual Funds, a fund family launched by DSM Capital Partners, a global investment management firm with $5.6 billion in AUM (a/o 7/31/14) which has served individual and institutional investors for over 13 years, is pleased to celebrate the five year anniversary of its DSM Large Cap Growth Fund (DSMLX) which launched August 28, 2009 for RIAs, foundations, pensions, and family offices.

Xpress Dental Joins ADA in Keeping People Informed About the Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

LogoIn a study published by the American Diabetes Association, diabetic patients are found to be more likely to have gum disease due to amplified vulnerability to infection and decreased capability to fight the germs infuriating the gums. Gum disease makes it more difficult for people with diabetes to manage their blood sugar which in effect results to a more aggravated gum problems.

NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy Provided Tested and Proven Cures on How to Get Rid of a Painful Back Without Having a Need for a Surgery

LogoAs we age, our body especially our bones also age. Physical work and stress also add up to the reasons why our body sometimes ache and deteriorate. As we age, we tend to feel uncomfortable pain on our spine and the lower back. This pain may also be caused by injuries and other numerous factors. Our spinal cord which is located at the back of our torso is protected by 33 vertebrae which are made of bones. Between each vertebra are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These ligaments serve as a protection of the vertebra and the spinal column. We experience back pain because of the wear and tear which causes the weakening of the disc, thus aging. Another reason is what is scientifically termed as herniation or the swelling of the disc which causes pain or numbness.

Gulp Clear Water LLC Seeks Crowdfunding to Roll out Their Groundbreaking Water Purification/Hydroelectric Power System and Save the Salton Sea

LogoThe Salton Sea is California's largest lake. The rich natural resources and fertile soil within the Salton Basin have endless potential. All it has ever needed is proper care and a whole lot of clean water. The Sea is a stopover point in migratory patterns of birds giving refuge to as many as 3 million birds on any given day in winter. All told, The Salton Sea has the second highest count of wildlife diversity in the United States. It’s also got a very serious problem threatening much of its wildlife.

NetSol Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:NTWK) Investor Alert: Deadline in Lawsuit on Sept. 23, 2014

LogoA deadline is coming up on September 23, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of NetSol Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:NTWK).

Tim Hortons Inc. (USA) (NYSE:THI) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover by Burger King Worldwide Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of Tim Hortons Inc. (USA) (NYSE:THI), was announced concerning whether the takeover of Tim Hortons Inc. by Burger King Worldwide Inc is unfair to NYSE:THI stockholders.

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc (NYSE:DVA) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc (NYSE:DVA) shares over potential securities laws violations by DaVita HealthCare Partners and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Momensity Just Launched on Kickstarter as the First Real-World Social Network

LogoEach day there are more people earning a living, thriving, and growing a life on the Internet alone. The digital world however, was never meant to be shared between people but instead between computers using websites and links. Their “digital talk” is tough to remember let alone share and promote when meeting real-world people offline. The Momensity app has been created to bridge the growing gap between people’s “awesome” online lives and the offline-social lives they lead. The app works by crunching and analyzing the Big Data spread over all the social networks and other online accounts two people, connecting through the app, may have. Only one person is required to have the app for the offline connection to work. How? With Momensity everyone gets a personal barcode that most mobile devices can scan that will instruct the device (that doesn’t have the app) to download Momensity and complete the connection process. Stealth right? Very James Bond.

Phoenix Tax Attorney Announces What IRS Really Wants - and Will Get It at All Cost

LogoThe reason behind this is that there are a lot of factors that involve the some sort of alterations in the taxpayer’s status, figures or any essential kind of tax information, as well as changes in the complex strands of tax laws.

Fernandez Firm Proudly Announces Its New South Tampa Office Location

LogoThe Fernandez Firm has announced its recent acquisition of a new office in South Tampa that will serve as an expansion of its growing personal injury practice. According to the law firm’s founder and managing partner, Frank Fernandez, III, this larger location will allow the firm’s attorneys and staff to better serve current and future clients throughout Tampa and the state of Florida.

"What's Next Is Now" Financial Empowerment Conference Scheduled

LogoFor those who want to learn how to finance themselves to wealth, the Financial Empowerment Conference known as "What's Next Is Now" offers great information and resources.  Hosted by Jovan Walker, Prosperity & Financial Coach, this conference will be held on September 20, 2014, at the Holiday Inn Columbia East-Jessup located at 7900 Washington Boulevard, Jessup Maryland.  Those interested can register at

CURT Develops RAM OEM Compatible 5th Wheel Legs

LogoCURT Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium towing products, has developed OEM compatible 5th wheel legs made specifically to fit RAM 2013-2014 truck beds that contain the towing prep package.

Slum2School Africa Seeks $55,500 via Crowdfunding to Give Children in Poverty Education, Medical Care and Mentoring

LogoAs Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Slum2School Africa is a volunteer driven developmental organization founded in 2012 and operating in Nigeria. Their vision is to transform society by empowering disadvantaged children in slums by providing educational scholarships, healthcare and mentoring to give these impoverished children every opportunity to grow smarter, healthier and wiser as they grow up and enter adult life fully equipped to make valuable contributions to society.

New Docta Festival Nurtures Latin American Talent with Free Concerts and Educational Events Sept. 1-7

Thanks to the support of individuals, businesses and grants, the New Docta International Music Festival provides free chamber music concerts and educational events for Argentinean youth. This year’s festival takes place Sept. 1-7 in Córdoba, Argentina.

Premier Mississippi Land Development Company Explicates the Advantages of Investing on Farm Lands

LogoWhen it comes to returns on investment, there are two ways to make money on a piece of farm land: capital appreciation and income. Capital appreciation means if there has been an increase in the land’s market value the investor can sell it immediately. Income from farm lands can be derived through cash rent, crop share (where the landlord and farmer split the earnings on crops sold) or custom farming.

Global and Chinese Acetate Tow Industry Report, 2014-2019

This is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Acetate Tow industry. The report firstly reviews the basic information of Acetate Tow including its classification, application and manufacturing technology. The report then explores global and China’s top manufacturers of Acetate Tow listing their product specification, capacity, Production value, and market share etc.

Baby Food in Brazil, New Report Launched

LogoBaby Food in Brazil is a new report by Publisher that analyzes the Baby Food industry demand prospects in Brazil, key segments, features and developments, future projections based on various trends. This report also examines trends which are currently affecting the industry. Furthermore, it profiles various companies in the Baby Food industry in Brazil along with the foreign trade involving the Baby Food industry.

Cellular M2M Services in Latin America - Redefining the Role of Mobile Operators, New Report Launched

LogoCellular M2M Services in Latin America: Redefining the Role of Mobile Operators is a Telecom Insider Report, looks at the cellular M2M opportunity in Latin America. It focuses on the role mobile operators play within the M2M value chain to help them identify M2M strategies, and it analyzes the M2M opportunity on both the demand and supply sides. The first section of the report examines the major forces driving and inhibiting the demand and supply of M2M services; it then sizes the M2M market covering seven vertical application categories: telematics/fleet management, utilities/smart city, security, industrial, financial/retail, health and consumer electronics. The report also presents case studies from Latin America. We conclude with a summary of key findings and recommendations.

Diesel Performance Parts Discusses 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Chosen as Champion 'King of the Road'

LogoKowalchick, the owner of a specialty automotive service business, receives the $5,000 King of the Road grand prize as well as $500 for winning one of the contest's 10 weekly rounds. The 2014 King of the Road program garnered more than 550 entries and over 90,000 votes from among the Web-connected Champion community of "Performance Driven(TM)" enthusiasts.

Asia Pacific Minimally Invasive Surgery Spinal Device Market, New Report Launched

LogoThe growth rate of the Asia-Pacific and emerging MIS spinal device market will remain at double-digit levels throughout the forecast period. Increasingly, young surgeons see MIS spinal surgeries as the future of this field. The Asia-Pacific and Emerging MIS spinal device market also exhibits a large demand from patients with back pain, who are becoming aware of the advantages of minimally invasive techniques compared to open surgery. These factors will contribute to the expansion of the MIS market, which is not only growing due to the aging population, but also due to its ability to replace the existing demand for open spinal surgeries.

The Pharmaceuticals Market in Australia Expected to Reach Approximately $32 Billion in 2020, Reveals New Report

LogoThe Australian healthcare market is a mature market driven by universal healthcare coverage and good access to facilities such as government-subsidized medicines. The growing elderly population and its associated disease burden, well-defined regulatory guidelines, the usage of substitute drugs and the introduction of a new manufacturing policy will drive the growth of the pharmaceutical market in future. However, a focus on generic substitution and price cuts will restrict the growth of the market.

Asia-Pacific Infusion Therapy Device Market, New Report Launched

LogoThe Asia-Pacific market for infusion therapy devices included volumetric infusion pumps, syringe infusion pumps, disposable infusion pumps, IV tubing sets, needleless connectors and stopcocks. These categories are segmented based on the type of displacement used, the type of infusion being performed and the type of medication and fluid infused.

Australia Pharmaceuticals Market Value Worth $32 Billion by 2020

The industry analysis specialist has released its latest report “CountryFocus: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - Australia”. The report is an essential source of information on and analysis of the healthcare, regulatory and reimbursement landscape in Australia. It identifies the key trends in the country’s healthcare market and provides insights into its demographic, regulatory, and reimbursement landscape and healthcare infrastructure. Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights into the trends and segmentation of its pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

North America Hernia Repair Market (Revenue, Average Price, Volume & Company Share) to 2020

"North America Hernia Repair Market Outlook to 2020", provides key market data on the North America Hernia Repair market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average prices (in US dollars) within market segments - Synthetic Meshes (Synthetic Flat Meshes and Synthetic 3D Meshes), Composite Meshes and Biological Meshes.