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Pcdata USA Saw Record Attendance at ProMat 2015 in Chicago Last Week

ProMat attendees last week came to buy and Pcdata USA had more booth traffic than ever before. ProMat 2015 attendees were in Chicago last week in record numbers at McCormick Place (with the final attendance tallies not yet released). Registered attendees answered a variety of questions indicating their industry, product interest, buying authority, and spending plans. Below are some highlights from current ProMat attendee demographics.

ATTENTION Investors Who Hold NYSE:RLD Shares: Investigation of RealD over Potential Wrongdoing

An investigation for investors who purchased RealD (NYSE:RLD) shares in 2014 or earlier and currently hold any of those NYSE:RLD shares, was announced concerning possible wrongdoing by certain RealD officers and directors.

Benchmark Lawyers Speaks Mandarin to Help Migrants Obtain Needed Legal Services

Migrants born in China make up the third largest overseas-born population in Australia, with the majority of migrants choosing to live in either Melbourne or Sydney. These individuals often find they need legal assistance and Benchmark Lawyers offer this help, as they speak Mandarin, the official language of China's mainland. When Chinese migrants need Lawyers Sydney and don't speak the language fluently, Benchmark Lawyers is the place to turn.

Voodoo Creative Reports Good Design Leaves Nothing to Chance

Voodoo Creative began as a Graphic Design Melbourne firm recognizing that good design overlooks nothing. Every detail must be analyzed and nothing left to chance for great results, as design accuracy and care show respect towards the customer. Decisions related to the design process are underpinned by strategic thinking along with the latest techniques and trends.

Pro Quality Cleaning Offers Medical Cleaning in Greater Harrisburg Area

Pro Quality Cleaning, a full-service cleaning company based in Mechanicsburg, PA, professionally serves several regions in Pennsylvania and Virginia. This month, Pro Quality Cleaning is proud to announce that they now offer medical cleaning services in the Greater Harrisburg area, in addition to their high-quality cleaning and janitorial services for offices and institutional facilities.

Carlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi Seek Crowdfunding via ToyBacker for His Upcoming Animated Comedy 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad'

LogoCarlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi are the creators of 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad' or The Little S.H.I.T.S. This animated comedy is about a team of five super-powered kids that accidentally end up obliterating their homeland while trying to save the same. A twisted comedy, the show promises to have plenty of wrongful observations on human existence and elements of social satire.

Waterline Controls Will Be Attending WEFTEC 2015

Waterline Controls® is proud to announce they will be attending the Water Environment Federation's 88th Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference.

70's Style Burger Joint Opens in Silverdale

Restaurateur Navdeep Maju announces the opening of The Groovey Burger, a 70's style Retro burger joint in Silverdale.

War on the Rocks Looks to Raise $100,000 via Indiegogo to Expand Digital Platform on Military Issues and Foreign Policy

LogoWar on the Rocks is a unique platform where multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues are analyzed and debated in a realistic way. The platform features articles and podcasts contributed by current and former military personnel, former government officials, ex-intel analyst, and scholars that have served and/or worked in war zones. Because of this rich mine of experience, War on the Rocks stands apart from other similar media outlets.

Director of Application Engineering Rodge Brooks Oversees Heavy Duty Industrial Air Compressor Development for TCCI

Rodge Brooks, Director of Application Engineering, leads the stewardship of compressor development at all global T/CCI locations. In addition, he oversees validation test and compressor specific coordination, along with acting as APQP lead.

Raleigh Network Power & Data Infrastructure Solutions Provider Announces New PDU Whips Website

LogoIron Box, a leading manufacturer and distributor of power cords, distribution units, connectors, and A/V racks, recently launched the new website.

NEWT Introduces Ferno Powertraxx Evacuation Chair

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport (NEWT), a social and medical wheelchair transport serving the Chicagoland area, has added the Ferno EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair to its services.

New Window Factory Sales Inc. Featuring a Siding Special

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. provides high-quality windows, vinyl siding, gutters and doors for their clientele out of their location in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. Currently, they are announcing special savings they have available, along with their availability to replace and install vinyl siding for homeowners all throughout New Jersey. With these special savings, prospective customers are eligible for a $1,500 discount on all siding jobs of 15 sq. ft. or more.

Wave Electric Bike Looks to Introduce the World's Most Affordable Electric Bike Ever with Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoWave Electric Bike is all set to revolutionize the electric bike industry with their upcoming super low priced eBike that will offer a powerful750 watt motor, 28 MPH top speed, all purpose tires, and a range of over 56 miles. At present, the shipping charges for this high quality, affordable eBike is only $199 and $250 for all orders within the United States, and other countries, respectively.

Judy Belletti Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Help Children Improve Their Vocabulary Through Bright World eBooks

LogoKids are known to be naturally inquisitive. They enjoy new experiences and discovering things unknown to them. Judy Belletti, the co-founder of 3D Learning Group, firmly believes that it is much easier to engage children with visual learning rather than asking children to memorize vocabulary from a list. This concept has led Judy and her team to create the company's first endeavor, Bright World eBooks. The eBooks will be a complete 3D reading experience where children will be given the opportunity to access learning tools that are as engaging and entertaining as a video game or movie.

Michigan-Based Magline Reports That Michigan Pork Processing Attracts New Jobs

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter, sponsored by Magline, reported that Michigan is one of the nation's top pork producing states, ranking 13th in the country. There are 10,800 jobs related to the 2 to 2.5 million hogs marketed each year, according to the Michigan State Extension office. With more than 2,600 producers in the state, the pork industry annually contributes more than $560 million dollars to the Michigan economy. Pork exports previously accounted for a large portion of the economic impact in Michigan, generating an additional 700 jobs and $50 million of personal income for the producers.

Norpak Handling Provides Excellent Local Support to Montreal for Hytrol Conveyor Customers

Local support allows manufacturing and distribution customers in Montreal, Canada to feel more confident in the conveyor system purchased. Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the integration partner network critical to the company's success. Hytrol's unique relationship with integration partners allows the company to provide a great advantage to the customer.

PDP Solutions Helps Manufacturers Onboard New Employees Cost Effectively

According to Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions, there are effective ways to on-board a plant floor worker without them feeling overwhelmed and it starts with leadership communication. From the first day every new employee joins a manufacturing company is an opportunity to the C-level executives to build rapport, connection, and communication both what is expected and the value of the employee. From the first day new manufacturing employees start on the job, they begin to make judgments about the company, their manager, their peers, and the job they have been hired to do. Too many first days are wasted days with new employees sitting around doing nothing while they wait for their managers to pay attention to them. Often they are funneled into half-hearted orientation programs & bombarded with information overload.

Bastian Solutions Poised to Capture Growing India Material Handling Market

While goods-to-robot and other leading automation technologies will be profiled in Chicago, the company is poised to capture significant material handling market share in India. Bastian Solutions shared the importance of the Indian market in an industry whitepaper. SPS Chauhan, Director of Asia Pacific for Bastian Solutions India noted, "In terms of warehousing and distribution centers, India will be looking to 100,000 – 300,000+ square foot warehouses that will be equipped with the latest material handling systems. Already, we are seeing that many forward looking companies are redesigning their DC structure to increase market penetration and gather additional market share, while at the same time reducing their logistics cost."

Anti-Bullying Children's Book Goes Global, as Sami the Magic Bear Sees Translation Into 10 Languages in Effort to Tackle International Epidemic

Every country has a bullying problem, to the point that it is now being identified by Governments around the world as serious societal epidemic. However, there's no catch-all international campaign to help children recognize the signs of bullying and treat it at the root cause. But that's until now…

Ivey Air, Inc. Improves Indoor Air Quality for Clientele Year-Round

Ivey Air, Inc. provides a wide variety of indoor air quality solutions, as well as heating and cooling and air duct cleaning for their diverse body of clientele. Right now, Ivey Air is announcing that they are accepting new clientele throughout their service area needing services to improve indoor air quality and other problems with air and ventilation.

Cristo Jesus Llave: Uplifting Memoir, Written as Last Letter to Children from Dying Author, Urges Readers to Create Life-Saving 'Learning Health System'

Patrick J. Grant is unfortunate enough to know what it is like to be given two weeks to live. In 2014, he was diagnosed with the rarest form of Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, ironically at a time when he was spearheading the launch of Our Health Data Cooperative, a paradigm-shifting and transformative new clinical research Learning Health System. With just a precious few days to live, Grant set down to pen a last letter to his children.

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Celebrated Book Series Releases Update on Alcohol Volume; Helping Readers Avoid Fatal Alcohol Poisoning

There's no way to sugarcoat the statistics; six people die from alcohol poisoning each day in the United States, with binge drinking and the nation's other risky habits killing tens of thousands of others annually. Dr. James Rybacki is acutely aware that most Americans are uneducated when it comes to alcohol and its effects, inspiring him to release a potentially life-saving new book.

Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile Inc. Now Offering Cabinetry

LogoAs a leader in high-quality countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile Inc. of Philadelphia, PA, has provided natural stone surfaces to accommodate interior designs. The company specializes in providing countertops at the most affordable rates but now the business also retails cabinets. Residences and commercial buildings all round Pennsylvania have been equipped with the gorgeous structure of select style cabinets from the marble and tile enterprise. Customers can shop Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile Inc.'s full line of fine cabinetry, which features brands from Elmwood, Seville, and Wellborn Forest.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Seeks Construction Projects This Spring

LogoSpring is the perfect time to initiate a home improvement project so that it can be complete on time for summer festivities. Homeowners that are in search of a trustworthy and experienced construction company to build or remodel their residence can opt for the services of Tilghman Builders, Inc. The company specializes in constructing a variety of home projects, such as bathroom remodeling, building additions, installing patios, and more. The company currently seeks construction projects for spring and invites customers to request an estimate for their home improvement vision.

Bomber Eyewear Introduces New Website for Consumers

Founded by World Champion Jet Ski Racer Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci, Bomber Eyewear designs and sells innovative sport sunglasses with patented foam lining technology. The company recently redesigned its website for a more user-friendly experience.

Hunter Tires Launches New Website

Hunter Tires is a well-respected manufacturer and distributor of quality tires. The company sells both to end-users and to resellers. To better manage the broad and varied clientele, the company introduces its new website.