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Lithium Ion Battery Market: High Life Cycle for Consumer Electronics to Drive Lithium Ion Market to Register 14.4%CAGR Through 2019

Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market intelligence company based in the U.S., recently published a research report on the global lithium ion market. According to the study, the global lithium ion battery market will reach a value of US$33.11 billion by 2019 from US$11.70 billion in 2012, registering a healthy CAGR of 14.4% from 2013 to 2019. The research report, titled "Global Lithium Ion Battery Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2013 - 2019" is available for sale on the company website.The TMR study states, the increasing need of alternate energy sources from automobiles, consumer electronics, and industrial sector is primarily driving the global lithium ion battery market.

Linortek Introduces Netbell-K, an All-in-One, Web-Based School/Factory Break Bell System

When school and factory administrators were looking for an easier way to manage their break bells, they turned to Linortek. Now, the company that's known for its expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology development has delivered their solution: the Linortek Netbell-K.

China-Hifi-Audio Brings a Range of Tube Amplifiers for Music Lovers

China-hifi-Audio specializes in a variety of tube amplifiers, offering people an option to enjoy great quality audio or music. They keep introducing new products through their online shop, allowing music lovers to enhance the voice quality. One can rest assured of finding great audio amplifying products at great prices.

Airwheel Introduces Intelligent Electric Unicycle Model for Skillful Riders

Airwheel has a variety of self-balancing scooters for people to experience the joy and usefulness of riding an intelligent and energy-efficient vehicle. The company has two- wheeled Q-series that is a lot easier to balance and move through. On the other hand, the Airwheel X3 is the electric self-balancing unicycle that has been meant for skillful riders. Veteran riders can use this single-wheeled model not only for their transportation needs, but they can showcase several types of fancy tricks as well, like moving in circles, standing upside down/ sitting on the scooter, etc.

Airwheel Offers a Complete Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for Modern Population

Since its inception in 2003, Airwheel endeavors to meet the energy-saving and smart way of commuting needs of the modern population. The company has rolled out a full range of electric self-balancing scooters to meet the requirements of the diverse group of commuters. Anyone can rest assured of finding the most suitable electric self-balancing scooter with the company for their traveling on congested city roads.

Airwheel Provides Self-Balancing Unicycle Range with Latest Technology of Great Control and Precise Self Balance

While vividly describing the life, once Albert Einstein had said, "Life is like riding bikes. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." And Airwheel offers a wide range of self-balancing unicycles to keep moving and maintaining balance and control. For people, Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle could prove a veritable way of moving ahead in life with joy and simplicity.

Airwheel Unveils Electric Unicycle X3 for Skillful Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

According to the company reports, Airwheel electric unicycle X3 is becoming very popular among the young generation for its agility and allowing people to perform a variety of exciting acts on this single-wheeled vehicle. However, this electric unicycle is often recommended to the skillful rider who can achieve a superior body balance to ride it safely and joyfully.

Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Range Gained Overwhelming Response at the UniKL MFI Open Day Event in Kuala Lumpur

A day-long UniKL MFI Open Day event held on 24 April, 2015 at the Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) was a major attraction for the university students and others to glimpse through an adorable Airwheel product range. The company showcases its electric self-balancing scooter models to present the immense possibilities this futuristic mode of transportation can offer to the general public. The product showcase featured X-series electric unicycles, Q-series twin-wheeled scooters and S-series intelligent self-balancing scooters.

PUB HTML5, a Leading HTML5 Flipbook Publisher, Is Now a Media Network for Authors

LogoExposure is one of the key elements that help an author to win the reputation that would lead to more jobs and eventually more revenue. PUB HTML5 flipbook has lent a helping hand to the millions of authors from all over the world who have trusted the platform and registered with it. The company has decided to provide each author with a natural place to share content anywhere anytime! The loyal authors of the HTML5 flipbook who lacked a strong online presence have been given the opportunity to gain what they deserve. And for those who already have built their reputation, this would be the next step for an increase in the revenue and status.

Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter Is Emerging a Preferable Mode of Transportation for Modern Commuters

Airwheel is endeavoring to popularize a modern mode of transportation that can allow humans to commute through the busy city roads in a safe, pollution-free and energy-efficient manner. The self-balancing scooter introduced by the company has several adorable features that are drawing the attention of the modern population. According to the spokesperson of the company, they have a range of Airwheelself-balancing scooters, and people are purchasing them for their transportation needs.

Airwheel Electric Two-Wheeled Scooter to Address Traffic Congestion Problem Around the World

People across the world often face the problem of traffic jam on the busy city roads. Airwheel Technology Company comes forward to address the issue of the frequent traffic congestion, with their range of electric two-wheeled scooters. These self-balancing scooters are available in a variety of designs and models. These scooters occupy a little space, allowing a rider to easily move through congested and crowded city roads. One can purchase an electric two-wheeled scooter at an affordable price and can easily learn to travel safely and in an effortless manner, overcoming the traffic congestion.

An Online Video Reveals Riding an Airwheel Electric Scooter Is Safe, Easy & Fun

People who are still apprehensive about riding an Airwheel self-balancing scooter can be inspired by a recently published online video. The video features a small dog staying on an Airwheel Q1 electric scooter for a while, without encountering any safety related issue. The video thus reveals that riding an electric scooter is not difficult and unsafe. On the contrary, it is safe, risk-free and a fun way to cover small distances in an energy-efficient and eco-friendly manner.

Setting Up a New Company? Zocura Offers One Stop Destination for New Businesses to Get Easy-to-Remember Company Names, Logo Design, Website Design & Development

Zocura, Singapore Offers exclusive branding, web designing and developing services for new and existing businesses. Zocura LLP was formed on 20 October, 2014 in Singapore. Zocura's aim is to assist new businesses jumpstart their online presence via company name creation, logo branding, website and mobile applications. This will free up time for other critical business activities like servicing clients, especially for startups with limited capital and cash flow. Zocura offers various services under 3 main categories:

Full Frame Productions Offers New Package Deals to Provide Four Videos for the Price of One

Video is one of the most essential tools in online marketing, and YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google itself. The problem is that businesses now need multiple, highly targeted videos to establish an effective presence, and video production is notoriously expensive. Full Frame Productions in Australia is offering businesses a new package that features four state of the art online videos, each geared toward a specific purpose, all for the price of a single traditional corporate promo.

Australia's Lite Health Offers Simple Yet Advanced Natural Approach to Weight Loss

LogoWhether one is looking to lose a few kilos or a specific amount, Australia-based Lite Health ( and its staff support its customers throughout the entire process. The revolutionary program has been assisting many with achieving their weight loss goals in a way that gets the brain working with the individual, rather than the two warring during every step of the dieting process. Lite Health's simple yet advanced system promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss based on eating real food.

Confidence Coach LLC Celebrates Their New Media Citations on CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC

LogoToday, Confidence Coach LLC, a business coaching service for entrepreneurs announced they have been cited on the major media networks for their expertise in their field. Their recent citation was featured on the major media affiliate networks of CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC.

Meldofsky Firm LLC Tackles the Controversies About Xarelto and Its Deceptive Marketing Claims Resulting to 430 Lawsuits

LogoMedical health professional practitioners should really be very careful in dealing with patients as misdosage or the choice of drugs to be prescribed to patients because certain substances and medications would greatly affect any human being; hence, this may produce irreversible disabling, serious medical conditions and worse, death.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Achieves High Rating from Safe Shopping Network

Cell Phone Signal Booster .us achieves high ratings from Safe Shopping Network with scores for safety at 95, performance at 100 and usability at 98, garnering an overall score of 98. Scores are determined by independent reviewers at Safe Shopping Network, a trusted online store testing website with over 6 million users.

Local Sustainable Home Builders Lead the Way in the Bend Energy Challenge

The people of Bend, Oregon are committed to creating a city that is as Earth friendly as it is people friendly. In the last few years, the city of Bend has witnessed great momentum in economic and structural growth, there also has been an influx of residents in the past 15 years.

Filmmaker Michael Oke Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support His Upcoming Film 'Foreign Love'

Logo'Foreign Love' is the story of two different people from two different worlds fighting together against all odds to find the love of their lives. This unique love story revolves around a brave, smart, and beautiful girl from West Africa that comes to the US to study. However, there is an expectation from the family that she will return home after her studies to run a family business. The girl meets a white guy and ends up competing with him for the title of valedictorian. The movie reaches its climax with flaring tensions flare and clashing cultures, after the duo is paired up in a final class project. However, very soon, the competitors find themselves joining hands in their journey across the minefield of love, race, class, and family.

Hiring from Within Is a Winning Proposition for Companies and Employees

LogoWhile companies typically spread a wide net when seeking to fill an open employment position, many of them actually prefer to promote an internal candidate who already knows the ropes. In fact, over 80 percent of senior executive positions are filled by promoting someone from within the company. I nternal employees who apply for mid-level positions are also more likely to get the job as well.

Traverse City Attorney Posts Insights on Michigan DUI Penalties

Traverse City's Vincent J. Maloney, Attorney at Law, has published an article on his website, "DUI Penalties in the State of Michigan". The attorney opens by revealing the first two offenses are misdemeanors, while a third drunk driving charge is treated as a felony. He then goes on to discuss the branches of state government involved in the process.

Commercial Real Estate Tech Startup, TenantBase, Expands to Southern California

LogoTenantBase, a technology based office space brokerage operating in Nashville, TN, has been accepted into Southern California's premier technology incubator, EvoNexus. Following a wildly successful 2014 beta test in Nashville, TN, TenantBase will be expanding their presence to Southern California in order to service a growing demand for their office space matchmaking software and service. TenantBase will work with Technology Executives Greg Hawkins, former CEO of, and Albert Chow, former Prima Cinema Executive, as they set the stage for their national expansion.

Cavalli Legal Finance Reports a Possible Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuit

LogoSettlement loans are now made available and applicable to wrongful imprisonment cases through Cavalli Legal Finance. The Italian lawyer of Amanda Knox said a lawsuit is possible to be filed, although not certain, against Italy due to the wrongful detention of Knox, following her 7-year-old legal battle in Meredith Kercher's murder.

Pool Podcast: Tips and Tricks for Use and Maintenance

Podcast subscriptions are a useful tool for our very mobile society. They allow users to get valuable information while on the go, particularly where reading would be challenging. The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches just added a new podcast feature on their website so pool owners and potential pool owners can easily get useful maintenance advice and tips on how to effectively use their pool.

Engage Diamond Studios Stresses Importance of Financing for Engagement Ring Purchases This Wedding Season

Engage Diamond Studio prepares for wedding season this June by stressing on the importance of custom-made engagement and wedding rings while providing the financial support to help brides and grooms make their pre-wedding moments worth the spending. As the season nears, every wedding essentials become more expensive because of frequent and high demand making financing a very viable alternative to not compromise quality yet still deliver with their desired rings, on time.

David Hoffmeister Offers a Free 30 Day Course in Miracles

People from across the world are invited to 'The Miracle of Forgiveness", conducted by David Hoffmeister and his team starting June 1st. It is a 30 day class that helps people deal with stress, doubts and emotional turmoil in their day to day lives with a positive outlook. There are many tools that are included in this session which have proved to be effective in helping people change their perception about life and its problems. His talks are said to be inspiring and his manner, pleasing.