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My Identity Doctor Now Supports Lupus Erythematosus Awareness Month by Helping Lupus Patients with Their Medical Bracelets

Spreading at an alarming rate, Lupus Erythematosus is a very complicated disease which is commonly known as SLE or simply lupus. Lupus Erythematosus is that disease which is not specified in one particular part of the body, rather it spreads in the entire body, making it most malicious disease. Lupus Erythematosus is a disease where a collection of autoimmune diseases converges and this makes the human immune system hyperactive. This further attacks the normal and healthy tissues of the body which cause the organ damage. Common symptoms of this disease are skin rash, swollen lymph nodes, mouth sores, hair loss, and chest pain fatigues. This disease affects many different body systems that include kidney, heart, joints, lungs, blood cells, digestive tract and brain and nervous system. Lupus Erythematosus or SLE is more commonly found in women than men and mostly occur in people with age group of 10 to 50 years.

Comtrol Releases the IO-Link Master 4-EIP Industrial IO-Link Gateway

Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products and the official North American IO-Link Competency Center, today announced the release of the IO-Link Master 4-EIP for industrial sensor connectivity. Comtrol’s IO-Link Master combines the benefits of IO-Link sensor communication with EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP industrial Ethernet protocols. The IO-Link Master connects intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators to the factory network while effectively shielding PLC programmers from IO-Link complexities. This results in simplified EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP interfaces, which decrease system development time and installation efforts.

GWC Valve International Ready to Meet the Demand of Industrial Valves in the Global Market

LogoAccording to the latest Frost and Sullivan analysis,, of the market, Africa and Latin America require an increasing number of valves and actuators for their growing oil and gas industries, creating an emerging market for these products GWC Valve International,, is well-positioned to fill. Combined with demand growth in more developed economies, the future holds great opportunity for GWC Valve Industrial.

Crème De La Crème Preschool Vice President Jody Martin Honored with Prestigious 'Bammy Award' by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International in Washington,D.C.

The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International recently awarded a prestigious Bammy Award to Jody Martin, Vice President of Education at Crème de la Crème Preschool, for her contributions to early childhood education. The Bammy Award is a cross-discipline honor created in 2012 to identify the good work being done in the field of education today.

X8 Energy Gum Is Excited to Announce the Launch of Their New and Improved Website

Their site is unique – just like their performance gum! It contains lots of information about their product, its ingredients, the formulation, delivery system and testimonials from people who use the product.

My Identity Doctor, Renowned for Medical ID Bracelets Wants to Recognize National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes due to the presence of whole or partial part of 3rd copy of chromosome 21. It affects physical growth, characteristic, facial features and intellectual disability. In the month of October, Down Syndrome Awareness is celebrated. In this campaign, people are encouraged to get involved with those who are suffering from the syndrome, interact with them and show acceptance. Different kinds of events are organized where people share stories, experiences and communicate with people with or without this syndrome. In Time Squares, New York City, many organizations working on the campaign of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month supported it by showing pictures of people with the syndrome and their beautiful moments on a large screen. Lots of people gather together to support this campaign.

"Extreme Zip Lining" Chronicles One Man's Hair Raising Quest for Freedom

In 1985, a 19 year old Czechoslovakian man decided he had seen enough of the brutal Soviet-backed communist regime, and chose to risk his life to pursue the dream of freedom in the West. That quest, chased by Daniel Pohl, is chronicled in his autobiography, “Extreme Zip Lining.”

Portland Masonry Now Offers Chimney Caps in Portland at Affordable Prices

Portland Masonry is now offering chimney caps in Portland at affordable prices. The company offers a wide variety of chimney caps in stainless steel or copper. Having a chimney cap is necessary to keep water from entering the home. A good chimney cap completely prevents water from entering the chimney. One does not have to repair or rebuild the chimney if it is embedded with a proper cap. Portland Masonry provides best-in-class functionality chimney caps that help customers enhance the life of their chimney.

Upcoming Book Provides Game-Changing New Model for Categorizing, Displaying, Inventorying, Safeguarding & Valuing Artifact Collections

While a collection of artifacts or objects may look like a jumble of objects to the untrained eye, those responsible for such collections are acutely aware of the hundreds of hours often required to assemble, categorize, compare, display, value and safeguard them. To date there has been no accepted ‘model’ to record this information, but a new book and practical kit by Godfrey Harris could be about to change that situation for good.

New Book Claims "The American Way of Giving to Charity Is Wrong" - Suggests a Way of Selecting Causes & Contributions That Best Benefit the Individual and the Nation

Street corners, the Internet, mainstream media and just about everywhere else is awash with an endless parade of appeals for money from nonprofit organizations. Individuals are faced with seamlessly endless possibilities when it comes to deciding who to donate to and how much to give. Of course, those with the most expensive and elaborate marketing campaigns usually win. While this may be passed off as nothing more than the American Way, author Godfrey Harris sees it as a serious problem potentially rewarding the wrong organizations for the wrong reasons. In fact, he openly admits that “the way most Americans respond to the solicitations of the 1.5 million registered nonprofit groups sucks”.

Mickey and the Plow Horse: Uplifting New Book Empowers Children to Release Their 'Inner Thoroughbred'

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; millions of adults stumble their way through life feeling they are not good enough, have nothing to offer and simply don’t fit in. Dr. Edward Dreyfus sees this as a modern societal epidemic and, to prevent the next generation from lacking the drive and self-esteem they deserve, directly addresses these emotions in a powerful new children’s book. ‘Mickey and the Plow Horse’ transcends a typical children’s picture book to provide a life-changing reading experience

Aldetamo, LLC Launches Website Selling Quality Baseball Gear, Collectibles, and More

LogoAlvin Takamori is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website carries a wide range of baseball products including collectibles, DVDs, games, equipment, books, and more. Mr. Takamori was inspired to start his website by his own love of baseball. He has been a fan since he was a little kid listening to baseball games on the radio. Mr. Takamori started his website with the hope of sharing the love of baseball with his customers and a whole new generation of baseball fans.

Complete IRA Warns of Tax Bill Trauma as Florida Law Puts 401k Loans at Risk

People borrow from their 401k for all sorts of reasons. Paying off credit-card debt, medical bills, helping ends meet during a move to a new job, starting a new business, and more. Whatever the reason, no one borrows the money thinking they’re creating a tax liability that starts out at 30%+ and could swell past the total amount they borrowed in the first place. offers people advice and guidance on 401ks and IRAs, and is highlighting the problem to try and ensure more people aren’t caught in the tax trap.

Clinical Exam Workshop Helps Graduating Counselors Avoid 30% Failure Rate in Licensing

Graduation day is a happy one for most. Unfortunately for students graduating with a Masters in Counseling, there could be cognitive trauma just around the corner. After graduation comes the complicated process of state licensure to practice as a counselor, with most requiring the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) in their licensure process. All therapists taking the test have completed their degrees; most have accrued hundreds of hours of clinical experience, yet as many as 30% fail. Clinical Exam Workshop exists to change this.

IPDN - Success for Life Enables People to Earn Money from Their Own Homes

People who have a hard time looking for work can now relax and take it lightly. There’s a website which claims to give them the latest employment opportunities that will make their futures bright, right in the comfort of their own homes.

Lunar Land Sells an ASTONISHING Amount of Land on the Moon

Lunar Land Owner ( and The Lunar Embassy is honored World Wide as the leading companies in the sale of Extraterrestrial Land. The Lunar Embassy combined with Lunar Landowner has been subdividing Land on the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter IO for over 30 years. As to date these combined Lunar Companies have sold millions of 1 acre parcels of Celestial Land.

Larson Tool & Stamping Company Appoints Bob Soares as the Quality Assurance Manager

LogoLarson Tool & Stamping Company is proud to report that Manual Resendes, Larson’s current Quality Assurance Manager, has been promoted to the Engineering Group as a Systems & Special Project Manager. Manny’s extensive background, training and tenure at Larson uniquely qualify him for this new position.

Capital Business Solutions Receives "Built for NetSuite" Certification

LogoCapital Business Solutions, a recognized leader in integrated financial and fundraising software solutions and professional services, is pleased to announce they have received the “Built for NetSuite” Certification for their SerraFund Fund Accounting application. SerraFund is a cloud-based fund accounting solution that builds into the robust cloud ERP solutions already offered by NetSuite.

Atlanta's Next Topgolf Location Is Under Construction

Top Golf Midtown is one of Eberly & Associates most recent projects under construction in West Midtown. “Our team’s familiarity with this area and Beltline Overlay district requirements were assets during the site design of this urban, brownfield location,” states Brian Brumfield, Eberly & Associates’ Project Manager. “We were able to work closely with the City of Atlanta and the Top Golf design team to ensure the proper integration of their specialty systems into the City’s existing infrastructure. The team used 3D modeling software to ensure the Top Golf targets were coordinated with the underground utilities,” continues Brumfield. To minimize site development expense, the team analyzed and presented site options to address Tree Recompense requirements.

New Werewolf Book Series Hits Google Play

LogoGoogle Play is the newest source for the Werewolves in the Renaissance books by Tracy Falbe. These historical fantasies set in the 16th century Holy Roman Empire draw upon the folklore and superstitions of that era to create the werewolf hero Thal along with witches, sorcerers, and other magical creatures.

Dumpster Rental Company and LEED Pioneer EnviroSolutions, Inc. Leads East Coast in Construction Waste Management

LogoIn 2000, the U.S. Green Building Council developed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as an attempt to encourage builders to more consciously use sustainable construction practices. A number of contractors and waste management companies have since strived to meet LEED standards every year. EnviroSolutions, Inc. is a LEED certified waste management group and a leader in sustainable construction waste management. As a leader in green waste management practices, EnviroSolutions, Inc. seeks to blaze a path for other companies to follow, providing them with examples of sustainable methods.

Local 3D Printer Partners with University Students to Make Projects Come to Life

Hian Technologies has just helped their first of what will be many students create a 3D printed project. The recent pairing with a London South Bank University student to produce an ergonomically designed kitchen knife is the next step in community innovation. The project was showcased at the SHAPE show alongside 40 other final projects.

YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit Announces John Sauve as the Volunteer of the Year

LogoY Arts, the arts and humanities branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit is thrilled to announce Sculptor John Sauve as the Volunteer of the Year for the Boll Family YMCA. John brought his creative forces to the Boll Family YMCA working directly with the Y Arts program. Sauve made an impact on the Y community through a variety of programs, including The Man in the City project, a citywide sculpture exhibition. The Man in the City International Sculpture Project is comprised of 40 sculptures located on the rooftops throughout the City of Detroit and Windsor.

ARM 9009 Standard Surpasses ISO 9001 for Firearms and Armoring Quality Certification

( Several years ago, the American Board of Accredited Certifications assembled an independent committee to the address the quality and safety issues of firearms and armoring systems for military personnel, criminal justice agencies, U.S. embassies, and consumers. The committee learned there was a critical need for an improved quality management program among manufacturers of firearms and armoring systems which failed to be met by the quality management standard ISO 9001. As a result, ARM 9009 was released in 2013 as an industry specific standard offering major advantages over the 'one size fits all' ISO 9001.

Legal Files Software, Inc. Attending the Association of Corporate Counsel's 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. is attending the world-recognized Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting this week in New Orleans. The annual event is an opportunity for corporate attorneys is the world's largest gathering of in-house counsel and offers the best value in corporate legal education.

Mind Commerce Sees Future Growth of Apps in Gaming and Wearable Tech

LogoDevice manufacturers and OS providers continue to develop new and innovative ways to improve mobile/wireless user interfaces, making them more intuitive and useful across a broad range of use case scenarios. Wearable technology in particular will represent a seismic shift in terms of user interaction and relationship to electronics of all types, causing an equally big shift in terms of application usage.

911SafeTrack Announces Dealer Program for 911SafeTrack S4 Vehicle Recovery System

LogoS4 Tracker is now available to New and After-market Auto Dealers, Rental Car Agencies, Collector Car Builders, Auto Parts Dealers, and Stereo & Security System Dealers.