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JMS Enterprises Announces Their Charity Efforts This Past December Were a Success

For many, the holiday season is a joyous time where friends and family get together to celebrate and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, there are also thousands who do not have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in the company of their family. JMS Enterprises announced their recent charity effort to help provide less fortunate youths with the holiday joy was a big success.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces the Opening of the Hardy McManus Extension

William Few Parkway and Hardy McManus have both seen their share of construction over this past year. In 2013, construction began on a 6.9 million dollar project that would extend William Few Parkway past Riverwood Drive. In their blog last week, Bill Beazley Homes shares that the opening of this road has finally happened.

Champion Racing Oil to Sponsor 2015 Central PA Sprint Car Series

LogoThe Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Car Series will pay out over $20,000 to the top 10 racers at the end of the season. The 2015 season will kicks off at Lincoln Speedway at 2pm on Saturday February 21st. The associate sponsors for the 2015 season will be Butler-Built Seats, Conroy "Pneu" Control, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Maxim Chassis, RAACE, Schnee Chassis and Winters Performance Products.

Sovereign Strengthens Leadership with New Directors

LogoFollowing a year of unprecedented growth and expansion, Sovereign Health is pleased to announce the addition of three new executives to its Orange County headquarters. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program, the new positions include a Group Medical Director, Director of Clinical Excellence and Associate Director of Clinical Compliance, helping to guide development and maintain Sovereign's commitment to excellence.

REGEN Energy and Ayla Networks Create Strategic Partnership for Energy Management for Commercial and Industrial Customers

LogoREGEN Energy Inc., originators of the industry leading Swarm Energy Management® solution for demand response and demand management, and Ayla Networks, provider of the industry's first Agile Internet of Things (IoT) platform, unveiled a strategic partnership on January 26, to expand the market for products and services for helping commercial and industrial customers lower their energy consumption and costs.

Hydroponics Supplier Mass Hydro Reopens Under New Ownership

Mass Hydro, one of New England's top sources for hydroponic gardening supplies, has reopened under new ownership. With the handover having been completed, Mass Hydro stands readier than ever to help hydroponic enthusiasts and other gardeners acquire the containers, growing media, bulbs, hoods, ballasts, and other supplies and equipment they need to make their gardens grow. The new owners of Mass Hydro are committed to evolving the already highly regarded hydroponics store into an even more vital and valuable resource for those interested in hydroponic gardening.

Greenwood Nursery Announces Their Annual Book Your Lavender Plants Spring Shipping Sale

Greenwood Nursery kicks off their annual lavender plants event for customers to book their lavender garden plants for spring shipping and save.

Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation Seeks Crowdfunding

A noteworthy crowdfunding opportunity has just been launched that will greatly benefit African-American youths and their families. The Youth Entrepreneurship Development Foundation of Dayton, Ohio is seeking funding for its free after school program that teaches entrepreneurship and life skills for future success.

Crowdfunding Promotion Firm Crowdfund Buzz Breaks $8 Million Mark

LogoCrowdfundBuzz.Com founder Matt Cooke planted the seeds of an idea he had for crowdfunding promotion in late 2012; to offer crowdfunders the first-of-its-kind boutique PR firm catering exclusively to crowdfunders who craved desperately-needed exposure for their crowdfunding campaigns. Most crowdfunding campaign managers, who had no idea where to turn for help, rejoiced when CrowdfundBuzz.Com officially launched in March 2013.

Bright Start Academy of O'Fallon Missouri Reopens After Extensive Renovation of Their Facility

When babies become children, parents often must return to work, leaving them in a difficult position of finding quality care for their child that will benefit the child rather than merely be a convenience for the parent. Bright Start Academy offers parents a way to help their child get the best start in life thanks to their stimulating and varied activities. The Academy has just reopened following a comprehensive overhaul of their facilities, aiming to provide the best possible standard of care and atmosphere.

TCCI Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Extreme Conditions Featured in Automation and Controls Today

The T/CCI Climatic Wind Tunnel is featured in Automation and Controls Today magazine. T/CCI is able to validate temperature control from -30C to 50C (0.5C steady state and 1.0C during transition) with proven repeatability. The climatic wind tunnel allows for the accurate simulation of extreme temperatures to ensure the desired set point is accurately established to ensure the error is zeroed out before the product reaches production and the customer. The feature article, authored by industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, is titled, "Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Real World Extreme Conditions."

Specialty Coffee Daily Consumption Increase in 2015 Reports TraceGains

LogoThe growing trends in specialty coffees was highlighted in TraceGains' recent blog. Chelsey Davis, TraceGains' Digital Specialist noted that the National Coffee Association's National Coffee Drinking Trends market research showed daily consumption of espresso-based beverages and regular coffee made with gourmet coffee beans is up to 34%, compared to 31% in the 2013 data, and daily non-gourmet coffee drinking is down 35% from the previous year's 39%. Leading the consumption of specialty coffee drinks are 25- to 39-year-olds, 42% of which reported daily usage.

Successful Employee Owned Company Creates Family Culture

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported on Companion Group whose CEO Chuck Adams emphasized the culture of family, "We're not just a 'family of brands,' we are a family. We started the business back in 1984 (we used to be called Charcoal Companion, but have since evolved). 2014 marks our 30th year in business, yet we feel like we're just getting started. Likes to refer to us as the "first company in grilling." Adams insists that treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. "We treat our customers how we want to be treated. We listen to customer concerns and feedback and are only a phone call or email away. We treat each other like family, and we treat ourselves to a good day's work and regular vacations," Adams shared.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Drive $141.22B in Economic Impact

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported that the non-alcoholic beverage industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy. The non-alcoholic industry has a direct economic impact of $141.22 billion, provides more than 233,000 jobs and helps to support hundreds of thousands more that depend, in part, on beverage sales for their livelihoods. Beverage companies and their employees, and the firms and employees indirectly employed by the industry, provide significant tax revenues - more than $14 billion at the state level and $22.7 billion at the federal level - and contributes more than $765 million to charitable causes in communities across the nation.

Will Bowen, World-Renowned Originator of a Complaint Free World, International Best-Selling Author and Speaker to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment Of

LogoIn July 2006, Will Bowen offered a simple idea for people to monitor their success at eradicating complaining from their lives. His idea exploded around the world and nearly 10 million purple Complaint Free bracelets have been sent to people in more than 106 countries. We can send positive or negative energy into our own body, into other people's bodies and out into the world. If you've been listening to my show, you know how true this is. That means you have the responsibility of making a conscious choice to create a healthier and happier you while doing the same for the world or choosing to send harm to yourself and others. Every thought we have, word we speak and action we take has serious consequences for our health and that of others. Before we knew this, it was much easier to rant and complain. Once you understand the consequences of that behavior, it's harder to speak unkind words or allow unkind thoughts to sit in our mind, even when (or should I say, especially when?) those thoughts are about ourselves. Actually, my biggest challenge, and the main one I'm working on now, is removing the self-critical thoughts that I grew up with and that have truly become a habit of the mind. Let's join together to learn how to stop complaining and hurting.

Between the Synapse Announces Its January 29, 2015 Broadcast Featuring a Discussion of Real Stories of Americans Who Spied for the Soviet Union

LogoThe Americans featuring Keri Russell and Mathew Rhys has enjoyed both critical as well as popular acclaim in its two seasons on FX. With Season Three beginning on January 28, Between the Synapse interviews of the foremost experts on communism in America, Emory University's Harvey Klehr who will share stories of real Americans who spied for the Soviet Union. Klehr teaches Political Theory and Twentieth Century Political Ideologies as the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Politics & History at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. His current research interests center around American communism and Soviet espionage in America. His publications include The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America. (co-author, Yale, 2009), Decoding Soviet Espionage in America (co-author, Yale, 1999) and The Heyday of American Communism: The Depression Decade (Basic Books, 1984), which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Denver Labor Lawyers Aid Laid off Airport Employees

Last week Frontier Airlines announced that that it will hire contractors to do the work of about a third of its total workforce (1,300 employees) at the Denver airport and in Milwaukee. Union officials are meeting with labor lawyers to determine various options to aid the employees.

Walden's Path Introduces Informal Learning as Pedagogy at the Learning Pad in Hyderabad, India

The Learning Pad is a Children's Explorium at the Walden's Path Kinder in Hyderabad, India. The Learning Pad provides an informal learning environment suitable for homeschoolers and school going children, for extracurricular engagement.

California Employment Lawyers Aid Businesses on 2015 Sick Leave Law

Although California's new sick leave law doesn't go into effect until July 1, it is recommended that every small business owner consult with legal counsel long before that date to ensure compliance. Businesses must update employee handbooks and leave policies, as well as implement new record keeping practices. According to The Fresno Bee, business leaders anticipate an added administrative burden to keep track of the employees' accrual rates.

Netcetera Ranked Number 1 by Webperf

LogoWebperf, The ISP Monitoring Service Company have awarded Netcetera, the Isle of Man based Managed Hosting and Datacentre Provider, as being the number 1 fastest UK host in January 2015.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews John Allison, CEO of the Cato Institute & Author of "The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure"

BENNETT: John Allison is the former CEO of BB&T Bank and the current CEO of the Cato Institute, a public policy research organization, dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. Allison is also author of the bestselling book, The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure, which, according to Steve Forbes, is one of the most important books of the year and one that our founding fathers would be impressed by. John, welcome to Financial Myth Busting. Offers the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

An Internet based reverse phone lookupservice announces a new service to assist the public, private investigators, law enforcement, attorneys and press to effectively locate people that don't want to be found. 

Hispanic Rights Advocate Educates Local Communities on DAPA and DACA Immigration Reforms

LogoIn lieu of President Barack Obama's newly proposed immigration reforms, the law offices of Tucker & Associates PLLC has funded a local area radio tour featuring attorney and activist, Enid Gonzalez Aleman. The goal of the campaign is to educate Hispanic/Latino communities on the specific guidelines of the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs. During her recent and upcoming speaking events attorney Aleman has covered a broad range of related topics including specific qualifying criteria, DAPA DUI, guidelines for the DACA program and general DAPA Immigration news.

Screenwriting Tips from the Trenches: Do Screenwriters Have to Move to L.A. to Break Into the Film Business?

LogoMost writers pursuing a career in screenwriting will inevitably face that most vexing of questions: do you have to move to Los Angeles in order to make it as a professional screenwriter.

Roofing Contractors Chicago Expands Range of Services to Include Window Installation

Chicago is known as the Windy City and is synonymous with harsh weather through the winter, and this can take its toll on homes. The roof and windows undoubtedly take the brunt of all weathers, enduring big differences in temperature and humidity as well as rain, snow, and ice to keep the elements at bay. The roofing experts, Roofing Contractors Chicago, has recently announced that together with their comprehensive suite of roof repair and maintenance options, they can now provide expert window installation for those seeking to upgrade their windows either at home or at business premises.

Kelly Murdock of Vermont Based Architecture Firm MSA Published Details of Current Projects

Architecture is both art and science, combining design principles with structural elements to form amazing spaces is no mean feat. Only the best architects can create a space that is both functional and innovative, transforming expectations to create a space that is an expression of the values of the client. This is the ultimate goal of Murdock Solon Architects, whose partners Kelly and Shea Murdock have excelled themselves with recent projects. Kelly Murdock's current projects are now available to view in progress on their site's portfolio, giving future clients a view of exactly what to expect from the firm.

Top Nailer Reviews Marks Third Anniversary with New Wave of Content, Updated Classics

Top Nailer Reviews, the premier online destination for those seeking information about and reviews of nailers and staplers, is celebrating the third anniversary of its founding. Since launching at three years ago, Top Nailer Reviews has assembled the Internet's most useful and in-depth collection of nailer reviews, making it a favorite of everyone from hobbyists to the most demanding construction-industry professionals. Top Nailer Reviews filters through the whole range of products available on the market, publishing reviews only for those that earn four- and five-star ratings so that visitors can be assured of making the most of their time. As part of the celebration surrounding Top Nailer Reviews' third birthday, a whole wave of new reviews has been published, and some of the most popular reviews from the site's history have been thoroughly updated.