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By Helping Employers with Health Reform, ERISA and HIPAA Laws ComplianceBug Wins Award

ComplianceBug, an online solution provider for employers and advisors to help manage the numerous compliance tasks required by the Affordable Care Act, ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA laws, today announced the company was honored with a 2014 Marcum Innovator of the Year Award. The award recognizes companies that have made ground breaking strides in the fields of technology, healthcare/biotech, manufacturing and business services. Peter Lewenson, Founder and President of ComplianceBug, accepted the award at a ceremony on Wednesday evening, October 22, 2014.

Canadian Actor Sheldon Charron, Scores in Hollywood with String of Roles on AMC, TLC & SpikeTV

“Working on Outrageous 911 Calls was a ton of fun. We were given a lot of freedom to improvise and who doesn’t love that? Plus everyone single member of the crew was fantastic, especially the director, Greg Francis.” says Charron.

Renaissance Health & Wellness to Host New Tulsa Location Grand Opening on October 27

LogoRenaissance Health & Wellness will host a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of their new location in Tulsa, Okla., on Oct. 27, from 4­6:30 p.m. The new establishment is located at 8014 S. 101st East Ave., Suite 200. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Seven Bridges Selected to Develop a Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot for the NCI

Seven Bridges Genomics, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a 5.8 million dollar contract as a part of the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot Initiative. The goal of the project is to increase the speed of biomedical discovery by democratizing access to the world’s largest cancer genomics datasets.

Palmer Trinity School Inducts 26 New Members Into Tri-M Music Honor Society

LogoPalmer Trinity School inducted 26 new members into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In addition, 22 continuing members were also recognized. These music students were carefully selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service and will work toward promoting music at school and within the community.

Primal Gym Now Scheduling 2015 Martial Arts Seminars

LogoWith the many aspects of martial arts, experts come a dime a dozen. Jim McCann, a highly regarded instructor on mixed martial arts in the Princeton area, travels the world to teach seminars and conduct training sessions with a variety of individuals who are eager to reach their fitness goals. After unforgettable experiences teaching throughout 2014, McCann, owner and head coach at Primal Gym, is announcing that the company is beginning to schedule their martial arts seminars for 2015.

Dressve to Roll out Discounted Fashion Wear in Its 3rd Anniversary Flash Sale

It is always a great sight when fashion wear and discounts come together on one platform. Resolute in bringing to their customers the best of both fashion and discounts, Dressve has rolled out a rich collection of discounted women clothes, shoes and accessories. The 3-day flash sale by the site beginning October 24th brings heavy discounts on dresses, tops, prom shoes and bags among other items. The discounts last till October 27th. The flash sale immediately follows the 3rd anniversary sale and will be categorical discounts of up to 85%. Hot selling sections in the site that will fall under discounts are clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

Picking Perfection News Magazine Explored Picking Difficulty of Transaction Processing

LogoThe current issue of Picking Perfection, examined how transaction processing is particularly difficult in situations where stock pickers must quickly pick very high volumes of small-sized SKUs, especially in broken case situations. Given the need to record transactions coincidentally with picking, this environment tends to result in a high incidence of transactional errors. Also, using the traditional approach to picking from a printed pick list, employees must spend time locating SKUs, ensuring that they pick the correct quantity and enter these changes into the computer system.

PDP Solutions Experience Success with Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers

The current issue of featured PDP Solutions’ success with increasing manufacturer’s productivity with new employees. Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, explored the technology of onboarding new manufacturing workers. In the article, titled, “The Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers,” Cutler explained the path toward developing and maintaining positive working relationships.

Smart Connected Device Market - Global Segment and Forecasts Up to 2020

LogoA smart connected device refers to an electronic device which can be connected to other device via different protocols such as Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth among others. These devices run on different operating system (OS) that allows the installation of various applications. The various applications of smart connected devices include e-book reading, games, news and weather information, navigation applications and social networking applications. Social networking applications allow user to connect with each other through cloud system or server based system. These systems enable the device to collaborate with social networking sites such as twitter, facebook and linked-in. Smart connected devices are one of the fastest growing segments in information technology industry.

No Risk Automation Magazine Reported Complexities of Automation

The October 13th issue of No Risk Automation, a monthly e-news publication, explored the maintenance costs of AGVs. The AGV maintenance costs creep up; they are sneaky and come on fast. These added maintenance costs are not always the fault of the manufacturer or the equipment. Many times it is a lack of sufficient preventive maintenance.

Red Cherry Calgary Web Design Discusses Building Your Brand with Social Media

LogoWhile perhaps initially daunting, the trick is to break the process into manageable pieces. From creating our online destinations to connecting with influencers, following these five steps will get we on our way to building our brand and boosting our business.

Red Cherry Calgary Web Design Discusses How to Find the Courage and Ask Some Clients How Your Company Can Improve

LogoTo really have an informed empathy, we needed to get to know the user through research, workshops, conversations and spreadsheets of data. So, it should have resonated with me when my trusted consultant and mentor, Dave, asked me a horrifying question, "If you really want to know how to get more right-fit clients, why not just ask the ones you got why you got 'em?”

Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A. Announce the #Gameoftheweek

LogoThe Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.’s Game of the Week event is continuing on Friday, October 24th with Houston County High School vs. Greenbrier High School. These teams will go up against each other at Greenbrier High School’s football field for a night filled with endless entertainment for sports lovers. Coverage of the game can be heard on 96.5FM –sponsored by The Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.’s Game of the Week.

Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Irrigation Blow Outs

LogoAfter last year’s record low temperatures sweeping the nation, residents everywhere are urged to be sure to winterize all equipment that will be exposed to the weather. One area that is often forgotten is residential irrigation systems, as homeowners overlook these hidden devices or they feel the ground will keep them insulated enough. Just in time to help home-owners of the Greater Nashville area prepare for another harsh winter, Southern Irrigation has announced its availability to perform irrigation blow outs. The company will be offering this service from October 21st through Thanksgiving weekend.

Vitarank and the Future of Digital Marketing in Our Midst

LogoThe future is finally here. Only a few business owners in the 1800s could have imagined that buying and selling of products and services can now be experienced by tapping a few keys at the comfort of one’s homes or offices. The reign of digital marketing has finally arrived.

Start-Stop Provides Most Advanced Medical Dictation Software

LogoDragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has just been released and is ready for use. The new and improved version of the famed Dragon software now allows medical professionals to dictate up to 160 words per minute with 99% accuracy. Not only can the program understand “normal” words, but it’s also well-versed on even the newest medical terminology. It understands pharmaceutical terms, anatomical words, medical terms, and proper names too.

Dr. Sarah Mess and Her Team Teach People How to Keep Their Faces from Showing Signs of Age

LogoGetting older is an inevitable part of life, and unfortunately, a person’s age often tends to show on his or her face. Things like alcohol use, smoking, and sun exposure can all increase and intensify the signs of aging, causing people to look years older than their actual age. The good news is that through modern innovations such as plastic surgery Maryland residents can turn back the clock and look years younger.

Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. Now Offering Rapid Emergency Response to Bristol

LogoUnfortunately storms can strike at any moment and ruin a good night’s sleep. While most storms will pass over leaving nothing more than raindrops on cars, other storms have the potential to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage. To help reduce the cost of water damage restoration in Bristol, Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. proudly announces they are offering rapid emergency response to Bristol residents.

CycleBeads Digital Tools Included in USAID's Article, "Five Promising Innovations in Contraception"

LogoIn a recent article celebrating World Contraception Day, USAID highlighted CycleBeads® digital tools as a promising innovation in contraception. The article focuses on family planning options with which USAID has been involved, including a range of birth control options from barrier methods to hormonal contraceptives.

Bathroom Remodeling & Basement Renovation Among Most Popular Fall Renovations According to Certified Virginia Home Renovators Home Services Unlimited

LogoEach year, homeowners across the country decide to renovate their homes. This year, Home Services Unlimited, certified home renovator company in northern Virginia, has released a list of the most common home renovations projects for the fall, including bathroom remodeling, basement renovation, and deck covering.

McLean Virginia Beauty Salon Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa Offers Advice for Autumn Hair Care

LogoThis fall, Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa beauty salon in McLean, VA has released a list of tips and recommendations for proper hair care and rejuvenating hair health after the summer has ended. According to the experts at Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa, heat, exposure to sun, strong winds, tightly tying back hair, and other conditions take a toll on hair during the summer months. As a result, it’s no surprise that when people begin to notice the extent of damage to their hair, including potential hair loss, is typically when autumn arrives.

New 3D Animated Virtual World Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Mr Paul Phillips, writer producer of new 3d animated series Virtasian Tales & book of the same title which is available online to read for free is presently going through Crowd Funding with Indiegogo.

Call to Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians and Their Fans to Make an Impact

LogoConnection. It’s at the core of Noise4Good, the first crowd-funding platform that connects musicians and their fans with causes they are passionate about. Noise4Good takes the power of music to move people, enabling charities to interact with musicians and their fan bases to raise funds and engage with donors, turning any social cause into a music experience and caring into action.

Start-Stop Offers Dictation Bundles for Clinicians to Use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

LogoMost professionals working in the medical field have at the very least heard of Dragon software, even if they haven’t tried it for themselves. The latest offering from Dragon just happens to be Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 , which is quite an impressive piece of software.

Maryland Lawyers Represent Motorcycle Riders Neglected in Accidents

LogoIn 2008, 5,290 people were killed in motorcycle accidents across the United States, and, unfortunately, motorcycle accidents and fatalities have steadily increased each year since. Even when riders are not killed in motorcycle accidents, they are often seriously and sometimes permanently injured. In 2013, for example, 114,000 people were involved in reported motorcycle accidents that resulted in serious personal injuries and/or property damage.

3D Printers That Fit in Your Pocket Will Soon Become a Reality

The new area of research in 3D printing is portable printing.The Pocket 3D Printer is the first 3D printer of its kind that combines two existing technologies into a new one.