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Oral Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women Receives U.S. Patent

After ten years of intense research, development and human clinical trials, advanced PriaPlex® hair restoration formula for men and women is now available in the United States. This all-natural oral supplement addresses hair health from the inside out, halting hair loss and supporting new hair growth. Many participants in a recent two-year evaluation program in the U.S. reported cessation of hair loss within just weeks, followed by appearance of thicker, healthier hair, improved skin tone and overall health and vitality.

Grateful Glass to Showcase Its Cremation Jewelry at Upcoming Funeral Industry Shows

Artisan glass cremation jewelry designer Grateful Glass, will be showcasing their entire line of handcrafted glass cremation keepsakes at the upcoming New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association (NJSFDA) and National Funeral Directors Association Show (NFDA) shows this fall.

Fun Must See Activities for Family and Kids for the Remainder of 2014

LogoA kid’s birthday party will only happen once a year. But the fun should not stop there. Kiddie parties may come and go, but the joy of its celebration can be reminisced through other forms of activities. Vacation or not, the rest or 2014 still has some wonderful surprises in store for children and their families. Workshops, kiddie rides, play adventure, and several other activities are all set on calendar in different venues around the globe.

Jimi Hendrix Death Anniversary Tribute by Paolo Schianchi

September 18 is the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death, 44 years ago. To commemorate the genius of this great musician and guitarist, Paolo Schianchi (musician, composer, researcher and inventor) has released a video recording of his live, solo performance playing a unique 49-string guitar, and many other guitars.

New Treatment Provides Hope for Youngest Neuropathy Patient in Arkansas

LogoAt age 7, Hope Harcrow learned not only that she had diabetic peripheral neuropathy, but that she was also the youngest individual in Arkansas to be diagnosed with the condition.

Lifehouse Live at the Kansas Star Arena October 11

LogoAmerican rock band, Lifehouse, will perform live at the Kansas Star Arena on October 11.

Jacob Glucksman Defends the Stand of Defense Attorneys in the Face of an Adversarial Criminal Justice

LogoWhile criminal defense attorneys defend people’s constitutional rights in the justice system, it is actually them who are evidently being defeated in the court of public opinion. A glimpse of this reality can be seen on the raging news tinged with a number of “lawyer jokes”.

Overview of Anti-Aging Treatments Features in New Dr Barry Lycka Video

LogoAnti-Aging treatments are the focus of this week’s short educational video from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

Department of Education to Distribute Official Cohort Default Rates

LogoOn Monday, September 22, 2014, the United States Department of Education (USDE) plans to release the FY 2011 3-Year Official Cohort Default Rate (CDR) notification packages to all schools, both domestic and foreign, guaranty agencies and lenders.

New Teeth in One Day with ZirTeeth Only at One&Only Dentistry

There are many individuals who have missing teeth or are suffering from gum diseases or have uncomfortable dentures. Some of them might also be unsuccessful in getting dental implants because they have been told that they do not have a bone to support the process. For those who are looking for a perfect solution and want to have new teeth in one day, One and Only Dentistry offers the perfect solution for such individuals. It is one of those great dental implant centers in Las Vegas that specializes in Oral Surgery, General Dentistry and Orthodontist services.

First European Paleo Conference "HEALTH Unplugged" Set for London, England

HEALTH Unplugged aims to satisfy the curiosity for knowledge around The Paleo Diet by hosting the UK’s first ancestral health and well-being conference on Paleo nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, targeting the issues pertinent to a UK audience. The conference will take place at the Kensington Close Hotel, Kensington, London, on 25 October 2014.

Calagary Demolition Services Announces the Formation of a Division Focused on Swimming Pool Demolition and Landscape Services

LogoCommenting on the creation of this new division, Calgary Demolition Founder and CEO Scott K. Calgary declared: "With the now constant drumbeat about drought conditions in Alberta Canada and the long-term investment that requires constant spending on pool maintenance, supplies and rising water costs, the demolition of unwanted pools has become an in-demand service for real estate owners. From owners of single family homes, to owners of thousands of apartment units, our pool demolition and landscape services division can address the concerns and needs of homeowners and apartment owners who are no longer willing to pay the high price of maintaining a pool."

Philosopha Debuts "Strong" Music Video and Long-Awaited "Too Dope" Album

LogoWith a newly released single behind him, Philosopha has announced the release of his much anticipated debut album, Too Dope. The new album is 14-tracks of bass thumping, high-energy modern day hip hop featuring the Chicago rapper’s hit single, “Strong” – the official music video for “Strong” debuts today and can be viewed on YouTube. To grab your copy of Too Dope visit: – an exclusive DJ version is also available at

Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Jay Jacobson to Debut New Album, "The Ride"

LogoFrom his eloquently smooth vocals and beautifully arranged songs, to the variety of sounds offered in his music, acclaimed singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson’s new CD, “The Ride” delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of emotional trip-hop, electronic dance and soulful ballads framed by exquisite pop-infused orchestrations. Jacobson’s fifth studio album, “The Ride” features 11 all-original songs that perfectly channel the highs and lows of life expressed through the purity of his voice and thought provoking lyrics. “The Ride” will debut on Tuesday, October 14th on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and several other online retail outlets.

Retractable Banner Stands US Offers New Pop Up Displays and Table Throws for Trade Events

Brand identity is one of the most important strategic elements of a growing business, and the easiest way to increase the visibility of a brand is by catching the eye of those who pass by a business, no matter the location. Branded signage is one thing, but established businesses put their brand on everything from the pens to the table cloths, especially when trying to impress at trade shows and other events. Retractable Banner Stands US specializes in creating affordable branded stands, flags, pop up signs and more, and has just released a new range of affordable displays and table throws.

Huber & Palsir, LLC Hearing Cases Related to Medical Malpractice This Fall 2014

LogoEvery day of the year individuals are putting their trust in doctors and medical professionals to heal an injury or illness. When mistakes are made and illnesses are misdiagnosed, Huber & Palsir, LLC is announcing they will hear cases related to medical malpractice this fall 2014 season. There are many instances where a physician is accused of negligence, but it remains a complex situation.

Hytrol Conveyor Announced EZLogic System Applications

Jim Sutherin, Bastian Solutions’ Project Engineer, discussed the versatility of the Hytrol EZLogic conveyor in Hytrol’s recent blog. Sutherin explained the EZLogic product is capable of filling many applications.

Mike Brammer Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in North Carolina

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in North Carolina with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Mid Atlantic Region includes North Carolina and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Mike Brammer.

No Risk Automation Newsletter Issue Number 6 Will Explore the Best Time to Adopt AGVs

The sixth issue of “No Risk Automation” (a monthly e-newsletter) due out October 13th, will explore the question many operation managers of manufacturing plant floors and distribution centers (DCs) ask. Is it time for the current AGV (automated guided vehicle) system to be replaced? There are certain instigating factors that drive AGV replacement. When the current AGV system no longer meets production requirements and cannot be expanded without substantial cost and complexity, it may tip the scale towards replacement.

Issue 7 of Picking Perfection Newsletter Will Address Pick Cart Effectiveness

LogoThe seventh issue of “Picking Perfection” (a weekly e-newsletter) to be released September 22, 2014 reports the results of pick cart’s effectiveness in Distributed Centers (DCs). After three months of testing ten carts, the overall results were impressive. Picking productivity increased 36%. The error-free rate was reduced from 97.5% to 99.5%. Training time was reduced to less than one day.

Manufacturing Employee Engagement and Retention Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine

The relationship between employee engagement and retaining skilled employees is explored in the current issue of Business Excellence. According to Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions, “Engaged employees produce quality products causing a direct impact on manufacturers’ bottom line. Increased employee engagement can be evaluated by the attention paid to customers, product quality, colleagues, and employer’s interests. Engaged employees are healthier, take fewer sick days, arrive for work on time more often, spend less time looking at the clock, and focus more on work excellence.”

Sunshine Contracting Corporation Announces Promotion for Leaf Protection Gutter Installs in Preparation for Upcoming Fall 2014 Season

LogoAn award winning exterior remodeling company, Sunshine Contracting Corporation is pleased to announce their gutter installation promotion in preparation for the upcoming fall 2014 season. Gutters are a central component in assuring the home is protected from water damage, and with the leaves falling, it is important for homeowners to consider leaf protection systems. The current offer for gutter services in Fairfax County, Virginia include up to 20% off.

As South Jersey Residents Say Goodbye to High Temperatures, They Turn to McAllister...The Service Company for HVAC Services This Fall

Google Searches for HVAC has grown 20% in the past week with many families preparing for the winter season. One company receiving the benefits of the growth in online search is McAllister… The Service Company which provides affordable services for air conditioning and heating in Oceanville and surrounding areas in South Jersey. As the company works throughout the day to answer as many questions as possible, they continue to explain to customers a few easy ways to prepare their HVAC system for winter.

Death by Captcha Explains Why Skipping the CAPTCHA Is Worth It

LogoCAPTCHA had been in existence for more than a decade since the start of the World Wide Web. It is a Turing Test which means Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Basically, CAPTCHA is a kind of a challenge-response test used to determine if the computer’s user is a human being. It also separates and distinguishes a computer user as a human from a machine. CAPTCHA is well-known to protect computer users from spam and any unsolicited messages which detects another computer or machine as the source. It is also used as a protection for a user’s security for forgotten passwords and site logins. However, there are reports wherein these Turing Tests which separates a human from a machine is now also being passed by computers.

Why Securing Vital Information by Removing CAPTCHA Is Essential According to Death by Captcha

LogoCAPTCHA is the shortened term for a somewhat long type of a challenge-response test used in computers and the internet these days, Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.To define Turing Test more specifically, it is a kind of test which differentiate a machine and a human’s ability from each other. It tests the abilities of a machine to exhibit intelligent behaviour which are equivalent to or distinguishable from humans. CAPTCHA’s are created to avoid spamming machines from posting on websites where they are not solicited.

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC Now Featuring Tramac Hydraulic Breakers on Website

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC is pleased to announce they are now featuring Tramac hydraulic breakers and hydraulic hammers on their website. Tramac has spent the last 35 years earning a reputation for designing and producing only the highest-quality hydraulic breakers in the world. Consumers involved in the aggregate stone, demolition and mining industries rely on the trusted name of Tramac in order to perform their job functions. All Tramac breakers feature longer working life, lower maintenance and more innovative designs than any other breaker on the market.

Peter McGuinn Re/Max Announces Home Listings for Fall 2014

LogoPeter McGuinn Re/Max has announced new listings for fall 2014. With many homes for sale in Chester County, PA, the agency has options for families of any size. This month they have announced the addition of a beautiful single family home at 2 Springton Lake Rd. for $549,900. This house has a modest exterior and yet is perfectly sized for a large family with 2 garage spaces, 3 bathrooms, and 5 bedrooms.