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Ultra High Definition (UHD) Panel Market Dominated by South Korean Manufacturers, to Reach US$30,4004.6 Million by 2020

The global electronics market today is filled to the brim with a spectrum of new screen technologies that come with personal computers, smartphones, handheld devices such as cameras and tablets, television sets of all shapes and sizes, and others. Some of the existing screen technologies that the market offers at present are liquid-crystal display (LCD), light-emitting diode (LED), high definition (HD), and full high definition. However, according to industry experts, none of these existing technologies is on the verge of acquiring a dominant share in the field of digital media.

Barrett Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBSI) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing

An investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Barrett Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBSI) shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at Barrett Business Services, Inc.

Neil Helfrich Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Fight Cattle Rustling with "The Wireless Rumen Bolus"

LogoIn North America, cattle rustlings have often been portrayed in a way that is somewhat similar to that of an Old West film. However, in reality, this is nothing less than a heinous crime that leads to imprisonment and other legal actions. Cattle rustlings frequently lead to famine, homelessness, and death in Africa. A recent incident of cattle raid in Sudan left roughly 34,500 people displaced and 2,000 people dead.

Topsonlighting Sells Unique Lamps for Different Areas of the Room

There are various lighting systems being developed today that are different from the traditional lamps. Though the modern lamps come in various designs and shapes, it is very important to have a proper look and research on the products. Topsonlighting is one such company that provides various lamps and provides the buyers with range of options to buy designer lighting systems.

Masters Hall of Fame Set to Celebrate Excellence in Martial Arts – Hollywood Style

The Masters Hall of Fame, a leading organization dedicated to recognizing excellence in martial arts, will celebrate its 2015 Awards Banquet sponsored by Monster Energy in Hollywood style on Saturday, June 6, at the famed Roosevelt Hotel. More than 50 new members will be inducted at the event, which will feature martial arts films star and Master of Ceremonies T.J. Storm. The keynote speaker will be Michael Matsuda, the President of the Martial Arts History Museum.

Fillmore, UTAH Business Alliance Names (May 2015) "Best Innovation" Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping Network and Top Local Solution for Secure "Delivery-Service"

LogoWelcome to PigeonShip®™! is a solution to an age-old problem: Time Management. PigeonShip®™ is a new concept to that meets valuable need. Their concept brings local people together and provides convenience benefits. Their friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver item. They call them "Pigeons." It may sound like a run-of-the-mill "courier" or "delivery service" for packages and parcels; but don't be fooled! Their professional Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

St. George Utah Local Office Announces New Contract with "KSL News" (Starting May 18th) to Deliver Neighbor-to-Neighbor Prize Packages, Says Founder Jared Overton

LogoNews: KSL Hires PigeonShip®™ for convenient deliveries. PigeonShip®™, Utah's popular crowed-based pick-up-and-delivery service, continues to catch the eyes of the most prominent Utah Business. KSL News, Utah's most prestigious news station will use PigeonShip®™for deliveries. To start, weekly-prize-listeners of KSL's popular stations will have the ability to have their prize Pigeon-Shipped direct to their door for free. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

A.M. SNiPER to Host Napa Rocks Festival in Ayia Napa Cyprus with Chris Brown, KSI

The arrival of summer has come as a welcome relief, and many people are now looking forward to a summer of amazing events, getting their bodies and minds in prime condition to enjoy excesses of food, drink, music and love. The beaches of Ayia Napa have long played host to beautiful people and epic parties, but on July 28th, something bigger than is coming to the island of Cyprus. This year's Napa Rocks event will be hosted by A.M. SNiPER alongside Chris Brown and KSI, with A.M. SNiPER the Great Gatsby behind the biggest party of the summer.

Street Fight Summit West Dives Deep Into the Connected Local Economy

The fourth annual Street Fight Summit West, took place June 2, 2015 at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Palomar Water Expands Its Water Delivery Services to the Entirety of San Diego County

Water is one of the most fundamental elements required for life, and access to water is considered a human right. However, inevitably, water sources for cities include a majority of re-processed, filtered and recycled water that lacks the freshness of spring water, and can often include sterilizing chemicals that are not good for the human body. Palomar Water has been offering people a better alternative with their spring water delivery services. They have proved so popular that they have expanded their fleet of vehicles to give them county wide distribution.

San Jose Carpet Cleaning Offering New Wholly Organic Cleaning Service Safe for Children and Pets

Carpets add a level of luxury to the living experience that is key in making a house a home. Softness underfoot is something we prize, but this softness also makes carpets vulnerable to wear and tear, to stains, dust and other build ups that can make carpets not only unattractive but unhygienic. Keeping them clean has often meant using astringent chemicals in a long process that can make rooms noxious to be in and present a danger to vulnerable people. San Jose Carpet Cleaning is now offering the ultimate solution, with a fast and effective carpet cleaning service that uses only organic ingredients.

Clear Clutter, Clear Your Mind: The New E-Book Highlights the Benefit of Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle

The frenzied materialistic quest for ever more possessions which many people engage in is nothing more than a relic from an earlier episode in American history and most of us would be happier and healthier by distancing ourselves from that quest and adopting a simpler lifestyle. That is the central message of True Minimalism: Lifestyle of the Now a new e-book, which, appropriately launch's today in preparation for the United Nations' World Environment Day (WED), June 5, 2015.

Critics' Reviews Now Appear on Facebook Restaurant Pages

Acclaimed restaurants with an active Facebook business page will soon have a new way of showcasing their 5-star reviews and ratings from food critics. Offers Fully Licensed and Insured Contractor Services

LogoContractors Santa Monica prides itself on being one of the largest leading general contractors successfully specializing in high quality and unique room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation and house bolting. The company has over 20 years of experience, and its mandate is to be an innovative and entrepreneurial company that has reliability working in cooperation with clients to build quality projects with satisfaction and dignity. Without a doubt the greatest asset is our expertise and customer satisfaction in the home remodeling industry.

DressFirm Announces Signup Discount Coupons for Their Latest Wedding Dresses & Special Occasion Dresses

With an adorable collection of the best selling wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, etc. at a significant discount of up to 80%, DressFirm aims at bringing the latest fashion within the affordable limits of the worldwide women. At the same time, they are eyeing at new customers and are offering them a discount coupon code of 5% for signing up on the website. Besides, one can get free shipping as well for each order over $229.

Topeka Kansas G3 Regional Office Awards Clayton Thomas and George Antarr (Jan. 2015) Jeunesse-Global "#1 Top Earner" and "Top Sponsor" for "Instantly-Ageless" Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

New 'Sneaky Flask' Is a Liquor Container That Looks Like a Deodorant Can

Scott Przirembel of Hong Kong has spent the past six years developing and marketing "sneaky flasks," containers that hold alcoholic beverages incognito. His products include hollowed-out hairbrushes, cameras and binoculars.

The Arthritis Foundation Has Presented a Study That Showed Gout Risk Has Genetic Component

Swelling, pain and extreme tenderness in the joint – these are among the symptoms experienced by gout sufferers. Gout is often believed to be caused by intake of certain foods such as poultry, seafood and meat. However, it seems that there is another factor associated with the development of the condition.

Study Showed That Combining Two Pain Relievers Can Result in Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Pain is one of the major reasons why arthritis patients suffer, and this is why many of them use pain relievers just to improve their condition. There are even those who use multiple pain relievers to achieve more pain relief. However, it seems that doing it is not a good idea.

SYGU - Music Television Network Valued at over $17M Kicks off SYGU Radio App Beta Phase 1

SYGU Music Television Network is set to officially announce a new upcoming premiere date for the launch of its ground breaking programming in 2015 now with a new deal in place negotiated with Apple TV and other key platforms. Programming will feature multiple independent projects including content produced by the original producers of BET's 106 & Park, Rap City the Basement and recent producers of MTV Jams.

Latest Firestone & Sears Auto Coupons Bring Great Service, Great Deals & Great Savings for Vehicle Owners

For car owners, has a host of cost-saving deals. They have released promotional coupons from companies like Firestone & Sears Auto that can allow car owners to enjoy services like oil change, tire change and regular maintenance at a discount price.

Boise Idaho G3 Development Angel Investor, Adam-Green, "Now America's #1 Opportunity Trainer" Announced Design Competition Winners for Idaho Entrepreneurs

LogoSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Contractors Irvine Prepares Homes for Earthquakes with House Bolting Services

LogoCalifornia has proven to be an earthquake prone state in the recent past based on damages incurred to land, homes and infrastructure. In light of this, General Contractors Irvine has extended their line of services to include house bolting to help residents in Irvine and surrounding areas better prepare for tremors.

Sense Mirror Introduces Fashion Assist Technology

Arash Ahmadi, Founder of advanced interactive personal technology, announced today Sense Mirror, a Smart Mirror equipped with computerized cameras that can assist the user in selecting outfits to wear, among many other features that will be shown in Infocomm-Gitex MEA Dubai 2015, Booth No. TA-E33 for the first time. The Sense Mirror, which is an updated version of the company's existing Smartie Mirror product, As seen before on Kickstarter, acts as a "virtual assistant" to the user, suggesting clothing, makeup and accessories based on weather conditions, destination, previous observed dressing habits, clothing available in the user's closet, and more. The Sense Mirror is also mobile-enabled, giving users the ability to see their existing clothing and accessories while out shopping.

BootstrapMaster Now Offers Real Admin WebApp Bootstrap Admin Template at Competitive Rates

Millions across the globe search for templates that can suit their project needs in an effective way. To fill this gap, BootstrapMaster now offers Real Admin WebApp Bootstrap Admin Template at competitive rates. The templates provided by the company are based on BM's experience and Brix's innovativeness. Users who are looking for the best templates can count on the latest solutions provided by the company, as they have added responsive design, retina display support, widgets and many more features.

A Site That Helps Millionaires and Celebrities Find Their Right Soul Mates

Celebrities and millionaires are so engrossed in their own activities that they rarely get enough time for choosing the right partner for having a lasting relationship. The good news is that they need not long anymore for having such relationship because Millionaire Match.Center offers their help so these people can meet their soul mate and have a long-lasting relationship.

ReachTurnbow Announces Jeff Turnbow's Google Certified Partner Status in Adwords and Online Display

LogoJeff Turnbow, founder of has received certification in Google Adwords and Display as a Google Partner on May 26, 2015.