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Civil Logistics Appoints New Operations Manager

Civil Logistics ( announced today that Mike Wallace has joined the firm to further develop and manage the company’s insurance claims segment. Mike Wallace comes with a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent the last nine years managing field files and contractors during large scale catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Sandy along the upper East coast.

Valintry Announces Database of Technology Consultants Exceeds 100k in Under 6 Months

As employers search for more flexible solutions for completing their Information technology projects on-time and on budget, they have turned to outside consultants and contract labor. Valintry Services has positioned itself to be an industry leader. "In fact, we are proud to announce our database of technology consultants to source talent has exceeded 100,000 professionals in less than six months," said Brent Healy, Vice President of Valintry Services, based in Winter Park, FL.

International Surrealism Now's Next Edition Will Be Hosted in the Historic Building of the 18Th Century Palacio Da Lousã Until Oct. 31, 2014

International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, who has dedicated himself to promoting the surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions worldwide.

Van Damme: The Absence of a Smile Is Hostile to Human Nature

An actor, director, producer and screenwriter knows how important a smile is in a career and life.

New Go-To Resource Site for Men's Health Announces Launching

New website dedicated to providing latest topics and industry related news or tips with concentration on men's health successfully launches. It covers a wide array of topics from exercise to dating, sports, and mental health. It targets all age groups with a taste for authoritative and comprehensive knowledge to help men thrive a healthy lifestyle, wherever they maybe across the world.

Polish Company First in the World to Sell Shares for Bitcoins

LogoEquity crowdfunding is simply raising capital thanks to the online community. Unlike the reward-based crowdfunding, made popular by sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or RocketHub, in equity crowdfunding people who are involved in financing the company receive personal shares.

Online Sports Games - Challenging and Entertaining Experience

People everywhere around the world are playing various types of online games. Because of this such games are being designed by the portals. Each plots that is coming into the online world is able to create an interest among the enthusiasts as they keep on trying them. Although the kids are very interested in playing the sport games in computers, the young people are also taking up these games and the average age group has been pegged between 15-25 years.

Online Sport Games - An Ideal Way to Have Fun Online

Golf is a game which includes a ball and a club to sink the ball into a hole. While a lot of historians credit Scotland as the place where the modern game originated.

Countries of Africa Trivia Released to Public

Africa is a large continent with many countries and cultures. There is a lot to learn about its vast array of diversity. “Countries of Africa Trivia” is a new app that was released on October 11. The app is available on Android for free, and allows users to discover African countries and enjoy quizzes. Users will be able to discover fascinating countries of Africa, play quiz games and learn interesting facts, all while tracking progress and earning trophies.

One Can Have Fun with Astounding Online Sport Games

Tennis game helps one to work on the areas they are lagging behind. Practice makes a man perfect, why not go for the online tennis games and practice on the skills online. It's much more effective than going to the court and practice. It saves one’s time and helps them to perform other tasks of their life. Playing this game online is very easy. It starts with the serve, depending on the person who wins the toss. It does not have any umpire; computer keeps an account of the score.

Online Sport Games- New Source of Entertainment

Bowling is a social sport that is played in professional leagues where only the best get into, but it is also a very accessible sport if one is looking to take it up as a hobby! One can even find areas in their home towns, places where people go with their friends to have some fun by playing bowling games.

HTML5 Digital Magazine Publishing Software Helps to Promote Holiday Sales

LogoWith Hallowmas right around the corner, more and more people will soon be enjoying everything from pumpkin-flavored recipes to costume ideas. Now, thanks to PUB HTML5, it is now easier than ever to produce, publish, and view interactive creative content on the internet, making this year’s Hallowmas celebration even more festive.

Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx) and Nagoya Commodity Exchange Foundation Launches Assist a Child to School Program Through a One Million USD Donation

Since its inception Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx) has been sponsoring children through their education. The Foundation identifies children who need assistance and develops educational plans for them, working together with each child’s guardians. Particular emphasis is placed on helping orphans who live with grandmothers or extended family, children with learning difficulties and children with disabilities.

Orient Dental Supplies a Wide Range of Orthodontic Products Globally

The demand for orthodontic products have increased over the years. However, reliable suppliers of these products haven’t increased in the same numbers. Established in 2010, Orient Dental Instrument Co. Ltd caters to the demand all over the world as orthodontic bracket supplier. These products are available in edgewise, roth and ceramic varieties. Apart from orthodontic bracket, other supplies include assembled band, molar plain orthodontic band, orthodontic buccal tube, ligature tie, and comprehensive dental orthodontic accessories. The dental product manufacturer also deals with wholesalers and distributors.

American Express Highlights Partnership with Singapore SEO Company to Help SMEs Grow

Singapore’s local newspaper, The Business Times, yesterday highlighted international bank American Express and its partnership with Top3 Media to help local SMEs build their digital media portfolio.

Adnan Digital Marketer' Releases Free SEO Guide for Beginners

Adnan Digital Marketer,’ a renowned entrepreneur when it comes to providing useful information about internet marketing and related services, has release a free SEO guide for beginners. The guides would help the readers in understanding the different aspects of SEO.

Rakxe Launches Stylish Next-Gen Electric Scooters and Bikes

Fuel conservation and lower emissions have been one of the most driving concerns in the modern age. The electric scooter launched by Rakxe more than just manages to impress with a great design and a bevy of interesting features. To begin with, this has been the best attempt at fusing high-specification powered modern technology with a retro feel in quite some time. The company has been in for some serious praise on the ground of this sole feature.

BRNT Web Solutions Offers Professional Web Design and Solutions in Jakarta, Indonesia

BRNT Web Solutions is offering professional web design in Jakarta and in nearby places. People who are trying to get the help of experts when it comes to web design services, just have to contact the company and its professional web designers are sure to cater whatever they need.

Hass Security Online Store Sells Wide Range of Home-Security Equipment

Security is essential in every sphere domain of life. The degree of urgency and criticality may vary from personal to international levels. The need for adequate home-security cannot be ruled out by anyone. Hass Security Online Store is an e-commerce enterprise that sells home-security equipment. It thus facilitates higher degree of safety and security for members of a family. Its products are significantly useful in countries where all or most of the elders in a family leave the house for work daily. The range of products sold at the online store encompasses home wireless alarm system, remote control, siren, sensor, detector and WiFi IP camera.

MacXDVD Halloween Giveaway of MacX iPhone Video Converter and iPhone 6

LogoMacXDVD Software today announces a 16-day Halloween giveaway of its flagship MacX iPhone Video Converter for users to convert standard/high definition horror videos to MP4, MOV, M4V, etc friendly for playback on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iTunes. Valid before November 5th, 2014, anyone can visit MacXDVD 2014 Halloween giveaway page and win this practical iPhone 6 Video Converter software with nary a penny. And the user who has shared this 2014 Halloween deal to Facebook or Twitter, is qualified to join the activity of "Win A Free iPhone 6" and has an opportunity to take the gratis iPhone 6 home.

Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx) Announces the Launch of Clearing Services for Silver 1000 Commodities Swap Futures

Clearing services will be available through Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx.rg) Diamond Trader that includes a set of flexible clearing services open to over-the-counter (OTC) market participants to substantially mitigate counterparty risk and provide neutral settlement prices across asset classes. Trading and clearing are scheduled to begin this year. This contract will be listed by Nagoya Commodity Exchange and subject to the rules and regulations of Nagoya Commodity Exchange.

LederMann Leather Launches Efforts to Combat Rise in Imitation Leather Dealers

Worldwide market statistics reveal leather sales have recently hit almost $34 billion, marking a 10 year peak. This increase in demand has brought about an uptick in the number of merchants selling faux products under false pretenses. With this issue in mind, the founder of LederMann Leather has launched efforts to educate consumers on distinguishing between genuine products and their fraudulent counterparts.

Find My Cloud Storage Creates New Rankings for Best Personal and Business Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is becoming ever more popular, and the providers have had to step up their game recently after controversies hit the headlines, with hackers exploiting celebrities’ cloud drives. As a result, many cloud hosting companies have doubled down on next generation security to prevent such things from happening again, causing a reshuffle in the rankings over at Find My Cloud Storage. The site has now split its rankings into personal and business cloud storage to help everyone find the best package for them.

FlipBook Creator, E-Book Publishing Software Now Provided to Self-Publishers at Affordable Price announces special discount rates on their revolutionary FlipBook Creator for self-publishers willing to grant their service to the Flippagemaker team in exchange. The FlipBook Creator software comes with a bounty of added advantages for the users.

Nagoya Commodity Exchange's (Ngcx) to Launch Commodities Futures Contract Thermal Coal

Trades will be cleared by the Nagoya Commodity Exchange’s Clearing Corporation, which is wholly owned by Nagoya Commodity Exchange. The contract will be cash-settled using the Thermal Coal Index reference price published by Nagoya Commodity Exchange ( The Thermal Coal Index is the leading measurement of the price differential between Thermal Coal and light Imported Thermal Coal used by market participants in the physical market.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player for Mac V1.8.2 Optimized Menu Playback Mode and Added Friendly Notifications

LogoAs professional online multimedia solution developer and provider, Leawo Software today officially announced the roll-out of Blu-ray Player for Mac V1.8.2. Through this upgrade, Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac becomes user friendlier with changes in program interface and operation. The program got friendly notifications for Blu-ray disc menu, improved disc menu operability and program’s disc detection ability. Some other minor errors also got fixed via this upgrade.

Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx) to Launch Carbon Credits Contract

In a landmark initiative that will enable direct trading of Carbon Credits Nagoya Commodity Exchange today launched futures trading in Carbon Credits. This pioneering initiative at Nagoya Commodity Exchange makes it among the select few in league.