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#1 Best Seller in Kindle's Health Category Released, Now Available in Amazon Kindle Bookstore


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2014 -- #1 Best Seller in Kindle’s health category was already released and is now available for sale in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. The new book entitled “Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse” is authored by Kelina Cowell.

“Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse “allows the readers to explore the challenges of working effectively on the complex field of domestic abuse and violence, offering them positive models for the practice. The book enable readers get lots of insights on why and how things go wrong. This will give them better understanding about the subject, Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA), including its different types and the different effects of it to survivors as well as their children.

The new book is ranked as the #1 best seller in Kindle’s mental health category as it allows readers learn how to recognize the signs of DVA towards adults and children and ways on how they could respond to concerns. It also enables readers learn how to communicate with DVA victims, assess their situation and what appropriate actions they could take.

The contents of the book “Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse” include case studies on the different types of DVA, research studies from the leading law enforcement and government policies and charities as well as further links and resources to leading DVA websites online. The book serves as a valuable resource of ideas and information, discussing ways on how to work sensitively and safely with DVA victims, including adults and children. It also serves as a key reference for health professionals, social workers, teachers and concerned family as well as friends.

For more information about the new book, visit Amazon store at www.amazon.com/Understanding-Domestic-Violence-Kelina-Cowell-ebook/dp/B00ICUQB0I.

“This is a great book, one you will be able to refer to and dip into when needed. It is written in a simple way and easily understood. Each chapter is dedicated to a particular subject with top tips and methods to use with survivors. I would recommend this book for anyone working with survivors, but also to counselling students who will be able to learn more about relationship patterns, trauma, feelings and behavior surrounding the responses displayed and how best to manage them. I have read other books on the subject but feel that this one is a much easier to read. This book will increase your knowledge and give you a good base of skills.” ----- Filip Grujoski

“It's really important to know different kind of abuses and this book is a well written book on this topic. A lot of tips are shared in this book which also came with some effective advises. These might help anyone who has been suffering from abuse. It's an easy to read book which covered many important topics. I will surely recommend this book.”----- Uros Vasic

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