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MSG Marketing Investigates The Good, the Bad and the Pleasantly Surprising of Ireland


Belfast, Northern Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2012 -- Heading to the pub tops the list of things to do when visiting Ireland - Barack Obama may agree. Belfast is a "hedonistic party town", Londonderry a "pleasant surprise", but "poor old Larne is a little lacking in the charm department". This is according to the latest Lonely Planet guide to Ireland, published on Thursday. MSG Marketing is based in Belfast, the managing director comments on the above finding saying, ‘some may agree and some may not! Since moving here myself I have enjoyed what Belfast has to offer. Apart from Belfast offering an amazing platform for my company to grow, taking a look at the social scene, there is a lot to do.’

Now in its 10th edition, the guide said Ireland's financial woes have not dampened the spirits of a "resilient population". And another cliché, the country's love of an alcoholic beverage, also features heavily in the guide. In fact, heading to the pub tops the list of 21 things to do while visiting Ireland. Coming in behind that is visiting Dublin, Connemara and the Rock of Cashel, taking in some traditional music and hiking. ‘Travelling around the world definitely gives someone a heightened awareness of social dynamics and culture. This is why I love to travel and it reflects in the way I run my company,’ continues the managing director of MSG Marketing.

While referred to as not "the prettiest of cities", Derry was lauded for a "great riverside setting" and a "determined air of can-do optimism that has made it the powerhouse of the North's cultural revival". Coordinating Author Fionn Davenport said the reputation of a warm and friendly population meant visitors from around the world. "Times are tough, but the Irish are adaptable people and cope well with whatever comes their way," she said. "The new guide shows just how much the nation has going for it in terms of fantastic scenery and buzzing towns and villages." Tourism is a very important part of a countries economic growth which is why good feedback from visitors and travel publications is important. MSG Marketing a growing sales and marketing company moved to Belfast to expand their client’s customer base. ‘The results speak for themselves which is why we have expanded our office space to double the size,’ continues the managing director of MSG Marketing.