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Race Car Driver Scott Tucker Pledges a Lending Hand to Youngsters


Madison, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2012 -- Five-time Sports Car Club of America National Champion Scott Tucker has recently launched a brand new educational program aimed to lending youngsters a helping hand when it comes to being more aware of the dangers that drugs and alcohol can cause. The Scott Tucker Champion's pledge to stay on the right track is aimed towards lending teenagers a hand to realize they can achieve their goals and make a difference without the need to use drugs or alcohol.

By signing up to take Scott Tucker's pledge teenagers can sign up to attend the Performance Driving School courtesy of Scott Tucker himself. The Performance Driving School is a real 1 mile NASCAR speedway at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Qualified teenagers can experience the thrill of driving a 600 horsepower car around the oval track. For those who would rather ride shotgun it's possible to spend 3 laps riding along at up to 120 miles an hour. The value of a spot in the Performance Driving School is more than $100.

The Scott Tucker Champion's Pledge is all about living drug and alcohol free and working hard to achieve your goals and lending a helping hand to others and being a leader. By being responsible you can make a difference in your community and by lending a helping hand to others you can loan some of your hard earned rewarding experience to your family and friends.

Scott Tucker is the owner and driver for the successful Level 5 Motorsports Team and he uses his success to lend a hand to up and coming racecar drivers through his driver development program. The program offers much needed sponsorship and racing experience to young drivers.

Scott also believes that young people can achieve their dreams through hard work, passion and discipline, and that these things are much more rewarding that giving into drugs and alcohol. That's why he's set up the Tucker Champion's pledge and by lending young people a helping hand they can really start to make a difference in their life.