Intelligent Analytics for e-commerce

How does online marketing intelligence enrich E- Commerce


Valencia, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2012 -- One of key elements in an e-commerce system is to focus in a model in which the core is the client of a certain product or service and in which the platforms used are capable of generating engagement and community. For this reason, it is necessary to count on Business Intelligence to integrate the business internal systems at the same time these are linked to the world online giving an Online Marketing Intelligence point of view to the model.

The use of this e- business models allows businesses to give service to their clients and get to new markets in an efficient and low priced manner, thanks to a balanced combination between traditional means and new selling interfaces, usually in the cloud, more powerful, agile and affordable.

The outline of e-commerce integrated in the strategy of a business follows the integration of business intelligence methodologies to obtain critical information of its clients, consumer or users such as where, how, when and at what price they demand the products or services,

Business Intelligence integrates a business’ CRM, ERP, SCM or e-commerce platform and its social networks to achieve reduced answer times, better find its potencial clients, better segmentation and creation of profitable campaigns, cross selling and engagement.

Nowadays, every business has presence in the internet no matter if they like it or not and if they control it or not. This is why businesses need to know what is going on with their target segments and how they deal with its potential markets.

Online stores find essential the use of tools which allow the measurement of data provided by clients, only possible with an Online Marketing Intelligence solution, today affordable to any kind of business.

OMI by LITEBI is a business intelligence cloud-based software which integrates the BI philosophy with the online marketing in order to obtain relevant information of the market, the visitors, the campaigns and the opportunities that once analyzed, can be turned easily into useful knowledge.

Business intelligence offers e-commerce the possibility to obtain interactive reports, dashboards, alerts and automatic bursting systems. This means combining the data of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the information of an e-commerce platform and Google analytics in a unique software that will calculate the ROI, analyze the result of campaigns, the customer profitability and other results depending on the needs of each business and industry.

The point is to detect the best indicator for an online businesses such as the no. of visits, conversion rate, loyalty, influence, followers, no. of comments, customer value, efficiency of the different channels, etc. and integrate them with an ERP or accountancy information, a CRM, SCM or the social networks in order to develop a customer-focused marketing based in their needs and preferences to strengthen their relation with the company. This encourages relational marketing strategies and the engagement or loyalty of the customer portfolio, which will lead to cross selling.

Business Intelligence introduces itself as an analytical layer over the e-commerce system, a critical analysis for e-business with high impact on the results of e-commerce platforms, which turns into a useful tool to be aware of what is going on and what do clients expect from online stores.

LITEBI is leading the next generation of Business Intelligence with its Cloud Computing platform. It offers advanced analytics, dashboards, data integration, alarms and balanced scorecards for companies of any size or industry, through a pay-as-you-go model. LITEBI is an easy, powerful and affordable BI solution