Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd.

Noble Manhattan Takes on New Partner in Turkey


Weymouth, Dorset -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2012 -- Noble Manhattan is delighted to announce that its worldwide family continues to grow with the newest addition of the company Ufuk Koc as one of its partners. The company will act as the ‘Master Distributor’ of all Noble Manhattan coach training programmes in Turkey.

The company Ufuk Koc is run by the dynamic Ufuk Koc and his wife Nihal. They’re a very well established management training company in Turkey that has blue-chip companies as clients. They’ve been involved in training managers all over Istanbul and Turkey for many years which have put them at the top of management training companies in the region. With years of experience behind them, Ufuk Koc will be a great resource for businesses and professionals who want to harness the benefits of Noble Manhattan’s coach training programmes.

Ufuk Koc is based in the Republic of Turkey which is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This makes the region a strategic location for commerce which is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. With the country’s growth, the coaching market is also projected to grow dramatically over the next 10 years and businesses will want to take advantage of the boost that coaching will bring. In fact, a lot of companies in Turkey now see the benefit of training many managers to be professional coaches. Ufuk Koc is of course the resource that will help these businesses and professionals use coaching as an advantage.

Noble Manhattan has definitely gained a great partner in Ufuk Koc, a company that’s well on the way to further the coaching culture in Turkey.

For more information please contact Noble Manhattan at or on 0800-191-0100.