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Rousseff Government Vetoes Parts of Forestry Bill


Bainbridge Island, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2012 -- In response to growing pressure from environmentalists all over the globe, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has vetoed parts of the controversial forestry bill, in a move that has been welcomed by Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

The President had pledged to veto the bill if she won the election while on her campaign trail and pressure to fulfil her promise had been rising over the past month. The bill was passed through the country’s congress back in April and was threatening to allow land owners to develop more of the Amazon forest for agricultural purposes. It was also planning to introduce an amnesty for anyone who had been found illegally logging timber before 2008.

FRA, a research and analysis consultancy, said it welcomed the decision to partially veto the bill and particularly welcomed the dropping of the amnesty out of the plans. A total of 12 articles were removed from the bill. It is thought that Rousseff would have been partly persuaded to go ahead with the veto in light of the fact that Brazil is hosting the Rio+20 Summit later in the year, at which some of the world’s great leaders will gather to work on environmental issues.

FRA, which promotes investment in sustainable forestry and the reforestation of the Brazilian forests, said that Rousseff could have gone further but that the most damaging parts of the bill have been removed. Its analysis partner, Peter Collins, said, “Here at FRA, we welcome the veto and continue to support projects such as those run by Greenwood Management in Brazil.”

Greenwood Management runs plantation projects in Brazil which help to supply sustainably grown timber products and coal to domestic and overseas customers, including the Brazilian steel industry, who may otherwise depend on timber form the Amazon.

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