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Charter Auction Makes Executive Jet Charter More Affordable


Portsmouth, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2010 -- Charter Auction, ( a leading global provider of executive jet charter and private business charter uses an exclusive aircraft locater technology to make executive jet charter affordable. Private jet charter allows executive travels to save large amounts of time that would otherwise be spent waiting in a crowded airport. With executive jet charter corporate travelers can more efficiently travel to and from a business meeting in the same day if need be.

Charter Auction has revolutionized the method of booking flights for executive jet charter, including an increased focus on safety. Charter Auction’s unique Aircraft Locator Technology allows them to find operators who have aircrafts available that meet the client’s flight needs. All aircrafts are passed through a strict safety system known as SAFEPASS to ensure that the operator, aircraft, and pilot meet the rigorous safety standard Charter Auction sets for executive business travel and private jet charters.

“We know that executives today are on a very tight timeframe, yet expect the highest in safety standards at an affordable rate” said Donald W.S. Bishop, CEO, Charter Auction. “We are able to exceed all these needs because of our industry knowledge and experience,” Bishop said.

About Charter Auction
Charter Auction is an online exchange for jet charter pricing, utilizing exclusive aircraft locater technology to make private jet charter affordable for our executive travelers. We offer point-to-point, executive jet charter services anywhere in the world, at anytime. We also offer additional services including gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services with our chartered flights. Our company was established to provide affordable private air charter travel services to business travelers and offer guaranteed competitive charter flight prices to travel agents and corporate flight departments. Here at Charter Auction our most dedicated services is to provide aircrafts that meet or exceed the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. This model allows us to provide the least expense travel arrangements without ever compromising safety. Please visit us online at