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Gum Removing Steam Vac Cleaner Systems: 50 Hz, New Filtration


Woburn, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2011 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a vendor of gum removing steam vac cleaner equipment for cleaning contractors worldwide, just released a new line of 50 Hz Supreme 3050CVGP machines. The upgraded machines include the company's Gum Exterminator® technology and are now shipping with enhanced dual-tier filtering components that trap asthma-causing dust and other unhealthy particles found on environmental hard and soft surfaces.

"Our latest 50 Hz additions to the 3050 steam vac cleaner line offers cleaning contractors a new gum removal option for non-60 Hz environments," said Daimer.com's gum removal and filtration spokesperson Matthew Baratta. "These latest systems provide commercial-grade HEPA/fluid filtration technology."

Gum-Fighting, 50 Hz Steam Vac Cleaner Machines with Filtration

Daimer®'s Supreme 3050CVG now incorporates dual mode filtration integrated into its vacuum system. A liquid-based filtering unit uses a whirling agitating subsystem to capture commercial-strength odors as well as oversized particulate matter. A separate HEPA-filtering unit removes the tiniest matter, most notably dust particles that can aggravate allergies, induce asthma and affect other lung conditions.

The upgraded steam vac cleaner machines are bundled with a gum removal system comprised of an abrasive steel brush-head, a two-bladed squeegee and a liquid chewing gum dissolving preparation.

The steam vac cleaner systems also include full wet/dry extraction systems that work in tandem with the filtration units of the 3050CVG. The machines are based around 5 liter boiler units. The boilers carry a life-time guarantee. The steam vac cleaner machines are rated to generate pressure levels nearing 96 PSI and temperatures nearing 165ºC.

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