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G Data Software Offers Tips for Spring Cleaning Your PC for Improved Security


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2011 -- The beginning of spring means the commencement of spring cleaning, which is also a perfect time to do some upkeep on your PC. Cleaning your PC is a fast and effective way to make it more secure – extending the lifecycle and keeping it running smoothly. To help PC owners with this process, G Data Software, one of the world’s first antivirus providers, is releasing tips on how to easily and effectively clear out your PC and make it less vulnerable to malware and attacks.

"Every user should clear out their computer regularly and thoroughly, and spring is the perfect time to do this since spring cleaning is on most peoples’ minds," stated Ralf Benzmüller, security expert and head of G Data Security Labs. “Cleaning your PC has many benefits like enhanced performance and improved security. For example, keeping out-dated software will put your computer at risk, allowing hackers to take advantage of security holes. This can be prevented by keeping your system fully updated.”

G Data offers the following tips for spring cleaning your PC:

- Bring your operating system and installed software up-to-date by loading service packs, patches and updates. Out-dated programs for which there is no longer any manufacturer service should be completely removed and replaced with a new version if necessary.

- Delete files that are duplicated, out-dated and no longer used. Free programs such as CloneSpy or AntiTwin can help track down duplicated data. These can be found on CDs of PC magazines, for example. Files should be completely removed using a digital shredder. This function is often also integrated into security solutions.

- Regularly delete the temporary files that are located in the "Temp" folder in the Windows directory which are generated when surfing the web. Removing such data can make a computer run significantly faster.

- Browser cookies, browser history and web form files should also be deleted after each Internet session as they record data on surfing behaviour. There is a setting available for automatically deleting these in the browser settings. Some browsers also have a private mode, where the majority of temporary files are deleted at the end of the browser session.

- Disable the "Save password" function in the browser. Passwords already saved in the browser should be deleted. All websites with stored passwords can be viewed and deleted in the browser settings.

- Use a comprehensive security solution and update it regularly with software and virus signature updates. Using security solutions with integrated system tuning and registry clearing makes the system even faster and more stable.

- Browse the internet with an activated firewall to additionally protect online activities.

- Backup all critical data so it will be saved in the event of an infection or system crash. Furthermore, a system image backs up the entire hard disk with all installed programs. Comprehensive security solutions often include an appropriate module.

- Browse the internet with limited user rights. Rights and user accounts can be easily managed via the Control Panel. Anyone who reinstalls Windows can set up an appropriate profile during the installation process.

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