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Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2011 -- Pickfun.com (http://www.pickfun.com) is a website which provides their customers with discounted sports and event tickets to the most popular sporting and entertainment events all at the tip of their fingers. Pickfun sets itself apart from their competition by offering tickets below box office prices in addition to having zero service charges.

How does it work? Simple! Register with Pickfun here, and choose from the many sports and entertainment event ticket options. You can purchase right on the website by clicking “Buy Now” and upon purchasing you will receive an e-voucher which when printed can be redeemed with the team or by calling us at 1-855-PICKFUN (742-5386). There are no minimum buys, so if you see something you like, you can buy it instantly and there is no minimum purchases that needs to be reached!

Pickfun’s current partners are: Toronto FC, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Paintball Nation, Flamboro Downs Racetrack, Twenty Valley Golf & Country Club, Park Royal Family Fun Centre and Cameron Motor Sports, and this list is ever increasing. Pickfun has also partnered with the Toronto Raptors in the past, offering tickets to their home games.

Pickfun works directly with the organizations and teams to provide tickets to their customers, so you can be assured it is a creditable source for all your sports and entertainment ticket needs. We operate on a secure server and offer the best customer service on the web.

With the above mentioned partnerships, Pickfun has a wide range of product offerings including both sports and event tickets.

The sports products are available here and include:

• Toronto FC Tickets starting at $28.99! (Box office price: $37.50)

o The sections available are:

- Light Grey: $28.99 (Box office price: $37.50)

- Medium Grey: $39.99 (Box office price: $49.50),

- Light Blue: $49.99 (Box office price: $59.50) and

- Dark Grey: $59.99 (Box office price: $69.50)

• Hamilton Tiger-Cat Tickets starting at $38.39 (Box office price: $48.00)

o The tickets available are:

- Bronze tickets: $38.39 (Box office price: $48.00) and

- Silver tickets: $46.39 (Box office price: $58.00)

The event products are available here and include:

• Paintball Nation Admission and Rental Packages for $15.99 (Box office price: $22.60)

• Flamboro Downs Buffet Packages starting at $16.94 (Box office price: $20.34)

• Park Royal Family Fun Centre Rock n’ Bowl Packages for $29.99 (Box office price: $45.20)

• Cameron Motor Sports- Arrive & Drive Go-Karting Packages for $19.99 (Box office price: $180.00)

• Twenty Valley Golf & Country Club $50 Gift Certificates for $40.00 (Box office price: $50.00)

Much like their partner list, Pickfun’s product offerings is also ever expanding. Pickfun has an email list, which one can join upon registering, which allows customers to stay updated on all the new products Pickfun has to offer.

What truly sets Pickfun apart from its competitors is their customer service. In addition to having an email: info@pickfun.com, Pickfun also can be contacted via telephone. By calling 1-855-PICKFUN (742-5386), you have access to their customer service agents who will be glad to assist you with any need you may have. These agents are available during regular business hours, and they check messages frequently.

If tickets prices below box office prices accompanied with great customer service is not enough incentive to register, Pickfun also runs 100% off promotions, where new registrants to the site receive a FREE offer that changes weekly! In the past, Pickfun has offered free admission to golf at Southern Pines, mini-putt at Putting Edge, paintball at Paintball Nation, and mini-putt or bowling at Park Royal Family Fun Centre. These promotions were previously only available to new registrants, but most recently has become available to those already registered. If a current Pickfun member has two of their friends to list them as referrals upon them registering, that current member will also receive the free giveaway!

So register with Pickfun today and never miss out on any free offers or sports and entertainment deals. Pickfun: Great Events, great prices, no service charges!