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Dubai, AE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2014 -- presents the English version of online database that contains laws and legislation of 25 Arab countries. The most common laws of countries that are members of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) or from the Middle East are already translated in English for people around the globe who would like to acquaint with these laws.

People who have some legislation or law issues in some of the Arab countries and would like to get acquainted with their legal rights or what these laws state, can do that at The site presents a large database that contains laws and legislation of 25 Arab countries translated in English language, so they are now available to the world.

The database contains laws of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon from the Middle East, along with United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia from the GCC. Some of the other countries include Morocco, Sudan, Palestine, Mauritania, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia and Algeria.

There are some specific details related to the UAE Laws. Their translation includes numerous sections, such as Federal Circulars, UAE Labour Law, Federal Resolutions, Federal Decrees, Federal Laws, Decretal of Federal Laws, Local Government Laws and Environmental Laws.

The translated laws for any of the mentioned Arab countries can now be ordered from any part of the world. People can inquire online through email. Those, who would like to get them in person, can visit the company in their office in Dubai.

Online payments are done with credit cards like Discover, MasterCard, Visa and AMEX. Electronic checks are also available. There is a list of translated English laws, so that people who order online could get the needed information without delay.

In this Arab Laws Online database, people can see all the up-to-date laws and legislation including decrees, federal laws, resolutions, decisions and amendments of the Middle East and GCC countries. is a kind of bridge that connects two worlds - English and Arabic one. Because of the intricate specifics of Arabic, there is a demand for professional Arabic-English translators around the globe. The site presents a team of native Arabic and English translators that translate on demand. Their detailed and accurate translation is extremely helpful for people, who do not know Arabic language.

People, who would like to know more about Qatar laws, Kuwait laws, UAE laws or the legislation of any other Arab country are welcomed to visit the website, as the online information is updated every hour to ensure all their clients worldwide will find what they are looking for. All, who are interested to get the English version of the Arabic laws and get acquainted with their specific, can visit for orders and more details.

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Arab Laws Online is a Dubai based legal translation company that offers translations on demand services along with a large database available that contains the laws of 25 Arabic countries translated in English language.