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Uniqbuy Creates out a Niche in the Market by 'Niche E-Cigarettes' a Remarkable Substitute for Cigarettes

Uniqbuy, an online retail store, founded in 2010, keeping in mind the dangerous habit of smokers, launches a brand new product called e-cigarettes which are considered to be safe for health.


Blackburn, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2014 -- The fact that smoking kills, is known to all. Still, it is really difficult to quit smoking for those who are addicted to it. No matter how much they are alerted of the ill-effects of cigarettes, they will turn a deaf-ear to all warnings. Realizing the urgent need to bring out an alternative to dangerous cigarettes, online retail store, Uniqbuy launches a fresh new product ‘e-cigarettes’ which is projected as a replacement of cigarettes. Apart from these e-cigarettes, Uniqbuy also specializes in selling various other electronic goods.

Uniqbuy does not only sell e-cigarettes, but they come in electronic cigarette starter kits for the convenience of the user. E-cigarettes are look-alike of cigarettes without any bad effect. A cigarette may look undamaging but in reality it consists of tar, nicotine and 70 other cancer-causing chemicals. With each puff, you are one step closer to death. But this fact is totally overlooked by smokers. Such is their addiction! In contrast to cigarettes, e-cigarettes although contain nicotine, do not contain any tobacco.

When a smoker takes puff with the help of the e-cigarette, the liquid nicotine is heated up with the battery which allows the smoker to take a drag. This gives out a feeling of smoking without actually smoking! Hence, the smoker gets a satisfaction of smoking without getting his health affected. As per one of the customer, “e-cig is the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes”.

The e-cigarette starter kits as well as the e-vod e-cigarette kits comprise of extra large battery, atomizer, e-cigarette liquid bottle, USB charger, wall charger, free 10 ml liquid of your preference along with 2 complete eVod electronic cigarette. All products are refundable and replaceable as well, if they are found to be defective and returned within 14 days from the date of the purchase of the product. Handy, light and harmless e-cigarettes have a warranty of 12 months.

The customer says, “I would recommend others to prefer this as this is healthy also instead of tobacco cigarette. If you are tired of nagging by your family to quit smoking, try out this new and cool formula called e-cigarettes. It may work!"

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Uniqbuy (http://www.uniqbuy.com/electronics), an online retail store launches a light, convenient and a safe product called the ‘e-cigarette’. E-cigarettes look like real cigarettes but they are anything like cigarettes as they are battery-operated cigarettes which are not at all detrimental to health.

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